Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday 3km 14:35 MIns- Azelia

This was a quick run to just where the path changes before the restaurant section and back. It was clear out and dark but well lit. Azelia and I ran with our music in our ears this time. She is so fast!! We have to bring it down a notch if we are going to go longer distances!! Good run!! No pain :-) 

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - Roberta

JP has gone to Edmonton? I guess that is why the last class was so busy.. it was his last Wednesday.

Today's class was small - about 7 girls. The teacher, Roberta, yelled yah!!! A lot... she was high energy and good. She taught clearly. We did about 40 seconds. It was quick and there were lots of little movements. I got it a couple of times but not awesomely. It is definitely one of those dances you would like to do for another class and really get all the movements in the fast music.

I wonder if she will be teaching next week as well?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday 1-2:30 Jazz - Moe!

I can jump and bend. I am so happy. I loved being back in Moe's class. It was fun warming up and going across the floor. Her routine was nice and flowy and feel good. I was trying and I think I successfully kept in time with the music. I was counting... and I was trying to connect with the music. (I don't eat till dad gets home?)

1. walk, walk, jete, jete, step retire balance. Repeat starting with other leg.
We did this again and changed the rhythm of it and the retire hold could be anything but a retire.
2. chaine, chaine, chaine, chaine, down, repeat, prep double, prep triple.
Prep wide with the back leg so you can brake... before you turn.
3. run, run jump, ball change, little, big, biggest
4. Step, jump, step, jump, step, jump, step, jump.  - This is when I realized.. hey... I just jumped and landed!! I can jump!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday 4-5:30 Bikrams West End - Michelle

I had an awesome class today. I stood left front beside an older gentleman who had a trying smile on his face the whole time. I did everything although I did come out of the first floor bow a bit early. I am really happy that I have done everything that I set to do at the start of the week... I just have one more class to take tomorrow to make myself successful and that is my first class back to Moe's Jazz class. I am super excited about that. I am really enjoying the variety of activities that I am doing instead of always just yoga.  I think it is better for my body too. I won't end up overusing certain parts of my body ... I hope! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday 4:59 km 25:07 min. - Azelia!

This was my second run and it was nice out and it was dusky on the way back. Azelia and I met at the Blenz corner and then walked down to the water. We didn't listen to our music cause we had so much to talk about. We ran under the Burrard Street bridge to the Ferry stop by the start of the beach - the dog beach and then back. It was so nice. It didn't hurt at all. I am so happy I can run again!! Azelia's back of her knee was hurting her a bit. I hope that she can still run with me. It was nice to get to chat and catch up. Ok... time to chill with Jonny!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

Is this my first time dancing since ... no!! I went to Ya... We Dance! Ok... it was a good class and a bad class. Today was good because I stood on the opposite side of the studio. I never stand on the "dark" side.  (It really is dark when they turn the stage lights on.) I moved because my usual spot was so full with cool kids and this side was empty. I like space. It seemed like a good move for me. I think I will stand here again next week... if I can remember to break my habit.

I liked the routine. It was flowy. I wasn't hitting it like I wanted to but I know I could have given more time. I would like to do this routine for another class. I wonder it he has taught this one before.

There were some awesome dancers at the end. I liked to see their interpretations... of funny and sexy moves - sharp and smooth.

It was a bad class because I felt fat in the shirt I was wearing - but whatever.. I will be back to normal soon. I was also distracted in my mind. Jonny is out drinking and I was wondering what excuse he would leave me on the phone as to why he wasn't going to meet me at home like he said. He is also a creature of habit. Maybe he should try standing on the other side of the room? 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday 4-5:30 Bikrams West End - Julia R

My right hamstring is still hurting. I have to remember to respect my boundaries, lock my knee, and breathe.

Someone near me smelt like a wet Monty.... soggy cigarettes. Gross!

I am still trying to bend my ankle more. I tried to do toe stand but I am so high on my ankle on the left... I find it hard to bring my right arm around and balance. I will keep trying to bend it and balance.

I have crap in the box belly plus - and floor bow caused a sharp pain to shoot through my abdomen. Something big is cooking in that lower intestine... gross!

I couldn't find parking today. I ended up three blocks up and over at Broughton and... whatever three blocks over it. It was a nice walk down but a rough walk back up the hill afterwards. It was during the back strengthening series that I remembered I could have parked at the White Spot! Next time :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday - My FIRST RUN!!

This weekend Sam, Heidi, Jonny and I went to Seattle. I had given my running shoes away to Wayan in Bali so that I wouldn't run until the doc said I could. I got some Nike Airs at the outlet ($45!! - so on the way back got another pair!!) I got up on Saturday morning at the Marriott in Seattle and ran down the sea wall. It was a rainy, windy morning but I was so happy! It didn't hurt. It felt good. I am going to be fit and happy again. Life is GOOD! I ran as far as Heidi and I walked the wrong way the night before to see how far we walked. (1.5km in the wrong direction... and Heidi in heels!!) Anywho... it felt good to be running and I am going to keep doing little runs ... and unless my body tells me no.. I am planning on running the: Scotiabank Half Marathon in June.

