Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday "16km" LSD 8:30am Running Room

18.45 km
1:50 hours
5:58 min/km
1275 cals

Well - it was great to be with some of the kids from run club. Somehow we were running with a 2:15 group.... WAY TOO SLOW.. dude.. at one point I actually stopped running and walked the same pace... just to see if we were really going that slow. Anywho.. what am I training for? Who cares? So we chilled and ran through the park past Lagoon over the bridge and out by the pool. We ran left along the C wall and over the Burrard street bridge, through Kits and up to Jherico and back. On the way back we just ran down Pacific to Beach to Chilco and back to the running room. I booted it from the bridge back with no more stops and no more going slow. I caught up to the group that was before us.. hahaa.. and passed them! I guess the theory about saving your energy and booting at the end is so true. It works!

Anywho.. sore now... and hungry. I think toes are canceled due to a lame boyfriend... What a loser Vince is!!!

K... bye!! I am going to walk to Opus and get my notebook for Bali!!! (and make my calendar.. and put all the stuff I need it in it.. yay.. maybe I will get some stickers too.. hmmm... )

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday 1:05 Ballet - Nicola

Holy cow - I forgot how hard ballet was. I am going to be hurting tomorrow. I wanted that class to end so bad. I was so sweaty and smelly I am sure.. cause I just did the quick rinse shower after yoga this morning.. thinking.. I am just going to get sweaty anyways. Dude... shoulda came home and had a nice show show!

I didn't do everything on releve because my calves were seizing up. Ummm... I just kept being embarrassed about how sweaty I was. I think going to hot yoga got my engine started so I sweat easier. I mean... I was sweaty by the second exercise. Oh well, I am not going to dwell on it. I will never be that kid that can be dry at the end of ... BARRE! (unless of course I don't try at all??)

I am going to go to ballet again on Tuesday night. It should go a lot better.

Saturday 8am Hot Yoges - Christine... that was hard!

Hot, tired, yucky tummy, left ear plugged with sweat, can't hear what you are saying, dizzy.... it was a class full of negative thoughts. I couldn't make myself shut up.. it was grueling today but I am done that.. and as soon as my face returns to a nice human colour... I will be happy.

After yoges I went into the shower at yoga and stood under the cold water. I have Gatorade now and I am pretty stoked on that. There is a happy thought.

I kept thinking if you do the next one I will let you sit down and take a rest.. but then I would end up doing the next one... tricking myself into it. I am so sneaky!

It didn't work all the time though. I was really dizzy at my second triangle so I laid down for the second set and caught my breath. The back extentions I skipped most of and just moved my head from side to side because they pressed on my tummy. I did the rest of the class slowly and poorly. I was strong until triangle though. So, that means I had a half good class. There, another positive thought!

I have to tell Christine that I can't hear her. She is so soft and quiet which is fine if she is standing right next to me.. but I got to watch my neighbours to see when to do things if she is not near me.


NEXT... ballet!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Theresa - last class!

Wow! It is hard to believe that the last time I was at yoga was last Friday. I had a busy weekend camping then a night out and now.. I am back! It feels good to be back.

Today is Theresa's last class. Supposedly she is moving to Toronto because her husband is the director of medicine... or something. That is what Danielle told me. It was her last class and one of the best classes I have ever had with her. (except for the one where.. she put smelly stuff on my and massaged my head.. that was pretty awesome.. I think that was meditation.. and I never went back... ) Anywho, she had a lot of energy - unlike her sleepy, slow classes - which I don't mind Friday mornings after a long week... but this has been a short week and it felt good for her to make us try so hard today. I guess you should treat every class like it is your last class???

I was feeling a little nauseas this morning during warrior poses and the back bend on your knees... camel? I totally don't remember any names lately.. (truthfully - I cheated and used the internet to look them up and I am just too lazy to do that right now.. or busy... )

Oh ya.. I woke up and my right knee hurts!! WHAT? What did I do when I was sleeping.... or tossing and turning rather.. dreaming I had three turtles that ate cheese and the cheese turned into a tongue that licked a hot frying pan and sizzled!!and it was the turtle tongue. What was I going to do with these turtles when I went away to Bali? Why did I get turtles right before I left?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Angela

Whoa.. I woke up at 5:17 with a messed up dream. I won't get into it.. but I thought.. better to stay away then drift back into that one!! I was so hungry this morning.. cause I ate the rest of my pizza after boot camp.. right before I went to sleep. I will get healthy next week?? (Food healthier)

I felt fat today! hahaha!! (umm... pizza? Big cookie?)

