Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday 3:30-4:30 Hip Hop - Jerome

We danced to "Don't Kiss Me" by Carl Thomas: 

I enjoyed this class. I stood behind Shauna again. She brings her dog to class. Jerome didn't lead a warm-up. He taught a lot of choreography. When I thought we were done he added on more and I didn't think it would fit in my brain but the end stuck and somewhere in the pre-end - end of middle I lost a section. I didn't really lose it as got it a little behind the music. Regardless, if I had gone over it a few more times on my own I would have gotten it but as I said, my brain was feeling full. It was a cute combo and it was nice to watch the different interpretations of the choreography at the end when he let different groups of kids dance. There is no class after this on Saturday so he just kept running groups. I didn't get home till 5. 

This was my last class with the screw. Let the fun begin! 

OH ya.. and Cierra was at the front desk. She said she is going to come to our last competition and apologized for not coming to Strictly. But who cares?? Who wants to watch?? We need an after high school dance competition!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thursday 4-5:30 Bikrams West End - Sunshine?

Is this teacher's name really Sunshine?

I had another busy day today. I was going to try to make it to the 2:15 in Kits but I couldn't get all my work done in time. I did have a nice visit with Twigg and Riendeau... and Ivy today. It sounds like our SSDTA meeting tomorrow is going to be heated between Lucie and Shirley.

I almost have everything ready for my screw removal week. I should be done by tomorrow if I can get a second in with the photocopier. I will head there first thing in the morning.

Anywho - back to yoga. I had an awesome class today. I didn't miss anything and I pushed myself hard... except for the right hammy. I felt strong and even a little thinner??!! Yes!! Imagine that.. I am starting to feel good about myself. I like the West End studio it is the perfect temperature for me.

I am going to try and do one more yoga tomorrow depending on when our meeting ends. I may get to try the new Cambie studio. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP Tarlit

This is the track we danced to. It was a PACKED class... at least 40 people. Navid was there. The gangs of friends were hypering out and yelling and acting crazy. It was fun. I wish I had a gang of friends like that!!!

Anywho - this was my first choreo class in FOREVER! I think since before Christmas?? There were two spots I was getting stuck on. I ironed out one and didn't get a chance to iron out the second but fumbled through it... it was fast. I lose my focus when we dance in groups but I am going to keep on trying - repetition. I am looking forward to trying the street jazz class on Saturday. I hope Twiggers comes!!

OH.. and I have the BEST HUSBAND EVER! He walked me to Harbour today and made me peppermint tea and perogies before class. I LOVE YOU JONNY!!

I just looked it up.. I haven't taken a choreo class since NOVEMBER 26!!! YIKES! This must be stopped!! Twice a week at least PLEASE!! (As soon as the ankle is better)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday 2:15- 3:45 Bikrams Kits - Chelsea C

This was my first time at the Kits location. It was also my first time back after being sick. I did better than I thought I would. The studio was kinda cool. I was standing at the front under ceiling windows and a fan that was on full at one point when I really needed it. I wished the rain could come through and drip down on me.

I didn't do the second set of triangle. I was feeling dizzy and out of breath. That is ok - halfway through. When we did the back strengthening series I missed one of the both legs up and I didn't go all the way up in floor bow.

Overall, I liked the studio and the teacher was fine. It was an adequate class and it was good to be back and I am looking forward to the next class.

Parking.. I parked two blocks away. I don't think there will be a problem parking there.

Jonny made me perigees when I got home! YUM! Thanks baby!! 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday 12-1:30 Bikrams North Van - Marcus - Pooh in your water!

I am the yogi who smiles and tries to enjoy class. Today I was put down in the front of the class during half moon pose. He told me not to try to be the Michael Jordan of yoga as he pulled me off balance. So -I quit trying all together and I didn't smile. I thought about leaving the class. I held back tears. I wondered if I had PMS or maybe I am pregnant and getting emotionally crazy. Why was this one comment from this idiot bothering me? Why was I letting it ruin my whole class? What is wrong with me? Whatever - I couldn't stop my feelings and I am stubborn and it did suck. My towel was dry,  the top of my hair was dry. I didn't realize the class could be so easy if you don't try. I thought, maybe I need to have a class like this - maybe I do try too hard. Maybe it should be this easy and I will do better relaxing instead of forcing and holding and trying. All I do know is that if I ever see Marcus as the teacher again - I am LEAVING!

