Sunday, May 31, 2009

6.69 Km - 32.58 Mins - Granville Burrard Bridge Run

Route: Granville street bridge - halfway - down those stairs along the other C wall - back up to Burrard Bridge - down Drake - past dad's tree - follow the white man to my alley.

I chose this route because I was unsure whether my right knee would hold our and I didn't want o be stuck too far away on the C wall and have a clicking, sore knee. However, my knee didn't bug me at all :) YEAH!

Thoughts: I am a leader not a follower. I am a teacher learning lessons. (gay and cheesey)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

1pm Jazz Contemporary with MOE!! (Annie Lennox - I need a MAAAAAAAN)

Good class - I almost napped through it.. but I made it.. and I got Sam's watch and I bought 20 dance classes because they go up in price on Monday! I am broke now - but I will not have to buy dance classes for a long time :)

Class was good. It is a sunny, sunny day and she was happy that we showed up. She promised we could have a slurpee after. I haven't had mine yet.. but I will :)

I wanna get to the beach- It was a good class and I am pooped.. I think I will drive to the beach :) I might write more later.

8am Hot - Christine - I forgot my usual water breaks!

Shoe thief!!

Wow - this was my second full hot of May. I have been doing Patricia Lowe's 1 hour hot series in the mornings and I have neglected the normal hots. I was worried that it was going to be grueling, but since I am feeling better I had a really pleasant class. I actually did awesome.

I tried to set three goals for my class while I was laying and waiting for the class to start. I kept thinking of more things to work on though - goals of past classes and corrections and such. The three that I pounded out were: 1. Do all the poses/ no laying down. 2. Stay in all the poses until she says change - no matter what! 3. Try my hardest throughout. Those were my main big goals. However, I really worked hard this class and I tried to fix a lot of things.

Pranyama breathing: I thought about my long neck, shoulders relaxed and will I ever be able to get my elbows up right beside my head?

Half Moon Pose: I tried not to make the wrinkles in my side the first set. Christine reminded us to use opposite grip for the second set and I went down real low the second time. I have a crynchy part in my left side when I go down to the right. I winder if it is just in the morning? I still can't straighten my legs when I go forward.. and I know that is only in the morning. I wonder if Patricia was right in her theory that if you stretch in the morning when you are crunchy you are actually increasing your overall flexibility more?

Awkward pose: I really wanted to come out of the one on the toes - but I held it the first one.. and the second time - I came up a bit.. but not all the way until she said change... I had to remember my goal!!

Standing head to knee: I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do this one.. because it is isn't in the PL1HH class - but I got it. I just kept thinking - suck in my stomach and kick out my heel.

Standing Bow: I stayed in both times - that is the challenge with this one. My tattoo leg was slippery and I left grip marks on my leg.

Balancing stick: oh ya... back muscles.. suck stomach in.

Standing separate leg: Right hamstring.. work work work..I want you to be flexible again. I want to have my hips straight and my head on the floor.. again.. I think I would be able to in the evening. I need to take an evening class.

Triangle: tuck bum in, suck stomach in, reach and don't collapse on supporting side

Standing separate leg head to knee: again.. my right hamstring bumming me out. On the right side I had to bend my knee. Even my left side I felt a bit crunchy. Again - this one is not in the PL1HH class.

That is all I feel like writing.. I was going to do the whole class.. but my bum is going numb!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Patricia's 6am 1 Hour Hot - No block for my hip!

That girl I met on the street the other day was in class this morning - I got her name this time - Shannon. There was another girl there too - that is always there... I don't know her name - but we are going to take the 8am hot tomorrow. She is nice. I will learn her name tomorrow :) We are scared to do the full hot because we have been doing these one hour hots all the time. I am going to bring a Gatorade treat!! That will make me happy:)

Camille was in class today (owner). She came in late and she looks like she has not taken class in a long time. I can't believe she did all that intensive Bikram training. Maybe she has an injury? It was funny - at one point - Shannon, that other girl, Camille and I were all facing the wrong way... hehehe! We had to make a quick change! Bonding moments in mistakes. ON that note.. I have to stop sticking my tongue out when I make mistakes. I did it a lot in the Saturday flow. I did it today once too. Karlie (student) started that.. it must end!

