Sunday, May 27, 2018

80 Day Obsession End of Phase 1 Round 2

I started round two of 80 Day Obsession (160 Day Obsession - hehehe) on April 23. I redid week four because I indulged over my birthday and didn't complete all the workouts for that week. 

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis in my left foot which is caused from the lack of mobility in that ankle which I broke in 2010. I should have gone to physio more when I first injured it and I suppose I should be happy that I had eight years without too much trouble. HOWEVER, now that I have met this awesome phsysio - Damien - from Granville Physio, I know that all my old injuries (and future ones - let's be serious - I am getting old and this is a fact of life) will recover more quickly and be better managed. 

That being said, I modified all jumps. I went to ballet on May 4th and that really hurt my foot. This bums me out because I was loving ballet again. I really wanted to go to ballet on my birthday. I like Birthday Ballet class. 

It is also spring and the sun is shining in Vancouver. Well, it is actually cloudy at the moment... but it has been a super beautiful, sunny spring. Do you know what I love to do in the spring? Run! I live a couple of blocks from the C wall. I like to run down to English Bay and back, or all the way around, or over the Cambie bridge and around the other side and back over the Burrard bridge. There are so many beautiful run spots by my home... and I can't run. Man, I can't walk when I get up in the morning (or in the night to pee.) So, I must heel and save myself for my summer dancing in Florida. Maybe I will be able to run in August when I get back. 

Luckily, I can still do my 6am yogas. I find these actually help me get walking in the morning. I hobbled to yoga and I gracefully walk out. I also have my 80 Day Obsession. I just modify any jumps. I am happy to have something each day that I can do to keep me moving towards my goals. 

These are my photos (actually video and snap shotted - this is the way to go...) from the start of Round 2, Phase 1. 

 I am down two inches and two pounds. 
 Here are my photos from this morning. I don't feel that different. I feel pretty much the same. BUT, as I said, I am happy to have maintained and not gone up... since I have not done my best. I think I will go back to taking photos via video in the studio. These attempts at bathroom selfies at 6am when the household is sleeping... are silly. AND... these Nike pants with the elastic at the top... always sausage me a little worse than I think I really am. They aren't the most flattering. Oh well... my mom got them for me... and I hate shopping... so I wear them. My mom actually finds some pretty good deals on Nike sports bras once in a while. I never say no to those. Here I go... getting off topic again.

Anywho... that is it. On to Round Two, Phase Two. I am still in Plan B for nutrition. Eye of the Tiger!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday May 4, 2018: 10 - 11:30am Ballet with Beverly

Well, I was having an awesome class today. I was hesitant to go to ballet because of the plantar faciitis in my left heel, but I had asked the doc about it last Friday and he said it would be ok. AND... it was ok, until petit allegro. Owiieeee!!! I just want my heel to be better to I can move and jump and dance free again. I don't like getting old. It feels like there is ALWAYS something. Before this it was my shoulder. That is better... you would think I could get a few classes in without being sore... but now it is my heel. OK... enough whining. I guess I am lucky to be a... 44 (in 12 days!) year old dancer. I am lucky to still be able to do what I love at all.

One of my dance lady friends said I looked good and asked if I had been losing weight today. YAY!!!

Let's focus on the good stuff people!!!

Ok.. off to the park with Christian and Jonny.