Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday 6:15-7:15 Grooving - Eric - Azelia!

OK - I think I learned this already before... but the plan should really be dance to yoga... or have a bigger break in between because I was still sweating from yoga and red when I got there... and it is more acceptable to be red and sweaty in yoga than it is in dance class.

It was a fun class but I felt heavy, sweaty, and pooped.

Azelia is doing a lot better!! Keep up the good work!!!

Eric said he knew what he wanted to be when he grows up.. he wants to be a Transformer!! He had just come from the movie and he said it was awesome.. I can't wait to go and see it!!! 

Thursday 4-5:30 Hot Yoges - Lola

That felt awesome. I haven't been to a 90 minute hot in a long time. They are my favourite class. I am going to try and do them as much as I can until Bali!!

Lola was our teacher today. I have never had her before but I recognized her but I don't know where from. She did a good job leading the class.

I thought about letting go the teacher today. Try not to give corrections in my head. I failed.. I am still in teacher mode but I am going to continue with this goal. Focus on me and forget about the class - it is summer!!

I thought about my Ipad/ Technology ideas for school. I have to start a list of those and get started on them. I am very excited to implement my ideas.

I am off to meet Azelia at Grooving now. I haven't been to dance in a long time! Now.. it is summer and I can dance whenever I want! YAY! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Sarah - Azelia!

Azelia kicked ass this morning in the front row. I can't even sit here and tell you that I let her win... cause  she WON hands down - and I ain't playing!

It was a full, hot kick ass, hard Sarah class. She snuck in three planks at different times. I had to give up at the killing hip flexor abs at the end. My hip flexors are weak and sore... they need rest. I am looking forward to summer vacation so I can do some different classes. It is time to get in shape for BALI!! Surf training!! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday 2-3 Hot Yoges - Angela

I left school early today to get to the 2pm class. It was really hot and not too many people. I hated Angela's warrior series but everything else was fine. We did a side plank dragonfly at the end. That was weird but I liked it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday 6-7am Hot - Sarah - Azelia

I still don't feel into yoges this week-  but I am going to go every morning.... Azelia and I stood right beside each other and sweat out any liquids that were inside of us. I am so happy to have a morning yoga buddy! 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday 6-7am Hot - Angela - Azelia!

Whoa - It was Monday morning. I sweat out everything that was in me. Tomorrow will be better. Azelia was awesome. We are going to dance today after work too - tag team off. I am doing a 4pm class and she is going to do the 5 - I think. I haven't been dancing in over a week... hockey smockey!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Leo

This is the morning after the Stanley Cup riot! There were only 6 people in class this morning - 7 with Leo. I had a great class with only a little snot. I can't wait to be feeling 100% again - I am going to appreciate it. I am happy today. It is sunny. It feels like it should be a Friday but it is the last normal day of classes. 

Injuries: left ankle - was sore today - too much stomping in tap I think. 
left shoulder - still sore but I did everything. 
right hip flexor - I didn't do all the leg lifting on the right side - still trying to rest it so it can heal. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Angela

YAY! I am not feeling as sick anymore. I think tomorrow will be an even better class. It was nice to have Angela's class today. I am looking forward to Leo tomorrow. AND.. I can't wait to make Azelia's mat holder. Jonny and I picked her out a nice strap from Dressew yesterday. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Sarah - Azelia!

I was so tired this morning.. but I went. I walked outside and the rain was sprinkling so lightly that I thought it wasn't rain but maybe a sprinkler - cause it was sunny... but it was all over not just by the grass - so it was rain. Weird, light rain.

Azelia was there - and Danielle. It was pretty full this morning and I stood in the second row next to Azelia. My nose was full of snot but I held off blowing till I got home - just cause it is such gross snot!! I didn't want to share or snort in class. Eww!! Anywho - I did the best I could and I am done... until tomorrow!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Sarah

I was pooped this morning. I stood in the back row behind the old, skinny, fat man who's feet were always in my face and who wiggled and all over the place. I think he must have an injury or a disability though... so I was calm - but I am never standing near him again because he is inconsiderate about the space that he uses. I don't like the back. But, I wanted to be able to cheat and not try hard if I so desired. I was just happy I made it there.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Leo

I am still sick. I am at the yucky phlegm part which makes me gag and want to puke sometimes. Yucky! Azelia didn't show up this morning. I hope she is feeling ok. There were only 17 people in class this morning. I stood in the second row because I knew I wasn't going to try my hardest. My right hip flexor and left shoulder are still aching so I didn't do the things that aggravated them. It was good to be in class and tomorrow will be better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Angela

This is the first class I have been to since I was sick (again!). My right hip flexor and left shoulder are still hurting. I took it easy and didn't push myself. I wasn't feeling 100% but I did it!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Sarah - Azelia!

I had an awesome class this morning. My owies are still hurting - especially the right hip flexor. Azelia did awesome today. Classes are getting fun again - maybe because the Groupon people aren't there as much.. .and it is back to some of the regulars.

I was thinking about something in class today.. so much that I we did one side of the exercise and I was in another land.. then we did the other side and I wondered.. did we already to this on the right? I can't remember what got my attention though... I think Jonny's print shop...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Leo - Azelia

I had an awesome, fun class today. Azelia is awesome and Leo is funny. Azelia and I like to fake smile when we are in pain. We are the only ones smiling - then again - Leo is smiling. I am sitting in my drama 8 class right now - waiting for them to stop talking - so far.. they are still talking. Still waiting... hmmmm...

I will tell you about one of Leo's exercises: We did the high plank lift up the right leg and bring it into the right tricep then down to the wrist and repeat. Then do it with the left leg. OUCH! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 HH2 - JP

I wonder if we will do this routine again next week. I hope so... I like the two week routine thing. There are a couple of parts I was getting stuck on too and I know if I had another week I will get it. I can't remember the song - I had it in my head all the way home.. and through sushi.. but I forgot it now... oh well.. next week!

Wednesday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Angela

Well - today is the start of a new month and no challenge! I didn't succeed in my challenge but I am ok with it. It was a tough month to try and get 37 classes in and as Jonny says - it is just a number that I made up. This month is the last month of school before summer and I am going to try to keep on with the 6ams - even though I rolled over this morning and almost went back to sleep - and I am going to do my two new favourite dance classes at Harbour - Mondays with Stu and Wednesdays with JP. I may go to Grooving with Azelia once in a while too - just for fun.

Injuries I am working with: Left shoulder - I don't know what I did to it - but it has been hurting in certain positions - when I bend it low and behind me especially - for about a week .. or more now. Left ankle - not bending. Right Hammy - just doing its usual cycle of hurting/ not hurting. Right hip flexor - is killing me!! I don't remember when I did it... but I want it released - reminds me.. I should google how to do that on my own!!