She did the arms cross legs crossed sitting one... I don't have time to look it up... separately.. arms only ... legs only... kinda different. She did something else different... what was it??? argh... it will come to me.. anyways .. it nice to see she is still inspired from the little yoga thing she went to. I like that.. I am proud of her for that.

K.. go sign in!! FRIDAY!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday 8pm Booty Camp - Maren

Booty Camp Thursday! I have two more classes left. (Three is I make up the one I missed when I had my run club dinner)

This is what we did today:

Instead of running around the loop we did high knees walking, lunges, jogging, grapevines both sides, side stepping.... then when we got to the stairs we did slow up up down down and fast.. about four times each leg.

Then we were in pairs and one person ran there and back equals 1 - ten times while the other person held the plank.. then switch... and we did this all the way down to 1.

Individually we did another count down 10-1 with push-ups, jump lunges, tricep push-ups, and jump squats.

In pairs again we did with the band on the fence - two arms straight - center side center hold while the other person had a thera band around her ankles and side step hover - oww... bum!! We did one minute each station about 2 times

In pairs we balanced on one leg, squat, throw the medicine ball (apple) - repeat other leg... when she said.. I guess we did about 2 minutes each leg.

Finally we did some trapezius pull downs.. we held the thera  band above our head, straight arms, long neck, ribs in - pull down opening to the sides chest level. We did ten then we pulsed.

Then we did bicep curls with the band in then out to the side... then we repeated these last two exercises.

We stretched - wind releasing - the four - hams - rock up - second head down... and done!

Thursday 5 Speed

3.43 km
18:42 mins
5:27 min/km
237 cals

My computer is doing something weird. Let's hope that stops. I don't want to talk about it and make it happen again. Anywho, I should have warmed up longer and cooled down longer - went for an extra km there and back. I will do that next time I do speed training. I found a good straight spot in between David Lamb park and the one where I do Booty Camp. It is long and straight. I felt like a total dork though - racing as fast as I could then jogging back. Oh well. It felt good. I ran myself right out breath and then jogged back and repeated this five times. The fifth time I was blasted!! I stopped before the end. It is weird though, on my runpod - it doesn't show that I ran that fast.. I guess the slow jogs evened it out. I would like to see it on the graph though and even though I set it to the most points I still didn't see any fours... I know I was going four.. twenty maybe.. ?? hahaha!!

Anywho - besides feeling like a dork and wishing I would have run a little longer.. it was pleasant and sunny. I have officially booted my pink nikes out to just boot camp shoes..

Hey.. let's see if my AfterRun worked!!! It did!! hahahaa!! Here it is.. I thought I was holding it so still.. but I was walking.. so .. it is a bumpy ride.. I hope you like it! I love the AfterRun!



Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny - Please let us out on time!!

I felt that my balance was off today. I don't know if it is my cold or because we practiced with the lights really low. Either or a combo of the two are the only two changes I can attribute it to. I also felt extra drippy today.

Danielle (not Dana - I saw the sign in list) was there and my little asian lady.. (I still have to find out her name). It was a smaller class. I wonder if it will be equally small tomorrow? The classes were quite large last week.

I heard my alarm loud and clear this morning. I woke up at 5:20 and went back to sleep - then ALARM! I almost rolled back over... there is always that second where you are like.. what am I doing? Forget it.. then.. oh.. ok... I will get up. Then.. all good! You are there and you are doing it!

LATER! Gotta go sign in!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday 6km Tempo

6 km
31:15 mins
5:11 min/km
421 cals

 Wow! I almost didn't do my run today. As soon as I got home it started to down pour. I had smart food and waited ... it was still windy and stormy. I needed dinner. I didn't have food and didn't want to go outside so I ordered pizza. I got chicken club pizza and Cesar salad. I have never ordered salad from the pizza place before. I don't think I have ever had my own Cesar salad period. Maybe a couple of leaves at a BBQ.. but not like this. I felt like Sam or Dad. Anywho, I chowed that salad. It was so delicious and so tasted not good for me. I also had three pieces of pizza.. and a glass of water. I was tubby full. I got vegetative and watched TV and the wind blow out the window.. and the rain drops bounce off the brown box things on the outside deck. There is no way I was running tonight.

