Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6pm Flow - Katherine - ***Warm-up ideas***

Please stop looking sideways in the mirror and thinking you are fat! I am fat though! When did this happen??? End of October.. give yourself till the end of October. This is just your summer relaxed body - you will be back to fit Paula soon. Stop drinking pop and eating junk! OK? OK?

Now, the goods on the class. I like taking flow once in a while. I like the core work. I do not like ohming and I do not ohm. But I close my eyes and think about my core and sitting up tall until they are done.

Warm-up ideas:
**High plank to low plank to high plank to low plank to high plank to downward dog.
**Tuck toes under and kneel - hands in prayer - sit and breathe - really stretches out the toes.. 6 breaths was enough.
**Cow face pose (Gomukhasana) twist 360 to do the other side.. keep feet where they are and walk hands around left
**abs: laying on back - legs 90 - heels to sky - toes spread - lift hips - lift shoulders - squeeze in tummy - release and repeat.
**abs: laying on back - hands by side - legs go down 2 degrees - repeat till hovering above ground - look at toes - wiggle and return and repeat.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

6:40 Ballet with Eva - she is so smiley!

I wanted to take street jazz today - but we had a staff meeting and the teacher that was going to watch dance team practice left after that instead of watching practice. Oh well. I went to ballet - and I had a good class. (except for I am FAT! - Shut up!! hahaha!) I like Eva because she is so smiley. She also goes over each exercise twice - nice and slowly and she gives good corrections. Today's theme for the class was get on top of your leg and most exercises were meant to challenge this theme. My correction as I left class was I did the same arms for the left side that I did for the right side in my grand allegro.. I didn't even notice I did that. I will watch that next time :)

Monday - 12pm Ballet with Danielle - Riendeau and Leah were there too!! YEAH!

This was my first ballet class... in a long time! I had a great class. It was over quick. Keli and Leah were in class - that made it more fun. I think I will take the Tuesday class too - time to get back into dance shape! Danielle's favourite is frappe and she liked the petit allegro. I hated the adage - a lot of holding in second!!! YUCK! I miss Arah Brewer adages! Weird - saw her on the street and had a chat with her on Sunday. Anywho - it was good to be back in class :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday 6:30 Hip Hop - Alex - Leah the Aussie came to class!!

So, I met this crew of Australians at the Met on Friday night. One girl is a dancer and I was telling her all about Harbour and we said we would go together and she was there! YEAH! We are going to ballet together on Monday too! WOO HOO! New dance friends are cool!

Alex was funny as usual. It was the same routine he taught last week - he tends to do this. I think I will go to his class every second week. I have been switching it up going to yoga and dance on different days - keep things fresh.

Good class. I got the routine. I was sweating. I had fun. I can't remember the song or any of the lyrics. I would have remembered more.. I know I had more to say - but last night my internet wasn't working at home. ??? It was sleepy time anyways!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

6pm Hot - Verena

Day two of back to full time work and dance. No problem so far. I have been searching the internet for sofa couches or little beds for my office because I know I am going to need a nap soon!

Today's class was good. However, I did have some negative thoughts about my fat body but that will be gone again in a few weeks. Hormones. YEAH!

The lady beside me has started snoring during her throat choke postures. I don't remember her snoring before. She is really skinny. She has improved since I have last seen her in class.

I like this teacher. She is new. I think I have had her once or twice before I left for Bali. She gives good corrections.

K- bed!!! Photo day tomorrow.. 7:45am.

Monday, September 21, 2009

6-7:30 Moe's Jazz!!! YEAH!! First class back after summer!!

First - you should not eat sushi right before going to dance - best to wait till after - otherwise you will burp sushi all class. Anywho - you would think I could transfer the pizza incident to sushi - but for some reason I thought it would be different.

Anywho, class was great today. We did the normal warm-up, although there were some changes - we didn't have to do push-ups, instead we did high plank to low plank. Everything else was pretty much the same.

We didn't do across the floor!

