Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Run 16 Km, 1H 28 Mins

This run felt so good and so easy. YAY! This is only five kilometres less than race day. I don't want to jinx myself - but things are going well. I like how I have adjusted my training to suit my needs and I like training alone so I can go my own speed.

There weren't as many people out today which made me worry a little bit because I was running alone in the trails. What if broke my ankle?? Jonny knows my route and would come and find me.

I ran two kilometres more than last Saturday which took me to the third beach bathrooms for the halfway point. It also gave me a couple more hills. That run back down Bridle just feels so amazing. Smashing Pumpkins was playing and I was cruising in my zone.

I had a strong finish. I didn't feel sluggish like yesterday. My muscles are all super sore from the dance warm-up yesterday but that didn't affect my run like I thought it might. I felt great - best run yet.

Sofie has registered for the half marathon and we are going to race together. I am happy I have a buddy to stand at the start line with and be happy with at the finish line!! Carrie is also going to be there to cheer us on!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday 12-1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio

I haven't taken a jazz class in so long. I needed this. This is the first time I have taken Julio's class and I really enjoyed it.

He did a really nice warm-up which I needed after my run. I was pitiful at the plank and holding retire. One day my abs will be back. I was also pitiful at the push-up things he did... but again - abs. I will get it all back soon.

He did one ATF called place and replace. It was an improve exercise where you put a body part in space and then replace it with another part. It felt awkward but he assured us that was normal.

Then we did the car crash choreo. It had some challenging parts but it was fun to try new movements. I believe he said he was going to add onto this one next week. I will be back! 

Friday Run 7 Km, 35:16 Mins

This morning I ran the same seven kilometre route past English Bay and back.

Yesterday when I was walking to dance there was a large group of ESL students blocking the sidewalk in front of their school. This same group of kids was blocking the C wall. I kept running and they had to get out of the way. I then ran past an elderly gentleman who was really giving it and sweating up a storm doing his power walking. I smiled at him because it made me happy that he was out and working it. My halfway signal came on and I turned around bummed that I would have to run through that group of ESL students again. I watched as others had problems getting through. I followed the speed walker's path. A girl broke off from the group behind the man and started mocking his style. She turned around to get approval from her group and I was in her face with a big middle finger. I probably shouldn't have but it just came out of me. How disrespectful!

Other than that, I had an ok run. I was pretty tired this morning. We had another early morning and quite a few wake ups due to Christian's new cough. (We are keeping an eye on it - just a cough... no other signs of sickness yet.) On my return run I really started to run slow. The wind was against me.. but I was just finding it difficult to lift up my feet. I really wanted to stop but then I would have had to walk.. and that would take longer. So I kept on going.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday 4:15-5:45 Bikram Cambie - Chelsea w/ Carrie!

I met Carrie at yoges today. It was her first time in a while and she is still having insomnia problems... so we stood in the back in case she felt woozy. But, it wasn't that hot in there and we both had a good class. I drove her home and we got to catch up a bit. They got a new king size bed - so that might help her sleep! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

I haven't been to dance since the ninth! No more skipping classes!! (I am sure I had legitimate reasons..)
It was good to be back to class. I have a new schedule worked out with the wart - so I will be doing this class and a new class on Friday's until the wart is gone or the half marathon is over... whichever comes first.

This class was good. I wonder if they did this choreo last week? There were a couple of spots that I kept being a little late on because my brain wasn't working fast enough.

I got to see Moe, Cierra, and Pam when I registered for the class. I haven't talked to Pam since I was pregnant.

Wednesday Run Run 5.6 Km, 33:07 Mins

My picture isn't uploading... must be something wrong with Blogger right now. I will try again later.

Today is a gorgeous, sunny day. We started the day off with a boy that didn't wake up at 5:30am... but we did because there was a fire alarm. Don't ask me how he could sleep through that! Because we had a sleepy start, I didn't get to run until after swimming.

