Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Run 4.62 Km 25 Mins.

My Nike Plus wouldn't let me sign in with my password and when I reset my password my run disappeared. I RAN! And it was an important run. It counts even though it doesn't show on NIKE PLUS. Stupid Nike Plus sometimes!!!

Anywho, I went for my first run since the morning sickness stopped. OR at least I thought it had stopped and this morning I decided not to take my pills. I walked out of my room to go for my run and started heaving. GREAT! OK... I will take my pills. I guess I am not done being sick.

OK, let's try again. Jonny and I left the place together. He went to get a coffee and I went to run. I ran down my alley to the C wall and all the way ... to the bathroom by the beach. It is a nice clean bathroom and I have to pee a lot so this is good to know. Then I continued on my way and ran to The Cactus Club where I am going to have my birthday dinner. Then I zipped around and ran back.

Oh before I forget... I saw this old guy playing rollerblade hockey by himself in the parking lot by the beach. That is a cool old man getting out there and getting some exercise.

Duck Dynasty!

On my run back, I made it to the first ferry stop and I heaved in the bushes. Oh no... pukey!! I walked and heaved in the bushes a few times then I started running and I turned under the Burrard Street bridge and went up to the road and walked home from there. I can take a hint!!

Even though I was feeling sick at the end, for the most part I was happy to be out there. I am looking forward to trying again tomorrow!! Slow and easy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Joanne

Fun class!! I wish I didn't sweat so much but what else is new.

It was a fun, "random" choreo. That is what she called it. It had some hip hoppy parts then just some grooving, bouncy fun parts.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday 6:15-7:45 Jazz - Moe

DJ's Got me Falling in Love Again - Cover by a girl... Insert YouTube here.. if I find it.

This is only my second jazz class since my screw has been out. I am going back Saturday. We didn't do across the floor. We finished 1:08 of choreo. I felt fat and old but I had fun.