Saturday, April 6, 2019

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Thursday 6 - 7:30 Bikram Yoga Delta - Lisa 

Thursday 1:30 - 2:30 Hip Hop - Victor 

Friday 6 - 7:30 Bikram Yoga Delta - Ahn 

Saturday 10 - 11:30 Lyrical - Jessie 

Was going to write... but Biggy wants to type.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Tuesday 9:30 - 11am Bikram Yoga Delta with Lisa. ME: Let's DELETE and try that again

Yesterday morning I took the 9:30am class at Bikram Yoga Delta. I usually get up and take the 6am class but today, I have two spares in the morning and thought I would spend the morning with my son. My son ending up being bad for dad after I left and I ended up having a not so awesome class. I was so excited to go too. I had just got my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher certificate the day before so maybe that was making me excited. There are so many things that can make a class go wrong. There will always be something. The trick is to try and keep going and not let it stop you. I try to stop thinking about what is going wrong and bring the focus back to the breath.

Too hot. Tried to hard too fast. This is a half marathon not an 800 meter dash.
Blood test yesterday. Haven't taken class in a month. Not enough water?
breathe slowly 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...
I didn't get enough sleep, I am worried about the surgery, they are going to fill me up with CO2 like a balloon... and then make me fart on the table???
Inhale, exhale
I stayed up reading my book too late.
It is too hot.

What I really think happened, was a combination of elements. What I did was bring my focus back to my breath. I knelt down when I got dizzy and tried to at least do each side of everything, but maybe not both sets. When I would get back up, breathe, and try again... when I got dizzy and thought I would fall, I knelt again and focused on my breathing. I kept trying to get back up until I realized that I couldn't. Then, I laid on my back and breathed. Once everyone met me on the floor, where I couldn't fall, I kept going. I didn't try as hard as I wanted to. I saved some energy and focused on breathing. I finished, I staid in the class. I smiled. I kept trying.

The first thought in my mind was: I have to come back tomorrow and try again. I have to delete this class. I will let you know how that goes.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday 9 - 10:30am YYoga - Power with Duncan

This was my first class with Duncan. He looks like a surfer dude and he has a good sense of humor. He makes you work hard but he reminds you not to take it too seriously. I am trying to write everything about this class but Christian won't leave me... there he goes... go play Biggio... love you. Ok where was I? This class was hard. It was the first time I didn't bring my full mat towel and I needed it. No one else had one but I am a sweaty chica. I like learning these new styles of yoga. I regret staying and giving Bikram so much dedication. I should have expanded sooner. However, I am excited for this new journey and I am grateful for the strength I have from everything that I have done and do.

My mind wandered at the end of class. I started thinking about Jonny and his mom. It scares me sometimes, the similarities I see between them. They both feel like they deserve more - feel like the world has wronged them. This reminds me of Gord. I am sure Jonny is scared about how much I am like my dad... and mom too... anyways - it was a weird thought pattern brought on by Jonny's sadness almost clinical depressive type state of stuckness he has been in. I feel like throwing him in the truck and driving somewhere - running away - but he is going to meet Nathan and we are broke. Always broke lately. I just need to travel and get away. I need to run away more often and have trips booked to look forward to... and there is nothing to look forward to right now. My only hope is that I get a job somewhere new and get out of this rut. I am happy that school is ending and that my yoga certificate is almost complete - life if going well. I just know it will be better if we have a fresh start somewhere new. New adventure time - even if it is just for a year or two and come back... or up to Squamish and traveling on every break... something needs to change for change to happen.

Oh - and I loved the wrist stretches at the start of class. I have to remember those for Break class. One hand up and one down, switch. Both together and hands down with wrists forward. Then palms down and wrists forward as you lean back on your knees and peel the hands up.

Focus: Transitions - slowly moving through. Focus on one thing you do that makes you happy - send out positive vibes. Surfing, ballet, skating... beach... sun!!! Family. 

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Saturday Lyrical with Jessie

Wow, I have not been to this class in a long time. It is always a feel good class. The dancer from  Newfoundland was in this class. He talked to me in the hall after ballet yesterday... definitely not from here because he was so nice. He was how it should be up there. So, that was nice. But, I shouldn't say that, some classes are nice and have a good feel - like Lyrical today and Ballet yesterday. ANYWAYS... I am going to try and go next week again because I am out of dance shape. So, dance as much as I can before the surgery... recover.. and dance some more. Fun. What is life? Do what you love, injury, recovery, do what you love, injury recovery... I shouldn't complain, soon it will be do what you love injury, recovery, injury, injury, recovery, do what you love. I need to love injuries and recovery - then it would be game on.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Thursday Hip Hop with Victor and Friday Ballet with Beverly

Spring Break!