My hip stretch near the end - I didn't get the block and I have my but almost on the ground with my leg square at the front. YEAH! I was looking around at other people in the class - as I am the only one sitting straight up - and their legs are not square how they are supposed to be.. so I am happy that I am working on the correct technique - once I get it I will be able to chest down.. and I will be doing it right.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Leo's 6am 1 Hour Hot - He is new to this class - he did pretty good :)

I think Leo has only taught this class a few times. He had his cheat sheet with him. I remember when I used to write my step classes on my hand!! hahaha! He forgot to do the one where you grab your toe and carry your foot to the side and the standing bow but he added the standing bow in at the end. I thought tall, tattoo girl (weird that that kinda sounds like me too.. haha.. but it isn't .. there are two of us!) would have said something because she is always there.. (she is on class 104 - planning on doing 120 - two a day till she is done!) .. but she didn't say anything.. so I didn't say anything.. let him do his thing... maybe talking would have screwed him up more. He is so nice and funny it doesn't really matter anyways.

Anywho - it was a good class. He added a two minute plank at the end of the series and I think I was one of the only ones who held it to the end. (WE do that at school here all the time.)

I was bummed I missed Katherine's flow last night - due to traffic!!! But.. whatever.. I got to chill and watch TV with ian! yeah!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6am 1 Hour Hot with DANNY!! Good work everybody!

I had a great class this morning. I haven't had Danny in a while. He is always so nice to me. He gives me good corrections and always tells me that I am doing good work. I love that positive reinforcement stuff!! I was trying to focus on my alignment today - maybe if I can fix it in yoga it won't be as hard to fix it in ballet? Maybe... worth a shot. He goes through the postures a little bit differently than Patricia. I like having the change. I never did finish writing out the class order. I wonder if she has copyrighted it? She should - and sell it like Bikram and make lots of money!! OK.. off to school - collaboration day - quick day!!! O ya.. and the hip stretch at the end.. I am off the box.. and the left side.. is getting so much better.. I wonder if that has anything to do with the hamstring again.. that could be the right is that much tighter... hmmmm...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

6:40 Ballet with Eva - New ballet slippers, lulu crops and top!

I totally had this barbie!!! She is looking as fresh as I was today in ballet!!
I had all new ballet gear today! It felt good. I am never wearing body suits again! The lame thing is, I still get the same correction that I have been getting my whole life. Why can't I keep my lower back from swaying? I gotta focus on that and keep it straight. It is hard to constantly focus on it though. There are so many other things I have to think about at the same time.

This class was pretty easy to follow. I think Cierra would have done a lot better at this class. Weird - because this class is a ballet 2 and the one that Cierra and I took was a ballet 1/2. I guess Danielle just teaches so many classes she gets bored so she is getting creative? I don't know.

Anywho - bed time!!!

Patricia's 6am 1 hour Hot - She did make this class! I knew it!!

My focus is to get off the box in the hip stretch - my goal is to get my hips flexible. I am going to stretch my hips every class today - when the students are doing their warm-ups - except for block E - cause we have a salsa teacher coming in.. whoo hooo!! ole!! Anywho, my nose was less snotty today and breathing is always an awesome thing any old time of day - especially during a work out. The tall girl with the tattoos is up to 100 days!! That is pretty awesome. Her buddy.. Dan??? is at 94 days - she is kicking his ass!! hehehe!! She must have been doing lots of doubles.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rode my bike to Spanish Banks!!! SO FUN!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!

I was reluctant to ride my bike because it is down in the bike locker. I went down and brought the wrong common key. Went and got the right key and got into the cage... didn't have the bike lock key. I went back up and then the tires were flat. I walked it down to the bike shop by Urban Fare and they filled me up :) NOW!!! I was ready to go!!! WEEEEE! I forgot how fun it is to ride a bike ... especially down hill!! hehehe!! It was so great!

Jordie? 12pm Flow - Whoa - what? Huh? Partners?

Marnie came to this class! YEAH! This was the weirdest class I have ever done at this studio. Not a good one to come to when I am trying to get her to switch over. I am glad she came though.

So, why was this class weird? Well, I had never had this teacher before and I am not used to his style. He talked about ... what was it.. shining? I think that is what he called it.. all the time. Basically use resistance he later explained because I was confused by his new terminology.

We did some cool handstands and he had some people demonstrate. That girl that is always there in the morning - with the tattoos - doing the 120 day challenge did some awesome handstands! I want to be like her!! No.. I want to be like me.. but I want to do good handstands! I think I might go back to his class again.. just for that!!