It is hill training today. I ran to Broughton and ran up and walked down it five times. I like running hills. It is challenging and rewarding. I like it.. I wouldn't like to do it every day.. but I look forward to the change from just running.

My heel was super sore from wart torture on Monday. I wasn't able to do anything Tuesday.. so I was really happy to wake up feeling no pain. I am ready to pack as much movement in until wart torture again next Monday. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Run 7 Km, 35 Mins

It is super nice and sunny out. The boys got up and went for a skate while I ran around Science World to the elementary school and back. I was so deep in thought when I was running that I didn't hear the girl say that I was half way and I ran a bit further. I was thinking about when Christian is in school. I was thinking how great it would be to teach at one of the high schools in Vancouver.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday Run 14 Km, 1H 17Mins

Stanley Park Trails Map

It is beautiful out today. I ran past the pool and into the park, down Bridle and across to Merilees until the runpod said half way and then I ran back. I ran 15 minutes and walked for 1 minute. When I had my walk on the hill I walked instead of continuing to run like last time and it looks like I was a minute faster. It really does make a difference taking the time to walk and let your hips relax. It doesn't make your run longer - it makes it faster because your joints are working better.

Happy birthday Arlene! 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Run 7 Km, 35:23 Mins

The rain stopped and the sun is starting to come out. The C wall was steaming. I ran my same 7km route just past English Bay and back. It was fast and easy. I thought about my stupid foot some more. I really want this to be over. I feel like I have gone from broken ankle, to screwed ankle, to screw removal, to pregnancy, to now... I should be free to run and dance and move!! But this stupid wart torture is creating a hole in my heal that is just becoming more and more painful and stopping me from doing some of the things I like to do... like jazz - not going to dance around in my socked feet... too painful. Anywho - enough whining. I will talk to the doc about it on Monday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday 4:15 - 5:45 Bikram Cambie - Gaby

I just made it to class. I ran into some slow moving cars when I was zipping over. The only open spot was right in front of the teacher spot. Ugh. I didn't want to stand right at the front and I couldn't see in the mirror. So, when I was supposed to stare at my supporting knee all I could see was the teacher's crotch. Ugh! So, I stared at the girl diagonal behind me in the mirror. That was a bit creepy but I really didn't know where to put my eyes.

I started off nice and strong and I tried really hard. I didn't do triangle because of my sore foot. I didn't do floor bow because I was just too hot. I laid on my back and just tried to focus on my breathing. I thought about running out of the class... then I went back to thinking about my breathing. I tried not to let the heat control me. I also sat out of camel. But then I finished strong.. and hot!

Black fluffies from the Walmart towels stuck to my sweaty body and distracted me.

The girl who picked her toe was behind me. I didn't take any notice of her in the class because I couldn't see in the mirror.

I came to a decision to quit fighting the wart battle. I was going to cancel my next appointment and throw in the towel. I came home excited about my decision but Jonny said I should stick out at least until September. It is so painful though. I will go Monday and talk about it with the doc. Maybe I have other options.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Run 6.7 Km, 38:26 Mins.

Hill training today! The boys got up and I walked them to the skate spot. Then I ran the most direct way to Broughton hill. I ran up and walked down it four times. G's old spot, Sunshine Court, was on the left and the first time I ran up the hill I was thinking about old times. I also thought about the gym teacher that used to live near there. I wondered where she is and what she is doing with all her lottery winnings. She deserved it. I hope she is somewhere sunny. I hope her mom is with her. Anywho - then I ran back and met the boys. One might say, a perfect morning - with time to come home and shower before swimming! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday 4:15- 5:45 Bikram Cambie - Gaby

I thought Lisa P was teaching today! Oh well, Gaby was good. I worked hard and it felt awesome. I needed that.

The pregnant girl was in class and she is really pregnant now. I don't know how she does it. Amazing!

Another lady that was from Westcoast Hot Yoga was in class too. I bumped into her as I was leaving. It was good to see a familiar face.

