Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Angela - Day 31

Wow! It was good to be back starting my morning off right. I don't like missing a morning. Although, I will be missing mornings next week... and until May.

(Omar just walked into the studio and picked up his two picks. He is late! hahaha.. but he is a double pick afro man!)

I had an awesome class this morning. The class was packed. There were 15 yogis plus Angela. Tall Danielle, Rose, Annie and the two sisters were there.

At the end we did pigeon straight up, side and side - ouch. Then we did double pigeon. We also did bridge and two wheels. NTS: crown of head, adjust hands to shoulders and wider for wheel.

She let us out late. I followed Annie out before the Namaste. It just felt late and my rule is to follow Annie out.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday 6-7:15pm Flow - Leo - Day 30

I turned my alarm off somehow yesterday. I think it was because I was up before it and I was playing with my phone. I must have slid it off then. AND... I got home late from Belle's awesome party so I just collapsed into bed without checking. It is set automatic usually. I woke up at 6:30am in a foggy, confused, panic. Then I relaxed and took my time geting ready. For the rest of today I have felt like I had so much to do and wasn't getting anything done... except for making up dances. I made up dances pretty fast today. I attribute that to the nice weather. Sun power!

So, this was my first FLOW class since the ankle. I am glad I waited till now to go to one. There are a lot of things that would have been a challenge in my earlier days.

Leo taught an awesome class. It was the perfect balance of repetition and challenge. I got to do the bird of paradise. I couldn't balance in this one with my bad ankle. We got to do the splits.. and my sore hamstring wasn't sore! YAY! We also did head stands like the ones that Erin had in some of her pictures... on FB. I am going to try and find that picture. It is so cool.. I was thinking about it in class.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Sarah - Day 29 - Belle's 13th Birthday!!

I like being in the front row. Today we had - Danielle, Rose, Danielle, and Me!! Good front row. I had a great class. Awkward is still my worst posture but all the rest I am pretty much back to normal. Balancing is no longer hard! My hamstring is still hurting in the morning as is my hip flexor.

K.. gotta make up dances!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday 6am Hot Yoges - Angela - Day 28

My hands smell like garlic and celery. I washed my hands. But when I went to prayer position of the hands - all I smelled were things I cut yesterday. Yucky! This food better turn out good!! Yesterday was the first time I have ever cut garlic... that I can remember. Do I need to wear gloves?

I like being back in the front row.

We have proD today - Keli is here somewhere.. I might write more later!!

Good class.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 8-9:30am Hot Yoges - Christine - Day 27

The top board is Semele's and the bottom was is Bruce's.. custom!! 

One more weekend!! All I could think about was my new surf board that I am going to get custom made just for me!!! WOO HOOOOO!!!!
Click Here

Ok.. yoga was awesome and super sweaty today. There was a river down my spine when I was laying on my tummy. I actually tipped over a bit to let it run off. How gross is that?

I moved myself back to the front row today :-) YAY! I am almost normal.

Problem areas: left ankle, left hip flexor, right hamstring. There will always be something so learn to work with what you got!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday 8-9:30 Hot - Christine - Day 26

Picture day for Belle!! Grade 8!! 

I am going to go through the poses again today and write about my progress and my pains! OH! The tall, skinny, Spanishy looking girl has a name - Rose. She wasn't there today but yesterday she asked me if I played volleyball for UBC. She recognizes me from somewhere. Hmmm...

Pranayama breathing: I tried using the opposite grip on the second set.

Half moon pose with hands to feet pose: I don't go that deep in the sides early in the morning. It would be nice to take an afternoon class sometime and go full out. My back was stiff today so I didn't go far back that way either. My right hamstring is acting up again - along with my right groin from killer push-ups I have the kids do... I wonder how they are feeling? I am probably the only one that did them full out and I did them with two classes.. so I am probably the only one hurting. They are great though! I just let my hamstring relax in the forward part and didn't try to straighten my knees. Let it heal!

Awkward pose (in three parts): The first part I can notice that my knees are bending more. I am not close to getting down at all but I focus on breathing into my heal and letting it relax so I will be able to one day. The second part on my toes I was having a hard time balancing but I went down about half way. The third part I am pretty good at now and I can do it normal :-)

Eagle pose: I attempted to hook my right leg but was unable to this time. That is  my goal for tomorrow. My knee is bending more and pulling less at the heal.

