Friday, April 30, 2010

6am Hot Yoges - Theresa

Wow!! I did it!! Five 6am classes in a row. My friend Dana wasn't there though - I hope she didn't hurt herself yesterday. I hope that she went out and partied and had fun.. or had a nice warm pit spot that she didn't want to get out of. I am sure I will see her next week.

I am not being racist here but Theresa makes me think of a witch doctor. She is powerful yet calm, strong and spooky... a bit. She evokes the power of the earth. Ya know? I like her classes.. but not all the time.. too slow..

I had the weirdest dreams last night.. Emma, Carrie, a kid from school, Gene, was in it too.. and  a man that liked to hug babies together.. WHAT? and Dad.. he was looking for me.. but I couldn't hear him calling me.. and I lost my bike cause I didn't have a lock... and the reason I was lost was because I had taken the kids to a battle on a Friday night.. then at 9:22 exactly.. I heard the other school say something mean.. that they didn't even appreciate that I was there.. and I said.. that is it.. everybody out.. I am going home. But.. I was in Surrey somewhere that I didn't know (not that that is possible!!) and  I had my bike.. but it was gone and I and I had to get home.. ... and.. ya.. whatever.. weird!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday 2.44 km - Last run club and pick up race package.

2.44 km
12:45 mins
183 cals

Today we met at the Plaza of Nations - and - THANK GOD... cause it was awful traffic on the way home today and there was no way I was going to get back in my truck to drive to run club! Running to run club was awesome. We had a short run...I hung ot with my little French friend and she is going to come to the party after.. and come for a massage if we can get her in!! YAY! I put name in her Iphone and she will contact me.. and then.. and then.. I will know her name!!

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

I didn't have time to write this right after.. and I had so much to say... but now all I want to say is my friend Dana is back and I will see her tomorrow. It was her first day back after being a car accident.. and this is my first week back. She also has the same water bottle as my new one.. that mom got me!! YAY!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday 6am Hot yoges with PATRICIA!!

Wow, I haven't been to her class in so long. Patricia is awesome and man can she get the people up for 6am class. There were 20 yogis there this morning. I like it when there are more people because you get more energy. Although, I must say there were no smiles from anyone but myself. I think they were there but asleep still.. or just grumpy. I shouldn't say that, Patricia was smiling.

I had a rough class today because I am sore from all the dance I did yesterday in class. It is a good sore but my muscles are tired. I couldn't hold everything and I tried.

I will talk about ustrasana - camel pose. (I had to look it up.. I am forgetting all the names!!) The first one I felt stiff. The second one she challenged us to stay for 9 breaths.. I think it was nine.. and if nine.. why not ten?? Anywho.. I accepted the challenge in my head. She said, go past the point where you body tells you to get out and that is where you will feel the benefits. I felt my arms getting pins and needles and super dizzy when I came out. I did it though.

Great class - I was super sweaty and tried really hard. I was still sweating after my shower in my car on the way to school!! (I had porridge and yogurt and gatorade for the drive! So organized!!)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday 10km.. I mean 8km Steady - Week 17 - 5 more sleeps!

7.96 km
42:39 mins
5:21 min/km
597 cals

I ran down my alley to the Burrard street bridge and up the stairs and across - then under the bridge and around that C wall past Science World and home. This is 8km. My stomach started hurting by Science World so I didn't continue once I got to where I turn for my house.. cause I knew my tummy was going to explode. I don't know why.. I ate normal stuff: toast with pb and Gatoarde for breaky, chicken with rice and moms veggies and dip for lunch... and water. I guess I just ate too much at lunch? Nah.. I had hours to digest. Hmmm.. who knows? As long as it doesn't happen in the morning for the race. It shouldn't. Out of all of these runs it has only happened once before and I think it was a Tuesday too... hmmm... cause I remember Ian was at the front door going to work and I was like.. I GOTTA GO!!! hahaha!

I saw Katherine on the other side of the C wall. YAY! She was running the opposite way.. thank God.. cause she is FAST! And.. that would make me feel slow.. if she passed me and disappeared into the future. I like the way it was... a huge smile and wave and happiness.

