Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday 9:50-10:46 Pregnancy Bikram

It is the last day of school and I am too excited to stand still. I kept slipping in and out of focus - more out than in. I was thinking about Annina coming to visit, about sleeping in my truck, about beaches and surfing. My mind was anything but empty. Let's get out of this school and start summer!!

I was socializing before I did my yoga and almost didn't do it. I almost stopped a couple of times in despair of my lack of focus but I stuck it out... falling out and ending poses early. BUT, I did it. I am sure I got some benefit. Maybe just a little. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thursday 9ish - 10ish Pregnancy Bikram

Done! One more day left in the studio then I get to explore camping yoges! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

This one was slower and gave you more time on SOME movements. There were the quick parts and you had to listen for the bass for the pelvic thrust.

The class was packed and hot tonight. It is sunny out. I thought about what I might be doing this time last year - last week of school - sunny - not pregnant... maybe drinking beer on a patio somewhere??? I need a beer.. I am getting too much work done at school. I am too focussed. I need to let loose! Oh well.. I will have to wait... a long, long time for that and it will never be like it used to be! We wanted this.

I might try this dance at school tomorrow for fun.

I saw Jimbo in the alley on the way to class. I said hi but couldn't stop cause I was late. I said as much and he understood. Looks the same 'ol. That is good. I am glad he didn't turn into a hipster.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Run 1.6 Km, 9:17 Mins

How embarrassing. I just wasn't into it today. I felt like I had to pee and I just wanted to go home. I will try again tomorrow... or dance tomorrow and try again Thursday. 

Tuesday 11-12 Pregnancy Bikram

I collated report cards, finished my boater's exam, ate lunch, and then did my yoges today. I prefer to get it done in the morning but as long as it gets done.

I want to stop double bending my knee in triangle. I want to stop the fidgeting. I am not sure where I got that habit. I just noticed it today and I am going to try to remember not to do it.

I hope I get a run in today and a dance. I guess dance would be more important because I won't have that on our trip - I will just be running and yoging and swimming and walking. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday 9- 10 Pregnancy Bikram

Done! I forgot to write in my blog last time I did this.. I have added in a new exercise at the end of this work out. I stay seated and do my arms - 10 pulses in each direction, repeat, 10 small circles, 10 medium circles, repeat other direction, repeat all. Now, as I am writing this I am doing the keagals. GROSS! Just in case the baby comes out that way.

I thought about Anjali and how nice it was to see her yesterday. Maybe she would like to teach next year? I thought about Annina coming to hang out here and all the things we could do and see.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday 1-2:30 Jazz - Moe

It was a smaller class today because of all of the shows going on. It was nice. We did the same warm up and didn't do across the floor. We did all choreography. I want to get my choreo more sharp - more with the music. The last 4 counts wouldn't stick in my brain in time with the music. Tricky arms and feet.

All in all good class and nice to be back. I have to dance more! I hope Keli and Twigg come and dance soon.

On my walk home from Harbour I was thinking about Heidi's birthday. I was thinking of what I wish I could text or tell my brother. It went something like this:
Sam your behaviour was very embarrassing last night. It would be to your benefit to go over some alternate reactions to that particular social situation. That situation will arise again and there are many other positive ways you could have dealt with it. You could have had a reaction that made you look smart, strong, and like a good dad. Instead you treated your mother in law like a dog, showed your children that hate is your response in a situation that made you uncomfortable, and that it is ok to throw a tantrum and run away for attention. You made Heidi's party your party and embarrassed your parents in front of a lot of people. Of course Sam wouldn't listen to any of this and I wouldn't tell him. Mom makes excuses and dad has never had authority over him. I wish he knew that he could still change and start making better choices that will make him a stronger person - mentally. It is ironic that he was acting just like the other people were acting. He basically just hates people who act like himself. 

