Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30 Hip Hop - JP - Navid!

First class back since ... June? Navid was there! YAY! It was hard and fun. I was sweaty and hating the look of my body in the mirror but time and dancing and yoga and eating healthy will take care of that. So.. shut up brain! I hope he does this same choreo next Wednesday so I can get it better. My brain was sending the moves to my body a little slow. I did get two of the fast parts.. but not every time.. relax!

Tomorrow is the first day of September. Last September I did 34 classes. I wonder if I can do that many again this September? 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday 4-5:30 Hot Yoges- Taryn

I started off strong. My intention for the class was to be the first in and last out, to yell in my head to myself, and to keep focus. I guess I should have said, my intentions. I was strong until halfway. I missed one triangle. Once we got to the back strengthening I was so hot and gave into my brain and the heat. I didn't do this section. I finished off the class and did the rest of the exercises and I left feeling defeated.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday 4-5:30 Hot Yoges - Jillian

This was the first time I had this teacher. She seems young. She did a different breathing exercise at the beginning. She asked us to lift our hands up in cobra. She spoke in a relaxed manner. It seemed that she did some things with the wrong side first. I don't know how long she has been teaching but maybe she is new. All in all I had a good class. I try to remember the things I learned in the summer and implement them. I am missing the strong voice that motivates you to hold on and then give just a little bit more. Oh well... I will have to generate that in my head.

I wonder where Azelia is? I hope she comes back to yoga soon.. and dance!

I am going to go to JP's class on Wednesday. YAY!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday 2-3:30 Hot Yoges - Sunni

I did everything and had a good class. Maybe it was because the heat turned off. We got the teacher to turn the heat back on though. This was the first time I had this teacher. She talked a lot and it ruined the flow of the class.

The 24 girl and the dancer girl were in a pyramid with me and it was kinda cool.

The class was small. There were six people in the class.

I really like wearing the full tank top over my fat belly. It stays on until I get skinny again. At least I can have the illusion of being skinny and I don't have any fear of grossing anyone out with my blubber.

I tried to remember things that I learned in Bali. Straight wrists.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine

I am finally feeling better from the jet lag. I didn't do amazing today. I was ok up until the halfway point and I sat out of one of the triangles. I also sat out of the tree pose. I was feeling hot and dizzy. I didn't do all of the back strengthening series either because my tummy was feeling a bit yucky. Everything else was done and I tried hard. My upper back is really tight but that is because it is a morning class and I haven't been bending it that much since yoga in Bali.

Christine's voice is really quiet. Sarah's was too the other day. It was so much nicer having a teacher that speaks loudly and forcibly giving you energy and determination. Oh well. I could move back to the Bikrams but I would miss the variety and the location. I am still thinking about getting a ten pack of classes. They are on one of those groupons right now... I am just kinda broke right now!

Oh - and I wore a full tank top today instead of a bra top and that made me feel a whole lot less fat. I think I will continue to do this... until I am skinny again. Again, if I wasn't broke I would go and get one more tank and pair of shorts to replace old stuff. Maybe I will do that anyways... hmmm... 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Sarah

Going to this class was probably not my smartest ideas. Jet lag kicked in in full force during the standing series and I pretty much had a yoga nap. I was sweating from the first minute I laid down on my mat. My body feels all out of whack. My tummy was not feeling good, dizzy, and tired. I came home after and slept till 1pm. I could have slept all day but I am really trying to get back on schedule.

Tomorrow's class will be better. I am going to stay up till at least 8pm (2 hours and 15 minutes). 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday 5-6:30 Bikrams Bali - Andrew

Last class in Bali today. Done!

I thought about giving Belle my old surf board.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 6-7:30 Bikrams Bali- Andrew

Mmmmmm Orange water!

I am going to miss scooting and yoga here. I find I am really breathing and focusing better in class here. I think it must be because I am on holiday. I don't have ten million things on mind. When things pop in my mind I can tell them to wait for later - wait till I get home.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday 5-6:30 Bikrams Bali- Andrew - Annina!