I ran through so much different weather! I was trying to beat the rain but it got me.. oh did it get me! And.. I didn't wear my hat! I thought for sure I could catch the sun. It was weird. I ran through sun and wind and rain and cloud and sun and ... just kept blowing around and I kept running in and out of it I guess. I tried to run for the sunny patches.. but my path doth turn and the wind doth blow! I wish I had had my hat to keep the rain out of eyes. It was kinda refreshing though.

What was I thinking when I was running.. there was something I wanted to remember to write.. it was funny I think.. hmmm.. damn.. I can't remember. If it comes back to me I will come back and write it in.

K!! BYE!! 5 more days!!!

I remembered what I was thinking about.. and btw - it is so nice out right now. I should have waited.. but who knew it was going to nicer? It could have gotten worse! Anywho.. I was thinking.. if I ever kids I will probably end up with two boys that wanna play hockey!! I don't know why that came into my head.. wait.. I saw a dad pushing a little girl and I thought.. I would want to run and push.. and then I thought a kid could never keep up with me.. I would have to do little runs.. and then I thought.. they would probably hate everything I like and want to do the opposite.. like play hockey.. then I would have to watch and learn it and get into it.. to encourage them.. then I thought.. fuck.. what kid wouldn't love surfing? And.. I thought about those two little blonde California boys that were with their Dad in Mexico.. cool! Surfer babies! 

Tuesday 6am Hot Yoges - Leo

Well, this morning was a bit busier than Monday morning. Not surprising. The tall, tattoo girl was there, the nice Asian lady that wears full on clothes and stands in the back corner, and the little lady with tattoos who was there yesterday... ya. I should learn names!

I set my mat up on the right side of Leo today. I could hear way better. I think I will stand somewhere new every class this week. It is musical mat week. I like that.

Leo asked us to set an intention and mine was to hold all poses until we were told to release and don't use my I couldn't hear as an excuse - hold it longer and be the last one out then. My thighs were shaking on my warrior twos... but with the help of Leo yelping, "Paaaaaaula!" I stayed even though I almost came out. My right standing bow I fell out early and ... soemthing else.. when we go into the arabesque thing from the twisted legs.. I fell out on the left. WOW.. I forget the names of things.. not good!! 

Leo used the clock and I did savasana and we were out right at 7. Perfect!

My body is sore from yoga yesterday. I feel ripped!! Bring on this half marathon.

Where should I stand tomorrow?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday 6am Hot Yoges - LEO!

I wasn't going to go this morning. I set my alarm so I could sleep in however, I woke up at 4:30 am and thought.. I might as well go to yoga. I reset my alarm and just dozed and thought about school for an hour an 15 mins.

It is great to be back at yoga. I like getting there all sleepy and leaving all sweaty and awake. I still find I am so stiff in the morning and not at most flexible but whatever.

Leo taught class this morning. There weren't many people there.. maybe 6? Ya. Leo didn't kill us with a lot of planks like usual. He went pretty easy on us actually. It was nice.

Was I thinking about anything?? Wait.. he told us to set a goal at the beginning and my goal was not to think about how hungry I was!! haha!! My stomach was growling before we started. Sometimes I think that if I eat right before I fall asleep I wake up more hungy.

My goal for this week is to go to 6am yoges every school day! I also want to go to Jazz tonight and hip hop on Wednesday.. and that is it.. the rest is a little bit of running - taper week....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday 6km Race Pace - Week 17? The last week!

6.76 km
37:31 mins
5:32 min/km
507 cals

I enjoyed this morning. I want to talk about: Emma's first 10km, "Meet-You, Pass-You," the last 2km, The Peace Game, and ... that is it!

But.. I am starving.. I will write about these things later!!!

OK.. I am back. I remembered another thing I wanted to write about as well so I will start with that.

Our route for this run was through the trails and out by that little river and back along the C wall. (The little river is just past the totems... kinda.. before the bend) Anywho - we were on our run back around the C wall and I was just by the end.. start of the C wall.. by the BOOM!! and I was thinking... Wouldn't it be cool to see people in colours by how fueled they were.. or rather how much energy they have left? For example a full on red person would be full person and someone who is faded is empty. And, if people could see this would it be more amazing and therefore more cool if you were able to complete this race on empty? More daring.. might I say? Would it make guzzling guu and sucking on gatorade the opposite of what it is now? I can imagine that we as people.. who are always trying to push the line.. see how fart we can push ourselves would try to take it to this next level.