Standing head to knee pose: I was having a hard time balancing on my left leg. I tried to grab my foot but couldn't balance there so I went back to holding my knee and just practicing balancing.

Standing bow pulling pose: I balanced really well in this one. I think this is because I focus on kicking and pulling in opposite directions. I did do bow on my left leg at the very end.

Balancing stick pose: I did this no problem.

Standing separate leg stretching pose: No problem... head touching the ground.

Triangle pose: I am weak here because I haven't been doing this one full out but I did do it today.. I just wasn't able to hold it the whole time. This one hurts my left hip flexor.

Standing separate leg head to knee pose: Now here is a new improvement... before I couldn't get my left leg right behind me and twist my hips to the front and now I can. I also was holding onto the ground for balance but today I had my hands back in prayer!!

Tree pose: I just practiced my balancing and I kept my foot on my calf on both sides.

Toe stand: I did not do this. I did another set of tree.

Corpse pose: Hahaha.. easy!

Wind Removing Pose: I kinda spaced out in this one. She had the lights down so low. I kinda came back to the world wondering when we had done the both knees to chest part and if I had done it or just laid there?

Cobra pose: No problem.

Locust pose: I held this better than I did before. I didn't cheat and come out early!!

Full locust pose:No problem

Floor bow pose: This one was harder. I came out early the first set. The second set I stayed in - but it was low - not as high as I used to get it.

Fixed firm pose: Breathe into the ankle. I go down normal.

Half tortoise pose:I focus on sitting on my ankles straight and letting them relax every time I breathe.

Camel pose: I kept my hands on my back instead of my ankles because my back isn't that bendy today.

Rabbit pose: I do this one normal now. My necklace went up my nose though.. hahaha and that made me silently laugh and come up and take it out of my nose!

Head to knee pose with intense stretching posture: No problem. My left is better than my right in this one because of the bad hammy. I really pull my left foot back and get a good stretch in my calf...

Spine twisting pose: I did this one normal although I don't think my hips are completely straight on the bad side.. working on it... trying to let my foot relax in that position.. and stretch back to normal.

Blowing in firm pose: I did this sitting on my knees again. I am getting better!! YAY!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday and Friday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Tianne - Day 24 and 25!

I totally forgot to write my blog yesterday. I was so busy! We had dance team auditions after school...very exciting and full day.

Tianne is the Flow teacher that used to have the 7:15am classes. Yesterday was my first day having her. Danielle and I learned from her today to relax our shoulders and think about pulling the bottom of our wings together.

I got lots of work to do.. I may write more later.. but prob. now! BYE

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Erin - Day 23 - Laya's third birthday!!

There was a poster with a nutrition challenge at yoga and I thought to myself... why do I love challenges? Don't look at it becasue I will just want to do it. I am a challenge nerd. Next I want to do a dance challenge and a surf challenge. I want to dance 30 days in a row... then I want to surf.. everyday in the water.. for 30 days... hahaha! That is awesome.

We had a smaller class today with 8 people. The white shirt boy is back and there were two older men in the front corner. One knew what he was doing but the other one was new and struggling. He was smiling and laughing though.. so.. I think he liked it. Or.. maybe he was just trying to get through it and planning on never coming back.

I went all the way down in the third akward again. YAY!

My left heel went all the way down in downward dog! YAY! Something is working!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Angela - day 22

At the front desk I aske Angela how she was doing. She doesn't like getting up for 6am classes. She asked me how I do it. I said I go to bed early - in bed my 9:30 asleep by 10:00. I am also a morning person. I like getting up early and getting things done.

Both Danielle's were in class today and the Spanishy girl and her sister.

We had 10 girls and one man in class today.

I am getting a little better at awkward pose.

My leg was really stiff from those stupid IMS needles!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Angela - Day 21

(random last year school pic! I like these.. funny surprises!)

There were 11 girls in class today including the teacher. Where are our men at? Have they wimped out?

Danielle was there this morning. The other teacher.. is back to mornings.. because she is too busy in the afternoons. The tall, skinny, Spanishy looking girl in the Mercedes brought her older sister or friend today.