Saturday 10:15 - 11:15 Power Yoga - Derek

Small class of three including the teacher this morning. We were in the small studio. I found out Derek also teaches at Steve Nash. He teaches 80 classes a week. Good thing I went today because tomorrow there is no class because they are getting things ready for summer school. That means tomorrow I can have breaky with Carrie after her run! Maybe I will be cheering at the finish line :-) 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday 9-9:56 Pregnancy Bikram

Done! I had two little interruptions but I was able to get my focus back. My mind was thinking about not telling Sofia where I was yesterday. Guilt. She was looking for teachers and no one was here. So, I feel bad I didn't send an e-mail saying I was going to the dance lunch. I remembered as I was I driving away. I remember thinking - she could text me if she really needed to. Whatever.

My mind was also comparing ballet and Bikram for a bit. The main similarity being that they warm up and work all the muscles. The main difference being ballet is done turned out in an unnatural body stance and Bikram goes with the natural state of the body. One other similarity is that they both focus on pulling up and standing tall with proper posture.

I also thought how weird it is that my left ankle leg is still a slightly different colour than my right. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday Run 6.4 Km, 36:25 Mins

I didn't really feel like running but I went. I have to take advantage of days when I am feeling good and it isn't raining.

My route was down my alley and along the road to the Burrard Street bridge stairs on the big ocean side of the bridge. The other side is just for bikes now... I think. I ran up and down the bridge, underneath and along the C wall. I ran past Granville island and around past the pub and up the stairs to the Cambie street bridge. I wanted to stop before the stairs but I kept on trucking. There were a few points where I felt I was going faster than my pregnancy pace - and it felt good. Then, I felt heavy again.

Good run! DONE! 

Thursday 9:40-10:36 Pregnancy Bikram

I just like how easy and quick this is to fit into my school day when there are no kids! I was thinking about how I am going to fit this into my road trip plan. Jonny will have to have something to do for an hour. After breakfast do yoga and go for a half hour run sounds like a good morning. Then shower and hit the road or the beach. Depends where we are. OK.... back to planning the trip. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thursday Run 5.1 Km, 30.01 Mins

I started out my alley route. I ran along the C wall to the right until the English Bay exit/ entrance. I ran up that little hill to Bidwell and then turned right and went down my old street, Harwood. I ran down Cardero and back up Nicola to Burnaby. I ran across and then down Broughton. I ran across Pacific and back up Jervis and across Burnaby. I ran back down Bute and across Pacific. I ran up Thurlow and across Harwood then up Burrard to Drake and down to the tree. I ran one more block down to Howe and the light was red so I stopped there and walked home. It was a short, hilly, sunshine run. 

Wednesday 10:22 - 11:14 Pregnancy Bikram

Before yoges I had been sitting and doing report cards for a couple of hours and my foot had been falling asleep. I had to re-enter a couple or marks for students who were in the wrong classes but it wasn't showing up on the computer as changed yet so I thought - good time to do my yoges.

I turned my fast track on and away I went into my brain and breathing. I like this yoges but I do worry that when I go back it is going to be so much harder with the heat. I am going to need an adjustment no judgement period. 

During the half fish I felt something move in my tummy. I stopped and laid on my side for a second to see if it would move again. I guess it was just adjusting to being upside downish. Weird feeling. I guess I will be feeling more of that soon. 

I feel good today. I am going to do a run after school and I might even dance... we will see. I am happier now that I am back on the Diclectin. You can't say I didn't try! 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Run 4.6 Km, 26:46 Mins

Today I ran without my jacket. I used my homemade arm holder for my runpod. It is awkward to get on and it made my pace look slower ... that and the Cambie bridge stairs. I think I was running the same  slow pace anyways. I felt like I had to pee the whole way and kept looking for a bathroom or a bush.. but didn't see any that were unlocked or sneakable. I just kept thinking it is just the pressure. I just peed before I left. It is just a short run.