I think that last thought was an evolution of if farts were coloured clouds depending on the level of smell and I was hungry.

Last Sunday was Emma's first 10km race. I thought about her a lot when I was running. I am so proud of Emma for going and doing it on her own.. and making a little mission our of it. I think it was a great move.. cause now she will be more ready for the race on Saturday.. she will know more of what to expect. I know I hate the running in the crowds... and running with the running group has helped me with that but it was an annoying shock at first. I remember I weened myself into it. I would go for a little bit of the run in the clump then move to the back.. until now.. I don't even notice. I am used to it. Sunday will be way different though.. there are going to be soooo many people!!

The Peace Game!! Ok.. I may have been the annoying one in my new 2hour group. I played the peace game with people on the C wall. I would hoot and peace and see how many people would peace back. I got some good smiles, some peace signs, and some nothings... but I didn't play that long as I didn't want to annoy my group too much! hahah!! It was fun though.

Finnaly, the last two km. This is what you got to play for the last two km... this is what Andrew told me: He said to break away from the crowd and go as fast as you can the last two km. He said he chooses someone up ahead and he says... I am going to meet you and if I meet you I am going to pass you and then you pick another person up ahead and repeat. I like games! This is going to be my game on Sunday morning!

DONE!! There is the bell!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 4km Race Pace - Week 16

4.21 km
24:27 mins
5:46 min/km
317 cals

Tonight we had a talk about what to do race week, race day.. etc. I think the main rule is don't do anything that you haven't already tried in training. The second thing is to ask yourself before you do something if it is stupid and if it is stupid then go back in the house and watch TV. You should be in a bubble in whole grain carbs from till race day. And.. no curry vegetable rice before the race- smelly and you will have to hit every porta pottie. What else... set your alarm with AM... get someone to call you.. be there at least a half an hour early and that means 6:30 am. Wear clothes you can chuck off - they will go to charity. Wear a plastic bag if it is raining and remember to take it off when you start running.

I hope it is a morning like this morning. This morning would have been perfect. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!

We ran through coal harbour and through the parking lot and I could see crab park and then we turned around. It was an easy run. I ran with my snowboarder, kindergarten teacher and that other girl who told me to calibrate way back in the beginning. She called me a machine. hahaha! I said.. no I am not! I don't feel like I am. But.. I was stoked inside. I am a machine!

YA,.. easy run.. beautiful night... chatty fun... let's do this!! OH.. I wasn't going to go to the dinner.. but I signed up cause the snowboarder girl is going. It is at the Irish Heather on May 11th.. why not eh?

Thursday 6am 1 Hour Hot - Ayumi- Happy Earth Day!

Today it is a bright and sunny morning. I woke up at 5:30 am. I laid there listening to what was going on outside my room. Ian is home late. I think he has someone with him - maybe a girl? He is cooking food? I get up at 5:40 and get ready for yoges. There is someone sleeping on the couch.. or watching TV. Leave it to Ian to bring a boy home! haha! Maybe it was Kyle.

Tall, tattoo girl was at yoga this morning. I haven't seen her since last fall or maybe Christmas? Pre-run training anyways. She looks good and strong. She stood beside me. I kept looking at her to see what we were supposed to do because Ayumi is so quiet. All I hear is,"La la laa, la back la. La la breathe laa." I hope that tattoo girl doesn't think I am weird for always looking at her!

Let's talk not washing hair! I have been trying to do this on suggestion of Shirley who says that washing your hair all the time makes you bald. I washed Monday after my run. I didn't wash Tuesday. I washed Wednesday morning. I rinsed after my run that night and this morning I rinsed after yoga. I have it tied back. I think it is going to be gross though! Hahhaha! Oh well. I will make sure I wash it .. I wonder if I can make it till Saturday morning?? Gross!! What an interesting new challenge for me. A lot less physical than what I am used to. I still don't think I can do it. I am an every dayer. It is a hard habit to break because I am so automatic in the shower.