I moved to my room where I couldn't see out the windown and got stuck in the final episode of Special Victims. Thank-you PVR! I got up and waddled over to the window... there were dry patches in the road and my alley. The rain had stopped. DAMN it... ! I have to go now. I went to boot camp this time yesterday and I will be going this time tomorrow ... so there are no excuses. It is light out and there is no rain. GO!

I went but I told myself to just run slow. I had a full belly. I ran to English Bay and it was nice to have just a few people out... those who were like me who had waited for the pause in the rain and maybe the rest were tourists who were taking advantage of the break as well.

My pink shoes are done. They are what are causing the caluses on my feet and the new blister in the crack of my big toe. yuck! Time to put those ones aside and start rotating in the new red birthday swooshes!!!

Towards the end of my run my body was screaming for healthy food. Get some groceries Paula and eat healthy. I can't work on this crap you have put in me this afternoon!! (I had a healthy breakfast and lunch!!) OK!!! I said to myself.. just get me home and I will... get you groceries.. next week!! hahaa.. cause tomorrow you are having left over pizza!! hahaha!!

OK!! I am so happy I did my run. I would have just felt guilty if I had continued to stay lazy. I didn't go to hip hop.. but boot camp has one more week.. then I will have more time to add in dance!! I can't do everything!!

K!! GOOD NIGHT! Wait.. I made an afterrun... nevermind.. I somehow failed again.. hahaha... I filmed the wind too.. I have to pay more attention... LATER!!

Wednesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

This is my first 6am this week. I am feeling a lot better but I still have a little sore throat and some congestion. I got off easy with this cold.

I did pretty well today. I held my warrior 2 as opposed to usual. I also held my warrior 3. It was a good warrior day for me. Usually my thighs are killing me.

I got a correction in the squat one where you bring your prayer hands to the opposite side of your knee.. my hips were crooked. I will check on that tomorrow.

Dana and tall, tattoo girl were there. The girl who does stuff with her eyes closed was there but in the backright corner so she wasn't so distracting - or maybe she had better balance this morning. It was a smaller class than usual.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday 8pm Booty Cammp - Maren

I want to write what we did in boot camp - but I don't think I can remember it all. Stacee was struggling and feeling like she should be doing better. I am tired and I want to hit yoges in the morning.

I might write more later.

Tuesday 5km Tempo

5 km
25:33 mins
5:05 min/km
351 cals

I tried to run really fast. I am really hot and sweaty right now. I feel like puking a bit from the congestion in my chest... eww. I just drank some water.. that is better.

I ran my usual quick run that goes from my alley and right to English Bay and back. I could feel spots where I was really fast and then I slowed down in some spots. I am going to check the NIKE Plus site and see.. hold on. Hey!! I have 88 km to get to the next level!!! When will I get there.. let me see... I should be level BLUE on June 3!! WOO HOO!!

I am feeling really fat today... this whole last week... I hope I go back to happy and stoked on my body soon. I hope this isn't just how 36 year olds feel! 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday 12km LSD - with EMMMMMAAA!!!!

1:07 hour
11.24 km
6 mins/km
776 cals

Hey!!! It's my brithday!!! Emma and I ran down past Science World to Kits beach and back over the Burrard Street Bridge to my alley home.

I will write more later!!

OK - Now it is later. Yesterday Emma and I reluctantly went for my birthday run. I was tired. We were both tired. Now I know why I was so tired.. because I am sick!! I hope it doesn't last long.

Anywho, we ran nice and slow in the sunshine. It was beautiful. I like going slow and taking it easy. I felt like we were just chilling and cruising around checking out people doing their Sunday things. I had eaten lots of Taco Bell and other crap so my stomach was making some noises and my bum wanted to make a movement. I held her in and made it home! What a great story. Aren't you glad I came back to write more? hahahah!! Hopefully I will get my run in tomorrow and I will be able to write some nice stuff! hahaha! BYE!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Theresa

No show for Stacee - and I carried her mat all the way down and back. Oh well. She went more than I thought she would.

