Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday 6pm Hot with Christine

I had another great class today. I worked hard and I felt good. I didn't get any corrections but I remembered one I got yesterday from Katherine - damn.. now I forgot.. I will remember when I do it in class again. The girl with the bendy back was beside me. She is so bendy!!! Tall Tattoo girl was there too.. and front desk girl.

Good night!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday, 4pm Hot with Katherine - Don't forget your shorts!!! Run run!!

Today is senior formal and there was not senior hip hop practice because the girls wanted to go home and get ready. They actually got up and came at 7am.. so that is cool. AND..I got to leave right after school and take the 4pm hot. I am still sweating... my face is red red red! I raced there - started getting changed - realized I didn't have my shorts - raced home and back and made it just in time. I was dripping sweat as soon as I laid down on my towel. I had a really good class. I was focused and I tried really hard. We had a strong front row - except for the dude beside me.. who has been the dude beside me the last three classes I have taken. I am not sure if he is gay but he has pink toe nails... and he coughs and wipes his nose on his towel and then wipes his face with it. EWW!! I was thinking about going to hip hop but I am hungry and pooped... I did enough for today! Tomorrow I am going to do hot and yin... today.. groceries and eat!!! LATER!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday 6pm Flow with Katherine

This one is tripod head stand - so fun!! Katherine went up and brought her knees to one elbow and then to the other and then lifted her head up!! So cool!!

This is side crow... we did this on both sides but with knees bent.. I really like this one but can't hold it! I am going to try this one at school. It is like a baby freeze but harder!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday 5:30 Street Jazz - Taylor (Jo sick)

This one was hard for me - so much gayness... it was fun.. but I need to work on my FACE - give me face??? Hahaha... It was .. I don't know.. some gay song.. lady gaga or .. tina tequila.. or I don't know. I felt like I was just not cool in this class.. like everyone was cooler than me! Like.. I wasn't cool enough to fit in. Is that what grown ups feel like around young too cool young adults??? Maybe I am growing up more. Now that is GAY!! hahahaha!! Ok.. fun class. He is a funny teacher - and that is all I have to say!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday 6pm Jazz with Moe! Choreo class - 14 8's!!! Pooped!

I puked in my mouth and swallowed it right before we did it in two groups. Yuck! I still remember the first time I did that in Brownies, playing line tag, waiting for the meeting to start.

Anywho - the topic at hand is dance class and it was awesome. It is a rainy, gross day - but I made it and I am glad I did. My problem is - I got all the choreo and I was feeling it.. but as soon as we break up into groups and I am standing in a little bit of a different spot - I screw up! Why is that? I need to stand other places.. but I like my spot!!!

This was a fun, twangy routine. WE learned 14 8's - that is a lot!! I am getting better at picking up choreo - but some of those kids can move - I gotta get that!!! I have to break free - even more so - from the ballerina mold!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday 3:30 1 hour hot with Leo / 5 Flow / Meditation with Theresa

Wow - I yogied out this weekend. I feel great. Let's start with Leo's class. He doesn't let me cheat and he made me count the V up things - which made me do them all. That was pretty fun! I like attention. It was a good class. My quads were sore so the warrior section was the hardest for me.

Theresa's flow class - this is the first time I have ever taken her flow class. I liked it. It was clear and easy to follow. We got to lay in savasana at the end and she came around to everyone and didn't a mini aromatherapy massage to our head - mmmm.. I miss Bali and cheap massages... why didn't I get more? I only had two last summer - cause they take time away from surfing and drinking beer!! hahaha!!

I stayed for her meditation. I can't sit still for that long and it was hard for me to hear what she was talking about. I know she was talking about divine light because she said that over and over. I don't think I am a meditater. I will try again maybe.. when I am older.. and more calm. I should have left and got my tan... but that gives me something to look forward to in the week.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday 3:30 PL1HH and 5:00 Yin - Patricia!!! YAY!!

What a great Saturday. I feel good now. I raced to the 3:30 yoga - I thought it started at 4 and when I double checked it was 3:25. I ran quick and made it just in the nick! Tall tattoo girl was there - we had a nice little chat in between classes.

I haven't been to a Yin in a while. I was crunchy. My double pigeon sucks even worse. I need dad to finish that wheel of fun!

The stiff and awkward one arm tattoo guy who was there at 7am was also there at the 3:30 hot. He was going to a big party after that - maybe he is doing the 30 day challenge and he won't want to come tomorrow.. that is what I would do. I miss getting stickers.

I ate super good dinner when I came home!! YAY!! I am awesome!! I can totally be healthy!

Saturday 8am Hot with Christine

I woke up with an annoying cough :(

Anywho - I had a great class today. My arms were sore from surfing Wednesday and Thursday so I sat out of the second triangle. Other than that - I did everything. I was really crunchy both because it was morning class and I slept a lot last night. It was also just hot - not killer hot in the class - which I like once in a while - especially when I am coughing!

One of the regular ladies talked to me in the change room - she was complaining about it not being hot enough. She says that is the way Christine likes it. I was thinking I should complain about her disrespecting the teacher and leaving before the namaste. What, you can't lay on your mat for 15 extra seconds? Whatever. Let it go! I have to say though - I don't like that lady - but I guess I shouldn't judge... right?

I downloaded a new application yesterday - LoseIt. I will play with it for a while and see how it goes - but if it makes me go crazy... er.. then I will delete it. It is pretty cool though because it tells you how many calories you can eat in a day - I need to get a scale though - I don't know how much I way - and it would be cool to have a calorie counter - heart rate monitor to see how much I am really burning but I will just guesstimate and use google to get average numbers.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wedensday 6pm Flow - Verena

WHOA!! Challenging. I really like her. This was a tough class. My quads were killing!!! She blended a bunch of poses into one.. flowed them??? And then for the left side we had to reverse the order. I don't know all the names but it was insane! In reality it was much too difficult and probably intimidating for most of the students in the class - but that is because they are used to having Katherine and she builds quite logically and slowly. Verena is a very strong and amazing yogi but I think she needs to cater to who is in her class more. I had fun. I have no complaints but I could see some people getting frustrated, especially the new students.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday 6pm Jazz with MOE!! Last to start first to finish

I didn't want to go but I had fun when I got there. I didn't try 100% I was pooped! We did a dance to a Poker Face cover.

We did across the floor. I liked this one:
2 step jete, step pivot, 2 step jete mirror leg, piques.. I think I will do this tomorrow in class. Maybe I will do all three ATFs with the seniors tomorrow!

I am tired.. later! I have totally slacked on writing.. and getting important stuff done.. I will do better next time!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saturday and Sunday Groove Street

I danced all weekend - I missed Halloween - but I had a good weekend of dance. Cara, Kelly, Twigg and I all participated - and that teacher from Kelowna was back.. she was nice. I don't feel like writing... but it was good and I am not hurting as much as I thought I would be.