Tuesday, June 30, 2009

12 PL1HH - Danny!

It was hot today. Marnie came. The girl that is always there.. the little one with the black hair.. it is her 364th class!! She is coming back for the 4 to finish her 365!!!! That is so crazy!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

12 Flow - Erin - Moves for class

I like this class.
Here are some things I want to put in next years warm-up! (chicken pie sushi)
wheel - alternating legs and arms
abs: lay on back, legs 90, feet flexed, arms to side, bring the legs to one side then the other!
same thing with just curl tail bone then bring chest in
downward dog, plank, sun - series
leg up at back pile the hips up and rotate over.. ya!! Those will kill the kids!! WHOO HOOO!! i can't wait to make next years warm-up!! They are in trouble!!!

Marnie came to class again - yeah!! I love having a partner in crime in class :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

4pm Hot and 6pm Yin with Patricia - UM - DEATHLY HOT!

hehehehe!!! The hot yoga class today was HOT! It was packed too which made it even hotter. I needed encouragement from Patricia to stand up again - I was HOT! Danielle - tall tattoo girl was there and she was struggling too - although she has a good excuse - it was her birthday yesterday and she .. well she believes in birthday week - so she was struggling from the drinking too. Anywho - it was rough and I am glad to have survived. The Yin after was nice. I was definitely warmed up for it. I stood under the cold shower before I went to that class though. Marnie came to Yin.. so it was fun to have someone to chat with before class. It was her first yin class. I am jealous of her flexible hips!!! GRRR!!! hehehehe!!

K.. going to get my FOOD: YOPO's Curry Samosas - which I have never tried before and Curry beef fried rice... and I am going to get a slurpee too!!! YEAH!!!

Run Goal: Fast 2km

I walked down to the C wall - set my nike+ to 2km and tried to run fast. I was winded at the end.. and you can see I really slowed down at the end.. maybe I should have tried to pace myself at the beginning. I prefer to run long and slow. I am not hurting at all though - which happens after the long runs. I should do more of these short runs... I have joined a challenge for fast 2kms and fast 6kms... on the nikeplus site. I am not winning but there are people who are the same as me.. so that is cool.

Friday, June 26, 2009

4pm Hot Yoga - Verena - Dan's 120th class!!! Congratulations!

This was the first time I had this teacher. She is new. She said it was her third class. She was very hands on, she gave good insight, she gave you things to think about - the only thing is... she has to watch the time. I liked her. She gave me a fresh start.

Marnie came to class today! YEAH! She is going to come to the Yin tomorrow and the Flow Sunday... it will be a Marnie weekend:)

It was really hot today. I had to sit out of one exercise.

My left upper intercostals are hurting a bit. I want to watch that - thems surfing muscles!!!

6am PL1HH - Danny - MJ, Farrah, my tongue ring, and my salvacious cyst

This morning I got up and did yoga for the losses of yesterday. Wow - that was gay... but really - what a day yesterday! I can't believe it.

This morning's class was good. It is hard to get back into the habit after having such a non-yoga week. This was my second class this week!!! I hate that! Sometimes you can't help it though. I have three little stiches on the back of my arm which pulled in some exerices so I just didn't do that arm - which was a challenge in itself. Luckily I heal fast and they won't be a problem for long.

We did the plank at the end. I cheated when I thought he wasn't looking - and got caught.. I never do that.. but I tried really hard until I couldn't squeeze anymore.. so whatever - I exerted myself! In reality though, I could have held on. I am going to yoga this afternoon with Marnie - and that will be my goal: I will not leave the posture until the teacher says change not matter what my head tries to tell me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6am PL1HH - Danny - First yoga class in 4 days!

I hadn't been to yoga since last Friday and I could sure feel the difference. I partied on Saturday night and recovery was slow! I am glad to be feeling back to normal now... and I am looking forward to getting a lot of classes - both dance and yoga - and runs in before I go to Bali.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

1pm Jazz with MOE!!! Same as Monday!!