I tried not to try today. I woke up smelling like chlorine, fuzzy hair head, and zonked from not enough shut eye. It was one of those - I closed my eyes and then my alarm went off mornings. I was also starving. (and I ate the end of my Rolo ice cream before I went to sleep!!!)

Dana was there. The little Asian lady did not meet me on the hill or in class this morning. I stood back, centre, left. I did everything but I didn't go full out. My muscles are tired. It is time for a break!! TOMORROW!! YAY!! One more little 5km when I go home..then rest till Sunday evening! Sounds great!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday 8pm Booty Camp - Carol - the Sub

I am tired tonight... I may.. or may not write about this class tomorrow. I will say this: The lady with the good genes and the McChicken eating in front of us was just rude. Not that I wanted one.. but... ok.. it is kinda funny.. eat McDonalds in front of a Boot Camp class!! ahhahaha!! And say you look good because you have good genes - you are just lucky.. some people are just born with it... In reality... I bet she was watching and wishing she were having fun.. and laughing and trying stuff. She walked away with nothing. Burger gone and no friends. Sad.

Thursday 4 Hills

5.15 km
28:40 mins
5"34 min/km
359 cals

Oh... I am in a hurry... gotta get to booty camp!!

I have to say I felt fat today? WHAT? Yes!! I was wearing those Adidas pants and they are tight at the top.. so they make me look fat now that I can't hide that part with my jacket!! I guess I will just have to ... work harder.. get new pants???

I love running the Broughton hill. I ran down to Beach - by mistake cause that is just the way that I usually go. Anywho - I got to Broughton and knocked off four easy ups. I cruised home. I have noticed a weird ache in my right achilles. Nothing too bad. I had this before in Bali at the start of last year. Maybe it is just getting used to running again after having a week off. I will watch out for it ... oh.. and I should probably stretch!! oops! I have totally gotten out of that habit. I must get back into it. I wonder if all the stretching that I do at school and yoga... helps? I guess I still have to do my stretches after my run. Yup.. I gotta do it!

I was too rushed to make my video at the end of my run today.. but I will make another one tomorrow. Simon told me he watched my video.. hahaha.. grade 9! Thanks for the support Simon!

Thursday 6am Yoges - Danny

No show for Stacee this morning.

Walking down to yoga I merged with the little Asian woman again. Man... I need to learn names. There was also another yogi behind her. Three neighbours going to 6am yoges. So nice! We were talking about the stop light by 711 that they have installed but have yet to turn on. I said I would probably ignore the light anyways... I would try to cross diagonal I would! (sorry mom!)

My left hip flexor is still ailing me. I meant to ask Patricia about that yesterday. I will ask her next week when I am more mature. hahaha!! wooo hooo!! It hurts when I bend it towards me - or stretch it away from me. So, the second side bend, warrior two, and on the floor when you hug it into your chest. I can feel it good on the stretch we do at school too... when it is the front leg bent and the right leg is extended straight at the back. Again - that is like a parallel warrior two.

I am weaker on my right side.... but left supporting leg - I want to hold the toe one the whole time tomorrow.. and the bow to warrior three. That is my goal for Friday yoga. My reward will be SUSHI with POPS!! YAY!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday 5km Tempo

5 km
26:21 mins
5:15 min/km
351 cals

I felt like I was running fast today but I wasn't running as fast as yesterday. hmmm.... it was windy... maybe that was pushing me back.

I made a arm band holder for my new runpod. I made it out of the outside couch material and my yellow sweat pant material, some black elastic and yellow velcro. It is a snug fit and I should have left some space for my key... but it worked good. It is kinda cute. I like it!

I ran down my alley and right along the C wall to about the water fountain in English Bay and then I turned around and came back along the C wall. I didn't turn back up to my alley because it was up! Instead I kept running towards Yaletown on the C wall and I finished at that kids park. I walked from there up Drake street, right on Homer and up Davie into my alley.

