Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday 4-5:30 Hot Yoges - Lola - Day One of the 30 day Dance and Yoga Challenge!!

Today I start my November Yoga and Dance Challenge! I like Lola's class. It is just like Bikram. She says funny analogies too. Today she told us to squeeze like a tube of toothpaste in cobra. The toothpaste coming out of our heads. That is kinda funny. 

Today is Halloween. I never noticed this before but all the kids trick or treat at the stores in Yaletown. Maybe I noticed because it is nice and sunny? Maybe this is a new thing that they have started? 

I think I forgot to wash the laundry with soap. Stinky!! I need to do some wash AGAIN! And poor Jonny... now his clothes smell like my stinky yoga clothes. 

Time to eat!! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Christine

I killed this class!

There are four things I was going to remember to write down.
1. My shoulders are like my hips. What an epiphany! Some people's hips and shoulders lay flat when they lay on the ground but mine are more hunched in... kinda.
2. I imagined my baby again this time it was walking and running into Jonny's arms and Jonny swung it up and hugged it.
3. Maybe I should use the the Bikram's pass in November when I do my challenge.
4. I can't remember the last one.

I made my challenge for November. I checked with Jonny and it is a go. I am going to do it. I am so excited to be healthy for a full month.

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop 2 - JP

Navid was there again today. I think this is his favourite class too.

I took off my Etnies after the warm up because they are too big and sticky to dance in AND.. they were squeaky on the floor. I danced in my socks. . I should wear my nikes to dance all the time. They turn better. I should get a pair that are just for dance that I don't wear outside... like you are asked to do.. but I have never done that. I don't think anyone does that. Maybe one day.. .when I am RICH!.. (hahaha.. I wrote RICK first.. hahaha)

I didn't feel very good in class today. I felt like the loser and the worst dancer. I wish I was better. Only one way to do that!!! DON'T SKIP class and maybe start going on SUNDAYS!!!

I am going to make a challenge calendar for this month. I am going to be good and try to do lot's of classes in Novemeber. I am disappointed in my meezely amount of classes I have been doing. Time to buck up! Time to pry myself away from love a LITTLE bit more and get back into the studios!! Maybe I should challenge myself to go to one of Andrew's classes at Dream? No.. money.. gotta save the money!! ONE DAY when I am RICH!!(or RICK) I will be able to have and do anything I want!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tuesday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Taryn

My right hamstring was hurting less today and it was more flexible. I did the warm-up at school twice today - so I was feeling pretty bendy. I missed one floor bow but I didn't everything else. I had a really good class.

Jonny told me to visualize my unborn child and that might help our conception. (NOW who is the hippie?) Anywho, I did and it was giggling. I think it was laughing at Jonny... or maybe it was laughing at me for thinking about it in yoga? Ya... this whole thing is silly.

Next topic. What else did I think about? Novemeber long weekend. What are we going to do? We kinda want to go to Tofino but it is so expensive with the ferry and everything. Might as well save our money for a real trip. But, it would be nice to go and check it out and get in the water. I don't know. We thought about going to Kelowna too - they have a wave pool we could try and ride the standing wave.

I know there was more I thought about .. .but it is the next day now and I can't remember. LATER!!

Friday 10:30-12:00 Jazz Into/1 - Laura - CARRIE!!

Hey! I forgot to write that last time I went to yoges Jonny met me outside with blue gatorade!! And he walked steamy P home. OH.. and the last time I TRIED to go to yoga - on Friday morning, I thought the class started at 8:00 and the teacher wasn't coming in to teach and I got frustrated and left. The class really started at 8:30. BUT, I am glad I went home anyways because I got to have a shower before the water was turned off and have a nice breakfast (mind you walking in the rain to and from) with Jonny Cakes before Carrie came out and we went to Harbour.

So, Carrie came out and we went to Laura's jazz class. It was very simple and that made it a fun class to relax and enjoy hanging out with Carrie. The warm-up was good. The across the floor was simple. I expected that though. She did two things which were in the dance that she did at the end. We danced to Prince. It was great to take this class as it gave me ideas on how to teach my beginner kids. I love dancing with Carrie. I can't wait till she moves back here and we can dance, yoga and run together like we used to!!! I hope her condo sells as soon as she puts on the market.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Christine

I had an awesome class today. I did everything!! YAY! There was a squirmer beside me who did hardly any exercises.

