Wednesday, April 18, 2018

80 Day Obsession Round 1 DONE!

I did it! You know what though? I didn't feel as excited as I should have at the end. I think this is because, from the start, I have set this up to be a lifestyle change and not just 80 days. When the end of 80 days came along, I knew I was going to have a few treats and then get right back at it. It is part of my life and routine now. It makes me feel good. I like timed nutrition. I am full and healthy. I don't crave chips and pop on the way home, because I have my driving home meal.

I didn't change much the last month, even with peak week. Part of me thinks it is because my body adjusted to it or is happy where it is, another part of me thinks I should have stuck to the plan even closer and chosen the foods from the top of the list which are the healthiest. Then, I started to see other people's transformations and thought, why didn't I try harder? Why did I cheat those days when we were on vacation or at a funeral? I had to check myself! I had to remind myself of all that I had accomplished. I am awesome. I did awesome. I am going to keep doing awesome.