We did choreography for an hour. I don't know what the song was but it was in 6's instead of 8's. It was intricate but not hard. I caught on easily and I felt good at the end of class. Moe said that I had really good timing... as opposed to being a bit behind normally. She attributes it to the complicated music - I attribute it to the fact that she taught it really slow and I understood what I was doing. I knew it and could get it. It felt awesome to be back in class and I can't wait till Wednesday when Keli comes to class with me!!! YEAH!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

6am PL1HH - Leo

I didn't want to go. I went. I was awake - I fell asleep really early yesterday. I have no focus in class because I keep thinking about school and planning stuff. I am choreographing MJ in my head. This may seem mean - but I thought it was really gay when Danielle did the whole prayer thing after her standing bow just cause Dan did.. or whatever his name is. I almost laughed out loud. I don't know why I think I am so cool ahahaaha.. whatever. Maybe I am just jealous? Anywho- shortly after that she smiled and it was all good.. I went back to thinking about MJ and school. I used the ... again. Next time I will remember not to. It has been a long day. I couldn't write this at school because google was down.. or something. Anywho- bed time.. FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! Woo hoo!! Sushi!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

6am PL1HH - ERIN?

This class was full!! Dan? and Tattoo girl.. can't remember names were there - old short guy that looks like the PE teacher was there too.. and this.. ok wait. I am going to stop using ... and start writing normal sentences. Today's class was awesome because this teacher is awesome. She changed things around and made some things a lot more difficult. Danielle and I agreed in the changeroom that it gets to boring if you do the same thing every morning and that it was nice this morning to have her change some things. I am doing pretty good with the sentences! I just had sushi Friday alone and I am really full. I have to bounce around in class soon. YEAH FRIDAY!

OH - ab exercise: high plank - right knee to right elbow - repeat left and repeat opposite knee to elbow. I made the kids do it in class today. Killer!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

6am PL1HH - Leo - Today felt like it should be Friday

Danielle... or Daniella.. we were both feeling the same way today - like it was grueling.. and here I am teaching the same class over and over.. three times for my kids... hahahaha.. what was I thinking.. I have two more times to go. The grade nines did really well. My finger is getting better but I am still a little numb there.. and I am still numb in the top of my right foot??? What is that about? That is two days now... maybe I am just getting used to being back at yoga? Time to teach my grade 11/12's.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

6am PL1HH - Danny

I think the friend's name is Danielle?? Daniella? anywho.. good class. I am bummed today.. well just bummed... stoked on school though!! I didn't go to hip hop at harbour now.. just tired.. and bummed.. oh well.. I can do it!! There is always someone worse off than myself!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6am PL1HH - Patricia

First day back to school - I woke up... got ready with eyes still half closed... and went to yoges. My friend that I saw running was there! YEAH! It was a good class.. I was awake by the time I got home and now I am at school. Goal for next class? Hmmm... suck my fat tummy in!! ;)

Friday, September 4, 2009

9:30 Hot - Patricia!!

Whoa!! First full class back - I did it!!! YEAH!!! It was so humid... I didn't do everything but I did really well. I am stoked on my right hammy - she didn't hurt at all.. I think the break did her good.. and all the running that I did strengthened her. Also.. my sprained finger got lots of bending in. It is feeling a lot better and bending a lot farther. YEAH!

I was thinking - What I should do.... is to set my goals for the next class at the end of each entry and then I can write about whether or not I accomplished them. So - My goals for my next class are: 1. Don't miss any postures 2. Try not to make so many faces??? hahaha!!
That is it!! Let's see if the little actress can pull it off!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

6am PL1HH - LEO

Yeah! I finally got to go back to yoga. I have my mouth full of gauze and some gross gummy like protective band-aid - but it didn't bug me! I have been eating the advils like Morris told me.. so maybe that is why I didn't feel it!

It was good to be back in class. It was a small class. It was not that hot because Leo forgot to check the heat and it wasn't on. I was sweaty though.. and it heat up in 15 minutes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009 - 11km Run

Hey!! I am back from Bali!! I did my first C wall run - beautiful! When I download my ipod I will post the info here... all my summer runs!!