Wednesday, April 18, 2018

80 Day Obsession Round 1 DONE!

I did it! You know what though? I didn't feel as excited as I should have at the end. I think this is because, from the start, I have set this up to be a lifestyle change and not just 80 days. When the end of 80 days came along, I knew I was going to have a few treats and then get right back at it. It is part of my life and routine now. It makes me feel good. I like timed nutrition. I am full and healthy. I don't crave chips and pop on the way home, because I have my driving home meal.

I didn't change much the last month, even with peak week. Part of me thinks it is because my body adjusted to it or is happy where it is, another part of me thinks I should have stuck to the plan even closer and chosen the foods from the top of the list which are the healthiest. Then, I started to see other people's transformations and thought, why didn't I try harder? Why did I cheat those days when we were on vacation or at a funeral? I had to check myself! I had to remind myself of all that I had accomplished. I am awesome. I did awesome. I am going to keep doing awesome.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Friday, March 30, 2018 Yoga - Mari / Cardio Flow - 80 Day Obsession

I haven't been to yoga in exactly two weeks. We went away for a few days and I got out of my 6am routine which is nice. During the past two weeks I have still kept up with my 80 Day Obsession workouts and I have done some dancing. I also did a lot of homework and playing with Christian.

Anywho, my point was, when I was at yoga this morning, because I have been away for two weeks, I noticed new strengths. I attribute this to the 80 Day Obsession workouts. From the very start of class, with the breathing, I could feel my core. I also noticed more strength in the side bend of my half moon pose. 
Another place that I have been noticing changes are in my triceps. I have been trying to feel my triceps, for the past year, in locust pose. Each time I get into this pose, I try to relax my non-working leg and push into the floor with my triceps. I could easily feel my triceps today. 
Mari gave me something to try in cobra: she told me to move my hands a little bit back and get more into the upper back and even my head. I think I am getting that right. It was a taller, longer feeling with a squeeze in the shoulder blades. I am going to try and remember that and try it again on Sunday. Mari always has a good tid bit for me. She makes me work so hard. (Which I adore!) 
It was a full class this morning as there was no 6am as it is a holiday.  This was the 7:45 class. The people around me were focused and trying hard which made me be able to focus and work hard too. 

Also, my left shoulder, which I injured at the start of last November caused me to modify some postures. Today, I did no modifications! YAY! Sometimes it is good to have a break. Although, I won't be too excited... let's see how it feels tonight and tomorrow. If there is no night aching... I might be getting close to being done with that injury. Another one for the books! 

When I came home, I had my green muffins, peanut butter, and water. I chilled and watched some trains with Big Boy, and then I did Cardio Flow. Usually, I have a break - the time it takes me to drive to school - so I was a bit pooped. BUT, I did it is DONE! 

I give thanks to the 80 Day Obsession workouts for my progression in yoga. (and not only yoga!)

Oh wait! There is one more thing I did this morning - before all of this:
My surfer girl, Andrea, sent this to me yesterday. It is already day 8 today... I started on day 7... but what an awesome way to "wake-up." I have always wanted to try meditation - and I have tried it - but try and stick to it - this may be my way in. Thank-you Andrea - this is just what I needed!!!