I love same as Monday - because I can do things... better! I had run in this class. What did I think about??? Wait... planning your day is like an airplane itinerary. You don't have to think about it once it is done... you just go.. take the next flight.. get off.. get on the next flight.. I sign in.. go to one class.. then leave go upstairs to the other.. I almost walked home.. and didn't go.. but once I got in there I was fine.. I don't know.. I was feeling a little lazy today... but all good now!!

12 Hip Hop - Shauna - WE did the STANKY LEG!

What more can I say.. ??? I won't be running back to this class.

Friday, June 19, 2009

6am PL1HH - Patricia

I was slippery again today. I moisturized last night - and paid the price slipping all over today. Oh well. I used my face cloth a lot to try to solve my problem - but that is cheating.. whatever. It is FRIDAY!

I want to learn the downward dog transitions with the leg up. I must ask Patricia about that next time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


YEAH!!! I finally got to go to yoga with ema!! It was so awesome to have her beside me. What a great morning. My stiches didn't hurt that much.. I didn't do half moon fully - all good! Thanks for the awesome, super-stick band-aids mom!

Ema did awesome in class. She said she felt a bit woozy towards the end but that is just getting used to the heat. She didn't miss any exercises!! She rocked it!! High kicks for Ema!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6am PL1HH - Danny

I moisturized last night after I scrubbed the black off my feet. I was slip sliding today. I had to cheat and use my towel. When I slip it makes me smile.

My quads were tired today. We must have done something in ballet .. can't think of what right now. My neck is sore too - from Jazz - whipping it around at the end of that combo. Not as bad as Sr. Hip Hop in their mental asylum dance. Dance messes me up and yoga straightens me back out.. I wish I would have known about yoga when I was younger.. I think I could have avoided a lot of problems or pain!

Ema is coming to yoga tomorrow morning. I got her the form to fill out so we will be ready to go in the morning.

That new girl touched her heals! YEAH!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

6:40 Ballet - Eva

Black ballet slippers make your feet black. My toe nails were too long today. I cut them as soon as I got home.. and I scrubbed my feet!! I don't want black feet for yoga tomorrow morning!!

There was a boy in class.. that hasn't been here in a while.. he is with some company.. I don't know which one. Fun to watch. We did one exercise across the floor together like a duo.. hehe.. that was cool!

I am glad I made it to ballet. I was going to go to street jazz.. but I fell asleep after school. I was tired. How am I going to make it through next year? I think I might actually take naps at school in my office.. on a lawn chaise.. while the kids have practice.. so I can still come home and do my own dance class or yoga... they can wake me up if something happens. Hmmm...

6am PL1HH - Patricia

My hips are getting better! On my right side today - I was doing:
and I got my knee down! I couldn't believe it!! Patricia said - put your forehead on the ground and I said - I just got my knee down. She said - I will give you two weeks! hehe! That is one good accomplishment today. I am tired today.

Monday, June 15, 2009

6pm Jazz with Moe!

The tall girl from New Zeland was in class today. I like having her in class - cause she is taller than me and she is smiley - it is nice to dance with people my size!! hehehe!

I had a nap before class and grabbed pizza on the way to class - that didn't make my tummy feel too good.. not going to do that again!! Grab the pizza after class!!!

It was a nice routine today - I picked it up a lot easier than the last one. It fit my body good.

My right hamstring has been achey for the last few days. It hurt on the drive home. It hurt doing jetes. I hope it stops hurting and gets better soon!! I am sick of waiting. I wish I hadn't hurt it again.. it was so good.. but I have to think.. if it got good then.. it will be good again.. if I keep trying!!

I am stoked on this week because I can go to classes that I don't usually get to go to.. because I get to leave right after work. (That is how I scored the nap today!)

6am PL1HH - Patricia

I don't know if she meant to or not.. but we didn't do the ukatasana?? akward with feet together and hands in prayer and twist and extend arms.. yeah!! I wasn't going to say ANYTHING.. cause I did too many of those with Erin yesterday!!

