Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday 13.68 - week 9 BABY!!!

Let's do this!!! Halfway through point!
Today's run was nice and beautiful and no problems.

1:16 mins

I might write more later...

Hey it is LATER!!! I am going to write about my run.

I got up and showered and had a half a piece of toast. I drove to the running room and parked underground in the Yoshi Sushi parking. I had brought my bank card so I could get a gel or a water belt.. try one of the two... but I chickened out.

There is screaming.. I thought the Olympics were over???

Anywho - back to mon histoire! I gazed at the two isles of runner snacks, gooos, bars and water belts.  There was a pretty baby blue one. $54.99!! No way! I don't even want to wear one let alone pay that much money for it. Hmmm... walk... look.. move out of people's way.. look.. move out of people's way.. drink water from the cooler... sit by the dog.. listen... get more water from the cooler... go outside... run! I couldn't buy anything. On my way out the door though.. they had water bottles that go on your waist and they were only $19.99. Our 1:45 leader has that one. I ran behind him and watched it bob up and down off his back. I don't want that thing bobbing up and down off my back. GRrrr!! Why do we need to drink water to live!!!

Enough about that for now.

It was an awesome route. We ran to my side of the C wall to the aquatic centre and back to the pool and to the lagoon and down Rawlings and up Rawlings - to where I was on my run - to prospect point then into the trees there on the other side... then back around the lagoon and back to the store. It was nice! I had no problems. It was a nice slow run with just a little hill... it didn't rain and everyone seemed happy. Good times!!

I like long runs the best I think.

Day off today - back to the grind tomorrow :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday 5km Steady - week 8 DONE!

Carrie at the Olympics!!!!
Peace Carrie!!
5.13 km
27:13 mins
5.18 min/km
385 cals

I had a great run. I missed the rain. I ran down my alley to the C wall and right - to the lit up tree.. Inukshuk area and back. I tried to go slow. I did pretty good. There were lots of touristies looking around and taking pictures.

I listened to Crimes and Treasons the best of 2009. It was very pleasant. I am going to listen to it again tomorrow - maybe I will get through it. It is the long run tomorrow. I am goin gto need to get a water belt soon... eww!! I might have to do it tomorrow.. maybe... I might just get some goo to try :)

OK.. have a great Saturday run everyone!!

This is another funny thing.. I thought while I was running:

You know... I was thinking... I would never travel to watch Olympics - so why would I want to meet this type of people? NOW.. I would travel to surf! Give me those kinda people any day! Can you imagine Vancouver with waves and sun and full of hot surfers... now that is my kinda party!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday 4*800 Hills

I thought I pressed the Nike plus thing on.. but I wasn't listening.. so I screwed up and didn't record my run. It was a great one though!

Did ya notice my first part?? I didn't put the ear phones in!! I was being social!!

I kinda had too. I was late - I ran into some traffic - but there were two sisters that were late and one of the workers ran us to the hill our group was on. They seemed to have been done 2 runs up the hill already. We did it though. The hill was called Pipeline. (That is pretty dope!) It is in Stanley park. It was not that steep. I did not find this difficult and that makes me happy. I enjoyed tonight's run but I understand that is just going to get harder.

One of our instructors waited for us and ran back with us. Everyone had left by the time we were done. She was talking about the St. Patrick's day run and how they do shots and run. EWWW! One of the reasons I am doing this is so I don't waste any more time than I already do .. drinking! Why would I want to drink and run.. although I do like running home when I am drunk... still.. that is just to get me home.. I am not just getting drunk and going for a run!!

Anywho!!! School tomorrow... sushi Friday.. then dance teacher meeting.. and dance.. then home for the weekend!! One more week till spring break :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday 14.52km Slow and Easy

14.52 km
5:48 min/km
1091 cals

I took today off to catch up with my runs and day to day life. I went out on my run with the idea in my head that I would just run slow and enjoy it. I didn't want the Nike thing telling me how far I had gone or anything. I set it to basic so I could just check my distance at the end. I did peak close to home just to see how far I did go.