I had a hard time balancing today. Too sleepy? Maybe... but I was awake at 5:20 - 15 minutes before my alarm. Just not a good balance day!

I stretched out my calves really good. I am really trying to breathe into my ankle and relax it so it stretches out more. I have some more progress in awkward. I am getting lower in the first one, higher on my toes on the second and I went all the way down in the third one! YAY! I felt it in my left knee. I guess it isn't used to bending!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just some walking!

I walked to DIPT - but it wasn't open till 12 and it was 11:30. So, I walked down Hornby to Hastings left down to Cordova and to Hits. It wasn't open either! I walked down to Gastown and sat on a step for a while and played on my phone. Then I walked down Water and up Carrol St. and back down Cordova to Hits. It was 12 and it still wasn't open. SO.. I walked back to DIPT at Hornby and Robson and got my new T-shirt for school tomorrow!! AND then.. I walked home.

Sunday 8-9:30am Hot yoges - Christine - DAY 20 - HALFWAY!

Good morning halfway through my yoga challenge! I met an old friend in yoga today. Daniel. I can't remember where I know him from but it is from back in the Cypress days I think.. and maybe before that. Anyways, he is a Vancouver firefighter now and he knows Sam's friend Mike. He had his girl with him, Jessica and it was her first time. He was helping her out. He has been at this studio for as long as I have been. He is pretty good for a boy!

Yesterday and today... when I would sit on my knees I would focus on breathing into my ankle and relaxing it. Then, at the end of class after I did my ROM exercises.. . I did downward dog and really tried to get my heel down on the ground. I am almost there! I am glad I am finally getting to see some more results. I can't wait until I can go all the way down in awkward again... but my knees are bent more than when I started. I didn't go all the way down in warrior two with my left foot forward.. and I am not sure if that was because of my ankle or.. if I am just using that as an excuse and being lazy. Hmmm.. that can be my goal for this week.

K... starving!

I am going to go shopping today. I am going to get some cute fluorescent cons for Laya and a Diamonds for Breakfast T-shirt for me. (Savage Rock's GF's Dance crew and DIPT collabo T-shirt! COOL!!!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday 8am-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - Day 19

Hahaha!! I think this is so funny!! 
I was thinking about progress today. Maybe I wished to see more evidence of progress and my wish came true - except for me allowing to progress past my already advanced level I got duped and regressed so I could see the progress from a new basal level back up to my normal self level. Hmmm.. be careful what you wish for folks. Those little leprechauns are tricky!

There was something else I was thinking about.. that I wanted to write. I really wish I could download my brain. I seem to wash all my thoughts out in the shower. My blog would be riveting if was actually all the stuff I planned to write while laying there in yoga.

I don't know. Progress is minimal today. I sweat a lot. I feel good. DONE DAY 19!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Angela

I was tired this morning. I went to sleep early and I woke up a couple of times but went right back to sleep. My alarm shocked me. Everyone seemed a bit sleepy today. Angela said that she had drank too much tea and had a bad sleep.

Insurance people just returned my call.. they will check upstairs but haven't received anything yet... did you make copies mom? I guess I should txt you! hahaha!

Back to yoga:
I had a hard time balancing today. By standing bow I was ok. I had some moments where I thought I looked ripped but the lights were dim and then when I sat down my little belly was still there - but I was wearing my low rider yoga shorts. Hmmmm.. I had so much to say.. but now that I am at school.. I just want to get my work done. I will write a good entry tomorrow when I can write right after yoges.

Sushi Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Leo - Day 17

(Kelowna 2010)
There is a yoga conference in Vancouver October 1-3rd. That would be a great thing to do.. if it was pre-ankle! Here is the info... I will check it out on the weekend when I have more time.

Leo had a new class orgnaized for us and it flowed quite nicely. It was fun to do something different. He was the only boy in class today. It has been girly classes the last two days in a row. Where did our boys go? Hmmm...

Good class. I am still stuck up in awkward pose but everyday my balancing is improving slowly.