Marnie was having a bad day - so I am not sure if she had the best class or if I won her over to WHY. I will try to take another class with her sometime this week - since she has the week pass - maybe Thursday :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

6pm Yin with Patricia who thinks it's funny that my hips are so tight while the rest of me is so flexy... hahahaa - I don't see the funny!!

I should take this class more often. I need to work on getting my hip more flexible - ouch - that shoelace stretch killed! hahaha! I think I will make it a new rule - when sitting on the floor at school you must sit in the shoe lace posture! It will probably be easy for most of them anyways. The picture above is the shoelace - I can't bend forward or get my knees together! I am straight up and in pain!! I want to look like her one day!!

My sinuses would get all snot sounding whenever I held my head down during the stretches - but it was not blowable. As soon as I could bring my head up it would stop. That is not fair! It made me think of blowing my nose in science class in grade nine. Supposedly I grossed out Dylan. hahaha! The things you remember because of snot! ??

Lululemon is open till 9. I want to go and get a pair of crops and tank top for my new ballet outfit- and for my flow class tomorrow - Marnie is coming!! Maybe I can switch her over to this studio - and I can have a yoga buddy again!! whoo hoo!! Game on!!

C Wall - from Yaletown to Coal Harbour

Whoa!!! It is such a nice day! My first plan was to run to second beach and just chill in the sun for a bit and then run back - which was about 12km - but I just kept running slow and steady. I had a great run. At the end my right knee was ailing me a bit and if felt like if I stopped I might not be able to start again - so I just kept going. When I was going, I was just in my own little world - thinking and smiling into the sun. I didn't even feel like I was running because I was just in the zone. I love running. I love Vancouver. I love sun!!! You don't know what you can do until you try... capiche?

Friday, May 22, 2009

6am 1hour Hot with Patricia - fluey but I did it!

I took the Tylenol Flu before I went to bed and got up and went to yoga. I have to say I was feeling a little grumpy under my smile. I used the brick again in my hip stretch. I was struggling with it - trying to get it under my half but - it was pretty funny. It took me three tried - not graceful at all. Anywho - it was a good class even though I was not feeling 100%.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Patricia's 6am 1 hour Hot - 5 people in the class - You know it is a Tuesday after a long weekend when...

I slept a lot Monday - so when it was time to sleep at night I was not that tired. I tossed and turned and had weird dreams and woke up before my alarm. I was ready for yoga. There were not many people in class. There were the two partners in crime that are doing the 120 day challenge, two other girls - one newish, and me! I remembered during warrior 2 to move my upper body back - center it - as I tend to lean forward. For the yin hip stretch - Patricia gave me a box to sit on - cause my hips are tight. I got to get myself back to a yin class.. and just lay in those positions.. I have one pencilled in for Saturday - let's see if I make it!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Danielle's Ballet 1/2 class at 12pm - with Cierra!! Her first Harbour ballet class :)

This class ended up being way too difficult for Cierra - but she kept up and caught on quick. I was very proud of her. She thanked Danielle at the end of class and Danielle said - you made me work so hard.. hahaha! My right shoe fell apart - the toe part just kept unfolding until I had a ballet shoe flip flop. It was really annoying. I tried my toe undies for one exercise.. but just can't slide the same with them. I threw them out at the end of class. I guess I have to stop at Limbers and get new ballet shoes... sometime before Cierra wants to try class again. She is going to try an intro class next. Anywho - it was a good class - all sweaty - and that is that.

My Running Goal: 40km in 4 Weeks!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Run to Second Beach and Back!

Oh no!! I think this how long I ran: 12.47 km in 1.31 hours. That must be right. Weird it didn't save right. It was the first time with my new sensor. I think that old one I had worked - I mean the old new one - just I didn't know how to reconnect it with my ipod. The people at the Nike store on Robson either are just not helpful or they do not know about the product that they are selling. I don't think I will be shopping there anymore. (ya right.. I love that store... ok.. no.. I don't when they did not help me out... ) Anywho, it was a great run. There was sun. I wore my jacket and ended up tying it around my waist once I got to second beach. I "ran" into Kelly Robinson on the C wall by her apartment. She was just finishing her run. We had a good chat - supposedly I need sunglasses. Hahaa.. then I kept running to second beach. I sat there for a while looking at the water - dripping sweat - then I got some water and ran back. I love running in the sun!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Camille's 9:30 am Hot - normal hot - I haven't done a full class in a while!!

