Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday 3-4:30 Home Bikram

I got a copy of the normal Bikram class and I edited it all together not including the savasanas and the final breathing... getting it down from 90 minutes to 70. I wanted to try it at home before I get the all clear to go back to the hot room so I could learn what my limitations might be once I get there.

Jonny was playing his music, Christian was in his jiggly chair, and I put my yoga mat right out in the living room with the boys. I watched Christian and he was sleeping until after standing head to knee. I gave his his soother and tried to do cobra but he wasn't having it. I picked him up and fed him and hung out with him until Jonny took over. Then, I moved to the bedroom and let the boys chill in the living room.

Here is a breakdown of what might be a problem for me in class next week:

Standing head to knee - This one is not included in the pregnancy yoga so I hadn't done it in a long time. I held the foot for the first set and didn't try to kick out. I tried to kick out on the second set but this is also when Christian was starting to fuss so I didn't have the focus required to hold it. I could also feel some flexibility loss. I am not worried about this posture. I had it before I will get it back in time.

Triangle pose - my inner thigh on both sides really pulls during this one. I cheated and put my elbow on my knee instead of between my toes so I could achieve the depth in the bent knee. I won't be able to get away with cheating in class next week...

Standing separate leg head to knee - keeping my head tucked in made my diaphragm area muscle cramp - so I had to come out early to stretch it out. This is not an unusual problem for me and I am sure it will go away with time and a more consistent practice.

Toe stand - I haven't done this since before the ankle - so I tried today with little success. Again - time will cure this as well. I did't have a problem with it before the ankle and now that the ankle is "better" I will get this posture back in time.

Sit-up: I didn't do the sit-ups - waiting for the all clear from the doctor next week. I rolled onto my side and up.

Spine strengthening: Whoa!! BOOBS! They are so in the way!! I can't lay comfortably with my head down so I might do the pregnancy savasanas in class. I could manage all of these exercises except for locust. I will do the pregnancy version in class unless the teacher has another option for me.

Here is an article about Bikram Yoga and breastfeeding.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday 9-10 Pregnancy Bikram

I did the pregnancy Bikram again this morning. I took advantage of Jonny and Christian still sleeping in the bedroom. Again, I was careful with the backbends and I took it easy. I wonder if Carrie has the real version? I know she had a DVD. I wonder if she has the audio. I might like to try the normal version without the heat to see my limitations before I go back to the hot room in twelve more days (hopefully!).

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday 8:30-9:30 Pregnancy Bikram - first time since Pregnant!

I decided to just try my pregnancy Bikram this morning and it went really well. There were some postures that were so much easier now that I don't have a belly. It made me excited for the future of going back to the real class. (Although I am afraid of the heat - no joke those first few classes are going to be really hard!) I took it easy and I especially didn't push it on the backbends. I hardly bent at all - I just looked back and focused on my spine stretching to the ceiling. I could feel all the abdominal muscles stretching just doing that. I wonder how long it will take before I am back to normal? Jonny says - nine months in nine months out. If that is the case... I should be good by the end of August. I am voting for me being above average healing and will be good by June. Why not? A girl has to have goals!

I did my yoges in the living room with Christian in his jiggly chair. I had to stop a few times to deal with fussy man and for the last posture I brought him on the mat with me and we did some baby stretches. He is being fussy again right now!! But... grossly enough.. I am pumping. Eww.. I am such a cow. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday 9:54 - 10:50 Pregnancy Yoges

I did my yoges in my spare. It is a gloomy Monday and it was easy to melt into it and not think too much. I didn't bend as much  - I just took it easy and focused on my breathing and keeping my shoulders back in the breaks.

Jonny and I did get one good walk in this weekend during a dry break. I am not going to record all my walks - that just doesn't really count as exercise. It is just walking!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Walked 3.55 km, 38:50 mins. -

This is the first time I have used the Nike App in my phone. I could have been logging all the walks that Jonny and I have done. I wouldn't usually count a walk as my regular exercise - those are just bonus everyday activities - but maybe I should start counting them? I will think about it.

I met Emma for sushi in Kits and dropped her back off at UBC. Then I stopped at the end parking lot at Spanish Banks, took out my hearing aids, put in my ear buds and went for a walk. I had just downloaded the new Dinosaur Jr. So it was a really pleasant walk. It is brisk and gloomy out but still pretty and not raining. I took a few pics using Instagram - just getting into that... stopped to pee. I had to slow down twice because Christian was moving around but other than that I had a nice pace and was feeling happy. There were a lot of old couples and dog people out. I think they are taking advantage of the non-rain. Supposedly today is the last day... the rain she comes tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday 10:15 - 11:10 Pregnancy Bikram

The first half of my yoges was pretty exciting because Jessie was in the studio choreographing for seniors. I had hip hop yoga going on. Then she left and I had to listen to the boring voice that I have heard over and over. 

No problems in the yoges. I guess because I move slow and hold positions it is ok. Fast movements do not work for my big belly anymore. Slow and easy wins the race. 

Good day! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday 1:36-2:30 Pregnancy Bikram

I had a ton of work to do but did my yoges. I skipped the spine twist at the end so I could get up and put the attendance in the computer. I'm glad I did. There was an onslaught of kids after school to order sweats. That's good. I just wish they didn't leave things to the last minute. It is so annoying!

Anywho- yoges was good. My back bending is is the worst but it will all come back. Christian was moving during the breathing at the start. I was staring hard at my belly in the mirror trying to see if it would visibley move.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday 1:40-2:40 Pregrenancy Bikram

I haven't done this in a while. I haven't done in my studio since last June. It is nice to be back in the studes. T'ea and Andrea were choreographing by the white board and the stereo and towards the end Latisha and Calvin came in and started getting ready for Juniors. I am really stoked on how seriously they are taking this and how prepared they are for their X Block.

As for yoges - It went well. It felt good to stretch and work those muscles that I don't get to everyday in class. I am looking forward to using most of my spares from now till I leave to do the yoges.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Jo

Well, I think that was officially my last dance class at Harbour until the after the baby. I am too big. I couldn't do the dance full out. I was basically just marking it. I guess that is still good for my brain but it is hard on my dance ego. It isn't fun dancing half assed. It is like trying to dance with an injury - no fun. You might as well just wait until you are better and then giver 110% again. Before I left I was thinking that I might as well go and dance when I still can cause I am just going to get bigger - but it really isn't worth it for me. I am still going to try and go for a run - because I haven't done that since I was sick... but I am pretty sure I will learn that I am now a walker. I think I just have to focus on getting through teaching at school and call it a day. I need to enjoy chilling - I never chill - and there will be no chill time after!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday 10-11 Yoges - Derrek

Wow! I haven't been to Harbour in two weeks. Jonny and I have been so sick. I did get exercise at school teaching dance... so much I could hardly walk the first weekend back. This week I have guest teachers coming in to teach some of the classes so I am hoping I can get back to Harbour a few times during the week.

Yoges was good. I am pretty big now and I have to stay at level one of some postures. I was still able to work up a sweat and get some good stretching and strengthening in.

This was my first class with my hearing aids. Sure is nice to hear Derrek and not have to look up and see what he is doing.

When I got home Jonny had flowers for me and a Subway sandwich. I have the best husband ever!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Run 4 km, 22:30 Mins

I didn't run yesterday, or today and it made me glum. Jonny said he wanted to go for a skate at baby spot and gave me the opportunity to still run today - so I went and I ran fast! It was a good run. It was so pretty out too with the full moon. It was a nice dusk run - nice and cool and pretty cityscapes. I have a feeling we are going to do more of these dusk run/skates.

We walked back through YT and all the dressed up party people. I will never understand why girls dress like "hos." I think you look silly and you look like you feel uncomfortable. Anywho- chacun a son gout. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Pregnancy Bikram

Well, I did my yoges. I am feeling tired. I am going to take a break before I do my little run. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday 5:30 Hip Hop - JP

We did a Rihanna song tonight. I can't remember which one it was because I was listening to my warm-up music on the way home and now that is stuck in my head.