K.. gotta go make up dances!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Sarah - Day 16

(another random school shot! HAHA! I think I will take the camera out at lunch and get some shots from this year)

We were all girls today in class. I learned another new name today: Wanda - a little Asian girl that doesn't go all the way down in awkward pose. (neither do I!) I have to learn the names of the two sisters. They have been coming every morning for about two weeks now. The blonde girl in the big mom truck... I need her name too. Danielle was there. There were others that I didn't know too.

Anywho - I woke up before my alarm today. I ran out of floss!! That is how good I am at flossing!! I will have to get some after school so I don't miss tomorrow's flossing!! I am such a nerd.

Anyways.. back to yoga. Hmmm... Awkward still sucks but I am getting better on the last two that go up on the toes. Balancing is still a work in progress. I feel bad for wiggling in the mirror. I know I make other people wobble when I do that. I am trying!!

On the way to yoga I encountered a singing bum going through the dumsters in front of Milestones. He seemed happy. I wondered... how does someone decide to be a bum? Does anyone ever decide? Where is that point where you decide.. the best thing for you would be to collect stuff out of dumsters? Industrious  bums make me wonder.. they are hard workers that are up early... they must have other options. But.. this guy seemed really happy. He is happy and doesn't give a F*** what anyone else thinks. It is kind of freeing.

WOW!! The bell went.. it is my spare and I am going to photocopy then.. make my warm-up.

BYE !!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Angela

(another random school picture! It is the twins!)
Angela told us about a new teacher that is teaching the 2pm class named Will. I asked if he was hot and she replied I wish - she is pretty sure he is gay. She loved his class though and said that he sang during class??? It brought a tear to her eye? I am intrigued but not enough to take a day off.. but maybe if I have my spare last block one day or he teaches a later time I will check it out.

Last night the physio released my hip flexor. It is so much better but I can still feel it. I think the laser will fix it up the rest of the way. The physio also pluged needles into my muscles and the one that is killing me is the calf one. It feels like it is going to cramp. It is awful. I need to be more relaxed next time I go to physio and just let him release the damn muscle!

I didn't balance as good this morning.. no wait.. I had some good balances.. but I was pretty tired. I didn't sleep well last night.. maybe because of physio! hahaha! I woke up all sweaty! YUCK! and bad dreams! Double yuck!

That's all.. I didn't use the wall at all. My ankle didn't click as much. I asked the physio about clicking.. and he said that is normal. No problem. He likes to throw things.

OH.. and both tall, tattoo girl, and my other friend who was in the accident.. they are both Danielles! (I came in after them and read their names on the paper!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Sarah - Day 14

(I just picked a random picture from school computer.. couldn't see who it was!! )
Whoa - Monday morning! I am always a bit sleepy walking down to this class. However, the tall, skinny... Spanishy girl woke me up with her shiny, black, Mercedes bumping Hip Hop. WOW! I like her!! hehehe! I was the first one to sign my name on the list today. I still like our new teacher Sarah. I have heard some complaints about how she does so many Bikram postures. How can I complain? I like those postures. It is nice that all teachers are not doing the same thing.

What did I do good today? Awkward pose - on my toes. I did Pigeon at the end... even the bad ankle. I balanced good. I wish I was balancing better - but I have seemed to plateau. (compared to my normal progress lately.) I did a nice standing bow. My upper back was really stiff. Sarah did miss the back bend in the first posture. The hip hop girl looked back at me and we both shrugged and didn't mention it.. just did what she said. Maybe she meant to miss it?

I have physio today. I am going to ask him about: clicking when balancing and in general, the lump on my instep, and if he can release my hip flexor. (Iliopsoas)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - Day 13

I had a lot of thoughts today in yoga. I am pleased with my progress. I am really stoked I can balance. It sucks being injured but I love progress and when you are recovering you get a lot of that gratification. On that note, I do not wish to be injured again.

I am worried about the bump in the bottom of my left instep. I can't remember if it was there before my injury. I think it was. I think it is bothering me more now because my foot had lost all that muscle and now it is gaining it all back. It is aggravated by the trauma. I looked it up last night and some people said it went away and then there were some responses about having to get it cut out and stay off of it for six weeks. GREAT! That won't be me. I am the one where it goes away!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just some walking

I walked to G street and down to Gastown. I walked back up Carral street to Pacific and back home through Yaletown. I got home and Sophie called and we went for lunch. I walked up Helmcken to G street and right on Davie - we ate at that burger spot.. I can't remember what it is called. Looks like a soda shop. Then I walked home.

