Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday 8-9:30am Bikram - Christine P - w/ Carrie!

I made it up and out for this early morning class. It was a hot one today. Carrie and I got a spot on the left side in the back row. This is the first time that I have had Christine P as a teacher. She is a little, Asian woman with awesome energy and sense of humour. When we were doing the separate leg stretching and you have to choke your throat by bringing your chin to your chest - she spoke with a choked throat. It was pretty funny. She was cute. It made the class more interesting but I did wonder if... no.. I won't say it.

I was thinking about my inner thigh muscle, my abductors, I wonder if they were effected by the c-section? I have never felt so - shaky there. It is getting better but it is weird. I noticed it in dance too. I was thinking of asking Moe if she noticed the same thing since she is a dancer and has had a similar operation.

I was also thinking about toe stand. I was always able to do it easily and balance - since my first few classes back in October 2006. I wonder if it is the c-section and the non-bendy ankle that are causing me problems. I am finding it difficult to balance on my good ankle too. It must be related to my weak core right now.

Jonny suggested not wearing my red hoodie to hot yoga anymore. It just makes my face look more red when I come home. Thanks for the advice! haaha!!

Happy Sunday! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday 2-3:30 Jazz - Moe

I always love seeing Cierra working at the front desk at Harbour. When I was leaving she was on G street with Slurpees heading back up there. NICE! 

Before I left for dance I had the plan of standing on the left side of the room. I have always stood on the right side because the stereo is on that side and that is where the teacher talks from a lot of the time. I have become dependent on standing there. Now that I have my aids I should force myself to stand in other places. However, I forgot to put them in today... so MONDAY... I will try to dance on the left, front side of the studio. It is time to switch it up! 

We did warm-up and ATF. Moe used my c-section as a story of using your core and that gave me an excuse for falling all over in the turns .. but everyone else ... had no excuses. 

In the choreo the floor part at the end needed some core muscles that I don't have yet. So, I didn't do that part the first few times and then I adapted it to use my hands to switch feet instead of jump switching - so I didn't have to use my core. 

Fun class - now I have to go over the dance and practice it... as per my plan! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday 4:15-5:45 Bikram - Danny - w/ Carrie :-)

Carrie saved me a spot right beside her in the second row. It was such a nice day today that we felt like we should have been going for a run in the sun instead of doing hot yoga - but we were there and ready to go. I hope we get more sun!

At the end of class Carrie said that she started class then realized she was doing class during the floor part. She blanked out for all the hard stuff. I saw her - she was doing good - her auto-pilot rocks.

I continued to work on back bends. My toe stand is needs work. I can't balance. I didn't do this one with the ankle ... so I didn't do it for like two years? No... a year? I don't know - but I could do it before the ankle. I just have to regain my balance and I will... eventually.

I thought about Pit some more and I how I could get him to come to yoga. Jonny and Sam won't go for it. I thought about maybe getting yoga to call him and tell him he won a prize that can only be used by him. Maybe I should just lay out the benefits. I don't think it is going to happen. Hmm... more thought must go into this.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday 8:15-9:45pm Bikram- Danny

I had two ideas in yoges.

The first one will probably not work but I will give it a go. I was thinking about Pit and how he needs to make a lifestyle change. I was imagining what would happen if he started coming to yoga every day and lost weight and then we could go surfing! How could I make this happen? Maybe I could get Sam and Jonny in on it. If Pit agrees to go Sam and Jonny said they would come... but when I got home Jonny refused. There is no way he is going and doing yoga in a room with a bunch of people. He doesn't get it. Even though there are a lot of people in yoga it is kind of like you are alone. You are just focusing on yourself and breathing. (trying to .. anyways..) Anywho... then I started imagining Sam, Jonny, and Pit in Yoga. But I kept imaging them drunk and laughing and falling over. Sam was hitting on the half naked girls. They were just ruining it and not taking it serious. Maybe this isn't such a good plan. I am still going to invite Pit and try to convince him to give it a go when I see him next Tuesday. Why not?

The second idea, I was thinking about dance my goal to be even better when I go back to school. Dance classes are expensive. Three time a week is what I have been doing and what I think is reasonable. How can I take advantage of that? My problem is sometimes I wish I had a bit more time with each choreography to get it and get it down so I can perform it with style. To work on my style instead of just getting the steps in the right order. So, I thought, I need to take each of the choreographies that I learn and do them at home until I get them. I can slow it down and really work on each movement. I go to Harbour Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday - that is three classes. If I work on the choreographies the next day - that is like adding three more classes for free and it will help me achieve my goal - and I can be home with the boy! ALL GOOD!