The class was super full. It seemed like JP may have just made up this routine because he was forgetting parts of it when he was dancing. He wasn't as prepared as usual. Nonetheless, it was still a fun class and I got the choreo. I didn't do all the levels - I just stayed pregnant level - middle range.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

I bought 20 more classes before the price goes up in September. I got a receipt so I can try and get money back from school as dance is considered professional development.

Keli and Twigg didn't show up like I thought they would. I was a bit disappointed but I still had a fun class.

I loved the grooving in the warm-up. I am looking forward to making that section of my warm-up.

Stu said he made up this chore an hour before he got to class and that he was learning it while he was teaching it. I know how that is! I couldn't tell though. He is a good teacher. I like his teaching style. I like his choreographies too. I look forward to next week - if there is class next week. It is a holiday Monday.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Run 3.4 Km, 21:20 Mins.

Wow! That was an awful run. I had such a good one yesterday. Isn't that just how it goes? Today felt like Christian was in an odd position half way through and it felt like my tummy was pulling on the right side so I stopped. I walked from Science World to the dome thing then I ran really slow straight home along the side walk past baby spot. The next run will be better!

Christian 1
Mommy 0!!

Saturday 10:15-11:15 Yoges - Derek

There were only three people in class today. The sun is shining and summer isn't over! (Last week of summer ...It went so FAST! But I only have to work 2.5 more months and I get a YEAR OFF! Jonny's turn!)

Anywho, there were some good exercises in yoges today that I was thinking I could use in my new warm-up. Let's see if I can remember them.

1. I think I will do spine stretching lying on the back - and incorporate the stretching of the outside of the leg - I can really feel that pull when I stretch - so I am sure it will really hurt the kids. I did add that stretch in to one of my random warm ups last June and there was some good groaning coming from the kids. We gotta get those muscles stretched out so that there are no more groans.

2.  Downward dog heel stretching. Start by bending the right leg and then extending it behind and placing the toe nail on the ground. Try to get the left heal on the ground. If it doesn't touch the ground - (mine does now!!! It didn't with the screw in it.. but it does now!) bend the left knee and have foot on demi-pointe lean hips forward and then press back and straighten. Repeat with the other side. This feels good all the way into the but if you really try.

3. Bridges with 5 count roll downs - feels good in the upper back - wing area.

4. Warrior 2's to warrior 1's -

5. Sitting - right leg in front of left leg - not crossed but one in front of the other bent. Right arm forward , chest up and left arm pressing down left knee. Both arms forward on finger tips, left elbow down, right elbow down, head down. Repeat other side.

6. I can't remember the name - but you have right leg bent in front and left leg to the back and straight - works the hips.

OK... that is enough... time to run! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Pregnancy Bikram

I was really focused today. I held everything and had a good session. Was I thinking about anything? hmmm... I was thinking about my warm-up music. I have the strengthening at the end - but I think I want to move the stretching to after that because it would feel nice to stretch after and be better for our bodies. Yup - I am going to move it around and finish the boys' music now.

Friday Run 4 km, 22:14 mins

I know- I was supposed to run the last two days and I didn't. I can't remember my excuses but I was close yesterday... I had my clothes on... and then I changed. I went today though and I felt good. I ran a minute faster than I usually run. I was listening to my new warm-up mix I made for school. Now, I just have to make the moves to the warm-up and the voice over track for when I am too pregnant to do it with the kids.

A couple ran past me just past the stairs towards Olympic village and in my head I was thinking. Oh ya... you wouldn't pass me if I weren't pregnant! I am so competitive in my head!!

I caught myself staring at two moms walking their strollers and one was pregnant again. We were crossing at the cross walk in YT. The pregnant mom caught me staring and smiled. I got all embarrassed in my head and smiled back and looked away. This is real. That is going to be me!!

After my run, in the shower, I thought about Jonny and I. I want to be to be that cute old couple that have been in love forever that everyone knows as the cute couple in love. We are so in love that we will die at the same time in our sleep in our happy dreams together.

I also thought - I want to make a new blog entry in the baby blog that is in the epistolary form. A letter to Christian introducing him to his new family and friends and giving him some life tips and things to remember. I am going to work on this in my head for a while... but I will get it done before he is born. That would be a cool thing for him to read when he gets older.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Jo - Twigg!!

We did a Justin Bieber song - but it is ok... because it was fast and fun.

Whoa! Did Twigg have some news for me! I won't say it all here because it isn't my news to share but we are going to need two more dance teachers next year. Yikes! Twigg might have to help out more than she was planning on this year. The TOC's are going to have to step up. All I can say is I hope I can still have Stephanie.

Moe took class today too. It is nice to have class with people our own age. Jo looks amazing. There is hope for my post pregnant body!!

The bitchy, anorexic, side boob girl was in class. Put some clothes on and quit acting so cocky! Twigg and I both agreed she isn't the type of student we would want in our classes. Anywho - whatever!

I got the choreo and I had fun. I am so happy I have my friends in class lately. It makes it a lot more fun. Twigg is going to come on Monday too :-)

When I got home Jonny had dinner ready and space pops chilling in the freezer waiting for desert. I have the best husband ever!! 

Tuesday Pregnancy Bikram

Wow - I haven't done my yoges since July 31st! It felt good to stretch everything out. I didn't have a problem focusing or breathing. I just got right into it.

I noticed that my back bending is way less flexible. I can't see the back wall anymore. However, towards the end in camel I was able to bend more. The one at the beginning was pitiful but it felt lovely. It stretches out the part that is aching right now when I am typing. The top of the right diaphragm area. I love to grab the top of a door way and stretch out that part of my tummy. I guess I am glad I am tall and can grab the top of door way.

I thought about tomorrow and visiting Belle and Laya. I was thinking it might be fun to do this yoga with them by the pool. It isn't too long and I could get a work out in while playing with my nieces. Hmmm... Maybe I could even get my mom to join in!!

Tuesday Run 4 km, 23:04 mins.

I listened to the Vancity Giants Mixtape when I ran today. I am going to go through the mixtape and edit it what I can for school. Tomorrow I will listen to more of it when I run. Does GIANTS mean old? hahha. I guess they mean they are bigger than normal people. Anywho - so far I like it. Good job boys.

Again, I had the problem of wanting to go but once I got going I was fine. It is nice and sunny and I ran my simple pregnancy loop. It wasn't hard and nothing hurt I was just feeling lazy before. Or rather, I have been feeling lazy since I have been sick. I just have to get back into my regular routine again and I will be fine. I am lucky. I have to take advantage of being able to do this stuff while I still can because I am going to miss it soon enough. I will be wishing I could go for a run.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu - Jenny!

Jenny was there today! I have never taken class with Jenny before... I don't think. It was fun.

Stu was focusing on having a presence today in class. He also spoke about the importance of being able to make grooving look good, that being the basis of the hip hop genre.

I like how he made the two groups - you had to go to a partner and play Rock, Paper, Scissors and the winner watched and loser danced. Kind of a fun way to choose groups. I am going to borrow that for my classes.

It was super hot and sweaty today but I got all of the routine. I wonder if we will do this one next week?

Jenny might come on Friday - and Keli too... maybe Twigg?? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday 2:45-3:45 Hip Hop - JP

I am about to leave for dance. I don't want to go. I know once I get there I will have fun and be glad I went. I just feel so big and lazy. Maybe the good times are over. Maybe I have just been too lazy for too long and I need to get back in action.

Anywho - here I go!

I went and when I got out Jonny was waiting for me. I love it when he is sitting there waiting for me. We got red Gatorade to quench our thirst and it is delicious.

I saw Wilson going up the stairs when I was leaving. She is back dancing- that is a good sign.

