Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday 5km Tempo - Week 13 - PB for 5km!!

5 km
23:22 mins
4:39 min/km
377 cals

I GAVER!! I came home from school intent on doing yoga and running but for some reason yawning and wanting a nap. So, I had a nap for an hour and twenty minutes. I had some peanuts and water and went downstairs groggily choosing songs for the on-the-go playlist. I didn't choose that well but man did I ever make run!!

This was a tempo run and I don't think I have tried to run the tempos all that fast lately. I decided that this time I would try to go as fast as I could. I focused on moving my feet and counting one, two, three, four. I was passing people. I was breathing hard. I was sweating and I was wishing I was done when I had still two kilometers left to go. I slowed down a bit but once I caught my breath again I got  my feet back up to the same cadence.

I got to my alley and I it was time to stop and some girl's voice came on telling me I had run my fasted 5km. YAY!! My pace on my Nike Plus was 4:39!!! I smiled and through my hands into the air. What a great run!

Just found this while looking for an image:
Many top runners run more than 100 miles a week because their bodies have the genetic ability to withstand such abuse, but the vast majority of runners will never be able to run 100 miles a week without being injured frequently. Furthermore, running a lot of miles slowly will slow you in races. The ability to run fast in races depends more on how fast you run in practice than on how many miles you run each week. However, every time you run fast, your muscles are damaged and feel sore on the next day, and it takes at least 48 hours for your muscles to heal enough to allow you to run comfortably again at a very-fast pace. After every workout in which you run very fast, take the next day off or run at a much slower pace. Most top athletes plan their workouts so they run very fast only two days a week. The same principles apply to any endurance sport.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday 12km - Week 13 - Head of the Herd.. ya HEARD?

1:10:48 mins
5:21 min/km
990 cals

I know that today was an easy run. A 12km . Next week will be the real test. Nonetheless, I had an awesome run. I stayed at the head of the herd the entire time and I even finished first. I had tons of energy and I felt great. WOW! I can't believe it. I only had two beers yesterday. I have medium cramps and am out of advil.. .going to get some now. I had a few sips of my gatorade. I had one and a half pieces of toast with peanut butter and water at 7:50. I puked in my mouth and swallowed it. EW! I gotta eat my toast a little earlier or just have one piece. I thought a lot about my cadence and when we did hills I pushed my chest forward. I really focused on my posture. I took cues from others. When I saw them slouch I would correct my own posture. I can't believe how good I felt.

The one bad thing is my new water belt. I got a large because they didn't have any mediums left and I can't make it go tight enough. I tried to wear it on my hips but it kept riding up. For the first twenty minutes I was fussing with it. Then, it seemed to stay. I guess I will give it another go next week. I think I just have to get used to wearing it and figure out how it works for me.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday - 6km Steady - WEek 12

6 km
33:56 mins
5:38 min/km
451 cals

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday 6 - 8/400 Hills - Week 12 - Happy Birthday Carrie!!!

7.42 km
40:42 mins
5:28 mins/km
558 cals

Today we had a speaker who talked with us about motivation and training. I related it to how I used to tell myself that I loved adage even though it was my least favourite part of ballet class. You have to remind yourself that breathing hard is normal not a reason to quit. Hills are your friend because training hard and suffering will make you stronger. Normal people don't push themselves because it is uncomfortable. Exceptional people push themselves because they can and it is easy once you have done it once you know you can do it - build a strong foundation in your training and you will continue to grow. She also suggested created a short mantra to tell yourself when you are running. Eye of the tiger? I love hills. Easy, short reminders that you can do it!

We did hill training today. I love hills! Hahaha! I really do though. We did 8 hills and I was the third one done so she made us early finishers go back down and run someone up. So... I did nine hills. I felt good. I remembered my technique with the pushing the door open, pumping the arms, and envisioning the crest as flat. I also tried to keep my cadence up - more short steps as opposed to fewer longer strides. I really think that is the key and what I have been missing.

Anywho!!! I am DONE like... Thursday!

Thursday 6am One Hour Hot - Theresa

YAY! I organized my schedule so I could have one morning off from 7am dance team practice. I hope this works so we can do this all next year. I want to get my yoga done in the morning and do something else in the evenings.

So, I got up and my eyes were still groggy and swollen with sleep. I was ready to get up though. I have been waking up before my alarm all week. I wish I could roll over and just snooze and relax... but maybe Saturday!

I was really sore from Krump and Breakdance yesterday at our Harbour field trip. It felt bad but good to stretch out all of those tight muscles. I haven't taken the one hour hot in a long time but it was fine. I felt strong and happy.

I got a speeding ticket on the way to school though - on the other side of the G bridge!! BOOOO!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday 5km Tempo - Week 12

5 km
26:30 mins
5:16 min/km
377 cals

I got back from Harbour and went out for my run. This is not so hard to do when it is still light and sunny out. It is 7pm now and it is still light. I love this time of year.

Today was a tempo run and I decided to switch it up and run across the Cambie bridge. I was going to go over the Granville but I decided to just turn around at the half way mark and run back the way I came. I like the False Creek side of the C wall. I just love our city for running. There are so many great places to run and there are so many people out there enjoying it.