I wanted and did run through my alley down to the C wall and along the C wall to the 2nd beach pool. I turned up there and took the trail called Rawlings which goes along the road. I am still a little freaked about going to far in alone. I tried to remember all the names of the trails. I want to train and learn them so I can read the running room routes and make them make sense in my head. This path went next to a baseball field and then turned into ... what was it.. Bridle? I think so which leads to prospect point. At the top I crossed the road and took Miralees? which is down and up and looks out over the Siwash rock and heads back to third beach. At third beach I got back onto the C wall after drinking from the fountain. I continued to go slow. I ran home the way I came. I stopped for water one more time in English Bay. I wasn't thirsty I just didn't want to be sick after and I did not know how long I had been running for or how far. I didn't stop other than that - no walking - just slow running.

When I got home I was drenched and cold. I drank Gatorade and sat in the shower. I don't feel guilty anymore and I am not going to worry about the 4.5km that I still owe for this week.. if I don't get them in on one of my other runs. I am happy.

I thought about school next year on my run and how I am on the verge of a burn out.. or already past it. I also thought I thought I was teaching my kids something good about dedication but maybe I do need to teach them that there is more to life than dance. That you must learn to take care of yourself too. Everybody has their limits. I think that next year I am going to enforce a new rule: you are only allowed to be on two dance teams - no exceptions. The kids that are on three or four dance teams are burning out. It is too much. I am going to open up a discussion on my blog for the kids and see what they think. I also am thinking of trying my new morning practice schedule out this year and see how it works. Why not? Why not stop the burn out now? Why wait till next year?

OK.. next on my list... license...

I might not make pot pies.. I will grocery shop.. but.. might just give myself a break.. we will see :)

Wednesday 9am Hot with Patricia :) Finally BACK!!!

That wasn't so bad for a morning class. When was the last time I did a hot yoges? I can't remember.. maybe two weeks. I will have to check my blog!! hehe.. nerd!

Anywho, there were 7 people in class. I felt good. I mean, I even felt like I looked good. If my body doesn't get any better than this I will be happy to live in this body. Maybe it was the new yoga clothes or the fact that there were two larger people beside me and no skinny girls in sight. Maybe I am just having a good day? Whatever it is... keep it up!!

I could not stop planning my day in my head. How am I going to get everything done that I want to get done. The lame thing is, I will be so happy if I get it all done and if I don't I will feel guilty. Does this stuff even really matter in the long run?

Who am I in yoga? I am the kid who smiles. Who when asked where I have been I say I am so busy that my clean laundry is laying on the floor. (It isn't anymore... I put it away last night.. and yesterday morning before school I had organized it into piles because I couldn't stand it.) I am the kid who makes animated faces. I am the kid that will come out of a posture too early because I thought I heard her say change. I am the kid that will shout out an answer if I am sure I heard the question right. (because I hate asking questions in my own class and having a whole class of shy kids that won't answer) I am the kid who points her toes. I am the kid who sweats so much her hair is wet. On that note.. who sweats so much she has to blow her nose. I am the kid who interlocks her fingers the other way the first time so if I forget she will remind me to do it the second time. I am the kid that will talk to you in the change room and tell you you did a good job and I will say have a good day or see you later. I am the nerd planning on what to write in my blog about class instead of emptying my head to think about breathing....

Guess what??? It isn't raining!! C WALL HERE I COME!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I don't feel like a star today!

OK- Too much olympic madness for this kid... I couldn't stand without getting pukey so missed my run club. I got some food... which wasn't going down and went to bed early. I will do my run today after school and get back on this crazy schedule this week! I will have to cook my pot pies on my day off... Wednesday.. will be long run, get a new license, and make pot pies! Today... is make it through the day - and tomorrow is field trip day... and.. that is that!!

