Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday 9:54 - 10:50 Pregnancy Yoges

I did my yoges in my spare. It is a gloomy Monday and it was easy to melt into it and not think too much. I didn't bend as much  - I just took it easy and focused on my breathing and keeping my shoulders back in the breaks.

Jonny and I did get one good walk in this weekend during a dry break. I am not going to record all my walks - that just doesn't really count as exercise. It is just walking!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Walked 3.55 km, 38:50 mins. -

This is the first time I have used the Nike App in my phone. I could have been logging all the walks that Jonny and I have done. I wouldn't usually count a walk as my regular exercise - those are just bonus everyday activities - but maybe I should start counting them? I will think about it.

I met Emma for sushi in Kits and dropped her back off at UBC. Then I stopped at the end parking lot at Spanish Banks, took out my hearing aids, put in my ear buds and went for a walk. I had just downloaded the new Dinosaur Jr. So it was a really pleasant walk. It is brisk and gloomy out but still pretty and not raining. I took a few pics using Instagram - just getting into that... stopped to pee. I had to slow down twice because Christian was moving around but other than that I had a nice pace and was feeling happy. There were a lot of old couples and dog people out. I think they are taking advantage of the non-rain. Supposedly today is the last day... the rain she comes tomorrow!! 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday 10:15 - 11:10 Pregnancy Bikram

The first half of my yoges was pretty exciting because Jessie was in the studio choreographing for seniors. I had hip hop yoga going on. Then she left and I had to listen to the boring voice that I have heard over and over. 

No problems in the yoges. I guess because I move slow and hold positions it is ok. Fast movements do not work for my big belly anymore. Slow and easy wins the race. 

Good day!