JP was a few minutes late. We were in studio 2 today. I saw Pam and Moe on the way in and they gave me some baby attention. It is hard not to notice now. The class was small - 1 guy, 4 girls and me. I am glad I went.

I had to buy a new 10 class card today. I should have bought the 20. Let me count... I should have bought the 20. ugh... oh well. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday 10:15-11:15 Yoga - Derek

Sadine and Cierra were working the front desk. Cierra is such a good kid. I am definitely going to make her my babysitter and she is still down with that.

We were in the small studio today and it was full. It felt good to be back in class. I haven't been in three weeks. I am definitely getting bigger but I am still able to do everything in the class.

I have decided that I do not want to do Moe's class. I think I will stick to hour classes at Harbour. I think... I might change my mind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday 6:30-7:30 Locking - Ron? - Keli!

I haven't seen Keli in forever - and it was AWESOME. She makes being at Harbour so much more fun. 

We did a warm-up where we learned a lot of the different moves like: Scooby Doo, the points, the clap, the lock, the stop and go, and the rock steady??? That is all I can remember right now. Oh wait.. and the funky chicken! haha! 

The last 10-15 minutes of class he put together a short combo of maybe 16 counts and we worked through that. We did it in two groups facing each other and then one more time as a large group. He really wanted us to focus on the rhythm of the moves - not to make them all even. There is a funky rhythm he was trying to enforce but for the most part I think everyone was trying to just get all the moves in. 

Keli is going to come back and dance with me on Monday! YAY! I walked Keli back to the SkyTrain and asked her questions about Ivy. It was good to get to talk to one of my teacher friends that just had a baby... and get some info. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Run 4 km, 23:04 - Annina!

Annina and I are still pooped from all of our travels this weekend. What an awesome two weeks we have had. I am still fighting this stupid cold too- and poor Jon has it now as well. I feel sorry for him working in the heat and chemicals today. He really should get a job that makes him happier - and healthier! Anywho - Annina and I did not feel like running but we did it! We ran to English Bay and back - short and slow. We wanted to check the wind on the water and it looks nice and calm today. We are going to go get some sushi now.. and then... try stand up paddle boarding. Annina's last day :-(

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday Run 4.7 km, 27:58 mins - Carrie and Annina

We ran by Rainbow park - Alta Lake in Whistler. The trail is cement. This was my first run since I have been sick and it sucked. I had tied my car key to my right shoe. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but my right shin was feeling like a shin splint the whole run. It got to the point that I could hear that right foot pounding on the cement louder than the other foot. A small crack in the cement almost rolled my right ankle. The whole lower leg just felt like it was working too hard and it was getting weaker the farther we went. We were set to run a 6km. The last 2km I told myself I could do it - it is just 2km left. Just keep moving. (As Annina sprinted up and down side hills like she was snowboarding along the trail.) I finally told them to keep running and I stopped. I walked the rest of the way and I while walking I thought that the shin wasn't going to relax but eventually it did. I did stop to untie the key - just in case the extra weight on the one foot was the difference. I mean - that is the only difference I could think of between why one would hurt and one wouldn't. But - I always tie my house key to my shoe at home.. but it is lighter than the car key. I don't know. IT just wasn't my day for a run... and being sick and pregnant.. just made it harder. The next run I do.. will be better. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Run 5.3 km, 31:28 mins. - Carrie and Annina :-)

What a great sunny, awesome morning! I had to drive the car over to Honda so Annina and I picked up Carrie and got a tour of her new home. It is so cute. I am so happy she is back in the city. Finally. She should never have left. It is always so much harder to get back.

Anywho, we ran from G island over the Burrard street bridge and then Annina and said good-bye to Carrie at the Cambie bridge on ramp where she continued another 2.5 km uphill back to Main and 14th. Awesome job ladies!! What a great way to start the morning :-)

NOW.. for some beach chilling!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday 12-1pm Pregnancy Bikram

I am having a good day. I ran good and yoged good. Now, it is time for Jonny to come back and we can eat good :-) 

Wednesday 6 Km, 34:41 Mins

YAY!! I did awesome today. I felt awesome too. The sun is shining but there are a lot of tree covered areas along this run. I ran over the Burrard Street bridge and back over the Cambie. There are a lot of boats in the marina getting ready to enjoy the fireworks tonight.

When I was first running over the Burrard bridge I was thinking a lot about Wilson. I wonder if coming into my classes and talking about her eating disorder would help her. Isn't that what some people do? They help others to help themselves? I wouldn't ever bring it up to her because we aren't close anymore and it might come out the wrong way. She is in my thoughts though and I hope she can kick this and get happy! Why make life more difficult?

I am excited because Annina is coming today. I was looking at my city when I was running and thinking that she is going to like it here. Maybe she can find a Canadian boy and live and teach over here? hahaha... no... her family would hate that. Maybe we can do a home exchange one day. Jonny and I can take Christian over to Zurich for a while. That would be cool!

At the Cambie stairs I saw my old yoga teacher Erin. She waved and smiled big as she started her run the way I just came from. That made me happy. The Cambie stairs had a worked guy on a crane on them so I had to unplug my ears and go slowly under his crane as per his direction. That was kinda scary. I imagined it coming down quickly and squishing me!!

YAY... good RUN! 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday 11:38- 12:38 Pregnancy Bikram

Jonny is at work today and I was cleaning for Annina. I made her a little bedroom in the living room. I learned you can't wash a big pillow and a comforter in the same load... washer over flowed. Oh well.. now the floor is clean too!

I was pooped after cleaning and didn't feel like yoging but then Carrie called and she is back from Paris and wanting to go to the beach.. .so that motivated to get my yoges done then I can reward myself with some Slurpee and beach time.

My left shoulder blade isn't hurting anymore. There is still something there but doesn't hurt.. so whatever. AND, my left side of my neck - which was hurting yesterday is better. I guess it is all working itself out. Now, please don't happen again.

The right diaphragm muscle spasmed when I was putting my head to my knee. Same spot it does once in a while. I stopped and stretched it out and it didn't happen the second time. Mind you, I didn't try and force it either. I just hung there and breathed.

Fold laundry and beach time! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Run 4 Km, 22:56 Mins

Jonny and I did an evening sesh. I ran my pregnancy loop and Jonny skated Baby Spot. (His new skate spot by the stadium.)

Tomorrow when Jonny is at work I will try to run a little farther. Maybe I will run my old loop: Cambie - Burrard Street bridge loop. Ya!! 

Monday 4-5pm RnB Hip Hop - Stu

Jenny was supposed to come today... but she didn't :-( One of her students who graduated last year was working at the front desk. He just auditioned for Souljas. I hope he gets it.

Stu taught the same choreo as last week. I like that. It gives me a chance to work on style instead of just trying to memorize the moves. I am really enjoying his teaching style. He would be a great teacher to bring into school to choreograph. I am sad I am going to miss the next two weeks but I look forward to returning to his class.

Jonny went for a skate Baby Spot when I went to dance. He is going to get good! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Run 4 km, 22:22 Mins

Jonny waxed and skated Baby Spot while I ran today. It made me run faster. Jonny looked really cute skating. We both had a nice morning because we were out doing something togetherish. Next time we are going to bring water and we are both going to do a round two!

At a Science World bench I saw an old bum guy gobbing onto the cement. I looked down and there was a huge pool of spit. I had to say ewww out loud. It just came out of my mouth. Gross!!

However, I miscalculated time. I was going to go to yoga at 10am but we got home at 9:55. No time to shower and get to Harbour. Oh well! I can do yoga on my own and I am going to swim with Belle today... so I will have some more exercise.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 9-10am Pregnancy Bikram

I have a crick in my left shoulder wing. I was hoping the yoges would work it out but it didn't. It was super painful during eagle. I just breathed through it. I could also feel the crick during standing bow and was hoping that might have clicked it out... but no! 