Wow! I had a rough yoga class this morning. A few factors that lead to this were: it was my first full hot in about three weeks, my cold has moved into my chest making it hard to breathe during the balancing postures, and I slept too much which made me all stiff and crunchy! Tomorrow I think I will go for a run then I will try yoga again on Sunday in the afternoon - so I can be more flexible.

It was nice to have a class with Camille again though. She is one of the owners. She is really nice and had some good pointers. Push your hands into the ground and forward to bring your head closer to your knee in your standing separate leg head to knee.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Patricia's 6am hot - oops.. I got some of the poses in the wrong order.. let me make amends!

ok.. I don't feel like writing out the class order now. I did mess up last time too. The first exercise (hahaha.. I don't want to but here we go...) is put your leg up on the inside of your leg.. and try to not let it slip off.. so hard for a slippery johnson - then put your arms up and try to do a back bend.. at least look to the ceiling and try to look farther back. The other one I mixed up was awkward and eagle.. wrong order. Anywho. Good class this morning. Tomorrow morning Danny is teaching. I might go for a run.. but he is one of my faves.. I don't know what I will do in the morning.. cause I want to go to the flow class at 6. I feel like I have been doing too many of the same classes.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Patricia's 6am Hot - First day with new Tattoo!!!

Ok - so, I was going to write about the order of the one hour hots - as best as I can remember. Here goes: (in paula language - cause I don't feel like looking up yoga words)

1. breathing exercise that starts with hands clasped at the bottom - reaches up and look up - bring arms back through the center in prayer position and back down. Repeat about 10 times.

2. Half moon with hands to feet pose - one set

3. Eagle pose that brings the arms up - bend over - sucking tummy in - don't let it hang on your knee - and reach your arms forward.

4. awkward pose - one set - assume postures are one set unless otherwise mentioned

5. standing with your hand on hip - hold your big toe and extend the leg - then bring it to the side - then bring your arm off your hip to the opposite side and touch your finger and thumb together and look towards them - opposite direction of extended leg - whoa!!

6. standing bow

7. standing bow that transitions into an airplane turned in arabesque.

8. tree or toe stand

then we go into the warrior poses and downward dogs. I am going to pay attention to this tomorrow morning and continue writing tomorrow.

I had a good class this morning. I was pretty excited about my new tattoo - thanks lil bro!! I didn't do the last hip stretch with the left leg bent on the ground cause I didn't want to rub my leg along my towel - cause I was all sweaty and I didn't want the ink to come out. No rubbing! No picking! It doesn't hurt at all today and the swelling is all gone!! YEAH!! OK.. bedish time - 6am comes early ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Patricia's 6am Hot - 5th Day in a Row! (I almost rolled over and went back to sleep!)

Today is the day I am going to write out what I think the regular order of this class is. However, the bell just went here at school - so I will write it later!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Patricia's 6am Hot - I am Super SLICK rick!!

I am still sick today - in the chest and throat... no voice... but yesterday was definitely the worst day. I am on the mend!!

I used the body butter last night... and I was super slippery today!! NTS- no butter before a yoga class - maybe even two days before.. I going to get soapy tonight so I am ready for tomorrow. I made it work though with a few sneaky face cloth cheats - totally not allowed and during Patricia's class - she has stolen my face cloth before. I was laughing I was so slick though. It was obvious. If I wasn't such a sweaty kid it would not have been suck a slick situation.

Anywho - it was a good class. tomorrow I will write more about what makes up such a good class!! LATER!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Danny's 6am Hot - Sleeping before class?

The guy who stood behind me today - was sleeping on the couch before class started - weird. Anywho - I had a good class even though I woke up in the middle of the night sick. I knew it was coming.. I could feel it. For a short second, while getting ready for yoga this morning, I thought - I am sick .. don't go! Call in sick to school. Then, I thought - no.. you said you were going to go every morning this week and it will clear your chest for school and you will be fine! And here I am at school - it is lunch time and I am glad I am here because I have a lot of work this week. (Not like April - but still beginning of the month marking of binders and finishing all the classes dances so they can start their next unit!)