I thought about my cadence a little bit today but not as much as the last two runs. I was quite tired so I was kept losing my focus. This is such a busy month.. well... this week until the end of April. I know I can make it through because I know at the end I will have a break and be able to have some more me time :)

OK... I am going to make a YouTube from today's field trip.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday 7km Steady - Week 12

Here is the new one that I will be sporting this Sunday... although I might not need it for Sunday.. cause we are only doing a 12km. I think I will use it anyways.. cause I have it! I gotta get used to the thing. 
7 km
36:21 mins
5:10 min/km
527 cals

Today was supposed to be my 5km tempo but I switched it to do my 7 steady because tomorrow I am taking the kids to Harbour. I kinda run this one like a tempo though. I felt like I was cruising. I could my cheeks blush up and sting with redness and salt.

For this run I tried to focus on my cadence. I was trying to do more steps. I noticed on Sunday that our leader was taking a lot more steps than me and I was trying to match him then. When I get tired I want to step less and lengthen my stride but that is going to defeat my purpose. I must remember more steps will make me go faster and will not tire out my big muscles as much. I tried just counting my steps in my head and making them go to the beat of the songs. I was listening to Jay's Tribe Tribute and MOP Tribute. Tribe had a good underlying beat for all of their songs which kept my feet moving. MOP was noticeabley slower and I think when I look on the NIKE thing I will see that is where I slowed down.

OH- water belt update. I took mine back to the Denman store today on the way home from school because this is the day that I get out early! (on time for most people - early for me!) They didn't have a four bottle in medium or large. I didn't lie about using it.. he just asked that I switch my bottles. I was glad about that. He found one at the Granville and Broadway store and drove over there... circling the blocks to find a spot to park. $0.45 got me 13 minutes in the meter!! What a deal! Anywho, I got the belt there and some gus and jelly beans and some glide stuff to put in between my thighs for when I wear my shorts. I had some nasty rubbage on my 12km in Quitto. It is so cool that I ran there!! Thanks g(j!!) for being so supportive.

OK.. one more errand for the day: Return my camera at Future Shop.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday 16km - Week 12

17.56 km
1:38:29 mins
5:36 min/km
1319 cals

Whoa! That was rough! But... It is done :-)

So, let's start with the WATER BELT. I got to run club just after 8. I got a water belt and two gus or jels.. or whatever to try. One vanilla and one chocolate. I was filling the water bottle with water and it leaked out the bottom. My negativity towards the water belt had physically manifested as a hole! It was busy in there but I got the guys attention and he told me to get a new one. There were no more mediums. He said grab a new bottle... so I brought over another belt and jacked a bottle. I filled the other bottle from my belt and it leaked too!! So.. I had to take both bottles. I finally got the belt filled and then I couldn't understand whether to put it under or over my jacket. I dorkily put it over.. and my long shirt hung out so much more. I have to say... I was one big fashion faux pas!! I didn't have time to get gatorade like I had planned but whatever... next week!

So - I didn't like the way the belt kept crawling from my hips to my waist. The gel was really sweet. I had a little bit on the third walk and little bit more on the fifth walk. I still didn't finish it. All my water was gone by the end too!! I loved having water. I think I am going to get used to this belt.

My run was good for the first half. I stayed at the front of the group. We ran to Science World and back. On the way back I decided I didn't want to be a part of the herd anymore. I gave into my own pace at the pool and let the group troop forward. I was way to tired to care. I just slowed down my pace and my cadence. I finished last again. I wonder if I should join the 2 hour group next week? Maybe I will ask on Thursday??? Or.. maybe I should just try to keep pushing myself.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday - 5km Steady - Week 11

27:58 mins
5:34 min/ km
377 cals

This is my first run back in Vancouver. It is a beautiful day. It feels great to be home in this sunshine. I felt like this run was not too easy but not too hard. I am worried for tomorrow's 16 km because everyone else did that last week and I only did 12. I was thinking that maybe I should join the 2 hour group? Maybe? I don't know. I guess I will see how it goes tomorrow and then decide. I have to go and get my water belt today. Yikes!! I gotta do it though.

Anywho, my route today was out the alley to English Bay and back. Nice and easy!

Two Runs in Quitto - From my journal!

Saturday 8am Hot Yoges - Christine - I'm on a Boat!!

Wow!! I just got back from yoga. I am on a boat. I thought it was all in my head but I can't stand still! I couldn't balance. It was so hard! I really want to get off this boat. I have been off of it since Wednesday morning. Other than trying to focus on something still and imagine I am still and not swaying side to side - my flexibility was good and I felt strong. I had a very challenging class. Also, yesterday in Houston G and I ate some bad food and we both had exploding buts when we got home - actually I knew it was going to explode at the border... we had to hold it in till we got home!! I still had an upset stomach this morning. So - I think I had an awesome class because I went there and did it despite all my physical challenges!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday 6km Steady with Hills??? Week 10

6 km
32:43 mins
5:25 min/km
453 cals

I ran with EMMA, CARRIE, BELLE, SAM and LAYA!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday 14km LSD - Week 10

15.75 km
1:27:10 mins
5:31 min/km
1183 cals

This was a rough wedding!!... wHAT>??? I am watching a movie when I am typing.. ahhha what???