OH!! I played meet you pass you! There were two girls in front of me on the C wall. I said in my head if I meet you I will pass you... and I met the first girl and passed her. Then, I did the same with the next one. I kinda felt bad passing them. But you can't do the runner's nod when you aren't looking at each other. So I just overtook and left them in my dust.

Wednesday 6am Hot - Patricia (Stacee & Crystal)

I had white carrots .. not red stuff.. but that looks like the meat I ate!!

Stacee did yoga again!!! She brought another friend Crystal. This is awesome. This is her 3rd class. Could she like yoga?

I was walking down the hill and I merged with the little Asian lady. I have to learn names man! She talks quiet but I did my best at hearing her and nodding and smiling and responding. She said that she had tried to bring 11 different friends and the only person that actually ever joined was her husband. I was trying to think of who I have brought... Marnie joined for about a year.. she joined Bikram and then WHY. Crystal went a couple of times. That blonde chick.. that used to work for Crystal.. damn.. can't remember her name.. oops.. she joined and I would meet her there.. but then she moved to a studio closer to her house. I don't know if she still practices. I brought the girls in Bali and I know that Erin is still practicing on the island. I brought Emma and she loved it but it is too expensive where she lives. She would go for sure if she had the loot. Ian wants to go.. we just haven't found a time to go together yet. Hmmm... who else? Oh ya!!! Carrie!! Carrie and I used to go all the time together.. oh how I miss that!! Carrie move back to the city!! I guess I have done pretty good at introducing people to yoga.

I stood beside Dana today (If that is her name.. Danielle?). We both struggle at the same time going into warrior three from standing bow adn holding. The supporting leg killed in my but. I have never had a problem here before and she told me in the changeroom that this is a new struggle for her as well. I think it is because someone said something about it hurting during class and then I felt it. I have to delete this comment so I can go back to ignoring it again!

The couple was there this morning too. They were on the other side of the studio.

There was a tall, older, running man. I know he is a running man because he had my running water bottle and it had Gu in it. He said he loves the stuff. Hahaha!! I guess it would be good for morning yoga.. give you some energy without making you sicky.

I was feeling so ill last night. I want to remember this. I haven't felt like that since I made pot pies. I woke up around 11:30 and felt like puking and my mind felt all panicky. I went to the bathroom. I didn't puke. I drank some water and tried to stop thinking about feeling sick. I cuddled my pillow and curled into fetal until I fell back to sleep. When I woke up.. my stomach still felt a little bloated but I am ok. Maybe it was the rich food that I ate at our celebration dinner with the running room. I had some kind of soup and sour dough bread slices.. yum! And.. beef .. and mashed potatoes and white carrots that looked like french fries... short ribs.. or ribs without the bone.. something that just melted in my mouth. It was yummy and filling. I gave my desert to Sofie to take to Ben. I had just one beer .. and I didn't finish it. I don't know what made me sick.. but I am writing it down for when I feel like that again. I am like a detective!!

K.. teach time!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday 4km Tempo

4 km
19:33 mins
4:51 min/km
251 cals

I had a quick run in the sun. It was my first run with my NEW RUNPOD. It is blue and pretty!! Hey.. I made a video at the end of my run.. let's check it... Nevermind. I didn't do it right!! I will try again tomorrow.

I need to get an arm thing.. I tried to put it in my little key pocket on the inside of my pants - but I think that will get too sweaty on longer runs. I need one like ema. So gay.. cause I had one.. but I think I gave it away when I had my other Ipod .. the fat one. Now they make them skinny again.

K.. I need some food then off to runclub dinner.. I know food then dinner.. but I am starving!!

Tuesday 6am Yoges - Patricia

This guy is funny... My toes are slippery

Stacee woke me up at 5:34 am!! hahaha.. she isn't coming. I couldn't hear what she was saying. We both sounded morning froggy. I do remember being called a goober or a booger..

It is the new yoga clotehes that mom got me at Christmas that make me feel awesome. I wore some of my lower fitting shorts today.. and it is so much harder to keep my lower gut in during things like the plank. It did make me try harder. That is good I guess. It just pinches out my lower ponch in certain positions. But no worries.. I am cool. I am awesome for 36! I love me!