Off to the doctor now to find out if I have a boy or girl!! SO EXCITED!! I woke up at 4:58 am!! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Run 4km, 23:11 Mins

It is nice and sunny today! I was thinking about Wilson during this run. I wrote back to her and who knows if I should have or not. I did. I do care. She is my friend even though we haven't been friends in years. I want her to be happy. I want her to be better. I don't want to say the wrong thing but I also don't want to not say anything. So, I spoke. I think I did ok.

I ran the same as yesterday it looks. I like this loop. I like getting the hill done at the beginning and not having to go up the stairs at the end. It also has more flow so if I wanted to keep going I could just keep running around the C wall and exit at my alley. Whereas, the other way around I come off the ramp and there is the side walk home... and that is where I am going after those stairs no matter what.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - JP

I did it! I did all the classes I said I was going to do. I have been to Harbour 5 times in the last 4 days. I rock!

JP was subbing for Jo. I got the combo.. by the end! hahaha...

There was a very annoying girl in the class. She was standing at the front left. She was dressed in a black bra and a stringy tank top so that all of her bra and anorexic chest bones showed. She head bobbed and talked too much. Do this, do that! Ugh! Wash off your make-up, put on some sweatpants, shut up and dance!

Anywho - class was good. It was nice to have JP twice this week. 

Tuesday Run 4 KM, 23:10 Mins

I had a new feeling today when I was running. I felt a little bit of a cramp but nothing sharp just dull and I could feel something. I made it through what I would now like to call my pregnancy loop - and when I stopped and walked I had a different new feeling. I wonder if it is one of those braxton hicks contraction things I have read about? Are my muscles tightening and practicing for the big show? Anywho, by the time I got back to my corner I didn't feel anything bad. I will keep my eye on that feeling and see if it happens again when I run.

My pregnancy loop is: Over Cambie, down the stairs, around Olympic Village and Science World and back to the C wall in front of my home... street. That is exactly 4km. I am going to make this my usual run. It is nice and short and easy. I will only do longer runs when I run with Carrie. (I think.. I could get bored of this loop)

Tuesday 9-10am Pregnancy Bikram

My phone vibrated while I was doing my yoges and I didn't check it until the end. I did something funny today. I did my yoga in my bra top and my underoos. I checked out my changing body in the mirror the whole time. I don't look that bad! Being half naked also made me focus on my posture and locking my knees more. You can't get away with anything if you can see it. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday 4-5pm RnB Hip Hop - Stu

Stu is a good teacher. He does arms and then feet and then both. He does repeat short sections - kinda like we do at my school. His style however is not what I am used to dancing and I need to go to his class more to get it down. He does a lot of sharp isolations. I can get them when we go slow and then I lose the shapes as we go faster. I have to repeat more and relax and try and go with the beat.

I will be back next week! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday 3:40-5:40 Hip Hop - JP

Wilson was leaving Grooving as I arrived. I showed her the bump. She looks so beautiful and fit. But - what else would one expect? It was good to see her but I forgot to tell her about Spiritulized and the Cali road trip. Those two things made me think about her a lot of the past little bit. Maybe I will see her again next week.

I enjoyed this class because it was a slower pace and not filled with all the cool kids - unlike Wednesday.

I stood at the front - which I never do - but no one was moving up and the class was full. So, I moved up. I still stood in the right corner.

I will go back next week. I am going to tell Keli and Twigg about this class. Maybe they will come with me. 

Sunday 10-11am Yoges- Derek

There were five people in class today. Jonny walked me to and from Harbour today. I love him. It was raining on our way back. No more skating for Jonny today. I miss Bali.

I had my eyes closed for the first part of class. It was very relaxing. Then I decided I better open them. Derek put in some new sequences. I am starting to understand the flow and order of his classes now. I like it.

Next for today... hip hop! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday 1-2:30 Jazz - Moe

Jonny and I walked to our Vietnamese place for lunch before class. I had twenty minutes to chill before going to class but I was trying to get out of going. My good husband wouldn't let me. He let me before and then I felt guilty. He knows how happy I am after.

I got lots of attention from Moe. I am the pregnant lady in class. After class Laura talked to me about how she danced right up until the end. She said she was also big from the start - so it seemed like she was pregnant forever.

Anywho- back to class. We did the same warm up. We did across the floor. And we did a short combo. I am glad we did ATF. It broke the time up nicely. I messed up on the first turn we did. I don't know what I was thinking - my brain just wouldn't let me turn the way I wanted to. It was an exercise that turned like a "Greek tablecloth." (Moe speak)

The jumps I focussed on the arms and just jumped low. My left ankle didn't feel that safe on the side jumps on the second side. I am just too heavy!! haha. (not funny!)

After class I got to see Cierra!! She looks beautiful and sounds like she is doing really well with school and work. She was always good like that. I think she would make an awesome babysitter... if she ever has time! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday 10:15- 11:15 Pregnancy Bikram

It is pouring rain today - so Carrie and I didn't do our run. We were going to do it when it was only raining lightly but when we were ready to go it was a downpour!

Oh well!! Next time.

I am making a new rule for myself for the next time I do my yoges. Hide your phone. Can you believe I  was texting in between sets? I guess that is something that you can't do in the studio so why not do it once? Not a good habit to get into though. I didn't have that problem when I was at school doing yoges - maybe because I was in a setting where I usually teach and I don't let things like that distract me. My bedroom is distracting! I have to say I was better focussed today - even with the texting - than yesterday though.

Ankle update: It is bending better in awkward. I didn't think I would ever get my bend back! I can feel it straining when I bend it. It tenses up the front of the shin. I am hoping with repetition and time it will get easier and more relaxed. I don't think it will ever be back to normal but I am pretty sure it will get better than it is now. Hard to believe that was a full 2 years ago now. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Pregnancy Bikram

I did my Bikram after my run. I couldn't focus or stop fidgeting until triangle. During triangle I got into it and stopped being a dork. Before that I was hungry, wanted to stop, and even checked my phone. I wasn't holding anything ... I almost gave up. I am glad I finally got into it.

I like doing yoges after running because I can stretch out all of my muscles. Maybe I will have a better run tomorrow because of it. 

Thursday Run 4.7 Km, 28:02 Mins

Wow - was I walking or running today? My pace felt so slow. I struggled and even stopped to walk a couple of times. I even stopped my runpod to walk longer and resumed my work out. I am hoping today is just a tough day. I am hoping pregnancy isn't going to make me this sluggish so soon. I feel there are at least a couple of more months left in me. I am going to chalk this up to a bad day but an at least I did it day.

I walked down my alley and then ran to English Bay and back. (run/walk!)

Tomorrow I run with Carrie. I am meeting her just after 9 - I think I will conserve my energy and walk to our meeting spot so I have more energy to run with her. Ya... that is the plan!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Run 3.9 Km - ? Mins - Azelia!

My nano stopped working. It wasn't out of juice it just stopped. I had to reset it. So, our run wasn't saved. We ran around Science World and back over the Cambie. I know that is 3.9 km. So... it still counts!

It was awesome to have a run and chat with Azelia. She looks beautiful and I think, even though she is finding this changing stage of life difficult she is smart and strong and soon it will be in the past and she will be happier than ever!

I hope the sun comes out cause Carrie, Azelia and I want to go swimming at KITS!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Run 6.2 Km, 37:02 Mins - Carrie!

Carrie came over today and we scouted out a route where we could run and meet each other. We ran across the Cambie street bridge. We are going to meet at the benches by the stairs when we meet coming from each of our houses. Today we continued on and ran back across the Burrard street bridge and then down those stairs and to the park. We walked back to my house from there. It was a longer run for me today and it was really hot out. I had to stop and walk a couple of times. Carrie just told me I could set the pace. I think we did pretty good though. I am happy running with my friend Carrie again. YAY!