Starpwer will return!! I am just recharging!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 5km Steady - Week 7

5 km
25 mins... ish
5.01min/km ish

My runpod FROZE!!! Grrrrrr!!!

I am too busy right now to write.. I will write later!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday 2.5 km/ 3*400 Hills - Week 7

Here is the E-mail I got from one of my run leaders:

Do a one km warm up to a hill then do 3 hills and a one km cool down run home. Things to think about - look at the crest of the hill not down - you have a cup on your head and you don't want to drop it, arms at your side 90 degree angle swinging forward - think of pulling up a rope or cross country skiing for arm movement. Legs think of fluid movement, land on the ball of your foot and kick your leg back - think of the road runner. last but not least lean forward slightly - think of pushing a door open with your chest.

Technique is more important than speed - be consistent and strong up each hill - use the downhill as a way to bring your heart rate down. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

Broughton street was recommended for my hill. SO.. I will run down my alley and along the sidewalk to the parking lot by my old house and up Broughton.. 3 times and run back. I think I will be able to get my Saturday run in there - it is 3km and if I only need 2.5 km as a warm-up.... it is about 6 there and back... so the other half can be Saturday's. Then.. Friday I can do Thursday's 5 steady.. cause I will be at school for 12.5 hours.

I am at school right now!! But.. I am going home to do this run and I hope the sun stays out. I will let you know how it goes!!

7.76 km
41:57 mins
5:24 min/km
582 cals

Wow - that was what I needed. I needed to get out in the last bit of the sun today and just run. Get out of school. I ran down my alley to the sidewalk above the C wall and all the way to Broughton. (Which is the street that I used to turn down from Davie to get to Tara G's old apartment... the one we used to make all the G's for and play NBA Jam in.. ALL THE TIME!) Anywho - I ran up the hill thinking about pushing a door open with my chest, imagining it was flat, and not moving at all like the road runner. I ran to the alley before Davie then ran back down. I did this three times but I don't think it is 400 meters... I will have to check that next time. I think it might be 200 meters - but that is the hill they said to use and it was flat after that.. it is really steep though. I didn't run back down that side the last time. I ran towards English Bay down the alley instead. I just felt like running. I was running slow. I ran to the C wall and went home all the way that way. The Mist Screen wasn't on and that path was open. The tide was out - way out.

I started running in the sun and when I got back it was dark. The two Yaletown intersections were closed off because of street performers. I like this block party madness!! Matt Wong is performing tonight from 8-9. I am going to go and watch him dance down in my hood! That is so cool. I will take some photos.. I should bring my camera with the flash!!!

Hill session one DONE! (and I liked it!!)
Here is my photo session on the way to school - from dark to light!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday 4km Tempo - Week 7 - I am pooped

4 km
19:41 mins
4:53 min/km
302 cals

I feel tired and sluggish and still not into all this... I just want to sleep. I got home early - no dance team after school. The sun is shining. I plunked down on my bed and ate some Swedish Berries. I let my eyes sting closed. I opened them. I got changed and went out.

I walked down through crowded and closed to cars Yaletown and out to the C wall. I thought I would run left and see what was going on there. It is a zoo!! There is an expo of buy mes and millions of people. I had to dash right and left to even run. I am not running that way again. I wasn't the only runner that learned that lesson today. I saw about five other runners surprised to find their normal routes taken up by strangers.

I like this Olympic stuff though. It is exciting. I have to go and see Matt Wong dancing tomorrow night at 8pm.. or 6om.. he is dancing somewhere at 6 too. I have to find the spots. Maybe I will run by him and still be in bed by 8!

OK - the run. I ran a good pace. I tried to run fast but it was hard with all the people. I think I did well but I don't think I could run a whole race that fast. I was really tired. I felt like a slug. I know this is just a phase in my training and I will feel good again soon.