So - what else was I thinking this class? Hmmm.. oh.. the couple was behind me. He is getting really good. He concentrates hard and closes his eyes when he is told. She is still blowing her nose and fidgeting. I feel sorry for her. It seems like she is always sick.. and her husband is getting better than her. I would hate that!! hahaha!! I would never say that though... it is not a competition. I just think like that.. which I will try not to... tomorrow!! hehehe!!

K.. gotta go sign in before the bell!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday 6am 1 Hour Hot - Angela (Stacee!!)

Wow! I couldn't believe it!!! Stacee made it to yoga at 6am! She really is determined and motivated. It is great. I love that quality in a person. Less talk more action. She did tons better than last time. That is what is great about yoga you can make some corrections and improvements so quickly yet there are always things to work on and get better.

I had a great class. I was kinda wobbley at the beginning and I was slippery too - I body buttered yesterday... tried to a be a little pretty for mother's day??? hahahah! Hi MOM!!!

Angela was freshly inspired by her yoga retreat and was eager to share her new ideas..  foundation was a new word I think she used a few times. I like it when teachers are excited to teach and I have seen her on both ends of the scale now. I hope she stays exctied.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday 6km - Kinda fast!!

41:42 mins
5:55 min/km 
0 cals

I was so excited to get out and run. It is a beautiful day. I was waiting for Stacee but she didn't wake up.. so whatever. I had a false start. I went out and my runpod wouldn't move. I restarted it and went back inside and tried plugging it in. Damn. I don't want to get changed and go to future shop... wait.. MAC store.. nice and close. I went there.. he fixed it in two seconds. He said it was stuck on hold. Well, it is not stuck on hold now!! It won't turn off.. it won't move again. I can't deal with this. I don't want to lose all of these runs.. I will never make it to blue.. I won't be able to save my runs in Bali. I am going right back there now and getting a new one!! SCREW IT! It is old and it is time. It has done me years of running and done well. Thank-you runpod!

My run was good. I ran down my alley and to English Bay and back 6km. Then.. I walked home and tried to stop my runpod but it kept recording my walk.. so that ruined my pace. When I unplugged the Nike Plus part it stopped the run. I didn't know that. The data went to Nike Plus too.. thank goodness!! I should have done that last Sunday!!

Anywho - nice run. I ran fast and it felt good. I was sweaty and happy. I slowed down on the way back. OK!! Going to get a new IPOD!! and a case for my arm.. maybe.. and.. groceries and do laundry and go to Langley!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday 10am 1 hour hot - Christine (Stacee!!!)

So, today Stacee came to yoga. It was hard for her because she had to be quiet for an hour. hahaha! She did really well though. It is hard and it is hot.

I had a good class. I focused quite well considering Stacee was struggling behind me. I tried to give her encouragement but I could tell she was so not into it. I am proud of her for trying though - making her own mind up about it.

Dana wasn't there. Hmmm.. I guess I will see her Monday morning.. if I go Monday... I have mother's day at Sam's.. so I might get home late.

LATER - Off to Allie's 40th birthday party!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday 12 Street Jazz - Jojo (Keli Day!)

After contemporary we went to Jojo's class! The Jojo show. We did a Janet song. It was Jojo style - and fun. I danced in my socks. I danced in my bare feet. Then I danced in my shoes. I kept thinking he was thinking that my tank top was awful. Hahaha.. I did the Jojo voice for Keli and it was funnier. Anywho - it was a good routine. It seemed like he had figured this one out in advance. Sometimes he makes things up on the spot.. but this one was premeditated - good job Jojo! 

Oh ya.. I forgot to mention.. Cierra was at the front counter working for her work experience. Awesome. I took a picture.. let me get it out of my phone.

Friday 10:30 Contemporary - Justine (Keli Day!)

I am always afraid of this class because there are so many "elite" contemporary dancers and I am not in their crew. It is great to have Justine the teacher though cause she makes me feel better. I warned her that I was coming and that I would be at the back.. but to speak loud cause I am def.

Keli and I had a pretty good class. I think I rolled the right way most of the time and I caught onto what I was supposed to be doing.. most of the time. I think I could get good and give more if I knew what I was doing. I know that is why those elite are so good - because they come all the time and they know the routines.. and Justine's style... so they can go past just trying to remember which way to roll.