Yesterday I took Victor's Hip Hop at 1:30. There were lots of cool kids in the class and some amazing dancers. I just don't think I will ever move the way they do. They take in the choreo and they churn it out with flavour. I am happy to take in the choreo and get the moves to the right beat. How do these little kids ooze all this amazingness? I'd like to say I am just a bun head doing hip hop - but I have been doing hip hop longer than some of these kids have been alive. I don't know what I am anymore. I am good at everything but awesome at nothing. I left feeling happier than I went in, proud that I forced myself to go when I didn't really want to, but still meh.

Today, I went to Progressing Ballet Technique and Ballet with Beverly. Now I feel better. I love ballet. That's my jam. It has always been my jam. I feel happy now.

My back isn't hurting at all. My leg doesn't like to be held up in attitude at the back or arabesque. Those muscles are messed up still or weak or something. So, I didn't push it. I listened and brought my leg down.

I am really hungry now... time to shower and eat. Where are the boys? 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

8 Yoga Class Observations - Just the Quick Notes

Observation Class One: Bikram Yoga Delta

Quick notes: Vivien has a smooth flow and steady pace to her class. He voice is vibrant and changes in tone and level to encourage strength and length. She has a kind smile but is still firm. I wear hearing aides, but not in the hot classes because of the amount of sweat, but I can still hear her cues clearly. This 6am class is full of regulars and she is familiar with everyone in the class. She knows your weaknesses and when to give each person extra attention or motivation. She also gives praise to students that have achieved a new level in their own yoga practice. 

Observation Class Two: Y Yoga Downtown Flow studio: Restorative

Quick notes: This is the first time that I have taken Mark's class. When I came into the class, he welcomed me. I found a spot and collected some props. I said hi to one of my neighbours and then I laid on my back and brought my knees in and gave my low back a stretch. There was calm music playing. A never ending type song with piano plinks in it. Sometimes reminiscent of a familiar melody, but then pulled away into a nothingness background calm. We took a lot of time at the beginning of the class breathing focusing on three part breathing. Mark used an awesome analogy of sitting in a movie theatre twenty seats back to introduce his themes of mindfulness, breath, and shape. I wonder if having a yoga class where you can see the movie theatre played into his use of this analogy or the discovery of it? Unfortunately, at the end of class I had to rush to drive my husband somewhere. I would have liked to remain in my calm state the entire day. However, during the a frustrating six year old not wanting to put on his shoes, I was able to remain calm and change his mood…. Eventually. I drew energy from the serenity achieved in that class. I will try my best to return next week. My back is feeling a lot better.

Observation Class Three: Bikram Yoga Delta

Quick notes: My spine is feeling stronger and more flexible today than last week. Something went right in that restorative yoga class on Sunday. I was able to lay flat on my back and on my stomach without pain. I was still mindful of forward bends and focused on my breathing. My focus on my breathing was better than usual. I give credit to the focus on the breath on Sunday, it has seeped into my hot yoga practice. I was trying to flow in and out of postures with the breath. Vivien gave my spine some love during half tortoise pose. She asked me first, and then pressed down on my hips all the way to the top of my head - then brought her hands back to my hips so I could get up without using my hands. That felt lovely and I tried to retain that feeling and length during the second set. 

Observation Class Four: Y Yoga Yaletown Studio: Power

Quick Notes: This was my first time taking Katherine's class in at least 7 years. She didn't recognize me and I didn't find the right time to say hi. The class was dark and there was no music when I walked in. It was my first time in this studio of this location. I have taken her Hot class in the other studio after a running workshop at the Running Room. Anyways, watching her teach and listening to her cues made me question if I could ever be as smooth and knowledgeable as her. She is at ease in her teaching, calm and with a good sense of humor. She gave different options for different levels. She encouraged us to look at our fingers in DD to make sure they were all spread out evenly to protect our wrists. Towards the end I stopped doing the last few forward folds as my back did not want to do anymore. I did child's pose and squat instead.  

Observation Class Five: Y Yoga Downtown Flow studio: Restorative

Quick notes: This is the second class I have taken with Mark. I have the end of a sinus cold and a bit of a cough. I forgot that this might cause a problem while trying to breathe and be calm. I had to excuse myself at the very start of class as I felt a tickle in my throat. I got some water and coughed outside and snuck back in. I was able to hold in any big coughs for the rest of the class. I did have a problem when we laid on our bolsters under our armpits on our stomachs with our heads hanging forward, my nose became very congested and it was hard to breathe through it. When I came up from that position, tissues had magically appeared beside me. That was thoughtful. He knew I was struggling. I felt very calm by the end of the class and I chatted with a nice older woman in the change room. Downtown people aren't the friendliest but older people usually are. I think I will get a membership at Y Yoga or at least more classes when these ones are done. (My old yoga studio closed with my year membership - so I have ten class cards at a couple of places while I find my new home. I also practice at my dance studio where I teach… I am kind of lucky.. I can do yoga at work!)