As for yoga today - it was a packed class. I am getting bendier. I could do full camel and I did standing head to knee - but I didn't hold it the whole time. (I had a body butter issue - I moisturized last night and didn't shower before yoga - so I was a little slick rick.) Hmmm... what else? I still can't do the sit ups. I tried the first one and felt the pull and imagined doing it and my stomach ripping apart and me screaming in the yoga class... so I didn't do it. I am sure when it is ready I will just be able to do it. What I need to do is just flex my stomach muscles a lot during the day. Practice strengthening them but sucking them in. Then, eventually, they will get strong enough to full sit up.

Enough blah, blah, blah! Going back to Bikram tomorrow with Carrie at 4:15.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

This is the same song that we did with Stu on Monday too - well part of it... I think he started with a different song and then mixed this one in half way through to the end.

Anywho- the warm-up had already started when I got there. It was down in studio four. The most open space was at the front right corner so I took it. This made me try harder because I was at the front. I should really force myself to stand at the front more often. Maybe every class! If my goal is to go back to school a better dancer than when I left  - I should really stand at the front every class.

Again- I got the choreo some of the times. There were a couple of spots that were messing me up and I had no style. I was really bothered by the mirror and my reflection. I had a baby nine weeks ago - shut-up brain! But.. I still kept going back to that in my head. Oh well. It will come off and I will find something else to whine about in my head! haha!

When I was walking to dance, I was beside a girl who was staring at her phone. I walked quickly but she was with me at the next light still staring at her phone. I was thinking in my head about a FB status I could put up for my teacher FB page- if you thought about it - what rules would you make for yourself that deal with phone etiquette? Have you even ever thought about it? Do you know what it says when you stare at your phone when you could be looking and watching people? It says the phone is more important. Is it? Ahh... I probably won't write anything.. but I strongly believe that phone etiquette needs to be taught.... and not just to high school kids... parents and professionals are just as bad. I guess what I can do is lead by example. I try not to look at my phone when I am out walking and I do not use my phone when I am teaching. I still look at my phone at stop lights sometimes when I am driving. I need to stop that. I check my phone too much. I am glad I have it. Sometimes I feel it is my link to the real world during this motherhood time. But - but this whole motherhood time... IS the most REAL world!!

Anywho... random thoughts... I look forward to dance on Saturday. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

Whoa! My brain was working on overtime with Stu's choreography today. I could tell he was excited and proud of his new choreo and music edit and he just wanted to get through it. He rushed his teaching and we were all looking pretty messy. I hope he teaches this choreo again next Monday so I can feel like I got it. It is a nice piece and it deseres one more class.

NTS: Don't stand near the little, brown girl with the hoop earings again. She is not aware of the space around her. She cock blocked me many times with no apologizes or even realization that she was doing so. Oblivious teenager! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Run 8.2 Km, 45 Mins.

I usually set the Run Pod for a certain distance but today I decided to set it for time. I set it for 45 minutes and I set out to run around Science World and back over the Burrard street bridge. I didn't think I would make it home in that time frame but I made it to my alley two blocks down by the fancy apartment and the Choices. I guess my goal now would be to make it farther in 45 minutes. Can I do 10 km in 45 minutes? haha.. no... that is crazy. That would mean I would have to run ten minutes faster. I guess I could set it for 10km distance next time and see how long that takes. I think it will take about 55 minutes. Maybe next time I will run for 50 minutes and then the next time 55. That is a good loop though and not too long that it isn't enjoyable. If I were to run longer I would need a bit of a longer route. I guess I would stick to the C wall on the way back from the bridge instead of taking the road.

AS for my feet - I got two blisters - one on each foot. Same place as last week... where I rubbed off the callus trying to make my feet pretty. I drained them and polysporined them. I am just going to have to let them get tough and ugly again. Oh well.

It was foggy with some sun today and COLD.. but it was only cold for the first few minutes and then I was red and hot and sweaty.

I listened to Big Boi. He says some dirty stuff!

When I came home Jonny had a Dr. P for me and Dorritos. What was the point of running? hahah.. If I am going to get rid of this baby body I am going to have to get serious with my diet soon... maybe! Hopefully, I can keep eating normal and do the stuff I love and I will go back to normal. It has only been 2 weeks and 3 days of mommy recovery. I got time! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday 8:15pm Bikram - Rea w/ Carrie :-)

I am a new mom with a hearing problem - a def mami - if you will. This kept going through my head. And the pain from my wart treatment today. Carrie got to class before me and there weren't any spaces together. That's ok - you can't really talk in class anyways. I was thinking that I should make a list of three things that I was proud of today and three things that I want to work on. So, here goes: 

I am proud or happy that: 
1. I went even though my foot was hurting. (I mean - it can't get worse. It isn't like a sprained ankle. It is just tender and hurts to put pressure on. It will feel better tomorrow.) 
2. I alternated sides with my hands and getting up. 
3. I focused on my breathing and stayed at the end to breathe. 