Keli did awesome.. she was sick and she danced for 2.5 hours!! She was coughing away too.. poor thing!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday 8pm Booty Camp - Maren

What I should do with these blogs about Booty Camp is try and remember the exercises that we did so I can re-use them either myself or with my classes. BTW - I saw Julie Morgan walking by today... she was like.. what are you doing??? And I shook my booty and said.. booty camp!! hahaha!! She must think I am crazy!

So- today:

1. Ladder rope: run in every step, run to the cone, skip back.
2. Ladder rope: RL in every step, run to the cone, grapevine type thing back
3. Ladder rope: out, out, in, in, run to the cone, lunge R back (next time L)
4. Ladder rope: outside foot steps across and in - 1,2,3 back and forth, run to the cone, squat jumps - bring knees way up and get air
5. Ladder rope: R side in, in, out, out, run to the cone, half turn squats back

water break

In groups of three we had four stations:
1. band on the railing - rows - pinch scapulas together - hands holding knife and fork waiting for dinner
2. 1,2,3/ 1,2,3 over the yellow runner thing
3. pushups - normal wide - look diagonally forward
4. suicides - run touch run touch

water break

In groups of four we had four stations:
1. band on the railing - rows - top of fists horizontal
2. burpies
3. yoga pushups (tricep)
4. football low squat runs/ shuffles - touch

Squat wide arms like a puppet twists - lots

the arm thing that Stacee hates - bird noises

bridge - bridge slow marching - one leg up and hold repeat other leg - down and ups

planks center, R, center, L

warrior one with knee down and spinal twist R and L


walk home and hot tub!! NICE!

Our instructor Maren will not be here next week. I will not be attending next Tuesday because it is our run club dinner. You know ... this is a great month! I love MAY! This is just what I needed.. to do things and keep busy till Bali! YAY!

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

I woke up before my alarm this morning - because I went to bed really early! yaya!! Dana was there and both tattoo girls... and that new dude that was there yesterday. He stood beside me today. He tries hard and sucks at double pigeon too!! The old man tattoo guy was there.. the one that looks like he could be a California surfer dad. The little Asian lady was there.. and asked about my race. She said that the Okanagan race - which is the same time as the Victoria one - is one of her favourites. I will mention this to Carrie and Emma but I am pretty sure we are still going to do the Victoria. I am just stoked that we have a little running team!

Back to yoga - my muscles are sore all over. This is nice but ... I didn't do as good as I could of. I still did awesome though. I kinda flaked out on the warrior threes. (flat arabesque ones) I should take an afternoon class soon just to really stretch cause I am so stiff in the morning. Maybe I will do that this weekend.. maybe.

There is the bell!! School time!! YAY!! Today is a fake Friday... cause tomorrow is PRO D and I am going to Harbour with KELI!!! YAY!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

Oh man!! I was so tired this morning... and sore from Booty Camp!! haha... but I opened my eyes and followed through. Yoga clothes by the toilet.. step into those as I flush... towels and matt behind the door.. wash up and brush.. and out the door.

It was a fun class. I don't think I was the only tired one. We had some laughs over that during class. Tall, tattoo girl, Dana, and that girl that always comes with her boyfriend and she always has a cold... she was there without him. We were the front row. Supposedly, we have to be leaders - but we were not holding everything that long. Tired! hahah!

I felt great when I left... I am sore right now.. that booty camp was a good idea..  it is nice to work some new muscles!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday 8pm Booty Camp! with Maren... and Stacee!!

Well, I am a boot camper. It was beautiful spot to work out. We did a little run then we did lots of different interval training things. The abs at the end were my favourite. I will write more next time. I am tired and it is passed my bed time.

We went in the hot tub after.. it is my new favourite plae... what is that.. four times since last Saturday? I think we are going to go in every time too! YAY!


Tuesday 5:30 Street Jazz - JO! (I think it is her first class back!)

Twigg and I went to Street Jazz. It was BUSAAAAY! We did a Missy song... Missy got something to say...Lick Shots. It was fun!! It was just the right amount to remember. I hope we get to go to that class again next week! I hope Keli can come too!!

We went for sush after.. YAY!! It was a nice day!! Thanks Twigg!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday, May 3, 2010 - RACE DAY!