After our run we went for sushi and then read at the beach! FUN! YAY!! Carrie is back!!! 

Tuesday 9:45 - 10:45am Pregnancy Bikram

I cleaned first so I was warm and ready to stretch. I used the Apple TV and the picture slide show came on so I kept looking at the pictures and losing focus. Jonny is so cute. We have done so many cool things together. I love us! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Run 3.9 Km, 23:39 Mins.

After yoges I went for a quick run. I was feeling good during this run. I was running quite slow to start as I am getting bigger. my pace increased and I felt quicker and smoother just past Science World. I contemplated continuing on to G island but I decided to stick to my plan of a short run. A lot of short runs will add up in the end.

I set a new goal of running more kilometres. I have 4 weeks to run 80 km. That is 20 km a week or 4, 5km runs a week - I can do that!

I am looking forward to running with Carrie and figuring out a route with her from each of our houses. I still haven't seen her new place. I have to do that! I am so happy she is back!!!! YAY! 

Sunday 10-11am Yoges - Derrek

I am so big now! I haven't been to yoges in a couple of weeks but it felt good. I built up a little bit of a sweat - it was humid in the studio.

The class was more full than usual. I think there were ten of us this morning. That older asian lady that takes jazz was there and the other pregnant girl was there. She came up to me at the end of class, like I knew she would, and I was nice and talked baby with her for a bit. (even though I didn't want to - she doesn't know I don't want to.)

It was nice to be back at Harbour. The studio looked nice - all repainted for summer school. I am looking forward to going back for street jazz tomorrow and, or hip hop on Wednesday. It is good to be home. I like going away - makes me appreciate what I have at home. EVEN though... I would love to live in Venice Beach... maybe... I would love to live in Bali - but I would miss Harbour... and my FAMILY! and my awesome job! Sounds like I am stuck here till retirement. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Saturday, July 7 Run 5.0 Km, 28:31 Mins - Venice Beach

My favourite part about this run was when Jonny ran up to me and ran with me for a few seconds and then ran back. He had his skateboard. I thought he kissed me but he didn't. I just felt love. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Run 4.3 Km, 23:17 Mins - Salinas

We are at the Motel 6 in Salinas. California. I ran down the hotel road to the crop field and back up the other side of the street. That was just over 1 km so I ran that 4 times. It looks like I ran faster than normal today too. Maybe because it was such a consistent, flat surface with no wind or hills. It was cloudy but the sun is coming out now. I went for a dip in the pool afterwards. It was cold. I tried to make a whirlpool by myself swimming in a circle. I need Belle! Oh well, when I get home I will get to swim with Belle :-) We can do our sets. YAY!

I thought about garbage trucks and whether they are private or public in the states and how it works for businesses. Weird.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tuesday Run 4 Km, 22:26 Mins - Florence

We are staying at the Lighthouse Inn in Florence. In their guest book they have run routes. I did a short one. I basically just ran the back road of the hotel that runs parallel the 101. I was trying to do the 3 miler they had laid out but I didn't make it to 29th street. So, I ran till my runpod said 2 Km and I ran back.

There was a really old man running on the other side of the street and he gave a friendly wave. I like that. No snobby Vancouver runners! hahaha.

Where will I be running next? (Probably a nice long beach!! LOVE!) 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Pregnancy Bikrams - Cannon Beach

After my run I tried to do my yoges in the sand in public. I found it very odd to be doing this but I kept on. The sun was beautiful as was the view of the ocean. I kept my shoes on because I thought it would be gross to get all sandy and then try to put my running shoes back on.

Jonny sat on a log near by enjoying the beach.

I tried to stop at awkward asking Jonny about going. I felt awkward doing awkward in public. He asked me if I wanted him to make me finish. I said I didn't know. No. He said he had to finish his beer. So, I skipped the second awkward and eagle and finished the standing series - except for tree and then I stopped and we went back to the camp site to join Carrie and Christie.

My first public yoga experience wasn't so bad. I think if given enough space of people I will do it again. It was nice to do it right after running. 

Sunday Run 4.7 Km, 26:12 Mins - Cannon Beach

We are road tripping down the 101 right now. I got to run on Cannon Beach. It was beautiful and sunny. I felt very light as I ran to the left of the Haystack rock. I ran until I got to a river that was too deep to cross. When I turned around to run back I felt very heavy as the winds were blowing against me.

I was trying to go do 5 km. I was hoping I could run to the left till it said halfway - then I would have no problem with my urge to stop. It didn't work out that way. I had to run past where I came from and when I heard the last km I ran 100 steps more - to the kite that was threatening my path. I turned around and ran back to my start point but I was shy 300 metres. Oh well - I did good for a pregnant lady.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday 9:50-10:46 Pregnancy Bikram

It is the last day of school and I am too excited to stand still. I kept slipping in and out of focus - more out than in. I was thinking about Annina coming to visit, about sleeping in my truck, about beaches and surfing. My mind was anything but empty. Let's get out of this school and start summer!!

I was socializing before I did my yoga and almost didn't do it. I almost stopped a couple of times in despair of my lack of focus but I stuck it out... falling out and ending poses early. BUT, I did it. I am sure I got some benefit. Maybe just a little. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 9ish - 10ish Pregnancy Bikram

Done! One more day left in the studio then I get to explore camping yoges! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

This one was slower and gave you more time on SOME movements. There were the quick parts and you had to listen for the bass for the pelvic thrust.

The class was packed and hot tonight. It is sunny out. I thought about what I might be doing this time last year - last week of school - sunny - not pregnant... maybe drinking beer on a patio somewhere??? I need a beer.. I am getting too much work done at school. I am too focussed. I need to let loose! Oh well.. I will have to wait... a long, long time for that and it will never be like it used to be! We wanted this.

I might try this dance at school tomorrow for fun.

I saw Jimbo in the alley on the way to class. I said hi but couldn't stop cause I was late. I said as much and he understood. Looks the same 'ol. That is good. I am glad he didn't turn into a hipster.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Run 1.6 Km, 9:17 Mins

How embarrassing. I just wasn't into it today. I felt like I had to pee and I just wanted to go home. I will try again tomorrow... or dance tomorrow and try again Thursday. 

Tuesday 11-12 Pregnancy Bikram

I collated report cards, finished my boater's exam, ate lunch, and then did my yoges today. I prefer to get it done in the morning but as long as it gets done.

I want to stop double bending my knee in triangle. I want to stop the fidgeting. I am not sure where I got that habit. I just noticed it today and I am going to try to remember not to do it.

I hope I get a run in today and a dance. I guess dance would be more important because I won't have that on our trip - I will just be running and yoging and swimming and walking. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday 9- 10 Pregnancy Bikram

Done! I forgot to write in my blog last time I did this.. I have added in a new exercise at the end of this work out. I stay seated and do my arms - 10 pulses in each direction, repeat, 10 small circles, 10 medium circles, repeat other direction, repeat all. Now, as I am writing this I am doing the keagals. GROSS! Just in case the baby comes out that way.

I thought about Anjali and how nice it was to see her yesterday. Maybe she would like to teach next year? I thought about Annina coming to hang out here and all the things we could do and see.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday 1-2:30 Jazz - Moe

It was a smaller class today because of all of the shows going on. It was nice. We did the same warm up and didn't do across the floor. We did all choreography. I want to get my choreo more sharp - more with the music. The last 4 counts wouldn't stick in my brain in time with the music. Tricky arms and feet.

All in all good class and nice to be back. I have to dance more! I hope Keli and Twigg come and dance soon.