This was a rough run! I was last in my pace group. I just kept trucking. I guess it is time to get the water belt!

We ran down Chilco to the C wall and along to the Cambie Street Bridge - through Granville Island and Vanier Park then back along the Burrard Street Bridge. I lost my energy at the Burrard bridge up the hill. The pace leader told me to use my arms and keep my cadence the same. I need to fuel myself better. They should have long runs on Saturdays mornings.. Sundays should be for sleeping in!!!

I did it! AND .. that is what matters:)

Saturday - 4km Steady - Week 9 - WITH EMMMMMAAAA!!!

Emma and I ran 4 km. We calibrated for 2km and run  back for 2km. It was beautiful and sunny. I sat on the edge of the C wall with my legs hanging over the edge. The water was trying to make waves. It was happy and beautiful and fun! yay!! 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Speed - 4 quick runs - Week 9

3.96 km
20:38 mins
5:12 min/km
297 cal

Well - we did speed training instead of hills today. First we had a talk on over training. Who would do that? I thought of some people that I used to know at the gym - like that really skinny, blonde woman. She was sick. She definitely over trained. I train hard but I play hard and I work hard... and I try to rest too!! I don't think I could ever go that crazy! I like to chill and sleep and read!!

Anywho, after that exciting and LONG talk we ran slowly to Coal Harbour. We ran to the silver house on sticks. Our goal was to work on our cadence. Cadence is a term often used for bikers - how many pedals you do. Same thing for running - how many times you turn your feet over or how many times you step. To go faster you want to do more steps not increase the length of your step. So. we would run back and forth down this one sidewalk... by the Olympic barge - past Caderos - anywho - she would call out 1 minute and we would run and count our steps. The goal is to get 180 in a minute and then keep running to the end and wait for everyone. We did this four times and each time you were supposed to try and get 3 or 4 more steps in the minute. I was at 200 by the time we were done unless I can't count!! hahaha!! It is hard to count and run... She said if you are at 180 your goal is to keep it there. You aren't going to run the whole run like this anyways... but it will make you faster!

I met a nice girl on our slow run back. She is a snowboarder and she tried surfing in Costa Rica. She just got back from SunPeaks and managed to do her runs while she was away on a tread mill and she also had a hot tub with beer waiting for her. If she can do it on a mountain.. I can do it on a boat!! hahaha!! AND.. if I miss a few runs.. I don't care.. I will still do fine in the race!! No worries!! BE HAPPY!! (Right mom??!!!)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday 6km Steady - Week 9 - My first mosquito bite?

6.21 km
34:08 mins
5:29 min/km
466 cals

Hey! I had a great run today. I got home at 5:30 and the sun was still shining - yes.. I have made it through another dark season. I rejoice and smile at the sun as I run. WOO HOO!!!

My left big toe did a ow - about four times. Just one ow.. then... a few kms later another one. Nothing big just noting it for the furture!

So??? My mosquito story?? You want it? OK!! Here it is!! Yesterday I looked up the travel warnings for Ecuador. Of course there is a section on Malaria and mosquitoes. Then last night I had this dream where I was swimming in a pool and the whole top layer of the pool was mosquitoes all dead.. or sleeping... I was trying not to open my mouth as I pierced my head through the water. Ewww!!! They all started to wake up.. zombie mosquitoes!! So.. I ducked under and tried to swim to get out of the pool.. but for some reason I had to go the whole length of the pool underwater.. and I was holding my breath.. and didn't want to take my deep breath too soon.. for fear of sucking in zombie mosquitoes and have them bite my tongue!!

Then today, I ran across the Cambie bridge and on the other C wall and just past Granville Island there are these condos that have this stagnant pond in front of them. Very pretty. All I was thinking was... that must be awful in the summer for mosquitoes and I kept on running. I ran back home across the Burrard street bridge.

When I got out of the shower I was scratching my leg. I looked at what I was scratching and it is a mosquito bite! I put the afterbite on it and that was that. But.. I can't help thinking.. could this be spring break forshadowing? Is this an evil sign that I am going to be bitten by a zombie mosquito??? I better take good care to use my bug spray and stay safe!! Cause I got the warning and I need to heed it!


Bring on the hills tomorrow!! I am ready for ya!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday 4km Tempo - Week 9

4 km
19:55 mins
4:57 minkm
301 cals

Today was a quick, fast run. I felt ok. I didn't feel like I was flying but I was trying to. I wished I could move faster but that was it! It isn't that bad! I took my usual route out my alley and started my run behind the Choices. I ran to the Aquatic Centre and back along my C wall. I can't remember what I was thinking about. It was starting to cloud over. There was some drips of rain in Surrey - I am glad I got leave right after school. I told myself all I had to do was get my run done today. If I felt like it I could go to dance or yoga later - no pressure. From now till the race - for the next nine weeks - I will focus on my running. I will not get upset if I don't make it to dance or yoga - I will have enough time when this is done to get back into all that. No stress!!

YAY!! Have a great run today everybody!!!