I remember one thing that I forgot to write yesterday about learning: stretching- release facia? Muscle - hold at max with no squiggles 15-30 seconds and breathe.

Annina did awesomd today. You wouldn't have guessed it was her third yoga class. Her two biggest things to wprk on are keeping her shoulders down and locking her knee. He also helped her with the knee exercise that she couldn't do before. Just sit her bum down between her knees but keep her weight forward on her arms.

Chronic pain - accute pain: Be cute, don't be accute pain.

Magnesium is very important for yogis -

K.. Time to eat at Roma again!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday 6-7:30 Bikrams Bali - Andrew

I was a machine today! I surfed in the morning, walked to Metahari and Discovery Mall, had sushi, surfed again and got an awesome rash from my stomp pad and then went to yoga! Now I'm sitting in Roma. Jonny got me a lemon water and I just downed it and now I have normal water.

Things I learned today:
1. Put hip forward and bend knee lower in triangle.
2. Use triceps and shoulders in the back extention with the two legs up- lean forward
3. There was more - I can't remember now.. Tomorrow!

I'm still worried about my stupid weight gain. I was tying to gayly breathe out all negative thoughts and breathe in good thoughts- I guess that doesn't work! Hahaha! I'll keep trying!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday 9-10:30 Bikrams Bali - Andrew (love this teacher!)

I had another awesome class today. This teacher rocks. He gives everyone really awesome corrections. Today he told me something that totally makes sense... Now. Why didn't anyone else tell me this before? In the floor bow pose relax my stomach. It is automated response is to flex and protect the inner organs. However our goal is to flex the back and relax the stomach allowin you to roll forward and balance on your hips. He explained how muscles worj together in opposition. Ex- when the bisep flexes the tricep relaxes. This is the same in the bow pose - the back flexes and the stomach muscles relax. It is hard to untrain bad habits but I will keep trying.

He also spoke about how Bikram went off when someo e lifted their handsin cobra. They do that at my studio. He also said there are many different types of yoga and many different ways to do postures. In Bikrams we are aiming to do them all the same way. Other classes you can work on other goals.

My long toes are working.

My ankle clicked yesterday when I was surfing. Something is not quite right with it. There is some pain on the inside of the ankle. I will monitor this and not hurt it more.

My shoulders were hurting today because I surfed with Annina at 6:30- small and closey- I can't see what I'm tyling on my phone now .. So done!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Saturday 10-11:30 Bikrams Bali - Andrew (Colorado)

Today is Jonny's 35th birthday and he wanted me to be happy and go to yoga. We had a new teacher today his name is Andrew and he is from Colorado. He gave me a good correction - keep my toes long - don't curl them. I tried it during the back strengthening series and my legs went higher easier.

There was banging at the end of class. He thinks he can make the wokers stop for yoga. I say, welcome to Bali!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tuesday 9-10:30 Bikrams Bali - Marcello

There were 9 people in class today. I like the flow of Marcello's class.

None of my sore parts are hurting me. I guess it was good to have a break from yoges.

I like getting yoga done in the morning.

I have a big white belly. The rest of me is tanned. I am pretty sure my body is all messed up from going off the pill. Last time I went off I got bacne and this time I am gaining weight. I am sure it will sort itself out. I just have to stay happy and be me. I have to try not to think negative thoughts about myself.

Monday 5-6:30 Bikrams Bali - Macello - Annina!!

Annina did her second Bikrams class today and she rocked it! I felt bad for her because the teacher had an accent (Portugese?) and really fast, so fast it was funny.

This class was easier than I thought. I was still sore from my first class back but this teacher was so quick and we were at triangle before I knew it.

On the way to yoges on the bike a motorbike crashed right in front of us. We stopped and checked and left. The dude was out of it. His bi. Cheek smashed on the ground!! It made my heart speed up!!

I realized that I paid too much for my two weeks. I could have gotten two weeks unlimited for 880 000Rp. I paid 1 121 000Rp for ten classes. I asked about that but they said they would have to ask the boss. I will try again tomorrow and see what they say.