Monday, March 12, 2018

80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Done

80 Day Obsession Phase Two: 

I did not do as much, or as well as I could have done this phase. I have had a hectic month avoiding construction in my building. They have been replacing all of the water pipes and since it is a strata thing, I have no control or communication with the workers. We find out 1-3 days in advance if our water is going to be off and that they are going to be making a mess in our condo. They have cut a part out of almost every wall and some ceilings in all rooms except for my son's - which is already a mess. We had to remove everything out of our cupboards and closets. I don't like being all disorganized, it makes me feel out of control in a way, so it has been an added stressor on our family. As well, it was February in Vancouver, my least favourite month - at this point you just want the rain to stop and the sun to come out. (Which it did a lot more than last year... but it did snow too... so you know. I am ready for summer!)

SO, that being said, we ran away to Squamish and Bellingham to avoid construction and paint fumes. Why does this matter? First, I usually dance on the weekends, and I didn't get to my dance classes this month. It looks like I made it to ballet once. (It is also dance competition season - so I have been to a lot of those on the weekends - missing dance too. There is another one Thursday night.) I have made it to my yoga classes in the morning. You gotta love 6am's. There is no way to miss your workout if you just get up and go... and wake up half way through.

The second thing that has set me back is beer. When we go away to hotels, it is natural for me to relax and have a (some - hehe) beer with my husband. It is a habit. We usually don't drink in the city, and then when we travel we relax and enjoy... I see a lot of people in the 80 Day Obsession Coach group avoiding alcohol on special occasions and here I am just drinking for nothing. BUT, I am also thinking about this as a whole lifestyle change. I am not going to stop working out and eating healthy after 80 (93) days. I am going to keep going and start again... and hopefully convince some people to join me. But, I do feel bad, I could have done better.

THEN, I start thinking about all the good changes I have made. Why am I beating myself up? Why the guilt? Look at all the positive changes that seem so easy and natural now. I look down at my body when I am at the hotel swimming with my child and I am proud at the changes in my physical shape. I actually can't believe it really. I have always worked hard and consistently... I just never really had a plan like Autumn's. I guess I was driving blind, so to speak. This program is amazing and it is a map to success. She has done all the work, you just have to follow the directions. You just have to meal prep and press play. How easy is that? Why didn't I have a map before?

As for my results this month, I still made improvements. I am down 4lbs, and 3.5 inches. That is a total of 9.5 inches and since A Little Obsessed, I am down 13 lbs.

I am still stealing some of Christian's crusts and Jonny isn't totally perfect with his dinners, but he is trying to feed me, and we are all learning more each day about healthy eating and proper portions.

I have noticed on Wednesday mornings, after Cardio Flow, I have plantar fasciitis. I believe this is from all the skipping on the toes and not making my heels go down each time. I found that rolling out my calves really helps this... but doesn't prevent it. I just have strong calves that need to stretch out after all that bouncing.

As for the products, I am loving the Shakeology. I still only have it on school days - mostly because, my son would want to have it at home if he saw me drinking chocolate. At some point I will have to get him the Daily Sunshine. I wasn't going to order the Energize and Recover again - but I really like it. It is a treat and something I look forward to having. Again, I only have it on school days. It is something to look forward to Sunday night. YAY, I get to go to school and drink my unicorn pee! (??) I should have ordered extra bands when I made this last order - I noticed today that Autumn was double bluing. (I won't until my next order - as it costs $25 to ship to Canada - I have a PO in the US but it won't let me order to the US because I am Canadian... anyways.. whatever - just remember to order all at once so you don't have to pay the extra shipping.)

I am proud that I have never missed a work out. One time this month I did two workouts in one day - and they were the hardest ones of the week. (Last week of phase two Legs and AAA - that is when I decided to reorder Recover!)

I am so happy with this program. I feel so much better with my body. I haven't taken pictures yet for the end of this phase - I feel silly putting my bathing suit on and asking Jonny to take my picture for a weight loss thing - but I will get around to it.)

I am stoked for Phase three - Eye of the TIGER!!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

80 Day Obsession Phase 1 DONE!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am taking a break from reading to write and reflect about the first phase of 80 Day Obsession, as I have been reading for a large portion of the day and information is not going in as easy as it was. I have decided to write in sections with different topics as titles, so you can skip to what you are most interested in, if you are pressed for time, as I am. This will also help me when I want to reference back to certain areas.

Important People

My husband

I didn't tell my husband what I had signed up for right away. I was afraid he would make fun of me or say that I didn't need to do this, that what I already do is enough. I am not going to say he hasn't made fun of me, but I am going to say that he has been pretty supportive of my choice. He has mentioned words like cult and questioned who makes an arbitrary amount of eighty days? He has also suggested that I am probably going to gain weight, as I am eating more than I used to. HOWEVER, he has also gone grocery shopping for me, made special dinners for me and scooped portions out for me. I realize that he is sneaking more vegetables in for me and adding sauces that aren't on any list, but I also realize that I need to compromise in order to make this a workable / livable lifestyle change. It isn't realistic for me to think I can go to work all day and have him make me an entirely special meal. I am able to control everything I eat all day and at dinner time, he does an awesome job of succumbing to the cult like needs of my timed nutrition. 