On my walk home from Harbour I was thinking about Heidi's birthday. I was thinking of what I wish I could text or tell my brother. It went something like this:
Sam your behaviour was very embarrassing last night. It would be to your benefit to go over some alternate reactions to that particular social situation. That situation will arise again and there are many other positive ways you could have dealt with it. You could have had a reaction that made you look smart, strong, and like a good dad. Instead you treated your mother in law like a dog, showed your children that hate is your response in a situation that made you uncomfortable, and that it is ok to throw a tantrum and run away for attention. You made Heidi's party your party and embarrassed your parents in front of a lot of people. Of course Sam wouldn't listen to any of this and I wouldn't tell him. Mom makes excuses and dad has never had authority over him. I wish he knew that he could still change and start making better choices that will make him a stronger person - mentally. It is ironic that he was acting just like the other people were acting. He basically just hates people who act like himself. 

Saturday 10:15 - 11:15 Power Yoga - Derek

Small class of three including the teacher this morning. We were in the small studio. I found out Derek also teaches at Steve Nash. He teaches 80 classes a week. Good thing I went today because tomorrow there is no class because they are getting things ready for summer school. That means tomorrow I can have breaky with Carrie after her run! Maybe I will be cheering at the finish line :-) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday 9-9:56 Pregnancy Bikram

Done! I had two little interruptions but I was able to get my focus back. My mind was thinking about not telling Sofia where I was yesterday. Guilt. She was looking for teachers and no one was here. So, I feel bad I didn't send an e-mail saying I was going to the dance lunch. I remembered as I was I driving away. I remember thinking - she could text me if she really needed to. Whatever.

My mind was also comparing ballet and Bikram for a bit. The main similarity being that they warm up and work all the muscles. The main difference being ballet is done turned out in an unnatural body stance and Bikram goes with the natural state of the body. One other similarity is that they both focus on pulling up and standing tall with proper posture.

I also thought how weird it is that my left ankle leg is still a slightly different colour than my right. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Run 6.4 Km, 36:25 Mins

I didn't really feel like running but I went. I have to take advantage of days when I am feeling good and it isn't raining.

My route was down my alley and along the road to the Burrard Street bridge stairs on the big ocean side of the bridge. The other side is just for bikes now... I think. I ran up and down the bridge, underneath and along the C wall. I ran past Granville island and around past the pub and up the stairs to the Cambie street bridge. I wanted to stop before the stairs but I kept on trucking. There were a few points where I felt I was going faster than my pregnancy pace - and it felt good. Then, I felt heavy again.

Good run! DONE! 

Thursday 9:40-10:36 Pregnancy Bikram

I just like how easy and quick this is to fit into my school day when there are no kids! I was thinking about how I am going to fit this into my road trip plan. Jonny will have to have something to do for an hour. After breakfast do yoga and go for a half hour run sounds like a good morning. Then shower and hit the road or the beach. Depends where we are. OK.... back to planning the trip. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday Run 5.1 Km, 30.01 Mins

I started out my alley route. I ran along the C wall to the right until the English Bay exit/ entrance. I ran up that little hill to Bidwell and then turned right and went down my old street, Harwood. I ran down Cardero and back up Nicola to Burnaby. I ran across and then down Broughton. I ran across Pacific and back up Jervis and across Burnaby. I ran back down Bute and across Pacific. I ran up Thurlow and across Harwood then up Burrard to Drake and down to the tree. I ran one more block down to Howe and the light was red so I stopped there and walked home. It was a short, hilly, sunshine run. 

Wednesday 10:22 - 11:14 Pregnancy Bikram

Before yoges I had been sitting and doing report cards for a couple of hours and my foot had been falling asleep. I had to re-enter a couple or marks for students who were in the wrong classes but it wasn't showing up on the computer as changed yet so I thought - good time to do my yoges.

I turned my fast track on and away I went into my brain and breathing. I like this yoges but I do worry that when I go back it is going to be so much harder with the heat. I am going to need an adjustment no judgement period. 

During the half fish I felt something move in my tummy. I stopped and laid on my side for a second to see if it would move again. I guess it was just adjusting to being upside downish. Weird feeling. I guess I will be feeling more of that soon. 

I feel good today. I am going to do a run after school and I might even dance... we will see. I am happier now that I am back on the Diclectin. You can't say I didn't try! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Run 4.6 Km, 26:46 Mins

Today I ran without my jacket. I used my homemade arm holder for my runpod. It is awkward to get on and it made my pace look slower ... that and the Cambie bridge stairs. I think I was running the same  slow pace anyways. I felt like I had to pee the whole way and kept looking for a bathroom or a bush.. but didn't see any that were unlocked or sneakable. I just kept thinking it is just the pressure. I just peed before I left. It is just a short run.

The most awesome part about this run was I got to meet Jonny at the end in his new skate park in the parking lot at the stadium. Then we got to walk back home all sweaty together. LOVE! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Run 6 Km, 33:45 Mins

YAY! I did so much today. I lead the warm-up for both dance classes and with the second one we did the dance we did at Harbour. I was dripping after that class. In my spare I did the pregnancy Bikram class and then I got home and ran. Now, remember this Paula. I had to remind myself how awesome I am as Katherine ran in the opposite direction as me. She was so focussed and she noticed not me. However, I thought she didn't notice me because I am too large. I have changed so much. I am so slow and whale like. I might as well jump over the edge and float to the ocean instead of running the C wall. Ok - remind yourself that you are pregnant and you did awesome today. I turn around at the half way point just before Stanley Park. I run back towards home. I don't want to run anymore and I can feel my feet getting heavier. As I get passed the Burrard street bridge to the Yaletowny area, Katherine zips past me. For a while I admire her form and her pace and then she is gone. She is so fucking fast! She didn't even recognize me again. Too lost in her own training for saying hi. I am too lost in trying to make it home. I remind myself I am awesome and tell my brain to shut up. At the tennis courts my runpod says I have completed my goal of 6km. I stop and walk home. It was so nice to see Katherine today.

Thursday 12:05-12:59 Pregnancy Bikram

I love the edited quick version of this yoga class. I also used the big mat for the first time and it made the laying down section way easier on the feet bones and skull.

I am so unfocussed at the start that I can't even do the first few breaths without cheating. Then I can feel myself calm down and get into it. I am able to control my breath in and out for the 6 and 6 counts.

The kids are banging on the drums in the band room - like the end of the school year should sound like - but it is making it difficult for me to focus on my writing. SO... that is all for this entry! Let's hope the rain stops and I can go for a run after school.

I do want to say that my husband is the best in the whole universe and he makes the best lunches for baby and I! LOVE YOU J.CAKES!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

I am happy to be feeling good enough to dance but it feels so weird being so big! AND.. it is going to get worse. I better get over this quick cause I can see it getting annoying for the people - person - who has to put up with me. It is a temporary and cool situation I have gotten myself into and I have got to figure out how to enjoy it.

It was an awkward class with no talking until the end. One of the girls that takes Moe's class talked with me down the stairs and then ending up going the same way as me. I didn't feel like talking and when I did I feel like I was saying stupid stuff. I wish I could have just kept my mouth shut - or turned the other way when I got down the stairs - ended it there. Awkward.

Anywho - fun combo. I am glad I went. I bought another ten class card. Next class I want to try is Jo's Jazz. The girl I was walking with said she likes it better than Moe's class. I might have to go for it. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Run 3.9 Km 21:41 Mins

I was pukey this morning but I was feeling better and really excited to get out and run. After driving home from school I felt less excited but I still had some motivation to go. It was lightly misting when I started my run and the rain got heavier as I ran. It was refreshing. I don't mind running in the light rain as long as I have a hat and jacket on.

My route today was around Science World and over the Cambie street bridge. I just did a short one.

I felt sluggish but I trudged along. I am really going to appreciate having a non-pregnant body. I will feel so much lighter and faster.

There is a new Nike Plus site. I like it. I set a goal to run more often. I am going to run three times a week for a month. I can totally accomplish that goal. I just have to go out there and do it. There is nothing after school now so it should be easy to go three times. I would also like to go to Moe's class at least once a week, a hip hop or street jazz once a week, and a yoga. Three classes at Harbour, three runs, and pregnancy Bikram everyday at school when the kids are out. Sounds good! Then - I will make a summer goal and plan!