Saturday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - Day 12

I am extremely happy with my progress. Today I could balance on my left leg. I was able to go up on my toes for awkward pose and I could do a normal warrior 2! YAY! 12 days of yoga and I can see so much progress. I am smiling!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

6am 1HH Yoges - Angela - Day 11

Deanne - is that the girl's name who was in the accident??? I wished I could hear this morning. She said something to me three times and I still didn't get it. I wish I could hear!!

Angela taught well again today and I felt bad for writing what I did before. She just had an off day. Everyone has them. Today was great. I was able to do warrior two deeper than I have been doing it. I also was balancing better and longer. I love progress!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

6am 1HH Yoges - Sarah - Day 10

I like our new teacher!
Today is Thursday so, Danielle was here. That other girl that used to come all the time ... I thought her name was Danielle.. but I guess not.. the one that was in an accident last spring. She was here. It was the first time I have seen her since I have been back. We didn't get to chat. She didn't really seem to happy - maybe just tired or focussed. It was a tired morning for a lot of people. I didn't want to wake up. It is crazy being busy again. I love it! It is a good change from broken ankle boredom!

Progress report:
The best thing I did today... I balanced on my left leg with my arm up - (still next to the wall in case I need it) in standing bow. I was just holding my leg and not doing the bow part - but I balanced.. which is really hard. I remember when balancing was so easy. Anywho... I am really happy about balancing!!

I did something else good.. what was it.. I can't remember.. it was so long ago now... hmmm...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

6am 1HH Yoges - Sarah

Sarah is a good teacher. She came from the White Rock studio. We had a full class today. I tried to balance on my left leg a little! YAY! (like 3 seconds!!hahah)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just some walking!

I left at 7:03 and got to shoppers at 7:50.

I walked down Homer to the C wall and left back to Yaletown. Katherine was walking her dogs. She said hi but she was on the phone. I am glad I didn't have to tell my story to my HERO! I don't think she noticed my limp. She might though because I have taken her sister's class already. But then again... why would her sister go and tell her about my injury? She probably forgot about it as soon as she left the studio.

Anywho.. good walk! I am getting faster. That walk used to take me an hour and fifteen minutes. OH.. and I found the song I am going to make my upper body dance project to.

6am Hot Yoges - Angela - Day 8

I woke up early. I wasn't sleeping that heavily as the person above me who starts their daily shower at 4:50 woke me up. I rolled over, I peed... I tried to sleep but gave up and played with my phone. I got to yoga early. Danielle (tall, tattoo girl) was sitting in her car out front and she invited me in to wait. THAT is when I found out that  Patricia is no longer working at WHY! My favourite teacher!! BOOO!

Angela redeemed herself this morning. She was very clear and she taught class very well. The new things she was trying worked better today. I enjoyed today's class. It was a small class - we were only 5 in total.

My awkward pose and warrior sequences are still my worst in this class.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just some walking!

I had lunch with Mikey on G street. From there I walked down G street to Water street, up Abbott and right on Cordova and back up Cambie. I turned right on Georgia turned before the library, right on Robson and left down Homer to HOME!

I am way faster now. I even passed some people! (mind you they were walking slow and looking at the madness Telus and Chinese food stuff going on on G street.) Way more people passed me. I was walking fast keeping up with Mikey and I just kept going after the sky train. I slowed down about halfway through ... don't want to overdo it.

I saw another guy on crutches by my house. Were there always this many people on crutches and I didn't notice? Do I notice crutch people now - or has this been an exceptionally bad summer for a lot of people?

I walked for about 55 minutes from Roxy burger - cause I listened to my new warm-up and the Christmas show up until the finale song. 

Foot massage time!

10am 1h Hot Yoges - Sarah - Day 7

The class was packed! It was nice and hot. I feel great and it has only been one week! Can you imagine how good I am going to feel after 5.7weeks? Maybe I should do 60 days?? Then I could get my name on the wall!!! Maybe...

