Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Back to Bikram, Back to Autumn, and Back to Harbour!

Here is a look at the last few months. The last time I posted, we had just gotten back from Jacksonville and my back had just gone out. I was looking forward to it being better and getting back to normal. Well, it isn't normal yet but it is getting better. I am really surprised how long it has taken. I guess I am taking longer to heal because I am getting older, or I just really messed it up. I do attribute it to not doing my yoga this summer... along with other BEASTLY factors as well during summer school. Nevertheless, after a four week "rest" (not very restful when you really can't move or get comfortable sitting or standing or moving...) I got back into some movement. 

I started with the Beach Body yoga classes. I was so excited to go back to my One Hour Hot Yoga... and they closed down! I am so saddened by this but I am looking at it positively. My two and half or so years I had with Dan and Keiko were very awesome. I had never felt more welcome and more comfortable in a studio. I was always against one hour classes, as I had always been a firm believer in the 90 minute classes... but because of my 6am morning schedule, they just seemed to fit in better before work. At Bikram Yoga Vancouver (Yoga 101 now... name change), I had to leave morning classes early to get to work on time - and I hate disrupting the class like that. You know what got better doing the one hour classes? My spine strengthening. I was always so pooped at Bikram by spine strengthening, that I didn't do a very good job of it. During the one hour classes, I had more energy for this series and improved. So, I am happy for this improvement. Now that my studio has closed and knowing that I need yoga to be fit for teaching dance, I had to find a place to practice. Luckily, my friend Bobbie wanted to try Bikram. I suggested the studio in Delta on my way to work. I had often driven by, (and I used to take field trips of kids there), but I would think as I drove by, that this would be a good place for me to practice. I would have to get up earlier but I would be able to do the entire class and still have time to get to work. So, that is what I have been doing once a week. (I can't get up that early every morning.) I missed the 90 minute classes. What a difference. 

I started off September/back to school time/ doing Liift4. I was all by myself in the dance studio early in the morning. I spread the word that people could join me and Shilpa started coming in the mornings, then Erin, and even Bobbie once. It has been so nice to work out with other people. When Autumn came out with A Little More Obsessed, I wanted to try it. I missed Autumn!! She is so inspirational and says just the right thing when I need to hear it. I realized that I missed 80 Day Obsession. Even though these new workouts were killer, Erin was into Autumn too. We had to drop Joel and workout with Autumn. We are now going through 80 Day but taking our time. We aren't sticking to the schedule. I am doing the timed nutrition 90% of the time but I have really had some good cheat weekends... my weekday game is on point. I looking to sharpen that up as I recommit myself to Autumn. 

The other thing, I have been really missing is Harbour Dance. I have plans to dance this Thursday and Friday -  we will see how that goes. I am just going to modify if I have to. I need to move and dance and I miss Harbour... I have not been in MONTHS! 

Well, that is my little workout update. The back is still healing, the right hammy is overstretched... and well... that is all you need to know! Modify don't quit.