Race Results

I will write LATER!

Here are some pictures from mom for now:

Hey! I am back!! It is now Wednesday at 5:30. I am pooped but I am home and I have some time now to write about my race. Then, I want to read what Emma wrote about the race. 

First things first: My runpod works again! YAY!!! When I ran in the rain it got soaked and I lost all my run details. BOOO!! How am I ever going to make it to the blue level? I just lost the most important run of all. Oh well, at least I had music the entire time and that is what really matters.. right? AND.. it is working now and I can go for a run tomorrow and work towards my blue level. I should keep total of the lost runs! I guess I kinda do here. Maybe I should add a tag into my titles for them.. so I can go back and do a total.. or start a new page for them. YES! That is what I will do. Wait. I will be back again. 

OK :) I am back. You can go and check it out. I made a new page where I will post any more lost runs. As soon as I loose 100km I am buying a new Ipod. This one just freezes too much! 
Now, let's get back to the race. I would like to say thanks to Emma and Carrie for doing this with me and Amy... who I met the day before our race... it would not have been so amazing and it would not have been so fun if I had done it alone. I really enjoyed reading the blogs...even Carrie's... having a sleepover, and having a hot tub party afterward!

The four of us woke up super early, nourished ourselves, and tried to go to the bathroom. I did my hair in bamboo style so it would look good all sweaty when I run through the finish line. We basically dorked around until just after 6 when we took off into the morning. It was dry out but cloudy. Not a good sign but we had heard that the rain would hold off until 11am. 

We found the start line, made a potty stop, and found friends and pace leaders. We set up our ipods and organized our gear. We were ready to go when the rain drops started to tinkle. (Oh that was Amy in the bathroom.. ) NO!! It was rain!! Then we were off. I saw Sofie and was with her for a bit then I was alone. I was so into my mix and just trying to stay calm and keep my eye on the people so I could dodge when needed. I used the side walk through east Van and other spots to stay away from the crowds. I tried to stay to the right normally but if I saw a station up ahead I would float towards the middle so I wouldn't be in the way of those people who were grabbing water or gatorade. Or rather, they wouldn't be in my way. 

On that note, I would like to say that I like our system of carrying our own water and nutrition. Drink and eat when you need to. I used two guus with water and most of it is still in my fridge. I drank when I took my walk breaks and just a little squirt. It was perfect. 

I had never run the Prospect Point hill. I missed those days with the run club. I was at the very bottom of the hill and I had a walk break and a squirt of my power and then Sam's song came on, Motordick! Hahaha!! I raced up that hill and then there was some down .. and I thought that was it. That was easy. Then I looked across and saw the Lions Gate Bridge was really high from where I was.. and isn't Prospect Point at the end of the bridge?? Yes it is!!! And up and around and up and around and up and around I went!! I had another walk break in there too.. just before the top... so that means I was running up hill for at least 10 minutes. 

The down was great though! I love down! My knees don't always love down - but what a free treat! It was no work at all!! 

When I got to the end of the park - to English Bay - I saw Andrew. YAY! I high fived the BMO Bear mascot and I had my last walk break. I booted it after this walk and thought that maybe I had started to boot it too soon. I started calculating in my head how far I was from the end, from my house, had I run this far before and it wasn't so bad. I was almost home free. I kept up my pace. As I got closer people told me to finish strong and I thought how could I run any faster... and all of a sudden I did!! and I didn't stop!! I pumped my arms through the finish line - smiling and FINISHED!! YAY!! 

Afterwards was the worst... cold... rain... hiding under the Red Bull tent as all my muscles started to crunch in on each other.. wanting warmth and dry clothes... and the HOT TUB! 

I am going to end it there.. What a great day!! 
No wait.. I just want to say how awesome the hot tub party was.. and thanks to everyone who came!! 

K.. I am done.. I am hungry.. AGAIN!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday 3km Steady - THE LAST RUN before the RUN!

3.26 km
18:32 mins
5:39 min/km
245 cals

Emma and I cruised out my alley and left along the C wall to running expo. It was so nice to run and chat! It was not so nice dodging all of the people through the snake walk to pick up her registration package. Then.. we walked home. NICE!