After pigeon (the hip one) the hip raise one or wheel then plow?? Legs over head one.. I am starting to learn the names... then we did spine twist and done!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

12 FLow - Erin - Marnie came to this class!

Man o man!! I was so sweaty!! You'd think I sweat it all out in the first class this morning!?? !!! But no.. this Johnson had way more to give. I am going out by my pool now. All I have to say about this class.. is I really like this teacher and I want to get better at these moves. They are strengthening for my body and mind.. and real test to the absorption capabilities of my towel.. and clothes!!! I also forgot my hair band.. so I had drippy bang annoyingness!!!


8am Hot - Heather - Dunn dunn dunn dunn dunn.. I dunn it all!

I woke up - and I was stiff in my left knee from my long run yesterday - so I decided to skip the run and go to a hot yoga. I woke up at 7:30 and class is at 8.. so why not?

I focused on my pelvic alignment all class. I realized the last class I took that my back doesn't hurt in the back bend if I tuck my pelvis under and go up before I go back. Pelvic alignment has always been a ballet problem of mine. I found focusing on one goal instead of 3 or 4 in the class a lot easier. AND the goals that I usually focus on were not neglected - they are kinda there naturally.

I thought about my "new idea" a lot too. HEHEH!! This is going to be good.

I also thought about Bali a lot. Maybe I won't get a yoga pass there. Maybe I will just run and surf? I am doing enough yoga now to last me two months!! It will be nice to take a break?? I can always just drop in and pay for each class I take. Or - I can buy ten classes and .. if I don't use them.. oh well. But..I won't get 20 like my first plan.. but 10 - that is not that many.. 1 class a week.. and a couple of weeks with 2 classes.. that is good! Anywho..I will keep thinking about it .. and decide later!!!

I just watched this... my favourite SYTYCD from last week:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

6pm YIN yoges - Patricia

The tall tattoo girl was there today.. tomorrow will be her 120th class!! That is crazy!! I am going to go to that class!

There was a new girl there today.. and she was really flexible. REALLY FLEXIBLE. I have to say .. I was envious. I want to be like that. I am going to keep trying!!

We did a lot of hip opening postures which I suck at. We also did the frog and reaching forward in the center splits.. which I am good at.. so it evened out. I wish my hamstring was back to its normal flexibility. That is just going to take time. I did it before... I can do it again!

New Running Goal - SPEED!!

C WALL!!! I had the best idea today!!!

I am not going to say what it is... but I am going to make it happen!! Wait... anticipate...

AWESOME RUN today.. I ran from Yaletown around the C wall all the way.. to Crab park and through Gastown to Richards street.. then I walked from there home!!! SWEATY!!!

I accomplished my goal today:

Friday, June 12, 2009

6am PL1HH-Patricia - Teacher class!!!

Today we had Danny and Heather take class. That was cool. I had more to write.. I have lots to write when I am in the class.. but now it is hours later. I am pooped.. I need a nap. Weekend entries will be more thorough. I wish I could just download my brain from the class.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

6am PL1HH - Leo!

I stood at the front, center - right beside Leo today. He asked what we did yesterday on the floor and I couldn't remember. My mind was too asleep. Then.. after discussing with my fellow yogi - we realized it was plank - which is good.. because then he wouldn't do plank again - and he usually does plank for like five minutes!!

I played water the flower again!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6:30 Hip Hop - Alex - Erykah Badu... what song??? The Healer!!!

The class before Alex's class - the new hip hop 1/2 that starts at 5:30 - that choreo looked so fun!!! I am SO taking that class next week.. maybe I will stay and take both??? Maybe. That would be sweat city.. but I guess if you are already sweaty.. who cares?

Today's class was good. I love Erykah Badu but I don't have this song. I am trying to find it now:) It was good to get back to hip hop. I feel good. I am looking forward to trying the new class on Saturday at 12.

The song is The Healer!

6am PL1HH - Danny - He does things a little bit differently - but all good!