Anywho.. there is the bell. Time to teach. I didn't talk much about yoga. Whatevs.. LATER!! Happy Earth Day!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday 12km Race Pace??? - Week 16

12 km
1:03:49 hours
5:18 min/km
903 cals

Wow! That was an awesome run. When I left Surrey it was clouding over and going to rain but as I drove home it was still sunny. Half my city was clouded over and the other half was sunny. I had to run into the sun. The mountains looked like rain. Out my patio was sun and out my bedroom window gloom. I had to hurry. What better way to get me out the door than to threaten a run in the rain?

I did the route I wrote to Emma about in our FB message today. I decided to run out my alley, to the right on the C wall, and into the trails at the pool and back. I remembered my trails: I ran down Rawlings, left on Lees, and right on Bridle. I had to do about 500 meters up hill on Bridle before my runpod told me halfway but that made a nice treat when I got to turn around. I traced my way back out and home. I like to keep the trails simple and close to the edge of the park when I am alone. I still have visions or thoughts of bad things happening and I try to keep aware. Horribly, I imagined being attacked and crying and thinking why the fuck did I run here alone. I know better. Why does everyone think it couldn't happen to them? I haven't heard of any attacks recently, nonetheless, I was ready to ninja kick some balls and punch a nose bone and run if need be. I also imagined I had some poison in my water bottle that I could squirt in their eyes. Although my left over chocolate guu water might be a good distraction too! (I didn't drink any of it on this run.)

I have been trying not to think about dance team next year until Outbreak is over but I can't stop myself. It is my main concern and it is the element of my life that I need to refine in order to survive another year. Better yet, in order to have a better life for me next year.. and for that matter for the dance teams.

Sofia came to visit me today during dance team. She gave me some great advice and was also appalled at how some of the kids have been disrespecting me. She said I have been to close to them and they don't realize the line between how to act to a friend and how to act to a teacher - so they cross it. I showed her some of the questionnaires and she insists on bringing them to Carol. We discussed how to address the problem and I am pretty stoked for next year. I am still going to meditate on next year.. and try to hold off till after Outbreak.. but I am really stoked for next year. It is going to be so much more awesome for me.. and the lucky, deserving students who get to be on dance team. After all, I am the teacher and you do it my way or don't join. If you don't like it or you have attitude towards me I don't want to give you my extra time. You can make your own team and go find a teacher that will collect your money and enter you into competitions and watch your practices ... and support you in the ways that you don't even conceptualize. I am done with selfish students who show no love and appreciation. You do it... you find out what it is really about and I wish you the best of luck.

What else was I thinking about? Hmmm.. This is the second time with my new earbud thingys. I don't like them. They were cheap $20 Sony ones. The sound is good but they have those little covers over them that get sweaty. I didn't see them through the package.. they were hidden in plastic. The wire also gets twisted and I spend at least 3-5 minutes untangling before my run as I walk down my alley. GAY. The cord is too long and I have to tuck it into my water bottle pocket. I did wear my water bottle just cause it has the pocket... I have the pocket in the back of my shorts for Bali... can't wait for Bali. Dude.. I can't wait till next week when I don't have to get up and go to school at 7am!! Friday is the last day.. and tomorrow is yoga day! WOO HOO!

Oh - I was popping as I came through English Bay and there was a girl from my run club running with a mini group and we both smiled and waved. That was nice. Yay!

Twigg's red sweatpants fit...

Teacher dance practice Friday!! I can't wait to practice in my costume!! I think I will pin my shirt to my boxers for when I get pantsed!!

OK.. BYE!!!! Thanks for reading!! Hey mom.. leave me a comment.. and I am going to call you now :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday HALF MARATHON LSD - Week 16

Half marathon
I am trying to get my ipod to work right now but it is frozen again. This sucks!! I set it for half marathon and ran it.. I think I did 2:04... but I want to know the pace.. and I was so dead at the end .. I didn't think.. I could figure it out... but I want those 21.1 kms for my nike plus! I want to get to blue!! OMG.. I hate this thing!! (right now.. or whenever it freezes... I need a new ipod!!! GAY)

I just restarted it. It will be gone.


OK.. so forget about that.. let's talk about my run. I ran out my alley to the stairs that go up to the Burrard street bridge. I ran across there and along Kits, Jherico, Spanish Banks, Wesbank.. and up towards UBC a little.. until it said half way. Then I turned and came home. It was a beautiful sunny day. I had my guu chocolate water and I ran 10 and 1. I skipped the first walk and I missed one in the middle because my ten and one mixes changed over.