I thought of something in yoga yesterday that I forgot to write: I think that being hard of hearing is making me smarter and wittier. Why? Smarter because I constantly have to focus and guess what I think people are saying for the context. Wittier because the things that I come up with while arriving at the correct interpretation are funny- especially when you share them with someone else. I go to the ear doctor tomorrow - I could lose all this educational fun soon!!!

I am starting to know what comes next in the yoga class. I like Danny's class - he is quick Danny style. He didn't add a special stretch at the end. Oh well. My goal for this Friday is to write down in the blog the order of the exercises - scribe it out!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Eva's 6:35 Ballet 2 - smiley!!

I hate my body!!!! Sorry mom.. ballet tights have a way of making me feel fat! I am going to be 35.. so what.. who cares.. anywho.. I couldn't stop thinking about that!! GAY!
Anywho.. Cierra and Alison are going to come to class next week. I don't know if they will be able to keep up with the jumps and turns.. they should probably do an into or level one class... hmmm.. when is that... There is a ballet intro on Monday at 6 - I will tell them and take that class with them.. even though I would rather take moe's Jazz which is at the same time. It will be fun to be in class with them though.

Maybe I don't want a bigger tattoo on my ankle to cover my star...

I wish I didn't sweat so much...

I am going to bed!!! I am happy... just.. I guess.. it is just close to my birthday.. and I am thinking about stupid stuff.. now I know why people get drunk on their birthdays... to stop thinking!!!

Patricia's 6am 1 hour hot! (These classes are all the same!)

I get it now. Someone has thought long and hard and choreographed these classes. They are all the same except for the last posture. I wonder who made up this series? It is awesome - it combines yin, flow and hot and it covers a lot of different body parts that are missed in other classes. I like the way one pose transitions into one or more others. Patricia is awesome. She is one of my favourite teachers at WHY. OK.. time to teach my block E's!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Moe's 6pm Jazz - I don't know what song it was... ?

We did warm-up and ATF. She made the ATF up on the spot which is unusual but she had dia all day... Tummy problems! Not good. The dance was jazzy and easy to remember. It felt good to get it right this week! YEAH! She is going to do this one again because we didn't make it to the chorus.. but she is going to LA tomorrow to take class... so when she gets back.. I will try to remember it:)

What a good day! I got to go to yoga and dance... I love four day weekends - I was so ready for Monday!!

Teresa's 6am Hot - New Shorts!!! YEAH!

My goal this week is to do the 6am class Monday to Friday. So far so good. This will be an easy challenge. I also want to eat healthy this week -which means grocery shopping and making good food! (Which I did yesterday)

I wore my new lulu lemon shorts - I know I can't believe I got lulu lemon gear - I always said I never would.. but they are so comfy!! They are perfect for yoga. I got another pair for running.. I haven't tried those out yet.. but I will let you know how they go on the next run.

Teresa taught class today. I love 6am when it is light out. It is nice to be able to be done your workout before school. Tonight - when I get home.. I will have time to go to Moe's Jazz class!! YEAH!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Justine's Contemporary 2/3 at 10:30 and Jojo's Street Jazz 1 at 12:30

Today was a pro-d day... YEAH! I had an awesome day! Twigg and Riendeau came out to take class at Harbour with me. Keli was late and didn't make it to the first class - but she did get some nice shoes for her mom's birthday!!!

First class was with Justine!! YEAH!! I am always scared to take this class because it is out of my normal dance world. I found it challenging for my brain. I need to take this class more often so I can get the feel for it. We did a lot of rolling around on the ground. I did better than I thought I was going to. I didn't think I would be able to follow - but it wasn't so bad.

Twigg and I went to the V.A.G. to sit for a bit in the sun. The NON crew was setting up for their raise money for Rock Steady Reunion in New York.

Jojo's class seemed to be made up on the spot. He is hard to follow because of this. It was a fun class and polar opposite to what we were doing the class before. We really stretched our boundaries!!! He did a disco song that sang about sexy magic... of course! It was a simple routine and would have been a lot easier if he didn't teach so awkwardly... in other words - if he came to class prepared. I think this is something only a teacher notices though.

We got Subway and went back to the V.A.G. sat in the sun and watched the boys dance. Tom Micradu? How do I spell that??? Anywho.. he was there rapping on the mic too.. weird.. haven't seen him in ages!!

GREAT DAY!!! I love our little dance crew!!!