My worst posture is still utkatasana - awkward pose. I just can't bend at my ankle. I am hoping to see more improvement soon.

This is the first time I have had Sarah as a teacher. I think she is new to teaching. She had a nice clear voice and gave clear instructions. She could have held some postures longer and gave people more time to get into downward dog before switching to the next posture. I felt a little bit rushed. All in all, I think once she becomes more comfortable teaching she will be awesome.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2-3:30 Hot Yoges - Leo - Day 6

I hated waiting around to go to this class (even though I got my warm-up music done) but I was a whole lot bendier in this class than I have been in the morning classes. I guess it was worth the wait. That super skinny, tanned mega yogi was in class again today but she was standing in the opposite corner from me. What a relief! hahaha! I had a good class. I felt stronger today.

You know what is funny? Two days in a row now I have done exercises on my good leg thinking they were my bad leg and thinking wow, this is easy.. I feel so great! Then I realize it is my good leg and think... duh! Then I go to my bad leg and think.. nope it is still difficult.

I have to remember to ask physio about clicking. I don't think it is a bad thing. It doesn't hurt. I think it is just the leg becoming a leg again. I notice the clicking when I stand on one leg and let go of the wall.. when I ankle does mini adjustments to balance there is sometimes a click. I will mention this to the physio next time I go to make sure.

I ran into one of my favourite yogis on the walk back - enter name for little Asian teacher here - . She is switching to Y yoga. Patricia has told her, as her naturopath, that she is doing too much hot yoga. Something is not aligning with her heat... or something. Ironically, Patricia is our hot yoga teacher! We also talked about going back to school, riding bikes (I have been thinking of getting a good bike.. cause I can't run.. I can cycle?? Get in some good outdoor exercise. One day do a triathalon??), towel service, and how other teacher's suck... I mean... we are both critical of teachers when they teach... we have decided that it is a teacher thing.. I just wrote about that yesterday.

Anywho - great to run into her. I was thinking about canceling my membership before the summer and trying that studio - but I didn't... She is still going to get a 20 class card for WHY and get her full membership at Y. Something to think about... when I am better :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just some walking!

I didn't look at the time - but I walked to G street to London Drugs - down Seymour to G town back up Cambie and right on Cordova to visit Hits. Up Homer and home!

8am Hot Yoges - 90min - Christine - Day 5

Suffering is the sandpaper that shapes your life. - Christine read this to us in her soft voice during the last savasana. Or.. at least that is what I heard. (My ankle is sandpaper!)

Before class started I did my ROM exercises. 10 of each of the following:
circles right
circles left
Flex and point
Up in down in
Up out down out
small alphabet
big alphabet to L... then class started.

After class I did them again. I was going to massage the scar but I couldn't remember ... I knew there was something I was thinking during class that I was going to add to my ROM exercises.. but I just remembered now. I will do it after I write this.

Fixed firm - I used the block the first time but not the second.
half tortoise - I sat on my bum with my feet together the first time but on my knees the second.
Walking home after class - I was walking pretty normal after being all stretched out :) 

Grumpiness: I have two pairs of yoga clothes that come higher in my waste and cover my fat belly. Those are in the wash. The other two pairs are low riders a bit and no matter how much I suck in my gut it just won't go in. I refuse to do laundry every two days for my ego. It was hard today and it made me so sad - so mad that I let myself eat bad foods when I couldn't move. I should have gone with my first instincts and tried to eat healthy. Then I tried.. I have the excuse that I was at other people's homes and eating out a lot. I still could have eaten better and eaten less. I could have made better choices and I wouldn't be in this situation now. It didn't help that in front of me was the skinniest, most tanned, yogi.. she must have been a teacher. She was very inspiring with her focus and serenity. But her perfect skinny body right in front of my fat one just... well.. I was at the wrong side of this juxtaposition. WHATEVER - 35 more days. I am strong, I am smart, I am beautiful.

Friday, September 3, 2010

6am Yoges - Anglea - Day 4

I don't want to be mean and I would hate if someone said this about me when I was teaching.. but was she still drunk? She wasn't clear in her instructions, we didn't have to hold anything, and she giggled a lot at things that weren't funny. Not one of her best days.

