Saturday, December 28, 2013

Saturday Run

I ran the same Maui route along the beach walk up the golf course hill, down through the golf course and back to our two week home. This morning I set my alarm and snuck out before the boys were awake. It was still dark when I started running and I imagined what it would be like to be out at night here. hahaha.. I am always in bed so early. Anywho, it was a nice morning. There was some light rain a few times, some wind, and then the sun came up and I was back home.

Then the boy and I went for a swim and when we got back Jonny had fresh juice and breakfast ready for us. Now, we are off for our morning walk to Whaler's Village. (Starbucks)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday Run

I got to go for another run this morning. I ran the same route to start and then back through the golf course and back along the water. We found the real route all the way to Whaler's village when we went for morning walks with the boy. The boy and I went for a swim after my run. There was no one else in the pool. It was perfect!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Run!

I forgot to pack part of my Nike runpod so I don't know how far or how fast I ran. I think I ran about a half hour or more. I think I left around 7am. I was trying to leave at 6:30 but that didn't work out. That is the perfect temperature and time to run. I ran to down the path to the left. I ran through on the path which was close to the water for the first part and then it moved through resort land and up a hill past a golf course. I wanted to keep running to see what was ahead but it always ended up being another resort and farther and farther away from the ocean. I would love to run right on the beach but it is slanted and not that much space to run. I would definitely get my shoes wet at some point and I don't want to have any ankle problems running on a slant.

Anywho - it felt good to run again. I plan on running through the little town next time… I think… just to see what is around here.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

It was HOT! Mari used the fans and opened the doors. She never does that. That is how hot it was. Even people who don't usually sweat had wet hair today.

I did my best. It is my last class before we go. My right hip was aching a bit today. It will be a nice two week break for my hips. Maybe I will be all better when I get back. (Unless I do yoga there… which I probably will)

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday 6 - 7:15 Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I was contemplating not going this morning because of my experience last time. It is hard enough to get up and exercise vigorously as it is. Anywho, I went… and I love Roxana. She is awesome. I told her about the last teacher not liking me leaving and she was like whatever - just let me know at the door. She is so nice. She is an awesome teacher too. That other guy has no flow. 

So, it was a good start but I didn't have an awesome class. I tried hard but I was so hot. I had to miss some postures. 

I have started to figure out having my weight on the whole foot. I can actually feel myself pressing into my big toe now. 

I squished my hands together in the eagle and had a way better balance. 

So - overall a great Friday morning. 

(OH.. and the best part - I got some cheek squishes and kisses from Jonny before I left!) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Onkhar

Well, this morning I walked into yoges and told the teacher that I would have to be leaving after spine strengthening and asked him if he would like me to let him know when I am leaving so he can lock the door. He said I wasn't supposed to leave early unless it was an emergency. I said teaching high school in Surrey is an emergency then. He told me not to let him know and just to go. I understand you aren't supposed to leave but don't make someone like me feel more guilty than I already do. I know what someone leaving early can do to the class and that is why I try to sneak away as quietly as possible. That is why I am right next to the door. So, that wasn't a nice start for me. I also forgot to stamp my parking pass because of this conversation. When I left the fucking parking guy made me run back in and stamp my card. I know you must have a stamp in there. This dude has one more chance. Once he got mad at me for not stamping it hard enough. (The stamp was running out of ink!) Three strikes and you are out buddy. I have been nothing but nice and polite to you. I thank you every morning and I tell you to have a nice day. You sit there in your box and tell me that I didn't stamp hard enough? Fuck off!

Whoa.. and there is the bell… just in time. The kids will make me happy!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Ulrike

I told Ulrike that I had to leave after spine strengthening and she told me there is no more front desk person at that time so I had to let her know when I was leaving so she could lock the door. One another lady left at the same time as me. I always feel so bad but I shouldn't. I am paying them and I am appreciative and nice about leaving. What else can I do? I am a new mom trying to balance work, baby, husband, and fitness time. I could go late at night when the boys are asleep? But I am too tired then. For now this is the way we are rolling.

I had a pretty good class. It wasn't too hot. I still have a sore left hip. I should go to physio and get them  to release it. It would feel so good. Oh well…

Time to teach! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday 12 - 1:30 BYV - Lisa

Danielle, from Harbour took this class with me. We used to take Saturday ballet together back in the day. It was nice to have a dance acquaintance in the class. 

I loved this class. I hope I can take it again next week. It is just what I needed. It was challenging and different. You could see where the postures we do in the normal class could go. It was fun to try something new. I stretched a lot of things that I haven't stretched in a while. There are some things I would like to try to add into my dance warm ups too. I would need to go back a few more times before I do that though… to make sure I get the right technique. 

Great Saturday! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Patrick

I was struggling with little things today. For instance, I somehow hit my eye with my gym bag, I dropped my keys, and I forgot to put my juice in the cup holder in the car. Little things that are usually natural and easy were just frustrating and annoying. I don't know why. Maybe I am tired. I don't feel tired now. I was pretty groggy this morning before yoga.

Another thing that annoyed me was the guy next to me who was making exertion noises because he was trying so hard. He made them the whole second half of the class. It was gross. I wanted so badly to mock him. I did… but not that loud… I did wondering if it helped and I did do a better floor bow than usual. But come on… gross. Bikram would say he should save those noises for the bedroom. NTS - do not do yoga next to this person ever again. I know I was easily annoyed today… but I even chose a spot in the corner away from as many people as I could.

Anywho… I had an ok class. The heat was not as bad as the last two times. I was looking forward to having an awesome class like I did last time Patrick was the teacher… but it was just ok.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Ulrike

Whoa - today I walked in and it was even hotter than it was yesterday. I was dripping with sweat before we done the first breathing exercise. I wasn't able to do all of the balancing series but what I did do was strong. She adjusted the heat for the second half of the class and it was perfect. The second half of the class was awesome.

I figured out my new assessment plan for my classes. I am going to start implementing it with the X block dance team right away and for my classes in second semester. It won't be that different from what I already do but it should help the students understand what it takes to get an A. Anywho - I won't go into it here but I am excited to try this new method although I know the kids who are on top will remain on top and those at the bottom will still be at the bottom.. so it really won't make any difference.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie- Mari

It was busier this morning. BYV has consolidated all 6am classes to the Cambie studio.

It was SUPER hot the second I walked in. I knew it was going to be a tough one. I started strong. I even alternated finger grasps but I lost my steam during the balancing series. I knew I would. It was just so hot. I tried to not let my mind trick me but I was really dizzy. So, I had to miss a few of the second sets. I just focussed on my breathing and tried not to miss too much. I like it so much better when it is is just a little cooler so I can try hard at each posture.

I left after spine strengthening and stood under the cold shower. My ears heard the water dripping in the shower as the class screaming in fear. I almost turned the tap off to check… should I be getting dressed and making a run for it? Is there a bad guy in the class threatening people? What weird ears and imagination I have. Maybe it is the Walking Dead we watch before bed on Sundays??

The boy is WALKING!!! YAY!!

And.. I thought about the students starting their own choreographies today and how I was going to make them find a group, think of a song, a prop, and an emotion and write them down and put them in a hat and then they have to draw them randomly and that will be their dance. hmmm..