Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Bridge Run 09 - New Nike Sensor not WORKING???

Carrie and I took the day off school today - yeah!! We might go to yoga later - so I got up and went for a run. I was excited to try out my new nike sensor but it didn't work!!! I have to google search the answer.. and/ or take it back to the nike store. (which sucks.. cause last weekend.. I went to buy a new one and she said I had to have the old one.. then I went home and got the old one.. and then another guy was there and said I didn't need the old one.. it was .. not cool!! Now I have to go back cause it isn't working???? What is the dealio?)

Anywho... I had a great run.. I did the bridge run: Cambie/ Granville. It is nice and sunny - I had a great time. I always forget how much I really like running. This was my second run of the year... I ran once in Vernon with Cierra, Shakira, and Kelsi! YEAH!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6am 1hour Hot with Teresa - WOW - NEW FAVOURITE CLASS!!

This is the second time I have taken the 1 hour hot class. The first time we just did every posture one time. Which was fine - I still felt crunchy by the end - but it was fine. This time, I had Teresa - a strong voiced, confident woman who taught extremely well entertwining both bikram poses (hatha?) and Flow postures. It was awesome because I didn't know what was coming next and there were lots of new things to try. I got an awesome work out in one hour and I totally made it to work on time - with enough time to photocopy and eat cereal!! YEAH!! What a great start to the day! I am glad morning dance practices are over - and since I am used to getting up and awake this early anyways.. why not??? It gives me more time after school to dance or do whatever! Tomorrow.. Danny is teaching. I wonder what his 1 hour hot will be like?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Moe's 6pm Jazz 1/2 - Harbour - Monday!! Love Stoned Cover

I haven't taken Moe's class in a long time. Warm-up was good.
ATF we did kick- contract, walk 2, 3, 4, kick contract step back leg kick and bring it back ball change with head back chases coupe chase - hold cou de pied to start with the kick to the mirror again.
Turns were - down rdj on 1, three piques, step to the other corner with back arm high open fourth, swoosh swoosh with arms to turn to the back then to the side - pirouette prep, soutenu - repeat...
Jumps: chase coupe joe, turn joe, turn, joe, joe, joe/ then same with two bent back legs- head back if you can - push your thigh back/ then straight legs.

The Love Stoned cover was .. fast.. and made my brain hurt.. because I wasn't used to memorizing choreography - my brain was lazy.. it needs more practice.

Friday, April 24, 2009

4pm Bethanne - Hot - Kane High Kicking Ema!!!

I dislike this teacher. I have been in high speed for the last couple of weeks.. and I had the worst day ever!!! Lame confrontation with bitchy high school student.. done...!! DONE!!! Shut up and get out.. leave me alone!! anywho.. rough day.. thought yoges would help.. but this teacher is so.. slow and soft.. I needed Danny, Patricia, Katherine, Heather.. someone upbeat... someone with interesting knowledge.. someone good. Anywho.. I tried not to think about the bad day.. and so..I thought about someone worse off.. which is my bro's dog.. Kane.. then I thought.. I should think something happy.. so I thought about Ema .. cause she is coming out to visit tonight.. then I combined the two and it all got out of hand in my head.. I left during the back extentions.. done.. I didn't want to be there.. not into it.. I suck.. I don't care... I will start fresh next week.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Heather's Wednesday 6pm FLOW - baby freezes!!

I don't usually take Flow classes but I am really starting to like these classes - maybe because they are different and because of that challenging. I was trying to figure out if there is a pattern to the classes because they aren't the same every time like the hots. Here is how it breaks down in my head - ohms - three at the beginning and one at the end - I don't ohm. Too weird for me. Downward dogs, planks, sun salutations, warriors. Then we have sitting exercises, then balancing, then deep stretching? Maybe I should do some google research about flow yoga. We did do one pose that was really weird.. fun.. I am going to look it up.. and find a picture... I think it was the bird of paradise or something.. let me look...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday 4pm Hot with Angela! Focus Trick: Count your breaths

So, I am sitting in the Super 8 in Vernon looking at you mom! I went to yoga on Friday and it was hot!!! Sizzling!! I laid down when I had to and fanned myself. I am going to go and get a blizzard with you now mom - so... I am going to stop typing. PEACE!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

6pm Hot with Kari-Lynn

So - I haven't been to yoga in a while. It has been nice to take a break. I have never had Kari-Lynn as a teacher before - she must be new. She was good. No problems. The annoying sigh guy was there. I know which one he is now because he was signing before the class started. Quit sighing guy! You are annoying.. but I know - I should be able to focus past that and not let him annoy me.