It worked!!! IT WORKED!! It is in the NIKE PLUS SYSTEM!!! WOO HOO!! I love you run pod!! I am sorry for doubting you!!

2:04:15 hours
21.1 km
5'53 min/km
1585 cals


I felt pretty good on this run. There was an old man in a fluorescent green shirt and blue corduroys running intervals beside me on the side walk between Kits and Jherico. I just kept running and he would zoom past then walk and I would run past him then repeat.. it was kinda strange. At first I thought he was showing off, then he stopped, then I thought he was retarded.. then I thought.. oh.. he is running intervals.. but in blue corduroys?

It was so nice to run along the beach. What a beautiful city.

I was happy to run the halfway mark and turn around because lurking ahead was the UBC hill. I had set my run pod for half marathon cause I know Carrie's takes longer than mine.. so I thought I would do a little bit farther.. and that way I could have the half marathon on my NIKE PLUS! Now you can see why I was so upset that it froze!!

I started think too much about my kids and that mom and I was tired by the .. what is that place called by kits.. that big see the star building? I am brain dead.. I started to cry.. and I couldn't breathe and that wasn't working good for me.. so I had to stop and catch my breath and talk myself out of crying.. there is a big hill coming.. the Burrard street bridge.. and you are almost home.. happy thoughts...!!!

I made it!

I got home and showered right away cause I was dripping!!! I got out of the shower.. towel on.. and DAD called.. I am outside!!! I put on my Ecuador pants and I went and got them. They had to let me rest for a bit.. but we had a great day.. once I recovered a bit!! hahaha~!!! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Race Pace - Week 15

4.94 km
25:52 mins
5:13 min/km
372 cals

We first had a talk about triathlons. This pretty cool old dude - like over 70 - was giving the talk. He was pretty funny and it was cool to see someone older who is active. He started his first triathlon when he was 50.

Not many people were in our run group tonight. I guess hockey and sunshine won.

Our run today was running 1km at race pace then waiting for the rest of the group and running back. I have been told that I should start with the 2 hour group and then if I have energy at the end to boot it. Doing the reverse will waste energy and you might not have it in you to go the whole way.. especially with that hill at the 3/4 mark!

Oh- before we went out Shauenne did a visualization with us. She did the whole race. It was cool. I could see me from start to finish. She said that Stephen King will be telling us to go and yelling out people's names as we come back through. Then I started seeing a redrum type race. Supposedly there is more than one Stephen King in this world.

Two girls ran past us and they were doing the 20km cause they weren't going to be here on Sunday!! I wish I would have known because then I could have gotten it done and over with. Oh well. I will enjoy my solo run. I will make a new mixtape.. maybe this weekend.. in the hotel???

K.. bed time for this kid!! Another long successful day. I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.. it is called.. BALI!!!

Thursday 6am 1 Hour Hot - Ayumi

This is taking a bit far??
Although.. it kinda looks fun

Ok - it is now lunch time at school. What was I thinking this morning in class? What did I want to remember to write down?

I will start at the beginning. Let's see. It was a small class. That little asian woman - who is always there .. was behind me. I like it when she is behind me cause she always tries hard and that makes me try hard. Although, my legs are sore from all this running- so I gave up on a lot of the squat stuff. I tried to hold them but the burn got the better of me. No worries.

That other little aisan guy that always wears his shirt - a big shirt - that would be so uncomforatble when you get sweaty. He was there on the other diagonal behind me. He also is a try harder. I guess a lot of people that come at 6am are.

There were three people on the other side of the studio that I couldn't pay attention to.

Ayumi was too quiet for my def ears as usual so I had to follow other people.

We did the plank - lift up right leg, left leg, right hand, left hand. That was cool. I will use that one in school.

We did the same hamstring stretches as last Thursday. I like those. Then for spine twist we did it laying from that position and with straight leg. I got good cracks with that.

Rewind a minute.. we did cool spine stretching. We did spider cobra... spider fingers and lift the whole body up - remember to keep long neck - no crunchy neck... She has a good bendy spine. She is a good teacher to teach cool spine stuff. We did something else too but I can't remember. Oh well, maybe we will do it again next week.