K!! No yoga tonight as planned. I am going to get some food.. soup.. and REST!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday 3km Steady (from Sat) - Week 7

3 km
15:20 mins
5:04 min/km
226 cals

I tried to get out of this run in my head. I had to get my second Hep B shot today and I thought.. oh I better just go home and rest. I yawned and I thought... oh I better just go home and get a good rest. I remembered my deodorant broke in my left armpit (and I went all day with an unfresh right pit - don't you hate it when those things break and there is still a good chunk left??) and I thought... oh I should just get my supplies that I need and rest.. I can add this run on to tomorrow's run.

It was a rough day at school today too. I am tired.

I did it though! I said... SHUT UP! I changed and ran out the door. I went out the alley and started running at Choices. I tried to tell myself to just go slow and enjoy this short steady run. I did. I ran to the aquatic centre and down to the C wall. I turned left and ran along the water. It was a beautiful night. I ran past LiveCity and people starting to go in and get ready for the evenings Olympic recap.

I felt a lot better when I got home. I had a shower and went to Shoppers and came back and had some soup! I can't believe I still have enough for three days. I guess I will have to make something next Sunday.. maybe try soup again??? Or... any suggestions???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday 10km LSD - Week 7

11:06 km
1:02 mins
5:39 min/km
831 cals

I was last today in my run. We ran through the trails at Stanley Park and it was quite hilly. I lost ground there. I didn't eat very well yesterday so I wasn't at my best for today. Next week it's on!!! Carrie is coming out to sleep over and run with me!! YAY!! I wish Ema was coming too.. one day!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday 4km Speed Trial - Week 6

4 km
20:23 mins

Run club night tonight. I didn't want to go. Rainy and yucky and tired and blah blah blah... just not into it. But.. I went. I drove down. No problems.

They had a speaker about nutrition and he was really good. I sat close and I heard everything. He said the rule before racing is 4, 3, 2, 1. Which means eat a big meal four hours before, smaller snack three hours.. etc... Basically eat healthy and if you use up stuff put it back. A portion of carbs on your plate should be two fist fulls... and after a race you need to add the carbs and protein back in.. I think I understand.. will I be that organized? I will try!

They said they can't force us to use water belts next week but we should start using them for runs longer than an hour. It is a 10 km. No biggie. I might get peer pressured into getting one soon.. GAY!

Eww.. here is one analogy the dude said. We all know that if you are thirsty or hungry it is too late. you want to avoid these two things from happening. Prevention is better than trying to fix the damn that already has holes in it... ??? ya.. .. anyways... He said once you are thirsty your muscles are like sticking together and you need to keep them wet so you don't get injured. Something like that.. it was a gross picture in my head.. and my muscles in my mind were blue?? why?? I don't know!

So, today we ran a 4km speed trial??? Or something like that. One girl stayed at the 0km marked and the other one ran down to the 2km marker where we would turn around and run back. We were supposed to run at what we thought our race pace was. The girl I talked to before about calibrating came over and said.. hey we should calibrate.. so we did. The calibrate only goes up to 2km. I set it... and I went to the back of the pack. I got it all set and the pack had gone. I ran past everyone! I love zooming. We were supposed to go how fast we thought we could run the marathon... but everyone was going so slow. Anywho.. I got to the 2km mark and I stopped.. and finished my calibration. The lady kept telling me to keep going but whatevs.. then I reset it for 2km and ran back. The boy that leads my 1:45 pace group got way in front of me when I stopped but I caught up to him and then he zoomed the last 1km. I stayed my pace cause I had pooped myself out at the start.. as usual!! hahaha!

I am just so stoked that I calibrated. She told me that I ran 20:23 when I got to the end.. I was third... and I started last and took a break at the 2km mark to calibrate!! YAY FAST GIRL!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday 3 Tempo (+ Saturday's 3 steady) - Week 6

6 km 
29:03 mins
4:49 min/km
452 cals

So, I left school. I jumped over a puddle to get to my truck and I jumped quick to avoid getting too wet. It was pouring in Surrey and gray. Maybe it wasn't raining in Vancouver yet?