Observation Class Six: Y Yoga Yaletown Studio: Power

Quick Notes: I am really enjoying Y Yoga. It was raining a little bit this morning as I walked across the street - but that is ok - because it is right across the street. I am really going to make this my new studio when these classes are up. The only thing I would change, is the way I am interacting with the other yogis. I am trying to be polite and kind and say good - morning to people but no one is talking. I do say good bye and have a nice day as I leave the change room because that has always been my thing. I want to try and create a supportive community like I have in my classes where I teach. I teach the kids to say hi to everyone and make sure everyone is supported and feeling part of the community - I want to practice what I preach. I just happen to live in an area where people think they are better than everyone else… or rather have been trained to act that way because everyone else is acting that way. It just takes one person to start sharing kind words each morning to spread the love. This is my mission - and you never know - it might spread to outside the studio one day and my whole neighbourhood could improve??!!! 


Observation Class Seven: Bikram Yoga Delta

Quick Notes: Lisa is a teacher's teacher. She doesn't let anyone get away with anything. When she isn't teaching class, she is taking it. She leads by example and is a strong and motivating, no guff taking, master leader.

Observation Class Seven: Y Yoga Downtown

Quick notes: I love MARI! She has been one of my teachers for many years and at various studios. This is the first time I have taken a flow class with her. Every time I take her class I leave a little better. There is never a class that I don't take away a tidbit that makes my practice stronger. It could be a word, an idea, an alignment correction… but there is always something. I know she mentors new teachers, and today in class I thought, I should find a time when I can make that happen. I need to spend more time with this amazing teacher.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

"BACK" to the Doc

My last entry was looking a little more positive. I thought I was getting back to Harbour and normality but I have taken a turn back down the back pain road. This winter break, where I had imagined myself... and had filled in my calendar with dance classes at Harbour... turned into some basic stretching and yoga at home with my Beach Body on Demand membership. Trying to stay positive, I also studied and have almost completed a 200 hour yoga course... adding to my bag of tricks. Now, if I could only move freely.  

But what really kept me happy this winter, was my son and getting to hang out with him everyday. Today he made me a sandwich and delivered it to me with a knife and spoon rolled up in a face cloth. Not that I needed to be served, he just really wanted to play waiter and he just learned to make his own sandwich. The other thing that has kept me happy, are people that have joined my research task to help me bring my project to reality. I was really worried that I was not going to have anyone participate and now I have four art works plus my own and I have had others that have said they would give it a go. All participants have until the end of January to contribute - so anyone else who wants to be part of this piece, still has time. I am hoping that I can move more freely in February when I pull all the pieces together.

Let's look at this calendar again, without all the pink. Even though I have been injured I have kept mobile. I have modified and I haven't given up. I have made a new friend at school, Erin, and we have been working on our fitness with Autumn in the mornings before school. I look forward to getting back to your morning workouts next week. We are going to be starting 80 Day Obsession Phase 2. I also plan to keep going to Bikram once a week to stretch out my body and back and also do the yoga workouts on Beach Body on Demand. I just started the Three Week Yoga Retreat and plan to keep that up on breaks at school and weekends. So far, stretching, yoga, and rolling have been the only things that have brought me relief from back pain.

I am lucky to get in for a CT scan on Monday morning and I have a follow up with my doctor in two weeks. From there, I will make a plan to recover or manage or deal with whatever is going on with my back. Just knowing that I will have a plan to overcome this latest challenge - soon - is also keeping me positive. Harbour will be there when I am better and I will dance up a storm. Now, I must keep my mind on recovery, teaching, and completing my masters. (and applying for new jobs so I can escape the rain winters and add some adventure to my(our) life (lives).)

I don't know what I weigh today, but before the Winter Break I weighed myself and I was 148. I have been sticking to Autumn's 80 Day Obsession timed nutrition during the week at school and then a little less strict on the weekends, with weekends where we are away - not stressing about food - just enjoying and getting back to my plan. I hadn't been doing the workouts for phase one on the weekends - or even everyday - just moving them to fit my schedule and I still got results. (even modifying.) Nutrition really is the key. It is much easier to eat healthy at school when I don't have the boys around. So, I am looking forward to getting back to school. But, I will never forget that cute little sandwich with apple slices my son just made me. He is growing up so fast.