The most awesome part about this run was I got to meet Jonny at the end in his new skate park in the parking lot at the stadium. Then we got to walk back home all sweaty together. LOVE! 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Run 6 Km, 33:45 Mins

YAY! I did so much today. I lead the warm-up for both dance classes and with the second one we did the dance we did at Harbour. I was dripping after that class. In my spare I did the pregnancy Bikram class and then I got home and ran. Now, remember this Paula. I had to remind myself how awesome I am as Katherine ran in the opposite direction as me. She was so focussed and she noticed not me. However, I thought she didn't notice me because I am too large. I have changed so much. I am so slow and whale like. I might as well jump over the edge and float to the ocean instead of running the C wall. Ok - remind yourself that you are pregnant and you did awesome today. I turn around at the half way point just before Stanley Park. I run back towards home. I don't want to run anymore and I can feel my feet getting heavier. As I get passed the Burrard street bridge to the Yaletowny area, Katherine zips past me. For a while I admire her form and her pace and then she is gone. She is so fucking fast! She didn't even recognize me again. Too lost in her own training for saying hi. I am too lost in trying to make it home. I remind myself I am awesome and tell my brain to shut up. At the tennis courts my runpod says I have completed my goal of 6km. I stop and walk home. It was so nice to see Katherine today.

Thursday 12:05-12:59 Pregnancy Bikram

I love the edited quick version of this yoga class. I also used the big mat for the first time and it made the laying down section way easier on the feet bones and skull.

I am so unfocussed at the start that I can't even do the first few breaths without cheating. Then I can feel myself calm down and get into it. I am able to control my breath in and out for the 6 and 6 counts.

The kids are banging on the drums in the band room - like the end of the school year should sound like - but it is making it difficult for me to focus on my writing. SO... that is all for this entry! Let's hope the rain stops and I can go for a run after school.

I do want to say that my husband is the best in the whole universe and he makes the best lunches for baby and I! LOVE YOU J.CAKES!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

I am happy to be feeling good enough to dance but it feels so weird being so big! AND.. it is going to get worse. I better get over this quick cause I can see it getting annoying for the people - person - who has to put up with me. It is a temporary and cool situation I have gotten myself into and I have got to figure out how to enjoy it.

It was an awkward class with no talking until the end. One of the girls that takes Moe's class talked with me down the stairs and then ending up going the same way as me. I didn't feel like talking and when I did I feel like I was saying stupid stuff. I wish I could have just kept my mouth shut - or turned the other way when I got down the stairs - ended it there. Awkward.

Anywho - fun combo. I am glad I went. I bought another ten class card. Next class I want to try is Jo's Jazz. The girl I was walking with said she likes it better than Moe's class. I might have to go for it. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Run 3.9 Km 21:41 Mins

I was pukey this morning but I was feeling better and really excited to get out and run. After driving home from school I felt less excited but I still had some motivation to go. It was lightly misting when I started my run and the rain got heavier as I ran. It was refreshing. I don't mind running in the light rain as long as I have a hat and jacket on.

My route today was around Science World and over the Cambie street bridge. I just did a short one.

I felt sluggish but I trudged along. I am really going to appreciate having a non-pregnant body. I will feel so much lighter and faster.

There is a new Nike Plus site. I like it. I set a goal to run more often. I am going to run three times a week for a month. I can totally accomplish that goal. I just have to go out there and do it. There is nothing after school now so it should be easy to go three times. I would also like to go to Moe's class at least once a week, a hip hop or street jazz once a week, and a yoga. Three classes at Harbour, three runs, and pregnancy Bikram everyday at school when the kids are out. Sounds good! Then - I will make a summer goal and plan!

Tuesday 12:22 - 1:16 Pregnancy Bikram

Before I did the class I edited the tracks in GarageBand so that it was shorter. I have it down to 54 minutes.

I think I am going to try using the mat for the fixed firm. My feet and other boney parts were hurting on the studio floor. Socks and a hoody weren't really cutting it.

I haven't been feeling well the last few days so I am glad I got this in. I didn't have any "pukisodes." Maybe I will get a run in after school!