Thanks to Jonny for my Nike Plus system... it works great baby!! I love you!! 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday 6-7:30 Bikrams West End - Kristen

My ankle bent more!! AND.. it didn't hurt when I relaxed it on the ground for the seated twist. Woo hoo!!  Last week I didn't think I was going to bend anymore. Now, I know I can make it bend a little.. and then next week a little more until one day I will be totally NORMAL! (figuratively)

My intention for class was not to think. Every time my mind strayed I was going to think about my breathing. Belly rises and belly falls - then I thought about being fat... no breathing! I set this intention while I was laying on my mat and the second I got up it was forgotten. I remembered it during Eagle and I thought about breathing.. then I thought about - geez - where did my mind go? And I started reviewing all the things that my mind had wandered to. And then.. I was off again and I didn't remember not to think until the end when I was lying on my mat. I just can't stop thinking. I am not going to try this intention again for a while. My real intention from now on is going to be - BEND THE ANKLE!!

It was really hot today. I was dying and my heart was racing during the spine strengthening. I really got my cardio work out. I was ... a boiled, withered carrot.

The change rooms are CRAZY busy and squishy.

The traffic on the way home and to the West End was crazy too. I didn't get there till 5:37 and I left school at 4:28. I brought my book and I thought I would have time to relax and read before I went in.

Text Azelia and meet up for a slurp
Text Sophie and go for a run
Maybe run with the sun runners on Wednesdays... depending on how long they run - can't leave the dance team for that long - but if Ms. C is there - it could work out.
Omar and egos
Sofia and meeting her for a drink - but then saying I went to yoga instead - she didn't text anyways
Jonny and I being married for nine months today... LOVE YOU BABY! Happy 1.4/9!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday 4-5:30 Bikrams West End - Victoria

I couldn't wait to get to yoga today. I hadn't been since last Monday and yesterday Jonny and I spend over 8 hours in front of a computer screen. I like making the graphics but I couldn't do that all day everyday for my job. I need to move!! 

I am feeling extremely FAT lately. But, I know this is the end of the ankle and I will be running... as soon as I get my running shoes. I get my stitches out tomorrow. I spent a lot of time thinking about my first run. I was thinking of bringing my nike sensor and my runpod to Seattle and doing my first run there - or is that not the time? Will I not feel like doing that? I think I have waited this long.. I might just have to. At least a little one? Maybe on Sunday when I get home? Anywho... I am looking forward to that. 

There was a girl in class that was so bendy! She must be a gymnast. I thought - I am glad to be me. I am good but when I do stuff I can still blend in. Whenever she goes full out she stands out. AND, you have to go full out to get better. I guess I am happy being me. (except for the sideways glances in the mirror at my fatness!!) 

Besides my gay insecurities and thinking about running, I had a good class. I tried hard and bent more at the ankle than usual. I focused on my breathing. I am going to make that ankle bend!! 

Friday - Ya... We Dance! Hip Hop - Ervinn

Ervinn dances with the praise team. This class was in the studio. It made me appreciate my studio. It was squishy in there so I danced outside the door. Mike took this class too. 

Friday Ya... We Dance! Street Jazz Funk - Sonny

Twigg and I took this class. (and Calvin)
Sonny slowed down the music so that everyone could get the moves. (I downloaded an app to slow down music on the iPad for school)

It was fun to dance with Twigg. I wish we lived closer together so we could dance at least once a week. Maybe one day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday 2:15-3:45 Bikrams Kits - Gabe

Today was my first class back after the long awaited screw removal. I got my screw out on Monday, January 30. That is one week ago. I have two stitches in still and I get those out on February 14. I should be able to run then too. I was expecting my ankle to be super lose and bendy as soon as it was unscrewed but it really doesn't feel any different. I hope that it will be able to increase in flexibility over time. Hope is not yet lost.

I had my spare last class so I snuck out and hit the 2:15 Kits class. I had some difficulty balancing on the left ankle - I just took it easy and did what I could. I was trying to listen to my body. I didn't do triangle. My ankle was feeling the pressure. I couldn't hold my ankle for tree- I just did a low tree - my stitches felt like they were pulling. I don't want to pull those out. I remember dad's gun club story how he burst his stitches shooting his gun. Let's see - I did pretty much everything else except I didn't tuck my leg in in the seated twist. Stitches again. I should be good to go once I get these stitches out!

I had written more but had Internet problems - this is what is left. I don't feel like rewriting. I will add a couple of pictures of my screw though!

 This first pic is my screw-stache
This one screw in front of giant forehead!! 
They are both great screw shots... don't ya think?