It was a good class. Danny leads the class a little bit differently than Patricia. I have to pay attention and make sure I am listening and not just going with what I think is coming next. It was all good :)

I forgot to write... the water the flower game!!! hahaha!! When I do that hip stetch at the end.. I drip sweat.. and I try to drip on the flower at the top of the frog towel.hehehe!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6am PL1HH - Patricia - I feel good! Tired.. but good.

Yeah! Patricia is back and feeling better. She obviously teaches the class the best because she is the one who created this series. There is a nice flow from one posture to another.

The class was really busy today.

In half moon bending to my right is still crunchy - maybe just morning crunchy though. I was morning crunchy for a lot of things today. I am still hoping that my morning flexibility will improve my doing yoga so much in the morning. The verdict is still out on that opinion.

My quads were tired today.. and yesterday too.

I came out of both of my first standing bows early. Just tired and lazy I guess. I will not do that again tomorrow. My transitions were good though.

My hip stretch at the end - I have to make sure that my knee is aligned with my hip -great.. just when I thought I was getting lower - she makes it harder!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

6am PL1HH - Camille - My most gruelling one hour ever!

Today was a tough class. I woke up hot. I closed my window last night because there was a truck vibrating outside of 711 at 11:30!!! And, I was too lazy to get up and turn on the fan.. I should have done that. I tossed and turned all night because I napped during the day!! I did that last Sunday too!! So, I had a fitful sleep and woke up sleepy.

The class was quite busy for a Monday morning. The usual suspects were there except for tall tattoo girl. I think she is on a business trip in SF. That is what I have overheard in the change room. I still don't know the other girls name.

Camille taught a good class. She is funny. Patricia is sick and she has been covering her classes. My back was still super crunchy from her killer Yin class on Saturday. I really wish I had a daily massage!! Hey.. Bali is coming up.. cheap massages!! I am going to get a million of them!! That will be my evening entertainment!!

OH YA!! My new yoga shorts ROCK!! Even the girl whose name I don't know commented on them this morning. YEAH! I love them. I don't know why I didn't get new stuff earlier. It makes class so much easier when you are wearing good gear that you don't have to adjust! I can't believe I am such a lululemoner!! I will never go back!

OK.. back to work! Mom's birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

8am Hot - Heather - Crunchy and Hot

Heather is so nice and pretty and good. She guides the class very well. Her voice is clear and she raises it when we should be pushing that extra bit - which works! She is just a good teacher.

My goals for this class were: stay in the room, stay in the postures, count my breaths in savasana to keep my focus, and take small sips of water.

Stay in the room: I did this one.

Stay in the posters: I had problems at the end with my upper right back - so some of those I came out early. I think this had to do with two things: Yin last night and it being first thing in the morning.

Count my breaths in savasana: It took me a while to remember that this was my goal.. and I was thinking about other stuff at first.. what was I thinking about?? Bali... intercostals.. what exercises can I do to make sure that they don't hurt me again this trip.. and what not to do in the water.. I should look that up now...

Take small sips of water: I failed this one. It was hot and I was thirsty!!

Alex Wongathon!!

ok one more... she is BEAUTIFUL!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

4pm Hot - Camille and 6pm Yin - Camille - HOT and OUCH!

This video is AWESOME!! It is Alex Wong from Vancouver - he is backstage for the ballet of Don Quixote - doing a Beyonce video dance - perfectly!!! hahahaha!!

The hot class was HOT!!! I tried to stay standing .. but I was dripping. I could hear the drips of sweat fall into the pool on my towel.. plop plop plop!! No kidding.. and I am deaf!!! Anywho. I had to lay down and take a few breathers. I left at the savasana to refill my water. I wasn't the only one. We had a little conversation about heat and then pepped ourselves back up to go back in. Camille turned the fans on towards the end. That was NICE! I wish she would have done it sooner!!

The YIN class was focused on opening up the back. I found most of my ache in my upper right side. AT one point.. when we unfolded ourselves.. It took a long time to feel normal again... and relax into a laying position. I have to do this class more often!!