I stood in a different place today. I am convinced it was the hot end of the room! It was very hot today. I got really hot during the balancing series and sat out of some sets. Let me go though them: I did both Dandayamana Janushirasana - and I did them very well. Although I cheated and used my face cloth to hold my foot because I moisturized this morning and I was slick like rick! I did both sets of Dandayamana Dhanurasana - using the face cloth again. I only did one set of Tulandandasana - I just knelt down to catch my breath and regain my balance. I did both sets of Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimottanasana and my head is touching and my hips feel more even. There is less pull from the right ham. I only did the second set of 9. Trikanasana, Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Janushirasana and I skipped the standing tree altogether and hit my savasana early! (I copy and pasted all the word!!! Maybe one day I will be that nerdy that I can spew them out with proper spelling!!)

I am happy with my hamstring. It was so good in the anushirasana with Paschimottanasana! I got my head to my knee and I am getting close to back where I was with both legs forward and trying to get the chest to my legs! I remember last year when I could just lay there. I think my hamstring just needs time. I also think the little break I just took from yoga was a good rest for it. I stayed in at the end of class and did some laying hamstring stretches and I used my towel for my right leg. It is past ninety but it is shaky.

One thing that I was thinking about in yoga today was my eating! I have been eating a lot of junk lately. Not all the time - but still I could be better. It is hard because I hate to grocery shop - but I just have to get more organized. I was also thinking that maybe I need to start writing down what I eat. That would make me think about it and make wiser choices. Or it might just make me creepy and obsessive. On that note- I ordered from Yopo after yoga - thinking I would get some vegetables and rice. I must have said my order wrong because I got vegetables and tofu - which was really good - and I beef and vegetable dish - no rice.. and two dishes and so much food!!! But both good and I ate lots of vegetables. I think the key to vegetables is sauce.. and those were tasty sauces!! Anywho- I left a note for my roomie to eat some - because tomorrow I sushi with my dad at lunch - with Carrie after yoga - then I leave for Armstrong the next day.. and I don't think I want mushy vegetables on Sunday... so.. Ian scored!!

OK- goodnight!!! (mom!!!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hip Hop 2 - Alex - 6:30pm - Harbour

The class was small, seven people. It was an ok class. We did a stomp style which was a little bit confusing. I think he taught this choreography last Wednesday. I don't like it when he reteaches the same choreography. It should be safe to go next week. What I should be doing is going to new classes. I have gone to his class too much. His class is at a convenient time for me though. I should branch out and challenge myself.

I felt bloated and fat all class.. and that was bugging me a lot. Grrr.. I hate PMS. I got my evening primrose oil and vitamin D. That should get me back to normal. I am going to try to convince myself that I will be back to normal tomorrow. Ten minutes to LOST!! YEAH!!! ... One more day of school - then long weekend.. yeah!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Belinda's Jazz Tech at 11:30/ Belinda Jazz 1:00

I love dance!!! I missed taking classes when I was doing the 30 day yoga challenge. I had such a good morning!!! I took Belinda's Jazz Tech class - killer!!! Jennifer came too - the teacher from North Surrey - She is awesome.. but she has plantar fascitis and her feet were killing her. That sucks!!!

Belinda is such an amazing teacher. I hope one day I can be as good as her. She gave so many good corrections: use your plie, on axles jump the second not the tuck and the tuck will be easy, timing - use the and... etc.

Let's see if I can remember the ATF:
Nope.. brain dead right now.. I need to chill .. I will edit this later!!!

Oh! And John Ottman was there today. He said hi... he is living in Montreal now. I should have taken his class!! I wonder if he is teaching again...

Jacqui's 4pm Hot Yoga -Friday

I stood at the back for this class. I never stand in the back row. I think I am going to move around and try different spots. My hamstring was awesome today. I can totally get my head to my knee. It is a struggle - but I can do it.. and I am going to keep doing it until I flop down without struggle. I almost accomplished one of my goals: changing my grip - I just forgot one posture - and that was standing head to knee. I was thinking it would be a good idea to wear something around my wrist or something to remind me to switch - like a wrist band or something... Jacqui is good though - she always says it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

4pm Yoga - Jacqui

I had a great class today - even though I grabbed some Doritos and Dr. Pepper on the way home.. at 3!!! I thought it was going to bother my stomach - but no problems. Jacqui was great and smiley even though she has had to cover for sick teachers and is finishing her yoga challenge. I think she said she had done two classes and taught four. That is pretty crazy!

My hamstring was good today- I mean I can still feel it pulling and that sucks - but I got my head to my knee many in most postures. It hurts the most in standing separate leg. It is hard for me to keep my hips straight in this posture too because it pulls so much.

One of my goals is to switch my grip all the time - remember too. Some postures I have no problem remembering - while others I never remember. Jacqui reminded the class to switch the grip on most postures - so this helped out that goal a lot.

If feels good to be done the challenge and to be doing yoga just for fun again. Fun? Hehehe! Everyone was smiley today. It was a good class and not too full and just right hot.