It was hotter today than it has been. I couldn't hear this teacher's stories. He just had one of those voices. Triangle bothered my foot so I didn't do it. 

I would like to work on: 
1. Not thinking about my problems when during class - focus on breathing and positive stuff - not how quick can I get my body back, my boobs that I hate, my foot, or anything else negative. 
2. Looking around at other people - don't let others distract me... who cares - focus on breathing
3. Holding the postures until I see other people going out of them - first in last out. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday 9:30am Bikram - Chelsea

I was pretty grumpy yesterday so today was a get up and reboot the system.

I did triangle today - although I didn't hold it the whole time. My inner thighs seem to be getting a little better. They will be back to normal soon.

The heat got really cool around the balancing series. Too cool. My towel wasn't sweaty enough so my feet were slipping a bit. Then it got really hot when we got to spine strengthening. Sweat was dripping in my eyes when I looked to the edge of my mat.

I still can't do the sit ups so I am still rolling up.

K.. hungry.. time to play with the baby!

I also found out how many classes I have left. I have 25. I also have my two full months. I wonder how long I can make my 25 classes last? It would be good to have the full months for June and July. I am going to check out the calendar now. And also, how many classes do I have to do a week to make the month passes worth it?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Run 6.28 Km - First run back!!

It is sunny and cold. Moe wasn't teaching her class today so I decided to go for my first run. I listened to Die Antwoord. I ran to the Burrard Street bridge - oh ya.. before I got there.. I was crossing the street to start running and Tina, the art teacher, was in a car at the stop light. So, I got to wave to her. Then I started my run to the bridge. Right before the bridge I accidentally pulled a part our of my Ipod so I had to reset my run. That is why it looks like I did two runs. But, it is all the same run. I ran over the bridge and around past G island and back over the Cambie bridge and home. My option was to run all the way around Science World and Cambie bridge was my escape if that was feeling too long... and it was.. so I took it. See... listening to my body. 

I had two bleeding toes from nails too long. Same toes on each foot. I also had two blisters where I had scrubbed my callouses with a pumice stone trying to make them soft and pretty. I guess I need that rough skin for all the stuff I do. 
Jonny took a picture for my blog... so thoughtful. Thanks for the pre-run photo shoot honey!

We have hit the smiling stage!! I love it! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday 1:30-2:30 Hip Hop 1/2 - Carlo

This is the first time I have taken Carlo's class. He is an awesome dancer. He was a clear teacher as well. The students in the class were all young girls - giggly. It was a smaller class and a lower level than I usually take. It was a slow pace and not difficult. It would have been more fun if I had some of my friends in class with me - but all in all it was a good class.

Asthma chest rolls. That was pretty funny and descriptive. It worked. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday 8:15pm Bikram - Danny

I had planned to go to class yesterday with Carrie but I was so tired... Carrie also hadn't slept in three days... so we planned to reschedule. I went this evening. It has now been one week that I have been back in action. I haven't run yet, but I have done yoga and dance. I am pretty happy to be back in action. I am pretty lucky that I have a husband that will watch the baby so I can run out and take class.

The class was packed tonight. It felt about the same temperature as it has always been. I had a good class and I made the same changes as I did previously. I am taking it easy still.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday 4-5pm RnB Hip Hop - Stu

First hip hop class back. I got the choreo. I need to be more precise and bigger. That will come with confidence which will come with more hours in the studio. I am tired today and feeling dozy.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday 8am Bikram - Laurie - w/ Carrie!

I am so happy that Carrie is back in the city and we are back at yoges together. I just can't think that enough. Carrie saved me a spot again at the back. It was hotter today. Carrie was feeling nauseas but I didn't know this till the end of class. She didn't look sick.

I sat out for the second half of triangle again. My inner thighs are really tight. I noticed this significantly in jazz yesterday when we were stretching. I have totally lost my middle split. I know it will come back. I guess I just didn't do that stretch for ten months. Oh well it will come back.

My upper back is tight in rabbit but it always is in the morning. I got into it but it was really pulling. It felt good/bad to stretch it out. I am looking forward to an afternoon class when it isn't so tight.

Hmm... what else? Oh - the teacher was talking to me and I didn't realize so I pointed to my ears and then she made weird exaggerated and loud def person speak to me. hahaha! That was funny. I can hear you, I was just ignoring you because I am not trying super hard today.. cause I am recovering. I am doing my own thing for a bit and listening to my body. I didn't get a chance to tell this teacher at the start that I was recovering... because I didn't see her. Probably frustrating for her but I don't care - I know what I am doing. I am doing mama recovery yoges.