I drove across the Granville street bridge (with no problems yet.. knock on wood) and the people walking across the bridge were fighting the rain and the wind. One girl with a large green umbrella was struggling to get her umbrella flipped back in the right direction.

This did not look like the kind of weather that I wanted to run in. Maybe I could go to yoga instead? It is warm in there... nope. I have committed to this. I can do this. Besides I have a storm jacket!! hahaha!

I dolled up in my sexy running gear (totally sarcastic) made a playlist where the two songs I am choreographing would play more than once so I could choreograph and run and off I went down the back door so our new security guard wouldn't see me in my sexy running gear!

I ran down the alley and down to the C wall by the Stone restaurant. I ran to English Bay avoiding puddles but I didn't notice the rain much other than that. I was sweating anyways. I turned around when it said halfway - which I know really isn't halfway and I ran back.

I felt heavy today and like I was trying to go fast and was just slugging my feet one in front of the other.. but my nike thing says I was running good. I felt like a slug though. I think it was my bad attitude going into this run. I always run better in the sun! I am tired and cranky though.. sorry mom.. and I think that reflected in my run. I yawned at least 50 times on the way home. I haven't yawned since my run though.

I am not going to my favourite yoga class tonight. I can't do it all and I have to relax and just let it go. I have to give into this training and enjoy it. We are almost halfway through the training. When it is done I can do as much yoga and dance as I want. I can't do both. I would be able to if I didn't work so much. If I could run or yoga in the morning and then have time to do something after school - but dance team takes up so much time... and it is worth it?? yes! So, I am going to just run on Wednesday and Thursday. Monday I can go to Moe's class and Tuesdays and Fridays I can still go to the 4pm yogas... maybe.. no stress... Cause really... what is my goal? I want to run this run under 2 hours. I have to focus on my running up until this race to accomplish this goal. Otherwise I will just get a little bit better at running and a little bit better at dance and a little big better at yoga. One focus at a time.

BLAH BLAH BLAH!! I am going to go and get some fresh bread to dip in my soup!!!

LATER!!! Thanks for reading my run day!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tusday 5km Tempo - Week 6

5.03 km
24:27 mins
4:51 min/km
377 cals

I didn't calibrate. I wouldn't have been able to read the sign if I could find them.. it was too dark. I ran down the alley and down to the side walk and down to the C wall at the Aquatic Centre. I ran right through the crazy olympic light show. There was an old man making out with an old woman as she stood on the ledge to reach her lips. Awww... cute! There were lots of people down there walking through or sitting on benches... it is something special down here in the city right now. It's more exciting than Christmas with all its hustle and bustle. That was a cheesey sentence.. where did that come from.. sounds like ilo! hahaha!

Good run. I want to calibrate. I will be calibrated by Sunday.. somehow!

Oh - on my run back I ran back home on my C wall but I deaked out before that water mist screen. I am not getting soaked twice. I learned my lesson. I noticed as I turned the opposite way to go around it that there was an Olympic person standing there. He could have been there to warn people. I already learned the hard way though.

I listened to my new dance songs and I thought about dances. I wish I had my spare all year then I would have the studio to myself for an hour every second day and I could make up dances. I don't have any studio time anymore. I gave it all away to the kids. Oh well.. I will make it up on the spot... and in my head.. when  I am running and driving. I had one thought about standing still everyone doing the exact same shapes... I can make this one really weird and different..

I love get home early days.. look.. it is only 8pm right now.. and I have already done hot yoga - ate some soup and watched Lost and ran 5km... or however many I am really running pre-calibration.


Tuesday 4pm Hot with Katherine

The hot girl with the 00:24 tattooed on her lower back stood beside me. It is hard to stand beside her because she is half naked and tiny perfect body!!! Grr!! But then she smiled at me and we were friends... kinda. Yoga comrades? I wonder why she has that tattoo. I have never watched that show... is she from that show? Maybe she thinks...I don't know.. live like there is only 24 hours? Then.. why would you be at yoga. Maybe she has a kid and named it 24? Maybe she lost her parents when she was 24? She isn't a ticking time bomb because it is always 24... I guess I will have to ask her. Nah.. I think I will keep guessing.

