Sunday, June 3, 2018

Shameless Shakeology Post

Are you interested in purchasing Shakeology? Here is the link to my Beach Body site. 

Since, I started with Shakeology and Beach Body January 2018, I have purchased Chocolate Vegan every month. This past time, I ordered a combo box of chocolate and vanilla vegan. I was away with the students this past week and I slipped some of these packets into my back pack. I didn't have my blender, my half of banana, or my scoop of peanut butter to add to my packet - I just added water - and it was still pretty yummy. I had it for breakfast before I worked out in the hotel gym. The Vanilla flavour is really delicious. It was my first time trying it. It made me want to look up different ideas for mixing it now that I am home and back with my blender. So, I started doing a little research on Shakeology... and I found a lot of delicious ideas to try. AND these, are just the tip of the iceberg. I added links to the Beach Body blog at the bottom. If, you keep scrolling through or do a simple web search - you will find a million more tasty treats to try. 

So, whether you are on the go, and you need a quick, healthy meal, or you are at home and you are fixing for a sweet treat but you don't want to cheat... Shakeology... is your answer. What I also needed on my trip were the Beach Body Bars. I haven't tried them yet - but I am going to get some for my next trip, so I have more available choices to grab quickly when I am at long Dance Team events. 

I also want to get the Daily Sunshine which is the child safe equivalent of Shakeology. Christian was watching me add pictures to this blog and he wants to try some of these shakes too. 

Here are some facts about Shakeology: 

Here are some videos: 

And here are some recipes ideas: 

Beach Body Blog: Chocolate Mint!!! 

Keep flipping through the Beach Body Blog to find all of these delicious recipes: 

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