My heal hurts - left one. Plantar Facciitis style. My right hamstring is aching. AND.. that is it!

Pit time! 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Sarah

Today is ankle doctor day!! WHOO HOO!!! FINALLY!!

My right hammy is wrecked again. It is going to need a break from over stretching. I don't remember when or how but it is not abnormal for me to go through this about once a year. It hurts right up into my but. I noticed it when we were driving to Seattle. It was aching. Time to give it a rest.

I was thinking of doing a colon clense. I wonder what a good one would be? Nothing creepy just pills and tea like the ones my mom used to get me. Clearstart.. I think it was called.

Off to get a hair cut and some breaky!! THEN DO's!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Christine

When I walked in today Angela and Christine both asked where I had been. I looked at the sky dumbfounded where had I been. I couldn't think of an answer. They laughed at me and I went on my way. While I was in class I thought about it. I guess I have been changing my schedule a lot. Summer schedule, pre-dance team schedule then dance team schedule. I was sick for a week. I have been going to dance too. Maybe I have just found balance in my life? Maybe I am spending time with love?

I alternated grip the entire class. I think it was because I could hear Christine and she said to do it. Usually, I can't hear her and I zone out and forget about changing my grip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop -JP

Navid was there again today. He is such a good kid.

We did the same routine as last week. He finished teaching the choreo with 15-20 mins in class. It was nice to have a lot of time to run the dance. It was cool to watch the little trios that he picked to dance and how they just had fun with the choreo.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Taryn

Never Give up Laya...

Ok - it is the next day now. I wanted to have some time to write. I thought a lot in class - I always think a lot in class. I just feel like I haven't made time to write things down. All I really want to do it hang out with Jonny when I have free time.

Sting - my eyes were stinging with sweat in class. They stung so much that I couldn't blink it away and I had to miss half of triangle. I sat and wiped my eyes. I sweat more than other people. Maybe I need to wear a sweat band? hahaha! Today, I am at school and my left eye feels sore like conjunctivitis but I am hoping it is just from yesterday's too much sweat session.

Lucie - for some reason I thought about Lucie and Shirley. I thought about how cool or weird it must be for them to watch us grow as teachers and make mistakes and or decisions that they have already made in their lives.

Holidays - I thought about Thanksgiving. This was my first one with Jonny and I wish it wasn't. I wish I could re-do it. There was a weird vibe and I didn't feel like going before we went. Something was warning me inside. I think Heidi is sick of cooking and doing all the work and I get that. I think that Jonny and I are sick of driving out there and doing everything on their schedule. But most of all, I think I have to start making my own traditions with my husband so that they are special memories.

Never give up - I thought of Laya. When she was hyped on sugar at Thanksgiving - she said it really funny and made did a muscle pose. I am glad she never gives up. I know she never gives up hitting me!! I thought about my eyes stinging and I should only be able to miss one set of anything once a practice. Sometimes I find that once I have missed a pose then I might as well take another break because I already didn't do it perfect. But, I am going to stick to Laya's never give up rule.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 HH2 - JP

Michelle was working at the front desk and Navid was in class. We did the song that the seniors are working with. It was FAST.. but it was a fun one.

Chronic Taco time! 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Taryn - I AM BACK!

DAMN! I was sick for so long and I missed so much yoga. NOW I AM BACK! I was dreading going today but it wasn't bad at all. I had a really good class.

My left ankle is aching a bit today. My right hamstring has been sore as well - I must have over stretched it at school. That is normal though - I have good weeks then sore weeks and it will probably be like that my whole life.

When I was sick I got a LIVING SOCIAL deal on Bikrams North Vancouver. One month unlimited for $35. You can't beat that. I am going to save it for when I have a break from school so I can use it more.

I thought about Seattle a lot. I am excited to go away this weekend. I love having Jonny to do things with. I  don't think I have ever been this happy in my life.

Time to eat!