It was hot today but I did all poses except for the floor bow because I had to blow my nose. I tried to sniff it but with all the sweat it was too slippery in my nose and it slid down .. and I had to stop and grab a tissue.

What was I thinking about today? I was thinking about Wonderwall. What does that song mean? What can the story be in my dance. Should I lead with a certain body part the whole time? Should it be spinny arms?? Fingers are too small.. but might work. I want to work the cannon. I am going to teach parts to the whole class then decide who does what parts when. Teach clumps then ... whoa... Alice starts March 5th!! I have to go to that!! I betcha Belle will go with me!!! Sorry.. TV commercial just came on. Ya.. I was thinking about that dance I am going to make.. I know you aren't supposed to think about anything.. but I cheated and told myself I could think about that the whole class.

I am just putting the song on my runpod now.. while I watch lost on channel 205... and ate soup... still waiting for my face to change colours.. then.. back out to run. I want to calibrate my runpod.. I gotta look into that now.. and I think I will try to do it tonight.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday - 9km LSD (11)- week 6 - NEW SWAG!!!

11:01 km
56.47 mins
5.09 min/km
827 cals

My runpod just froze!! I hope my run still sends to the NIKE PLUS site!!! YAY!! It did!! Phew!! Check out my new stuff!! I went shopping.. and what I thought was going to be a quick trip to the states with Crystal and G turned out.. to be a long trip the states with shopping guru Crystal and faithful students G and P! They have so many good deals over where Crystal took us.. to Tulalip? Seattle Savings Outlest stores??? or something like that.. but I only got what I needed.. and then people watched/ napped on benches!

I got new running shoes - the same kind that I have already.. but different colour and about $50 cheaper!! YAY! I wore them today on my long run and no problem. I almost got a pair for even cheaper.. but they didn't have the sensor spot... I think I made the right choice! I like my new shoes!!

Anywho - I am supposed to be talking about my run! I had this question on my drive home from my run... do I do all this stuff and talk about doing it.. BRAG.. just to make me feel cool - is it an ego thing? Look what I can do .. what did you do? Oh nothing.. ??? I am so much better than you!! I am amazing!! I hope I don't do it for that reason.. but I think I do.. and I can't not brag.. 17km and 10 dance classes last week is pretty amazing! Am I crazy? I don't like braggers but I am one.. I hated herd runners on the C wall.. and now I am one! I am doomed to be someone that I hate? hahaha.. ok.. too deep.. interesting thought... go in ... go out of my head..

We ran down Alberni - to the C wall and left around it to the pool and across and back through the lagoon. I ran in the heard the whole time. That was my goal. To keep calm and hold my ground and learn to run in the heard. There was the little woman with the short blonde ponytail - really thick though .. grr!! - I kept to the right... and stayed behind her the whole time. It was an easy run - it misted a little but no big rain. My new shoes avoided all puddles and mud quite nicely!!

Hahaha.. when we are almost back to the store.. I thought.. I should just keep running to where I parked.. so I deeked up a hill.. then remembered I had left my keys at the store in the key box... so I had to run to the store anyways... grab my keys and go back to my truck.

Nap time!! Then.. figure out what songs - dances I am going to teach to my grade 8's and... my grade 10's :)

Happy SUNDAY!! Week 6 - Here we go!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday 3km Steady - Week 5

4.59 km
23.05 mins
5 min/km
346 cals

I don't like the herd runs... I knew I wouldn't like herding.

This was supposed to be a 3km. Maybe I need to calibrate my nike plus??? Maybe I am not as cool as I think I am??? That sucks!! I looked back at the Chilly Chase and it was 10.48... hmmm.. I need to go to a track or use the km markers on the C wall and sort this out. I can't go around thinking I am better than I am.