Elulu is one of my first students at Frank Hurt Secondary. Her and her crew, pretty much taught me how things happen at Frank Hurt and high school dance competitions. Again, she is leading me into a new world, one not as scary as high school, but one filled with as much reward for hard work as teaching high school. Since last year, I have watched her journey and thought that I would join her when I had enough time. She has been inspirational, motivational, and empowering to herself and others and I am super stoked to be apart of these real, amazing, supportive humans. What human doesn't need a supportive network? 


Once I wrapped my head around the timed nutrition, I loved it. I decided to eat the same thing everyday except for dinner. This made grocery shopping and meal prep for the week easier. I did not receive the challenge pack right away, so I didn't have the Shakeology, Recover, or Energize. I also did not have the measuring containers. This was good because I now know that I can do it with or without the assistance of these products. I told myself, this is awesome, I don't need that other stuff. However, once I tried the other stuff, I loved it and I look forward to having it. I do not use the supplements everyday. I keep them at school. (Maybe to prevent being made fun of at home?) I don't use the Recover and Energize everyday, because I don't plan on buying it all the time, but I do look forward to the days when I get the extra treats. 

I did not feel hungry or have cravings the first three weeks except for right before I fell asleep because that is three hours after my last meal. The third week, when we started working even harder, I started to feel more hungry. I am hungry now too - but maybe that is because I danced more today and used up more fuel. I am in the first week of phase two now and I am really craving Dr. Pepper and chips... and my gas tank is empty... which means... I have to stop at the gas station where the chips and pop are and I really want them! 


I love music but for the first week I did not use music with my warm-ups. I just listened to Autumn and let her coach me through the movements with the proper technique. I added music after that first week, while still keeping her voice audible. That was more fun for sure. 

I love having different workouts everyday and I love the progression of the workouts. They are really amazing. I find the workouts to be a good level for me, they are just the right amount of challenging and right when I get something, I know Autumn will make it more challenging. 

I am thankful for the Frank Hurt dance studio. I am blessed to get to work here and do my workouts in the studio. On the weekends, I work out in our condo's gym or in my condo, depending on what the boys are doing. (sleeping?) 

I also do hot yoga three times a week and try to dance at Harbour once a week. 


Ok, I am not perfect. I have done pretty good, but I have done some cheating. During that third week, when I started to be more hungry, Christian's crusts and leftovers started looking really good. I am the dish cleaner, so they were just there, why waste food? So, ya, I ate a few kid leftovers. I am going to try and be more vigilant about that during phase two. I also screwed up my containers a couple of times when trying to figure out what to eat when Jonny orders sushi. I ate a yam roll on brown rice thinking yam was a vegetable but then realized that is two yellows. (and deep fried.) Now, I have cucumber roll or tomago. Compromise - our family loves their sushi! 


I did my measurements Sunday before phase two started. I wasn't feeling that good on Sunday. I was a little bloaty. But, it said that I was down two pounds and six inches. I weighed myself again this morning because I felt skinny and I am down to 153. That means, I have lost ten pounds since I started with A Little Obsessed five weeks ago. That is pretty awesome. I am happy and proud and I am looking forward to making this part of my life forever. I love the people, I love the workouts, and I love the timed nutrition. But, don't get me wrong, I am also going to live and enjoy once in a while because that is ok. Obsessed but not a cult. hahaha! 

Final Thoughts 

I am already thinking about what program I will try after this one is over. Will I do another round of 80 Day Obsession or try something new that I haven't tried yet?  Now, back to my reading for school.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Reflecting on A Little Obsessed

This week I tried A Little Obsessed in preparation for 80 Day Obsession. The planning part was the most difficult. I did that the week before. After reading the materials provided, I had to rethink my school days. I started by making a schedule or a daily plan. The next step was to go through the list of foods and figure out what I liked to eat and how to combine them. I made all meals exactly the same for the five days to make meal planning easy. I figure, as I get better at this, I will have more variety and choices. I can freeze a meal or two each meal prep and eventually have a plethora of choices in stock.

Next, I had to figure out my workout block. I was not planning on working out the same time each day. I go to hot yoga Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6am before work. This is a necessity for me as a 43 year old high school dance teacher. Tuesdays and Thursdays I can work out in the morning. I can have my pre-workout meal as a I drive to school and do the workout in the studio before classes start. My spare is in block B, which rotates, so Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I can use my spare block. This worked well for the half hour workouts. Fortunately for me, I have one week left of this semester and in semester two I have two spares because I teach two x blocks after school. (I have four dance teams.) So, I will easily be able to fit in my hour workout and still have time to do my work for school, and start on some of my homework for university. (And then have time to be a mom when I come home! Thank-you again to my husband for supporting my dreams and staying home with our son and making him a good little man.)

The Workouts were inspirational and motivational. I did not play music with them - but I plan to. That will pump me up more. I enjoyed listening to Autumn's breathy voice as she powerfully worked through each exercise and continued to give guidance. I was glad when she told us she had an earpiece and someone counting for her - because I was really thinking she was a super human being able to talk and keep count. (A skill that I have never accomplished - unless with help of music and a totally embedded warm-up.)