So..  good bye North Van Bikrams... hello West End!

AND... special thanks to my husband of eight months today who hugged me and told me to yell, "Pooh in your water!" really loud so I would feel better.

Here are my goals for this week:
2 Bikrams
2 Dance

Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday 4-5:30 Hot Yoges - Jillian - Azelia!!

I am so glad this isn't my studio anymore. I know I made the right decision leaving this studio and going back to Bikrams.

The new studio is nice but it smells like chemicals. 

Azelia did really good today even though she did two big work outs and only had chocolate milk!! ;-) 

My right hamstring is really sore. I overstretched it again. I took it easy and didn't do anything that hurt it today. It is going to have a nice rest when I get my screw out... then I will be as good as new... and back at it! Two more weekends until unscrewing! 

Here is my plan for the week: 
HI! I am back after having an awesome love to Taco del Mar walk with Jonny cakes where upon I was made aware of how awesome my day has been. This has been a really f****n awesome day! I had an awesome morning with Jonny, had a successful chat with a parent, had a great dress rehearsal and elementary show, had a great yoga class, Jonny made me sandwiches and we cuddled, then we went for a long walk and I tried a fish mondo... and a nice walk home - no rain! What an awesome, full, successful day! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday 12-1:30 Bikrams North Van - Patrick the funny yogi!!

I love this teacher! He is so funny. It makes going to Bikrams on a Saturday easy... wait.. Bikrams is never easy. Let me see... I didn't get any corrections today. He did push me down in half tortoise. That was nice - my spine felt longer. I felt bad for him touching my gross sweatiness. I said thank-you.

He tried to make the class smile. It lasted a few seconds. Everyone is so serious. I try to smile in class and I try to pass my smile on but I must just seem weird. The people are different in North Van too - more fat, white, snobby people. There was one lady today who I did not like. I met her driving - she didn't signal - TWICE... once to turn in front of me and another time to parallel park. Then she got in front of me up the stairs and didn't hold the door open for me. I said, "Thank-you... not!" I felt bad that I had said it out loud because that is rude and she noticed me then. She cut in front of me at the water tap - it was just like she is in her world and that world had only her in it. After my first outburst I just smiled and was as nice as I could be. Whatever - people... I just have to be me... and try not to let self centred people bother me too much.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday 4-5:30 Bikrams West End - Julia

I used one of my new classes!! I was back at Bikrams West End. It is GOOD to be back. This is where I belong. I do wish someone would smile in class. I had an awesome class. I got one correction and I felt something new. The one correction was to turn my hip over more in triangle. I have to get rid of my WHY yoga bad habits! The thing I felt was in rabbit pose I actually pulled with my shoulders and I could feel more of a stretch down my spine. I did this both times... way better!

I thought about Amber during savasana when I should have been just breathing. I hope she can look back one day and see that I am just trying to help her. I am trying to make her understand that the world does not revolve around her. I don't think she will get it.... till she is older. Then.. maybe she will look back and   remember me. That is being too optimistic and hopeful.

I thought about Annina coming to visit and doing yoga and I thought about Carrie coming back!!!

I bent backwards and looked at the picture of the guy doing spine twist on the beach. I like that picture.

I thought about Jonny meeting me outside when it is sunny out... that will be awesome! I love you baby!! My little music man!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 Grooving - JP - Azelia!!

This is the first time I have taken JP's grooving class. This is not his usual scheduled class. It is interesting to see how different teachers approach teaching this class. The level of these classes really tends to depend on who is taking the class. I had a nice, relaxing class. I didn't have to think and I could just groove. I was kinda down on myself that I didn't go to the class before - I say it is the guest teacher - I just chickened out I guess. I can't do that anymore. It isn't cool. I am going to stick to my plan. It gets more fun when I keep up my dance and go on a regular basis. I am going to start going on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

I saw Moe today. That made me sad and happy. It was good to see her and be acknowledged but I don't think she really cares about my ankle. Then again, why should she? It is my ankle. She has her own shit to care about. Anywho - she will be there and I will be back soon enough... very soon!! YAY! I will go back to Monday nights or Saturdays...