6.94km - 34:28 - 4:57min/km Double Bridge Run

I ran into Wren on my run. (FH teacher) She was running.. or done running with her friend Chris. She has started a beginner's running club at school. She lives in Strathcona. I like Wren. I met her on the Granville island side of the C wall by the Canada Goose poop!

I felt like I ran well today. I was hoping for sun but there was nothing but cloud. It is warm though and not raining.. so I can't complain.

I wonder how fast a good km is? google... I think I need to run faster. That should be my new goal. I just take it easy. I will work on that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

6am PL1HH - Leo!

Leo did a great job today - I got a high five on my way outside! He didn't forget any postures and did everything in the right order. Ayumi came today. She is the teacher who came in on Wednesday morning and saved the day. (For those who don't have to work in Surrey!)

Good class. I was totally asleep walking to yoga. I had to triple blink my eyes to see through the crusties!! hahaha.. gross. Some kid was laughing at me as he walked by. Oh well :)

Leo made us do the plank and into dolphin - in repetition - I didn't know what a dolphin was before this. It seems to be a downward dog on your elbows. Maybe I can find a picture of this.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6am PL1HH - Leo

It was a good class today. Didn't get to take class yesterday because no one showed up to open the door!! It was supposed to be Camille but I heard that Ayumi came in and they started a class at 6:30. It was good that I left because I would not have been able to stay a full hour anyways.

Leo mentioned that he forgot two postures last week - and why didn't we tell him? He didn't miss any today! He did really well.

That other girl whose name I don't know was there today - and the two partners in crime that are doing 120 days... It was a good class. My hips are getting more flexible. I have been working on them hard.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6:40 Ballet with Eva - I like this class - I am getting to know the regulars.. and becoming one myself :)

I had a great class. I love dancing in the Lulu gear. So much more comfortable.

Victor was in the jazz class before ballet! He got into to SYTYCD Canada!!! He is going to Toronto next week!!! He was going to take ballroom next. That is so awesome.. I hope he makes it far. I can't wait to see him on TV!!! I can't wait to tell the kids.. once I find out if it is a secret or not.

We did some of the same exercises as last week. That gave my brain a break. I really focused on keeping my pelvis in line - and that should improve my turnout. I had good balance today - that was nice! I am looking forward to next week! I will miss dancing this summer. I should try to get in as many classes as I can before I go.. I can do yoga and run when I am there!!


6am PL1HH - Patricia - Tee hee hee oops!! Taquitos!

2 Frog towel days in a row!! I like this!!

I stood by the mirror on the right today. It was a busy class. There were a lot of new students. I guess the news about this 1 hour hot is spreading. Theresa - one of the teachers - was in class. She is the first one that I ever took this class from.

I was sleepy this morning. I tied my hair back while walking to yoga. Patricia must not live close by because she seemed quite jealous that I could get up at 5:45 and be here. I guess it balances out though - because I have to drive to work! It is super awesome that yoga and dance are so close.

Not much to say about this class - my hips still suck but I am working on them.. and I have to not push too hard.. I don't want to hurt myself! (or scare Patricia!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

6am PL1HH - Patricia - New Frog Towel!!!

PL1HH = Patricia Lowe's One Hour Hot

Whoa... Monday morning out of it! I love sleeping in on Sunday - but I don't like Monday morning back to reality. I love the sunshine though:) I couldn't do this in the dark rain! It was a good class. Patricia did a different hip stretch - the sitting one.. Ouch!!! Wait.. I will try to find a picture.. I can't find one. Basically - you sit with one leg bent in front at 90 degrees - square - then take the other leg and put it on top - square - my top leg is way up and I put my elbow on my knee to try to push it down and hole it for like 2 mins. The goal is to have both legs flat together and lay forward with your chest on top and arms forward.. and relax your neck. I can't wait till I can do this. I decided too.. in class.. that I want to have a WHEEL OF FUN! in my classes next year.. so we can spin it.. and then whatever posture it lands on we have to sit in that posture!!! YEAH!!! so cool!! DAD.. can you build me a will of fun???

OK.. back to marking journals!!