I did not receive my challenge pack yet. I am Canadian... maybe it takes longer to get here? So, I improvised. I also only had 3 lb weights (60 of them!) So, I held many little weights and used a Cando band (Theraband) tied in a knot. I used my socks and sometimes a towel as sliders. It will be harder when I have the heavier weights and stronger resistance bands. I also wore socks a lot instead of shoes - but I will bring my sneakers for the cardio days. That will be easier on my legs and feet. Nonetheless, this practice for the 80 Day Obsession was a gratifying rehearsal. I learned that I could plan my meals and not be hungry. I was eating more often than usual but healthier things. Something, I knew I should always do, but never made the time to do.

I am trying not to get obsessed with the scale. I did sneak it out on Thursday morning and Friday morning... and I went from 164 to 156! I might have to take the batteries out of the scale and hide them both in different places to deter myself from over looking. However, I am glad that I looked again because it gave me some concrete evidence that this is really going to work. It also made me wonder if I should be on the maintenance plan because of the extra yoga and dance classes that I do and teach. This is something that I will keep and eye on. If I am feeling hangry, I will bump up to the other meal plan and see how that goes. I mean eight pounds is a lot for four days.

Needless to say, on the way home from school on Friday I needed to get gas. This will be my area of weakness, this is where I have allowed myself to get my chips and Dr. Pepper once a week. AND, you KNOW I got them Friday after school on the way home... in full knowledge that this will be the last Friday for 80 Days that I get to enjoy my snack while listening to the radio in my car without interruption, just me, the road, and my treat! Time to invent some new driving treat. Apples and cheese is good too!!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday 1 - 2 YHot - Sandra w/ Jaqueline

I met one of my alumni dancers, Jaqui, for a YHot class today. It was so nice to practice with her. She has a beautiful practice and very strong. We took a nice sweaty picture after class. I am going to get her to come back to Harbour with me next.

Here are some things I liked the YHot series: the balancing, the longer triangle series, the super quad stretch, the hip flexor stretch.

I stepped on the scale! Updated Meal Plan for A Little Obsessed

I bought a scale. Yes, I am the person who swears by not having a scale. I have probably told you weighing yourself is stupid. When I was an anorexic ballerina, I would obsess over the numbers. When that part of my life ended, so did weighing myself. All I wanted was to be able to eat like a normal person without caring.

Well, I am happy to say, I have achieved that. I can drive into the gas station on the way home from school and shamelessly purchase chips and Dr. Pepper - but not everyday - but when I get gas or if it has been a tough day at work - I reward myself with this guilty pleasure. I can buy ice cream without caring what the person at the register thinks of me. (They probably aren't thinking about me - they are counting the hours till they are off or until their next break.)

For A Little Obsessed, I need my starting weight to figure out the meal plan. I didn't have a scale. I ordered one from Amazon when I ordered my meal prep containers. I got it. It didn't have batteries. I bought batteries. I put them in this morning. I stepped on the scale....

Now, before I tell you what it said, I am not upset about the number. Why? I planned my meals already without the scale. I estimated my weight more than what I thought it would be. I guessed I am probably 180 lbs. That way, I wouldn't be disappointed - because there was no way I could be more than that. I am tall. I am muscular. I will weigh more. When I was anorexic I was 109. When I was in high school I was 135. I am 43 and I have had a child and even though I work out a lot and consistently, I eat what I want when I want. So.... here it is: (excuse the ugly naked dancer toes!) 

Now that I know my real weight, I had to adjust my plan for this week. Oh wait! My challenge pack has not arrived either - so I don't have the containers to measure the amounts of each food and I don't have the Shakeology.

OK: I took out one purple, one yellow, and changed the Shakeology meal. Now, I just have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I don't think I will have to do a lot of prepping. It is pretty simple food for this first try.

Updated meal plan:

Friday, January 5, 2018

Friday 10 - 11:30 Ballet - Delina

I couldn't remember who Delina was. I was so excited for today to do PBT and ballet with Beverly - but PBT was cancelled and Beverly was no longer on the schedule. I was going to go to yoga because I couldn't remember who Delina was, but then I thought, I can always go to yoga and I don't usually get to go to ballet - go to ballet. I went. I love DELINA. I remember her now. She is an awesome teacher. She is very clear with her explanations of the exercises. She gives progressions when you do exercises twice. She gives good feedback and corrections and her timing for class is awesome - we got a lot done in an hour and a half. I will definitely be going back to her classes.

And she is CUTE as a button! (Not that that matters!)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Thursday 10 - 11:30 Contemporary - Emmalina

One word: MODIFY
Why did I take a contemporary class with a healing right shoulder? There were a lot of should rolls today. I did the first few but then realized... something wasn't right... so, I decided to modify all things right shoulder. Not as much fun for me - but I have to keep healing so I am ready for my 80 Day Obsession.

Love Emmalin and the blonde human who knew what she was doing!