I touched my heels in camel - just like I said I would. I used the wall. I tried to follow along... but she was doing all sorts of different stuff and not being clear. I felt sorry for new students. The lady beside me was totally lost. However, in the change room two girls walked in and said, "That was a good class." I thought to myself... maybe it was just me? Maybe I am critical of other teachers because I am a teacher. Hmmm...

She has had some really good days so I won't hold this against her. Just one of those days.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

9am Hot Yoges - 90min - LEO! - Day 3

This was my first 90 minute class with my bionic ankle. I told Leo at the start of class about my ankle and he gave me some good adaptations. I want to go through the whole class but first I want to say three things that I am proud of because my head was repeatedly saying, "Oh no, I am so fat and gross. Shut up! You went in strong you will come out strong. How did I let this happen? How did it happen so fast? SHUT UP! Don't look in the stupid mirror and focus on your amazing progress!"

Three things I am proud of this class:
1. I did every exercise - some with adaptations
2. I tried to keep a smile on my face - and to relax my face when I would start thinking stupid
3. I thanked my teacher and told the girl beside me that she did a good job in class today.

Pranayama breathing: I thought this would never end. I was sweating by the end of it.

Half moon pose with hands to feet pose: I have lost some flexibility in my hamstrings. I did not go very low on the sides.

Awkward pose (in three parts): I can't do these ones at all. The first one I just bend my knees as much as I can but it is miniscule. The second one Leo told me to alternate legs bending my half point. The third one I did a lot better with and I went a little more down than the last two days. This was the first day that I tried lifting my heals off in this posture.

Eagle pose: I kept my toe down and did the arms. I did it full out on the good side.

Standing head to knee pose: Leo suggested I do the next three balancing ones using the wall for balance - like a barre. I also just held onto my knee.

Standing bow pulling pose: I used the wall again for my bad leg. I just held my foot at the back.

Balancing stick pose: I used the wall again.

Standing separate leg stretching pose: This one felt awesome!

Triangle pose: This one was difficult for me. I didn't do it full out. I reduced the width of my legs so I had more support and I also did not bend my supporting leg all the way to 90. I focused on squeezing my core. I did both sides the same for this one.

Standing separate leg head to knee pose: I did this one on one knee and the other leg forward. I focused on head to knee and reaching forward with my hands.

Tree pose: I used the wall for balance. On my good leg balancing I just did normal tree because I could not bend my leg in like that. It hurt in my knee and was awkward for my ankle.

Toe stand: I did not do this. I did another set of tree.

Corpse pose: Totally awesome at this one. I looked down at my ankles and the left one was more turned out. Maybe I will be better than better one day and have more turn out than before???

Corpse pose: No problem. This one feels good on my left hip flexor.

Cobra pose: No problem.

Locust pose: I held this better than I did before. I didn't cheat and come out early!!

Full locust pose:No problem

Floor bow pose: This one was harder. I came out early the first set. The second set I stayed in - but it was low - not as high as I used to get it.

Fixed firm pose: I used a block for this. Leo brought them over to me and cleaned them up at the end of class. So nice!

Half tortoise pose: Leo suggested I do this one sitting on my bum with my feet together. That worked.

Camel pose: I kept my hands on my back instead of my ankles. I will try ankles next time.

Rabbit pose: this one felt awesome in my upper back. I did have to get into this one a bit different because I can't sit on my knees fully - but I did it!

Head to knee pose with intense stretching posture: No problem. My left is better than my right in this one because of the bad hammy.

Spine twisting pose: I did this with one leg extended. The other side I did normal.

Blowing in firm pose: I did the last breathing exercise sitting on my bum with my feet together. It is more work to sit tall in this position.

 THAT IS THE END! I DID IT! AND.. I will be back to normal in no time! Until then, I am going to keep telling myself to shut up!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

6am Hot Yoges - Erin - Day 2

Day 2 done! I had a little dizzy spell after warrior one. I remembered that I also had this feeling yesterday and forgot to write it down. I think it is just from my body not being used to doing such hard work. Let's see if that happens tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to attempt the full 90 minute class.

I can't do warrior one at all! I did do some things on my good side just because I wanted to feel like I was doing something. (Patricia warned me not to over use the good side.)

OK - at school - Pro D starting now.