The kids are out next Tuesday - so I will be able to fit this in everyday I come to school soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

We did an old sounding Janety Jacksony sounding song but it wasn't Janet Jackson. (I don't think) I didn't shazam or try to remember words to look up lyrics. Wait... I am going to be OK... Nah.. I don't know.  I am def!

I got the choreo in my head but some parts didn't come out as fast or as clean as I would have liked them too. I am keeping up though... but not shining at all. Sweating. On that note, my hair fits back into a mini pony now and I can keep those sweaty stands tied back which stops them from sticking to my face when I turn my head fast.

I want to go back to this class next week. Let's see if I can keep this goal. 

Wednesday 10-11am Pregnancy Bikram

It is show time and I have work to do but I still squished this in. I fought the urge to only do one set or skip anything - except the laying down breaks and the final breathing. I did camel without feeling pukey. I did think about skipping it because I was already puke this morning but I gave it a go and it was fine. Both Dad and Jonny told me to skip that one after I puked the last time.. but I tried and it was fine.

I can feel my left ankle getting some good stretching. I am able to sit lower in awkward now.

I can really notice a difference in my flexibility without the heat. I am looking forward to getting back into the hot room in.... 8 months??? !!! WHOA!! Still so far away... 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu - X Block!

Well - this was our "Unofficial Harbour Field Trip." Some students didn't get there on time for this reason and that but they all got there. I missed the beginning of the choreography but was able to pick it up at the end. I think we will go over it in class next week when we have our fun classes. If we do I will record and put it up here! LATER!

Monday 10 - 11 Bikrams Pregnancy Yoga

I have my spare second block and I was feeling good so I did the pregnancy yoga in the studio. I had to run out and puke during second camel. I came back and finished - I wasn't going to but I did. I did not do the savasanas in the laying down section or the last breathing exercise. I don't think I ever will at school - just trying to squish it in and still get my work done.

DONE! This is going to be a good month of fitness. (I hope) 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Run 8.6 Km 48:24 Mins

I am BACK! (At least I hope I am!!) Yesterday, I was feeling really bad about myself because the morning sickness returned. I just wanted to make a week fitness plan and stick to it. I felt like I was looking like a fat pregnant person and I always wanted to be a skinny pregnant person. I had the ankle set back which made me not as skinny as I was - then morning sickness and pregnancy. I was reading about after pregnancy and how long it will be to get back in shape then. I am worried about a c section and how that is going to effect my training. Jonny said if it takes 9 months to get that way it will take 9 months to get out of looking that way. That made me more depressed because I know it is true and I know that I am normal so the normal will be true for me. I am not some above average lucky one of the species that will bounce back. I thought about getting a trainer for now and after. But I don't need someone to tell me what I already know and I have enough motivation do what I need to do. So, I exnayed that thought. Basically, I was just the grumpy version of Paula that comes out after she hasn't exercised to a certain level.

Today, I woke up feeling ok and I decided to go for a run. I set my goal of running around Science World and back along the Burrard street bridge. If I had to, I could exit at Cambie or Granville. So, off I went. I ran around Science World and had to pee. I stopped my RunPod and took a leak in the porta-potties for the dragon boaters. They were racing today. There were lots of them out there warming up.

I kept my pace slow and steady. I listened to Frank Ocean. I ran past the Cambie street stairs without even thinking about exiting and same with Granville island. (The children's festival is on) I continued on and up under the Burrard street bridge where all the children's festival guests were parking. I ran over the bridge on what I now realize is the wrong side. I think it is a bike only side now. I don't care - I want to get out on that side of the bridge to go home. I ran all the way to Choices - slow and easy. It was a good run. It wasn't fast but it was pretty long and comfortable.

Now, to try and make wise food choices - maybe I can be the skinny pregnant person that I want to be!! Yes - I know I am crazy and have a messed up mind but hey - I am normal - most people do!!