Wednesday, December 23, 2009

9:30am Hot with Danny - Crunchy upper back morning class!!!!

Wow - the thing about yesterday morning was I forgot how much I hated morning classes - this morning I knew.. but I forced myself to go.. and it was painful! I sucked and I think I made myself suck worse cause I kept thinking about how awful it was. I told myself not to.. but that is all I thought about how awful and unflexible I was... anywho - I made it through. I wonder if it is cause I am old now.. was I always this crunchy in the mornings? I also thought about how I have to dance today.. and I was hoping the teacher will bail so I can just be lazy!!!! I just feel lazy... oh well!!! I am done that class.. and the next one won't be so hard.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

9:30am hot with Patricia

Whoa!!! I forgot how crunchy I am at yoga first thing in the morning. I'm going to try again tomorrow morning - same time - danny's class. I'm going to stretch before the class starts.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

2pm Hot Yoga - Frank Hurt Field Trip - Bikrams Yoga Delta

Wow!! That was fun. It is an awesome studio with lots of showers and space to chill before and after. Mak - was our teacher. He was good with the kids and funny. Kaela's mom Dawn did awesome - all of the kids did awesome.. all 18 of them! IT was a great day! Oh ya - the buses didn't show up... :(

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday 6pm Jazz - I HAVE TO GO!! TOXIC Cover... FUN!!!

I am waiting for dance team to be over so I can go home.. and go to dance. I am tired today and I feel lazy but I am going to go to dance. I am going to do everything on my list this week. I have lazed out for too long and it is time to break the habit and earn my lazy time.. it is just 1.5 hours.. and once you are there you are having fun.. remember last week??? I have to stop and get gas.. so I am going to get a Dr. Pepper.. and that will give me a sugar rush.. and I will make it no problem!!

K.. I will let you know how it goes!

I went - and I had fun. Moe and Amy just got back from Mexico!! Jelly!! We did across the floor - switch splits... diagonally - two times each way... and I wacked my left hip flexor.. but did it again.. and wacked it again.. I have to say my switch splits were the best ever though.. for me.. but I have ice right now and I am kinda scared to feel em in the morning!! Fingers crossed it is one of those quick fixing injuries!! I still did the dance all good.. but I won't be doing switch splits for a bit..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday 4pm Hot Yoges with KATHERINE!!

I had a super good class today. The girl whose name I can't remember - or never heard - was in class. The guy who paints his toe nails and moves around a lot - his toes are green today. A super hot guy that is there once in a while. The lady who has the body of a girl and used to take my spot - I moved and made a new spot and I never go near her spot now. That Asian guy who wears his shirt the whole time was beside me. There was also the bald man with the sweat band who sweats even more than I do.

It was a nice class. Katherine talked about her Lulu lemon party again - it is tonight- too bad it is West 4th... I woulda walked there if it was the Robson one. I will have to but the Runner's World Magazine or at least check it out at sevo.

Katherine said that her intention for her yoga classes this month is giving. She thinks of someone that she loves and she gives them love during her practice. Kinda gay.. but I might give it a quick shot... there are a few people I love... hahaha.. one is reading this!!

OK.. going to dinner now!! LATER!!! Wait.. I need a picture...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday 6pm Jazz with Kevin Tookey - James Morrison - Better Man

Wow - this was a great class. I was debating whether to go to yoga instead but I am sure glad I chose dance. Kevin taught us at Groove Street this year too - he was the one who talked about plyometrics.

Anywho his warm up was cool. We started laying on the floor. We swayed back and forth and then knee to side squish then roll over around and back down and repeat. We swayed side to side and stretched back and forward. We did some sun salutations. We did pushups: 4 fast side plank repeat 2 in 4 side plank repeat other side then 1 in 8 counts side plank repeat... ow!!!

We did one big, long across the floor that was really fun!! Let's see if I can remember it: plie in second chaine 2 3 plie turn the other direction 5 6 7 8 extend left leg facing back pitched attitude to ground and roll back up facing back going back the way you came soutenu plie soutenu plie chaine turning jete bent back leg russian pas de chat weird old school hip turn pas de bourre behind turning to FREE Jump... YA!! FUN.. we only had time to do the right side. I should practice that one in my studio!!

Then we did the combo - A Better Man by James Morrison - slow 3/ 4 counting in 6s. I am downloading the music and I will try it out tomorrow in my spare!!

K... Shower and bedtime!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday 6pm Hot with Christine

I am going to set an intention for tonight's class and write about it later.
Hmmm.. I am going to make this fun.. I am going to google search yoga intentions... hahaha.. WOW - I didn't know there were things more important than just holding the bow the whole time or not drinking any water during class.. or getting rid of the fuzz~!!

Here is my intention for today:

Yoga Lesson: Non-Violence
Ahimsa is the yogic practice of non-violence, which includes physical, mental, and emotional violence towards others and ourselves. Viewed in this broad context, ahimsa can be a challenging and overwhelming practice to take on, as we humans seem to have a knack for creating judgment, criticism, anger or irritation. Fortunately we can easily apply the concept of ahimsa on our yoga mats by practicing mindfulness and compassion towards ourselves

I guess - for me I can take this as... not judging the person in class who makes noise or leaves the room - just let it go. AND.. for me personally to be happy with my body. This will be a hard one for me to try.. what is the word again... AHIMSA.. GOT IT!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday 6pm Flow with Katherine

I thought I would try something new with this class - and that is to write about it before I went. I am having dinner with Cyrstal after so I won't have time to write it right after - then I will forget stuff. I have been forgetting a lot of stuff that I want to write when I get home anywyas - again - I will be first in line for sport brain downloaders and it will be how I write my first novel.

I also found a really cheesey picture!! HAHHAHAA! Check those teachers out!! HAHAHA!! Awesome!! It is like a bboy pose with yoga!!

Anywho - I hope we get to do tripod handstands tonight. I am not looking forward to ohming or chanting. I just am going to do my best... and I am going to put my mat on the opposite side that I usually stand on. Hmm.. what else... I am going to try not to think about being fat.. and I will say hi to someone new tonight! THERE!! SET IN STONE!


OK - really later - it is now Thursday at school in my spare. I am going to go and do some handstands to crow on the mat. But let me tell ya - my plan did not work yesterday and there are some things I want to say about what happened in class.

I walked in and my side was empty of mats and the other side was full - so I went to my normal spot. I thought about being fat the whole time which did help me to suck my stomach in but it sucks - why am I so fat? I didn't say hi to anyone new tonight - just the usual suspects.

At the begining of class we had a circle and shared things. Well, really only one girl and the teacher shared things. The one girl had just become a yoga a teacher - cool.. and Katherine invited us all to a lulu lemon party - cool. We did go around and say our names which woulda been a good time to have good hearing cause I would like to know some people's names - but still don't know names..

It was a great class. I can feel my hip flexors and core today. we did tripod handstands and crow and tried to do them to crow. We also did side crow.. which I can do a little better on the side I couldn't do at all last time. Sometimes I am just too sweaty and slippery!! I wear pants purposefully to this class to give me some grip!

Fun class.. It is my favourite minus the ohming.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday 4pm Hot with Katherine

I think I am going to sit in a new spot at yoga tomorrow. It is time to try out new spaces. I have found a new favourite spot at the front right - but tomorrow.. I will move somewhere new.

I cheated a little bit in class today - I need to get rid of the fuz - especially the fix my yoga pants over my fat belly fuz! No fidgeting!