I talked to one of the girls after our run and she didn't calibrate either and she got the same distance as me. She said that all she knows is when it says half way she knows it really isn't. Haha.. I was thinking the same thing when I was listening to the dude talk on mine. I was thinking.. hey.. he said halfway.. why aren't we turning around??? Wait...

OK.. I just looked back at our supposed 9km last Sunday.. and my nike plus told me I did 9.7km. We could have gone a bit over.. that is true.. but maybe I am off a half a km? I must calibrate and see if it fixes it or not... and think I am cool.. no it won't work anymore.. cause I know!!! DAMN!! Well, at least I didn't put two and two together sooner.. I had a few years of feeling like a super good runner!! hahaha!!

K.. food!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday 3km Tempo - week 5

3.02 km
15:11 mins
5 min/km
227 cals

I got home from Flow yoga - totally sweaty and just wanted to get my run done. I was hungry and tired. I changed into my run gear and away I went. Yesterday I ran 5km when I was supposed to run 4km so I decided to just do 3 today. Enough is enough!

My tongue is burnt from wonton soup... I like wonton soup a lot for a couple of reasons: One, it fills me up and two, I have to slow down to eat it because it is so hot. I am still working on the two!

So, I ran from Choices alley and down to the sidewalk, down to the C wall and back to my home along the wall. They are building some pretty crazy stuff where the tennis and basketball courts are. At first it was just the Bubble tent and now there is a huge stage and a huge screen behind the stage in the water. Now, get this. The screen had a projection on it - like the purple, black, green.. you know the colours they have when they test TV's...or when it is late at night and there are no programs on...  and it was all misty. It was like a water mist screen.

It was raining on my way home.

It was raining when I walked to yoga.

It wasn't raining when I walked home from yoga and went for my run!

I got soaked when I ran through the water screen mist. At first it was just mist then torrential mist.. worse than the log ride and the front section at SeaWorld put together! hahaha.. I was laughing.. cause I had no where to go.. I just had to speed through it.. and then I spat on the ground.. a few times.. cause it got all in my mouth... Gross!!

There was another girl coming my way and I wanted to warn her but it is dark and we are both plugged in... it would be funny to sit there are record some of the people.. hahaha!! I woulda been funny on that video.. whoa.. hahaha .. spit spit.. dog shake it off.

Wednesday 6pm Flow with Katherine! - (I ohmed and chanted quietly)

Dana was in class today! YAY! And Katherine is always awesome. I sat in my normal spot. Today when we ohmed and chanted... I decided to join in and see what I was missing. Why? I did this because of something BGirl Keeley had said about freestyling in the cipha and how it all relates to just being scared in life. She took 20 minutes to explain it.. but it made me think - just try it. Who cares? So, I did. I felt silly. But honestly, I probably feel sillier not doing it when everyone else is. Maybe it will make me a better person or bring me love or insight into life. I will do it again. She said the chanting meant... something about wishing she can bring something into our lives from her just being there and guiding us. That is pretty nice of her...

The same little Mexican was beside me today.. as last time I was there. I can't remember his name right now. He was noisy though.. sigh,.. ugh.. breathe hard.. haha.. I think he must be a snorer... But.. at least he was trying hard and I knew he wasn't dead!

My abs hurt from all that I did yesterday with the kids.. lots of parts hurt.. arms triceps.. I worked them!!! (and myself times 4!!) I made it through the tough class though.. and kept on running!! hahaha!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday 4km Tempo - did 5!! - Week 5

5.02 km
24 mins
4'57'' min/km
377 cals

I ran to English Bay on the side walk and back along the C wall to the Olympic site and walked back home. It was an ok run. I wasn't that into it. Again I have learned that eating the Dorritos and drinking Dr. Pepper from the gas station does not ever feel good afterwards! It doesn't feel good at yoga, doesn't feel good in the dance studio, and it doesn't feel good jiggling up and down, back and forth along the C wall.

It wasn't raining though!! YAY!