She tends to go over time. This is not good when I am trying to get to work. Then, on the other hand, I haven't been late yet. I just feel rushed when I walk in the change room and it is 7:06. Ya know?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday 8km Steady - Week 15

8 km
43 mins
5:22 min/km
My stupid runpod froze. This is what I remember. BOOO!! I will never get to the blue level this way!! hhahaha! Oh I hate that!!! Oh well.

I was laughing out loud... and smiling while I ran. I was listening to Flipout and Jay's Sneaker Special of Straight Goods - Part one. I can't wait to listen to the rest of them. Hahaha!! It made me think of making a sneaker dance show!! ya!! That would be so cool!!

What a great day! The sun was shining and I ran out my alley, right around Science World, along to Granville Island, and up across the Granville street bridge. Sun shining!!!!! I really didn't feel like running. Well.. I think I am just bored of running and I want to do other things.. but soon.. very very soon! Once I got out there and got past the 2km point .. and once flipout and J came on.. I wasn't running anymore. I was just listening to the sneaker stories and songs and trucking along. Then, it said 3km left and I was by G island.. so I decided I would take the G bridge back and it worked out perfect. It was 400 meters as I was coming down the hill of the bridge.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday 6km Tempo - Week 15

 Here is a picture that Mark took of one of the sharks in the Galapagos. He doesn't look as big as I remember. Look at how blue that water is!! WOW!!!

6 km
30:03 mins
4:59 min/km
451 cals

WHOA! I did it. I ran for me and Carrie today. My poor friend had to leave school sick and go to the doctor and get more medicine. Rest Carrie and get better so you are not sick for the race!!! We should all take care and try and get rest. Emma has been ill too. (Thanks dad for making me get the flu shot.. you were right!!)

I am exhausted though. This is the busiest time of year for me and I feel like I keep sleeping and then all of a sudden I am back at work. Today feels like it should be a Friday.. but.. it is only Tuesday!! I had to check my phone for the date today when my alarm went off because I did not believe that I had to go to school... again!! AND it is only Tuesday!! hahaha!!

Anywho - I was pooped today.. I went and did my costume errands after school and faded... I decided to go home.. eat some grub and then have a nap!! I napped from 5-6:30... nice! I was so grogged after that though that I tried to talk myself out of my run and staying in bed!! hhaha!! Nice try Johnson!

I got out there and ran down the alley. I decided to turn left at the C wall instead of my usual right to English Bay. I ran back towards my home and around to Science World and it is all open all the way around now. I ran back across the Granville street bridge and home. NICE!

I told myself it was a tempo but I didn't have to try hard.. just get out there and do it!! But... I think I did good! YAY!

OK.. food.. then BED! I can't wait!! WOO HOOO!!!

8 Steady tomorrow.. hmmm.. where should I go??? Where should I run to baby???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday 18km LSD - Week 15

20.93 km
2:15:51 mins
6:29 min/km
1571 cals

OK- I had Dad's birthday last night at Sam's. We had yummy salmon and cheesey potatoes and asparagus. That is some good fuel. I also had some PBR's but I stopped so I could drive home. I was in bed by 10:30. I got up at 7:45 and I don't have any breakfast food. So, I had a wrap with two little pieces of chicken, some rice, and cheese... I needed fuel for this run. So - although it wasn't a typical breakfast it was good protein and some carbs. I ate most of it but stopped so I didn't feel full cause I didn't want to have a super full tummy. I wanted to have time to digest. I mixed my water with the gel again- vanilla water. I brought some more jelly beans but I didn't need them. I felt good on this run!! YAY!

I was concerned that I like to slow down at the end of these long runs. I asked my pace leader Victor if I should join the 2 hour group and he said it is up to me. I could start with their group then wait for the 2 hour group at prospect point if it felt too much.

I was feeling pooped after the prospect point and I decided to wait for the 2 hour group there. Victor said that the hardest part was over. But, I didn't want to hold up the group and I didn't want push too hard. So, I waited for the two hour group. I forgot to turn off my run pod while I waited.. so it looks like we ran really slow. Oh well!

The 2 hour group..