Tuesday 12:22 - 1:16 Pregnancy Bikram

Before I did the class I edited the tracks in GarageBand so that it was shorter. I have it down to 54 minutes.

I think I am going to try using the mat for the fixed firm. My feet and other boney parts were hurting on the studio floor. Socks and a hoody weren't really cutting it.

I haven't been feeling well the last few days so I am glad I got this in. I didn't have any "pukisodes." Maybe I will get a run in after school!

The kids are out next Tuesday - so I will be able to fit this in everyday I come to school soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

We did an old sounding Janety Jacksony sounding song but it wasn't Janet Jackson. (I don't think) I didn't shazam or try to remember words to look up lyrics. Wait... I am going to be OK... Nah.. I don't know.  I am def!

I got the choreo in my head but some parts didn't come out as fast or as clean as I would have liked them too. I am keeping up though... but not shining at all. Sweating. On that note, my hair fits back into a mini pony now and I can keep those sweaty stands tied back which stops them from sticking to my face when I turn my head fast.

I want to go back to this class next week. Let's see if I can keep this goal. 

Wednesday 10-11am Pregnancy Bikram

It is show time and I have work to do but I still squished this in. I fought the urge to only do one set or skip anything - except the laying down breaks and the final breathing. I did camel without feeling pukey. I did think about skipping it because I was already puke this morning but I gave it a go and it was fine. Both Dad and Jonny told me to skip that one after I puked the last time.. but I tried and it was fine.

I can feel my left ankle getting some good stretching. I am able to sit lower in awkward now.

I can really notice a difference in my flexibility without the heat. I am looking forward to getting back into the hot room in.... 8 months??? !!! WHOA!! Still so far away... 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu - X Block!

Well - this was our "Unofficial Harbour Field Trip." Some students didn't get there on time for this reason and that but they all got there. I missed the beginning of the choreography but was able to pick it up at the end. I think we will go over it in class next week when we have our fun classes. If we do I will record and put it up here! LATER!

Monday 10 - 11 Bikrams Pregnancy Yoga

I have my spare second block and I was feeling good so I did the pregnancy yoga in the studio. I had to run out and puke during second camel. I came back and finished - I wasn't going to but I did. I did not do the savasanas in the laying down section or the last breathing exercise. I don't think I ever will at school - just trying to squish it in and still get my work done.

DONE! This is going to be a good month of fitness. (I hope) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Run 8.6 Km 48:24 Mins

I am BACK! (At least I hope I am!!) Yesterday, I was feeling really bad about myself because the morning sickness returned. I just wanted to make a week fitness plan and stick to it. I felt like I was looking like a fat pregnant person and I always wanted to be a skinny pregnant person. I had the ankle set back which made me not as skinny as I was - then morning sickness and pregnancy. I was reading about after pregnancy and how long it will be to get back in shape then. I am worried about a c section and how that is going to effect my training. Jonny said if it takes 9 months to get that way it will take 9 months to get out of looking that way. That made me more depressed because I know it is true and I know that I am normal so the normal will be true for me. I am not some above average lucky one of the species that will bounce back. I thought about getting a trainer for now and after. But I don't need someone to tell me what I already know and I have enough motivation do what I need to do. So, I exnayed that thought. Basically, I was just the grumpy version of Paula that comes out after she hasn't exercised to a certain level.

Today, I woke up feeling ok and I decided to go for a run. I set my goal of running around Science World and back along the Burrard street bridge. If I had to, I could exit at Cambie or Granville. So, off I went. I ran around Science World and had to pee. I stopped my RunPod and took a leak in the porta-potties for the dragon boaters. They were racing today. There were lots of them out there warming up.

I kept my pace slow and steady. I listened to Frank Ocean. I ran past the Cambie street stairs without even thinking about exiting and same with Granville island. (The children's festival is on) I continued on and up under the Burrard street bridge where all the children's festival guests were parking. I ran over the bridge on what I now realize is the wrong side. I think it is a bike only side now. I don't care - I want to get out on that side of the bridge to go home. I ran all the way to Choices - slow and easy. It was a good run. It wasn't fast but it was pretty long and comfortable.

Now, to try and make wise food choices - maybe I can be the skinny pregnant person that I want to be!! Yes - I know I am crazy and have a messed up mind but hey - I am normal - most people do!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday 12:08-1:06 Pregnancy Bikrams

I haven't been doing this as often as I had planned. Jonny and I have been going for super long walks in the sunshine. I did it today in my spare and I will do it Thursday and Friday. (Now I just have to get out for a run!!)

I used the studio again. I skipped the savasanas at the end and was able to finish in under an hour. I don't feel like I need all the rests when I am not in the hot room. I just want to get it done and get back to work.

I thought about editing it in GarageBand to cut all the breaks so that I don't have to press the next track all the time when I am skipping the savasanas. I might do that.

My heart rate was elevated and I did create a glisten. It felt good to stretch and it feels good to be done. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday 7-8am Pregnancy Bikrams

Jonny was asleep so I started my yoga in the living room. Then I heard Ian get up and get in the shower so I thought - I hope I didn't wake him up and then I thought, I better move into my room.

I moved into my room at tree and finished the class. I skipped the savasanas towards the end and the last breathing exercise.

My left hip flexor has been sore for a while. I think it is just really tight and our of shape. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday 10-11am Yoga - Derek

Today we were in studio two because there was no modern class. One of the girls from that class took yoga. I remember her from when I used to take that modern class religiously. I remember how it used to really hurt the bottom of my feet - all the running and pounding on the balls of the feet.

The girl at the front desk - I can't remember her name right now - the one with the super bendy back and awesome jumps. So weird, I was thinking about her when I was getting ready today because I knew I would see her at the front desk. I thought, we switched hair. Her hair is long and in a half pulled back pony and mine is bobbed and pinned back. Today, I walked in and she had it bobbed with bangs. It looks really good. Weird though that I was just thinking about her hair.

We did an awesome stretch at the beginning of class that I want to do in dance class because it really killed my outer thigh. (adductor? abductor?) It also stretched the shoulders. Here is how you do it:
- lie on your back
- knees bent and on the floor
- tip to the right
- arms are open and to the side - palms up
- extend the left leg to the right side
- flex the foot and grab it with the right arm
- keep the left shoulder on the floor.
- repeat other side.

Ok- time for a breakfast walk with my my loving husband!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Pregnancy Bikrams 9:55-11am

I am still not feeling good today. I am pretty pukey. I had to stop once before Eagle to eat a couple of crackers and drink some water. Then I was right back at it.

I used my dance studio and the audio version today. I like it best. I didn't use a mat but I used my hoodie and socks to protect my skin and head in some exercises. Hoodie under head for fish, under ankles for head to knee, and socks and hoodie under feet for fixed firm.

I cheated both days I have done this and have not done the last savasana.

I thought it would be cool to have a pregnancy class at the Bikram's studio with moderate heat. Then I thought about how many times I burped and farted during the postures. Maybe it is best to practice alone during this time. I do miss the power you get from other people in  a class and I can see how listening to the same voice is going to get boring. I will start predicting when the end of postures are.

I also thought about making a calendar and with stickers to try to do this everyday. Then I thought about coming in even when I have my spare first block and staying even when I have my spare last block to use the studio. That gets five times a week in easy. Then I thought about our road trip and doing it on the beach and looking like a nerd. And what about doing it in a campsite - dirty! I will need a dirty camping blanket.

