Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 4-5:30 Bikrams Bali - Dennis

Yay! I'm back at yoga and I am feeling more positive already. I got ten classes and I have sixteen days to do them. They only have two classes a day and one on Sunday. I will hqve to coordinate my classes with the tide chart. I'm looking forward to doing so many classes in Bali.

The motorbike ride was easy and I found it first try. There was no traffic on the way back. I equate this to being a weekend day.

Our teacher was awesome. He made us work hard and he didn't let me cheat. I realize now that WHY does not push me enough or give enough corrections. I even thought about returnig to Bikram's but I do like the variety at WHY. It gives me a lot of new moves to use at school. Maybe I will switch to Y yoga sometime. Maybe when Azelia goes??

Good correction: in the split leg head to knee one use a wider stance and my head will go to my knee. It worked.

He also told me to try in the back strnghening - he one where you lay on oir arms and bring both legs up - go up wide then bring them back together but I didn't get to try that one cause I didn't know he was talking to me. Next time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Angela

I went into class today thinking I was going to come back and do the noon class as well - but there is no way I am going back in that studio again today. I was strong at the start but halfway at triangle I got sick feeling. It didn't help that Angela kept breaking the flow of the class to teach corrections and technique. I like that - don't get me wrong - and the new kids needed that... it is just I needed to keep it moving today. I sat down for the second half of triangle and the second half of head to knee and I didn't do the laying down bow. I thought of a lot of theories why I wasn't feeling good or why today wasn't a good day for me... but I kept trying to go back to my breath and quit thinking so that I could just plough through. OH well.. it is done and we are off to Bali tonight. I am not going to do any classes there - just surf and walk. I will try and do some stretching on the beach before surfing... and then when I come back I will dive right back into my yoges and dance.

See ya when I get back!!! SURF TIME with screwed ankle styles!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday 4-5 Hot Yoges - Leo

I was thinking... I forgot to say that Erin is so cute and bouncy. She has so much energy!! I was really feeling the effects of her class today when I was walking around. I am going to try and do her flow class again.

The girl that put her mat right down in front of Azelia the other day was right beside me and she talked to me at the end of class. She is a dancer and dances at Harbour. She had some sort of accent. I was trying not to talk too much because she asked me in the studio when you are supposed to be quiet. I have an opinion in my mind and I don't want to right it down.. thumper style.

I love Leo's class. We did a two minute plank today. We also did a balance, core stretch at the end that I think I will put in my warm-up: sit on bottom, hold big toes in front of you, release left arm and bring it behind you and twist to the left. Repeat right and repeat all. Kinda like the stretch we used to do in baby ballet but then we did one leg then the other then both.. this one is straight up and with a twist.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monday 12-1 Hot Yoges - Erin - Azelia!

This class was packed! Erin is an awesome teacher. She made me smile and sweat. She stretched me out and gave me lots of things to work on. I love that.

Afterwards Azelia and I got free slurpees from 711 and Andrew came by and we all had a nice little chat.

Saturday 12-1:15 Flow - Erin - Azelia!

This was a fun class! Azelia and I got to do head stands, hand stands, and donkey kicks??? Jumps? What a great way to spend a rainy summer July day? (Too bad there are so many of them!! Oh well.. off to Bali in two more days!!)

OH! And there is a stretch I want to put into next years warm-up: laying bow pose and tip to the right and stretch your quad and repeat left. That felt nice!! ANd.. fish pose - laying on back, propped on shoulders, head back.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Sarah

I love these 8am classes. There is lots of space to yoges.

My shoulder is feeling a lot better. It isn't back to normal yet but it doesn't hurt when I raise it above my head anymore. This is a good thing!

My tummy hurt today in class.

One of the girls beside me or behind me smelled. I would want to know if I smelled in class but I don't think I would want anyone to tell me. Maybe a close friend or family member - but not a random from the class.

The girl behind me was fidgety. I caught myself glaring at her and I stopped and focussed on myself. No more teacher. I am just a student of summer.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Angela

It was hot and super sweaty today. The heater went off once and Angela left the room to go and turn it back on. I like the 8am classes. There were only 6 people in class. Angela was giving a lot of corrections. She told us that a flexed foot is stronger and works more muscles than a pointed toe in balancing postures. So, I am pretty sure we all tried it. It feels different - but I like the pointed toe better...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday 5:15-6:30 Yin - Leo - Azelia

This was Azelia's first yin class. Her hips are a lot more flexible than mine. That class feels good when you are done but it is still hard for me to sit still when I am in those poses for so long!

Sunday 4-5 Hot Yoges - Leo - Azelia!

The heat was working today - not fully but it was working and I think they had the humidity still cranked - so it was sweaty! I was making pools of sweat on my towel and mat.

There was a rude girl who put her mat right in front of Azelia - we moved her and smiled though it. She must be young... or just rude.. I don't know.

I am getting really excited for Bali now. That is where my brain went the most. Jonny is making shirts to give to our friends - Benesari Surf Crew. I made a logo using Illustrator before I went to yoges. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday 4-5:30 HOt Yoges - Lola

No heat again today but Lola cranked the humidity and we did the class the same. I was dripping sweat but a little bit cold in the floor part. The heat will be back tomorrow.

Thoughts - make a walking playlist with a stopping and watching song. Whenever that song comes on I have to stop and sit and watch stuff. Then I thought.. how could I make that into a school project? Hmmm... Walking ... whenever the song comes on you have to dance... that could be a cool new warm-up idea.... it would give you time to think about movements that you wanted to do the next time that song came on.

Thursday 10:30 - 12:10 C wall attempt!

My plan was to walk the C wall from G town and back around to Y town home. It was cloudy when I set out. I was only wearing a t-shirt. It started to lightly mist when I was at the rowing club. I decided I would cut through the the totem poles in case it started to rain more.. but I didn't even think of going back yet. I wanted to walk the whole C wall.

It started pouring and I ... and others were basically running from tree to tree - well walking quickly. It would have been fine if I was running but I was only at the water park. I stood under the bridge and texted Jonny. He told me to tuck in somewhere and get some hot chocolate. I decided to cut through the park. I walked passed the "Spirit" train and the aquarium and a really cool play area. I think we should go and check that out on a nice day with Belle and Laya. I made it back to the parking lot close to the rowing club again. From there I walked under the bridge and up the street in between Georgia and Robson. I crossed over at Thurlow and went through my Breadgarden alley until Burrard then I zig zagged home.

It had stopped raining by the time I got home and my bangs had dried. I was wet and cold and hungry.

I guess I will have to try to do this walk again next day Jonny goes to work and hopefully it will be sunny!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Angela

There was no heat in the studio today. Instead of savasana in between all the floor exercises we did a vinyasa. That worked... I was sweating and we finished the 90 minute class in 70.

I am feeling fat and bloated again. I hope I can get a positive body image going on for Bali. I hope that going grocery shopping will help that out... eating healthier... and saving money. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Sarah - Azelia!!

This was Azelia's first 90 minute hot and she did awesome.

I have a numbness in the tip of my right big toe. It happened about half way through the class. I started Googling it but it just gave me a lot more worries... so I will wait a bit and see if it goes away. More than likely it is a pinched nerve.

I thought of more stuff.. but I am hungry!! Happy Canada Day!