I didn't do any of the sit ups. I rolled over like a person with a back injury. And, when I laid down on my back I always used my elbows to support me and ease my way down. I have a very weak core right now... but that won't last forever.

Tomorrow - I dance again! 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday 2-3:30 Jazz - Moe - w/ Whitley

Cierra was working the front desk. She is such a great mini - adult. I didn't realize that I didn't have any more 1.5 hour classes on my card and my membership had expired in October. So, I had to get that all fixed up.

Cierra ran out from behind the front desk to greet me, then Moe came and gave me some love, and Whitley - another high school dance teacher from Richmond was there too - so we stood by each other in class. She was sick and I am in mama recovery mode. Same as yesterday with Carrie.

It was a great class. I couldn't do the ab work. I did do some push ups - but slowly.

We did ATF. I went first on the first exercise. I should have gone bigger... but that will come as my body gets back to normal. I am in protection mode. I am focusing on the counts and the music. I thought about my ATF exercises I had been making for school and I think I will add in something where you have to dance to music that is not an 8 count - for the grade 12's. That will really f*** them up and make them think. The second exercise was a bit more awkward but I got it.. small again. We only did the two today. No jumps.

The choreo was good - I really focused on timing and it is so much easier to do that when I have my hearing aids in!!

Oh - and I wore my new socks. They are awesome, fun to dance in. I can't wait to get more pairs.

Ok.. time to feed the baby and relive Jon!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday 9:30am Bikram - Lisa - w/ Carrie!!

Finally, Carrie and I are back at yoges together. She got there first and saved me a spot beside her at the back. She is still recovering from being sick and has a cough and then there is me in mama recovery.

The heat was the same as yesterday. It didn't cause me distraction. It was the perfect temperature for a Bikram class.

My quads were shaking during separate leg stretching when I was trying to keep the knee locked. My inner thighs were tight during triangle. My upper back was super tight during rabbit - but usually is in the morning anyways. I didn't kick out in standing head to knee. I missed one set of triangle. And, I did the alternate pregnancy exercise for locust to protect my milk jugs.

As for the warts and the fear of giving or getting them, I wore socks to my mat and took my socks off once I was on my mat. I put them back on to leave and it was as easy as that. I am always going to do this.

Great class!! When are we going back? Wait.. I did have one thought in my head... instead of yoging, dancing, and running all in one week... maybe I will do a week of each. I was thinking that would help me to get better faster but that isn't quite true because then I would have two weeks to get worse. I would also exhaust the muscles used for each particular exercise. No - my original plan was best - mix it up! Tomorrow I am going to dance! 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday 8:15pm Bikram - Danny- My first class back in the hot room!

I got the all clear from Dr. Spehar today to go back to my activities but listen to my body. YAY! I have been looking forward to the recovery challenge for ... a long time. I was scared to go back to the hot room because it can be pretty rough in there but I lucked out. The heat was a perfect temperature for my first class back. Danny said there was something wrong and it was two degrees cooler than it was supposed to be. That two degrees made me have an awesome first class back.

Christian had been pretty fussy this afternoon so I only managed to squeeze in a half hour nap. Jonny got home from work and took over Christian duty and I pumped - not the full time because I was running late - and was out the door by 8. I arrived at 8:08 - there is only free parking for two hours and I made it no problem.

The studio was packed when I walked in. That is ok, I wanted to be at the back anyways. I have been going to the doctors every week now to have those little warts burnt off the bottom of my foot. I put duct tape over the holes in my foot and wore my flip flops right to the door. I don't want to pass them to anyone. The piece of tape on my heel fell off during triangle. damn! The rest of the class I was wondering how I would get to my flip flops. Then I realized I could just walk on the ball of that foot. As I became up close and personal with the guys feet in front of me... hairy toes, nicely groomed toe nails.. and what is that? WARTS on your heel??!! Why am I so worried? GROSS!! I am not the only one. Now I know where I got them from. Wear your flip flops in yoga!! I am going to bring socks tomorrow to walk from my shoes to my mat. Once these buggers are gone I do not want to have to go through this again.

I have talked so much about everything except the class. I had a great class. My thighs were shaking. I didn't do the sit ups. I did the alternate exercise for locust. I didn't kick out. I focused on locking the knee. I did have too much moisturizer on and I was slippery and had to cheat with my hand towel. That is about it.

I am going back tomorrow morning at 9:30 with CARRIE!! YAY!