I guess I got a bit ahead of myself. Feeling good though - minus the nauseas stomach.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday Pregnancy Bikrams 9-10am

I copied the video into DropBox yesterday, transferred it to my Mac, and Isquinted it into iTunes. Today I am off school to get an ultra sound so I decided to try the Pregnancy Birkams. When I got to fixed firm the video stopped. When I was copying it into DropBox it said it was full. I guess it didn't get all of the video. I will try transferring the last part over at school tomorrow. It would have been a lot easier if the video was available on iTunes like the Beginners' Bikrams is. I was thinking about getting that for mom - maybe she could do it at home like I am. No heat and she can take breaks if she needs to. Maybe one day she could try the heat and she will live forever!!!

Anywho, I continued with the audio version of the class. There are nineteen exercises in total and it is 1.1hours long. They have taken out the section where you lie on your stomach and some of the forward bending postures like standing head to knee and standing separate leg head to knee pose. There are some new exercises like half fish, bridge, and kneeling locust.

My goal is to do this one hour class everyday.

I could feel my muscles were tight because it was morning, I hadn't practiced in a while, and I wasn't in the heated room. At least I will keep my some of my ROM and flexibility for when I return to the hot room. AND - most importantly I will feel proud of myself.

Found a blog about a pregnant Bikram's yoga teacher. Sounds like first class back is going to be worse than the first class ever. Read Here. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday 10-11 Yoga - Derek

It wasn't raining on my walk to Harbour. On the way back it had just started and I could smell the cement. It was kind of nice. 

Yoga was good. We did a floor bow on our backs towards the end. Derek was showing me I could still get a good back stretch in without being on my stomach. 

There were only four students, including me, in the class. One of the girls was also in Jazz yesterday. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday 1-2:30 Jazz - Christina

The schedule said Moe was teaching! Boo!

I have to say I felt and looked pregnant or fat in this class. I felt tired and I had to pee at 2:15. I couldn't wait for the class to end. I danced like I was being careful and Christina wanted you to take chances and not dance safe. My lines looked bumpy and I felt like I was just catching up - not dancing in the song or making the music.

Oh well, I went. I got a work out. I danced. I will go back and keep on pregnant dancing all summer.

I got to see Allie and Zoester this morning before class. AND, Cierra was working the front desk and I got to tell her about the baby. She said she would baby sit. I would trust her!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Run 5.28 Km 29:02 Mins

What a perfect day today is! It is my birthday and Jonny and I's first our anniversary. We slept at the Sylvia listening to the ocean in the night. I woke up to see the ocean from my bed and drink some hot chocolate and eat a bagel that Jonny went and got for me. I got up and got dressed into my running shorts and tank - that I haven't worn since last year - and I could use a bigger size now. Jonny gave me his dirty t   and I threw that over top and went with it.

We went downstairs together - Jonny went to his favourite cafe and I went to the C wall. I ran along the water in the sun until 2nd Beach. Then I went up the hill and back along the top path up and down hills until the pool and back to the Sylvia. I forgot about Glide and was a almost chafing.

I also thought I used to keep my iPod in the back pocket of my shorts but it didn't fit. I just threw it in my my nike top and hoped it wouldn't get too sweaty.

I was listening to Frank Ocean and thinking about Jonny. I was wearing my new Jonny hat that Sam and his family gave me for my birthday. Now Jonny will always be with me when I am running. hahaha!

When I got back to the hotel I texted Jonny. Then I had to go to the bathroom... and out came my snow crab from my birthday dinner. The smell was so awful that I gagged. I was able to finish up and flush before I puked in the sink. I tried to make it out of the bathroom to get away from my own shit but I had to return to release the rest of my hot chocolate and bagel. Happy birthday to me! But.. hey.. I didn't cry! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Power Yoga 10-11 - Derek

So cute, Belle wished me a happy mother's day this morning. I love that kid. I just worry that Sam got awesome Belle and I am going to get a Sam terror!! hahaha!!

Anywho - I am feeling betterish this week. I am feeling chubby and like no one realizes I am pregnant. I feel like I just look fat. I think about all the stupid things my mind has told me before about body image and I looked some stuff up and my feelings are not that unusual for mother's of my generation. The generation where body image became such a big focus. I guess it is still a big focus and getting worse... we have to find a way to turn it around and make it positive. I think it will happen in time.

ANYWHO - I digress!!

I went to Power Yoga at Harbour today. I think I have been once a long time ago but I am not sure if it was the same teacher. I introduced myself to the teacher before class and let him know I was pregnant. He has a very clear speaking voice and gave good directions. I really enjoyed the class. I sweat a little bit but not too much. I feel like I got a nice moderate work out. I look forward to continuing to take this class throughout the summer. It is a nice way to start the day. AND.. it is nice and sunny today! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wednesday 5:30 -6:30 Hip Hop - JP

Today was my first class since April 3?!!! I was feeling good again today so I went. It was a fun class. I picked up the choreo. I sweat a lot.

As I was walking back from dance I was thinking how fat I feel and look. As I was thinking this there was a woman walking towards me. As she got closer I noticed that she had a deformed cheek. I felt bad for thinking bad things about myself. I walked a little farther and there was an older woman in front of me crossing the road and she was hunched and limping painfully. I just came back from a dance class. I am making a baby. I should be thinking grateful, positive thoughts. I am disappointed in my stream of consciousness. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Run 5.39 Km 29:22 Mins

YAY! I ran two days in a row. Today I walked down the alley and ran to the left on the C wall back towards Yaletown. I went around Science World and back over the Cambie Street Bridge. The stairs on the way up to the bridge were probably the hardest part and my breath was laboured as I continued over the over the bridge. Then it started going downhill and I was able to regain some sort of normalcy. 

I guess 5'20 km/min is my pregnancy pace. I am happy with that. 

I listened to The Roots Undun - definite love! 

Thanks to Jonny for making dinner while I ran... time for some mashed potatoes and corn!! YUM! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Run 4.26 Km 22:46 Mins

The Nike Plus worked! I had a rough morning but I was feeling ok when I got home for school today so I decided to go for a run. I want to dance but that isn't until 6:15 and who knows if I am still going to be feeling good then - so I took advantage of the moment and hit the C wall. I ran down the alley and to the right. I was trying to make it to Cactus Club again but I didn't. I was so hot and I had forgotten my hat. The sweat was dripping in my eyes. So, I decided to turn around right before the stone Inukshuk (sp?). I ran to the exit by the tennis courts. I walked from there. It wasn't that far but it was something.

I was listening to Ski Beatz - Twilight. I like it!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Run 4.62 Km 25 Mins.

My Nike Plus wouldn't let me sign in with my password and when I reset my password my run disappeared. I RAN! And it was an important run. It counts even though it doesn't show on NIKE PLUS. Stupid Nike Plus sometimes!!!

Anywho, I went for my first run since the morning sickness stopped. OR at least I thought it had stopped and this morning I decided not to take my pills. I walked out of my room to go for my run and started heaving. GREAT! OK... I will take my pills. I guess I am not done being sick.

OK, let's try again. Jonny and I left the place together. He went to get a coffee and I went to run. I ran down my alley to the C wall and all the way ... to the bathroom by the beach. It is a nice clean bathroom and I have to pee a lot so this is good to know. Then I continued on my way and ran to The Cactus Club where I am going to have my birthday dinner. Then I zipped around and ran back.

Oh before I forget... I saw this old guy playing rollerblade hockey by himself in the parking lot by the beach. That is a cool old man getting out there and getting some exercise.

Duck Dynasty!

On my run back, I made it to the first ferry stop and I heaved in the bushes. Oh no... pukey!! I walked and heaved in the bushes a few times then I started running and I turned under the Burrard Street bridge and went up to the road and walked home from there. I can take a hint!!

Even though I was feeling sick at the end, for the most part I was happy to be out there. I am looking forward to trying again tomorrow!! Slow and easy!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Joanne

Fun class!! I wish I didn't sweat so much but what else is new.

It was a fun, "random" choreo. That is what she called it. It had some hip hoppy parts then just some grooving, bouncy fun parts.