WAIT.. when I was running that first part with my group... I was thinking about uncle Butch. I was listening to a hip hop song .. and I was imagining .. exactly what Dad and uncle Butch were talking about last night.. if they were young now.. they would run this town! hahahaha!! hahahaha!! Drunk dad talk!! hahaha!! So I imagined them as young gangsters and selling drugs and shooting people.. hahah!! I imagine my dad and uncle Butch as little gangsers!

Anywho.. the 2 hour group is huge! I kept analyzing the differences between our two groups. My group is not as friendly, smaller, and more intense. I had a lot of fun with the two hour group. It was super easy run. We ran from Prospect Point across the Lions Gate (something I have always wanted to do) to the right and along some trails along a river and then looped back. It was an awesome run but slow becuase we had to run singley file a lot and we stopped to walk down the stairs .. and other spots... for some reason.

They seem to have a lot of group leaders in that group.. ?? I like Andrew. He is an old, skinny, black man. He was funny.

I ran with my snowboarder, surfer friend.. and guess what? She is a teacher too!! She teaches kindergarten in North Van. She is going to go surfing on the May long weekend in Toffino.. so I think that Ema and I should go too!! K emmmmmaaaa???? Can you plan that weekend off!!?? Let's go visit Richard!!

What is that girl's name? I hope I wrote it in my blog.. that time we did the speed training together... let me look... I wrote about her.. but I didn't get her name... Damn!!! I guess I will have to ask her on Thursday!!!

OK... time for some food and laundry!!! FUN!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday 10km Steady - Week 14

10 km
50:36 mins
5:02 min/km
753 cals

What a beautiful sunny day. That was my first tank top run of the year. I ran from here to almost third beach and back. It is Friday and I agree with Emma... I am tired of running. I did not want to go but I wanted to have it done so I didn't feel bad. We can do this. We just have to hold on a little bit longer.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Hill Training - Week 14 -

8 km
45:07 mins
5:36 min/km
603 cals

I tried to get out of this run in my head so many times - even when I was running. You did 8 hills - that is enough - run home it is raining. I told myself I was going to run 9. I ran 9 Broughtons and there and back. I think people who live with their windows on that sidewalk must have thought I was crazy. Up and down and up and down.

The reason I left the house in the first place was because Emma and I ready set go ourselves out the door and into the rain... thanks FB - you are such a social connector. It was miserable. I was right. My hands were frozen on my run to the hill but find on the way back. I guess by then I was hot enough.. maybe even steaming???

I had an awful day at school - and tomorrow will be just as awful until it is done. I just thought of another thing I need to do before we go to our field trip tomorrow - burn CD's for each of the class dances. I am going to yoga tomorrow morning. My head is doing that same thing.. you should go to work early and get ahead.. but there will be no getting ahead... until it is over and there is nothing left to do.. there will just be more things to do... so.. yoga.. and find peace so I don't swear or freak out at kids tomorrow. My goal for tomorrow is to deal with the stress better than I did today. I will smile and be nice... and ask kids politely to leave me alone. hahaha!!

OK!! I hope your runs went awesome too!! Carrie out on the track around LSS with Amy and Ema.. out on the island somewhere!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday 6km Tempo - Week 14

6 km
28:45 mins
4:46 min/km
452 cals

I didn't think I was running that fast today but I was!! At the end "she" said I had made a new personal best record for the mile. I am going to look it up and now and see where I am at... hold on :-) I think it says my fastest mile is 6.59 minutes. I remember when I thought an 8minute mile was good... I am a minute faster now!! yay!!

I ran down the alley to the sea wall, to English Bay and back. I was trying to run fast but when I got to the spot where I was really slow with Carrie... I felt like I slowed a bit. I have some negativity in that area. I should try a different route next time. I imagined her cute little backside just easing on down the path with ease until she was out of sight.. and me struggling and cursing in my head and thirsting in my muscles. yuck! I will never do that again. The pain in my tummy was awful and the pain in my muscles the next was even worse. Everything hurt.

Live and learn.. and in my case.. learn and learn and learn!!

Hopefully this last lesson will last until the end of the marathon!!! haha!!

