Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 11 - 12 Surf Zuma

Last surf for LA. Cleaned off the wax.

Monday 11 - 12:30 Surf Zuma - Carrie

This could be our last surf until Carrie comes back from Australia - unless we have a Seaside Thanksgiving or Remembrance Day.

Sunday 10:40 - 12:10 Surf Zuma - Carrie

Saturday 10:30 - 12:30 Skate Zuma - Carrie!

I am catching up with my blog - feeling like what is the point in keeping it when I don't have time to write - but have put too much into it to stop now - I will get more time one day?

Saturday 7:35 - 8:10 Skate Natas Lot

Friday 8:05 - 8:25 Skate Natas Lot

Quick skate before the boy and I pick up Carrie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday 11 - 11:30 Surf Zuma

Tuesday 8:17 - 8:56 Skate Natas Lot

Monday 5:30 - 7 Ballet - Anh Dillon

The ballet studio is a lot smaller than our ballet studio and there is no live accompaniment. There is nothing better than having a pianist for ballet class. It is not the same with an Ipod. I always appreciate my painists: Mrs. Hemple, Boris, and Izabella.

I stood by a big window and had a barre to myself. I did plies and looked out at a palm tree. What could be better?

Monday 4 - 5:30 Contemporary - Matt Cady

The Edge Centre for Performing Arts - this is my third time - third year in a row dancing here but this is the first time at the new studios. WOW!! They are beautiful - so amazing!! What a great place to hang out and dance at.

Matt's warm-up was on the floor and a lot of stretching and twisting. It was an interesting floor warm-up. I don't do a lot of floor warm-ups at school. Maybe I will make one for those days you just don't want to start standing.

His choreo was interesting too. The music had no words but a lot of cool sounds to hit. There was this one girl in the class wearing a blue bra top that killed it.

I had to put on the right knee pad - my bursa is unhappy. It didn't help but I made a couple little adjustments to not hit it and the knee pad was just extra protection. I wasn't the only one who grabbed knee pads when we went to the ground.

Monday 7 - 7:40 Skate Natas Lot

Sunday 9 - 10:30 Surf Zuma

I started with my board and then switched to the stubbie. It is totally different than what I am used to riding. I usually ride long and skinny and it is short and fat. It will take some getting used to. It is good to be able to surf all different shapes. I am happy to have a new "quiver" in our collection.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday 5 - 6:30 Bikram Marina Del Rey - Daniel

It is always nice to take class in different studios with different teachers. Daniel lead an awesome class and gave a lot of corrections and encouragement without breaking the flow. He used the fans once in a while too which was really nice. I was really hot and missed a couple of things but not too bad. I had a good class and it felt good to bend and sweat. Next Saturday I will go back with Carrie!

Saturday 9:25 - 10:49 Surf Zuma

Nice small ones today - right knee bursitis is not too bad - but annoying. I hope it gets better and not worse because I want to keep doing stuff. That is the knee I use to duck dive - might have to try using foot or other knee.

Saturday 7:10 - 7:53 Skate Natas Lot

Crunchy parking lot ollies, 180's, and kick flips. Still trying. Love looking out at the beach and the morning people doing their sea walk workouts.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday 9:47 - 10:46 Surf Zuma

Day two - nice small waves - no fear - surfed with a seal (shark food!). I love this beach!! I want to stay all day!!!Working on getting back foot in place first and a sharper pop up. I seem to be holding on too long - must pop faster.

Friday 7:08 - 7:33 Skate Natas Lot

My runpod was all charged today and I Smashing Pumkined it like it was 1990-something. We got there a little earlier today and Jonny was able to sweep with a borrowed broom and skate his ledge. The boy and I got to play in the park and play come get me in the Natas lot. Another great early morning skate.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday 10:15 - 11 Surf Zuma

YAY!! I love this spot. It felt so nice and warm compared to Seaside. There were dolphins surfing with me!!! I can't wait to bring Carrie here and spend some actual time there.

I caught some waves. I need to work on popping up faster and not being a total pussy. More surfs more confidence more time - I have a positive feeling about the next two weeks.

Thursday 7:41 - 8:10 Skate Natas Lot

We are back home!! YAY!!!
First skate in my new Ross find Huff shoes - $25 - (US)

I feel like I haven't skated in a while - and I haven't done my lines like that in a while. It is a crunchy lot but I got a good, sweaty half hour in. (Ollies, 180's, and kick flips)

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday 8 - 8:30 Surf Indian Beach

Not my day. I wish I could surf more and get better. I hope I feel more confident and better by the end of the summer.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday 7:15 - 9am Surf Indian Beach

I got to surf this beach on my birthday and now on Jonny's birthday - lucky girl. I got suited and went right in the water. The waves were small and not scary. I had a hard time getting up on the new board. I am going to try my old board tomorrow. The gloves made all the difference - I was not cold - my feet were cold - but not too bad. I wish I could surf better.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday Surf Indian Beach

We got the the new stubbie all set up today and into the water for the first time. I didn't bring my warm booties, gloves, or hoodie. I thought I wouldn't need in the summer - but my hands and feet were frozen. Once they went numb it was a little better. I think I might have to get some for tomorrow - my gloves and booties are really old and uncomfortable - so I don't feel bad - it is time for some new technology!

As for the waves - I didn't get a lot of time in the ocean. The boy had his wet suit on and was playing in the little river that leads to the ocean. But - when he was done - I had to be done and we had spent a lot of time getting the new board ready to roll. Tomorrow I will get right in there and spend more time. Jonny can't pick the boy up once he is all wet and sandy - because he isn't in a wet suit. I guess I am lucky to get any surfing in at all with a toddler. I look forward to when we are all in the ocean together - like at the skate park.

Tuesday 6:57 - 7:56 Skate Kelso Skate Park

Monday 6:51- 8:25 Skate Kelso Skate Park

This was a long session. Everyone is learning to roll around the park. The boy is still skating on his knees - but having fun going down the transitions.

Sunday 7:18 - 7:40 Skate Kelso Skate Park

Short session today - someone came for an early morning session. We can't really have the boy around a big kid yet. I wouldn't want him to get in the way and get hurt.

Saturday 7:29 - 8:31 Skate Kelso Skate Park

Thursday Run 6:42 Km - 36:18 Mins - Long Beach Washington

Long Beach is a windy beach that cars and trucks drive on. There is a nice paved path that curves through the long grass on one side and the ocean and sand on the other. I ran on the beach close to the water as far as I could until there was a river then I turned and ran the other way. The way back was into the wind and it felt like I was super woman trying to run and actually move forward.