Monday Run 7.8Km, 41:34 Mins - Seaside

This morning was raining and at the time of my run SUNNY! This time I ditched the whole promenade and just ran the beach. I ran to the cove and then to the river and back home. The waves were looking more organized and small. I could get in there and have some fun if the tide weren't out and it weren't so shallow. Low tide is at 10:30am... no surf for me this trip. Next time! At least I got to run on the beach. What a great mini-vacation!! I love my family!! 

Sunday Run 8.4 Km, 44:50 Mins - Seaside!

I got new shoes and they are so awesome! They don't hurt my feet at all and they don't smell... and they aren't growing any mold!! hahaha! Thank-you Nike outlet!

I ran along the Seaside promenade to the very end. I have never walked the promenade from start to finish so it was nice to see what else was there. Once I got to the end I hit the beach and kept running to the river. Then, I turned around and ran to the other end of the beach. It was a perfect length for a relaxing vacation run. Jonny's mix fit perfectly. Once I got to the river to turn around the song built up as I faced the wind and ran into it.

I watched the ocean and there was just confusion in the ocean. Waves and white wash going every which way. When I ran towards the river there was sun and when I ran towards the cove there were stormy clouds. The boy is awake!! Time to play! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday Run 2.7 Km, 15:12 Mins

Pretty wimpy run this morning! I have an excuse though... (then again you can always find an excuse to not do something...) Anywho - my shoes were growing mold!!! I noticed something on them the last time I ran and I figured it might have been bird pooh. Maybe I hadn't been so lucky and the bird did get me. I wiped it off. Today I put my stinky shoes on and noticed that there was white fur on them. On the toes and in the air holes... MOLD! GROSS!! I guess I shouldn't have been putting them in the boxes on the wall. They need to air dry. I have never had this problem before... but I used to keep my shoes beside my bed on a towel, so I could get up and go. I ran... but I only ran the bare minimum and then I chucked those moldy shoes. They had 183km run on them... so they got used.. and they gave me blisters.. they just weren't a good shoe from the start. LATER! Off to the states this weekend and I will get some new ones.. for cheap!! (but good)

Anywho - today was the first official hill training day. I ran to the Cambie up ramp and ran up and down it six times. I prefer Broughton hill and I will run to that hill next Wednesday. The pedestrian ramp wasn't quite long enough... or steep enough to make me breathe hard. It was moslty covered from the rain though. Bonus!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 Street Jazz - Jo

Yesterday I had a nap and slept through dance. I was pretty upset that I missed it. I had set my alarm too - I don't know how I missed it ... or if it didn't go off. Anywho, I made it today! Cierra was at the front desk. She asked me to be a reference for her for the UBC nursing program. Of course I will!

Class was full. There wasn't too much to memorize. Jonny picked out my shirt - the shirt I got him for Valentine's day that shrunk - so I felt special.

However, Jo was wearing those Urban Empire burgandy sweats. They must be from GSP. I am going to check. They have to be... there were about fifteen people wearing them. Nope - they aren't the sweats on the blog. That means she just bought them and wore them? I wanted her to stay on my team. Team old school!! Oh well... I am still not going to wear hammer sweat pants. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Run 7 Km, 36:19 Mins

The boys didn't want to come skate today so I left a little earlier. I ran the same seven kilometre route that I ran last week. I had Jonny's new mix to listen to which made my run go by faster even though I think I ran a little bit slower. That seems to be a Monday trend.

My shoes have rocks stuck in the bottom. They smell pretty gross too. I will get new runners this weekend at the outlets though.... kind of excited about that.

It isn't sunny but I could see the sun in the distance. Hopefully it is coming! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday 12-1:30 Bikram Cambie - Michelle

Man, I would have to say that Michelle is (one of) my favourite teacher(s). She goes through the class with such strength and flow that before you know it you are done and you have tried your hardest because she is always reminding you of things that you need to do... suck in your stomach, flex your foot.. etc.