BTW - the fastest mile ever: 3 minutes 43.13 seconds by Moroccan runner Hicham El Guerrouj

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday 18km with Carrie - Week 14

19.2 km
1:52:53 mins
5:53 min/km
1441 cals

Running Room - Quick Draw Torso Pack


Angled torso pack for easy access to bottle. Isothermal bottle compartment helps to keep water cool in the summer and prevents it from freezing in the winter. Includes mesh storage pocket, front and back reflectivity, a quick release buckle and identification label on the adjustable strap. Is available in a variety of colors to choose from.
· Colors: Red, Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Rose

Carrie helped me with to return my water belt and get a new one. She made me try it on in the store and test it out. AND.. I like it... it works!! YAY!! Take three was a success! For the run I did what Katherine suggested and I put in a gel (orange vanilla) and water and shook it up. It tasted like orange vanilla water. YUM! I was so dehydrated though that I drank that whole bottle and I filled up at English Bay - with help from Carrie cause the stream of water was not helping me at all... and I drank all that too. I also had some jelly beans! yum!! 

Anywho - Today is Tuesday and this run was Sunday. Carrie ran with me.. and she kicked my but. We went to lunch after and the bottom of my ice tea glass fell out and the whole fresh drink spilled all over me just to remind me to quit being such a dork. Or.. at least that is how I interpreted it. 


Friday, April 2, 2010

9am Hot Yoges with Ayumi :)

WOW! I am still hot and I just showered. I am sitting in my towel on my bed... breathing. hahaha! That was a great morning class. I was pretty crunchy and my legs were pretty tired. My front of my left hip is hurting. I hurt it originally in Moe's class doing switch splits ... a long time ago. Then last night I felt it pull a bit. I will ice it today. I was thinking maybe I should head back to the laser. Then I was thinking why does WCB suck so much? It would be great if they paid for the laser.. it would be great if I paid them every month and they actually did something for me. I guess I better get on that. Maybe find someone that has done it before and see how they got it to work for them.

You know what I was thinking about the whole class... how awesome last night was! I still feel so privileged that I got to go to Katherine's class. I was also thinking about my stupid water bottle. I don't think I have ever thought about something so gay so much in my life. Then I thought, at least I am not thinking about how fat I am. I actually like my 35... almost 36 year old body!! I rock! I mean there are the obvious things.. I wish I wasn't such an ogre.. but for me.. I am me.. and I am happy with me. YAY!!!

K.. getting dressed now.. sweating has stopped!! LATER!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

9pm 1 hour hot yoga at Y - with Katherine!!

Wow! So, I got to take a class at the Y studio on Homer street by my house. I feel so privileged that I got to be Katherine's guest. YAY! It was a great class. I needed that. I was losing it today. I had too much work and I just kept trucking. I needed to run and I needed to yoga.. and it felt so good even though my thighs were killing me from my speed training.

An hour was the perfect length. We did some poses that were new to me. There was ohming and I am an ohmer now so whatever. I am open to the ohm.

I am POOPEd.. now.. so I may write more tomorrow.


Thursday 6km Speed!! - Week 13 - Katherine's yoga talk :)

6 km
29:10 mins
4:50 min/km
453 cals

WOW!! What a great evening! I went to run club. We ran first. We ran to the C wall by Caderos to do speed training. We ran as fast as we could down the C wall and then jogged back five times. I was the first girl and third. It felt awesome and it was fun. I love pushing myself.

After training we had my favourite yoga teacher give a talk and a demonstration on yoga! YAY!! She made me feel cool like I knew she would. That is the the coolest I have ever felt in run club. AND!!! I went to her 9pm yoga class with her.. at Y Yoga by Shoppers on Homer.

Her advice on the water belt is to take it back and just get the one bottle one put a gel in it with water... and shake it up! I am going to do that. I hate my water belt! (Maybe I can get my mom to take it back.. I hate returning things!! and I have already returned this once.. to two different stores!!)

She also suggested training with Falcon ... Here it is
Something to look into for next year??? Maybe??

Wednesday 8km Tempo - Week 13 - Happy Birthday Sam!!

I just went to write it down and it disappeared!!Dammit!! 8km wasted in my virtual land.. my be all and end all for running. Dramatic! I am so overworked today... this last two weeks...

with Carrie in Langley around her house and down to LSS track and back.