Jonny just came in on his skateboard. Someone needs attention!

Anywho - where was I?

The guy beside me had his own rhythm to the class. In some parts of life this is a good thing but in yoga it isn't. However, I wasn't that distracted by him. I kinda felt bad for him. He was doing yoga in his underwear. I think he must have forgotten his shorts. (At least I hope he wears shorts and isn't next to me next time.)

My floor bow was better today. I just went slow and kicked up. I didn't go to far. It was feeling weird on my stomach but today it wasn't too bad.

My toe stand was awful. I still can't balance. I think it is a combo of the c section and the ankle.

My standing head to knee was awesome though.

Ok... baby is bored with my typing.. time to go!! Great class and I am super happy I went today.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Run 14 Km, 1H 18 Mins

It is not sunny, but it isn't raining. It is quite a nice day out. I made a new mix before I left with the new Depeche Mode. I used to like them in high school so I thought I owed it to them to give their new album a listen. I split the album up into fifteen minutes then one minute of walking music. I skipped the third walk because I was running down hill and I was going fast and it was fun. I felt I earned it after having to run up that hill. So, I had to wait a half hour before I got to have a one minute break.

I ran along the C wall to the trails by the pool. I ran down Bridle until I got to the road and I crossed and ran down Merilees until the runpod told me to turn around. I had a couple of good hills each way.

There were some professional runners in the park training. One lady almost took me down and she was coming around a hill against the normal flow of traffic. I swore out loud and thought in my head - even out in the park people don't care about me and think they are more important... I think if you are in a group and doing some training of this sort that you should flag off the area or something ... or at least run on the correct side of the path. Or, have someone at the corner warning people that you are coming!

Anywho, I had a good run and it is done! My opinion of Depeche Mode is that it sounds like the old guys were having fun playing around with some new sounds. I don't think it is good running music and  nothing really caught my ear. I may give it another listen.. but probably not. Somethings should stay in high school. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Run 7 Km, 35:55 Mins

I was a few seconds faster today. It was pouring this morning and luckily the boy fell asleep on me for an hour and when he woke up there was a break in the rain. Perfect!

I ran the same route as I did Monday and Wednesday except today I ran back the exact same way I started as opposed to finishing on the C wall and Homer St. I ran right back down my alley.

A seagull or some bird poohed from the sky and landed right beside me by the rings on the C wall. I think that is a lot luckier than if he had poohed on me. Even though people say that is lucky.  Maybe I should get a lotto ticket today. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday 12-1:30 Bikram Cambie - Michelle

Man, Michelle has the most stylish hipster yoga gear.

Mom came over and watched the boy when I went to yoga. I haven't been to yoga since Friday and I really needed it. It was a great class that started out cool and gradually got hotter and hotter. I love Michelle. She is an awesome teacher. She gave me a correction - go lower in triangle - so I did and it felt even stronger.

After class I was walking to my car and I started to feel nauseas. I hadn't eaten since eight and I guess I was hungry. I made it to my car. I showered and ate when I got home and then I felt a lot better.

The boy was good for mom too. Mom made a gluten free peanut butter sandwich and we hung out for a bit... and then she left to beat the traffic. Thanks mom! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Run 7 Km, 36:09 Mins

I ran the same route as last Monday - just past English Bay and back. The boys didn't come out with me again... too sleepy! I had a good run. I felt slow but I was the same speed as Monday. The sky was grey but it is sunny now.

I was listening to Kendrick Lamar.

I thought about doing a New York trip with my students - at some point. Jonny talked some sense into me.

Anywho.. the boys want me... gotta go! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Run 7 Km, 36:04 Mins

The boys didn't come with me this morning so I ran straight out the alley. I ran the same I did for my last few long runs - but obviously not that far. I got just around English Bay and down the little hill on my way to second beach pool before the runpod told me it was halfway. Then, I turned around and ran back.