Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday 6pm Hot Yoges with Christine

I had a really good class today. I think it was because I was so tired I couldn't think too much - I just did what I was told. I stood center front. I could hear her good. I did everything. It was just a great class. I thought about making a video of the magic doorway. Where the drama floats away in clouds or balloons.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday 6 Contemporary Jazz with MOE!

Fun class - I felt a little rusty. It has been a rough month being sick off and on.. it felt good to dance but it was a little bit of a struggle. I gotta get back into the swing of things!

Monday 7:45 Hip Hop with Moe - THRILLER

Shirley and her daughter Lisa came - as did Laurie. It was a fun class. I am going to teach it to the kids tomorrow :) K.. pooped.. BED!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 12:00 Street Jazz - Katie - Danger Hand

A dance with one arm with super powers and you just can't believe it. I had fun. I enjoyed her style and her class. Keli bought hammer pants from her!!

Keli and I went for sushi and talked after.. that was awesome.. we laughed a lot. YAY!!

Friday 10:30 Contemporary - Justine - It's her birthday

We did a lot of rolling on the ground - as usual. The class was full because there was no Barbara class this morning. Keli was there!! YAY!! I know how my kids feel when I go to fast and they can't get it.. cause that was me. I learned that! I had fun but I struggled. If I took this class all the time I would be use to her style but I don't and it is a challenge for me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4pm Hot with Katherine - Awesome Class - Awesome Day :)

I had my spare last block so I left early, got some costumes, and got to go to the 4pm yoga with Katherine. She is my favourite teacher. She is amazing. She makes me try hard and relax? She makes me relax my toes a lot - that is for sure :) The class was full of new students and she worked really well with them to get them through their first class with ease. She even held the door open to cool them off a bit. I thought that was nice. There was a new, older lady in Angela's class last time and she looked like she was going to puke, she was crying, and Angela wouldn't let her out of the room.. when she did I made sure Ayumi- who was beside me - followed her out to make sure she didn't pass out in the bathroom by herself. Anywho - we are all learning everyday and I am sure Angela thought about that after that class and I hope she would do differently next time.

Triangle: knee back, toes relaxed, tip hips under

OK- I am going to eat!! I am glad I am happy again!! YAY!!! I control me!! (Sometimes me controls me.. and I can't control me.. but I try!!! YAY HORMONES!!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday 8am Hot with Christine

You know what I think the fitness of the future will be? It will be to do with your mental health. The instructor will be able to listen to what you are really thinking during the class and they will be able to guide you through those roadblocks and negative feelings. I would love to be able to download my brain and remember all the crap I was really thinking about instead of focusing. My performance would increase if I could focus and stop worrying about the little? things. It isn't funny that I feel alone and that I feel as though I have failed the subject of relationships. I am a strong independent woman but not by choice except for the fact that I refuse to settle. I am sick of being alone. I am lonely and sad and I can't hold on much longer. I cried when the lights were out.. I just can't believe that I am this much of a failure. That is what makes me run away. That's all. I had a good class besides all these negative thoughts. I am crying now when I write.. fuck... maybe it is just PMS. I gotta go to the doctor and get these pills changed cause they make me so emotional.

I am a strong independent woman. I am a good person. Someone will love me one day and I will wish I was alone!! hahahaha! Just trying to make a joke of it..

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6pm Hot Yoga with Angela - Ms. J Challenge

OK.. The Ms. J Challenge: When the kids have their journals I will go up to them individually and give them individual challenges and I am starting with Staci: Her challenge is going to be to try to focus for longer periods of time during the class.

Now, about yoga class. I was good until the back extension exercises then I was too hot. I had to lay there and just move my head from side to side. I did most of the next set but I didn't do the back bend. I was so hot!! hahaha! It was my first time back since I have been sick.. maybe I was just hotter myself... no.. a lot of people left before the namaste. It was hot!

Anywho.. I did it and I am happy now! YEAH!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday 6pm Flow with Katherine!! She won second of in the Voctoria Marathon last weekend!! WOO HOO!!! She is my hero!

Self doubt- something that we all have. She spoke of this at the beginning of the class when she told us about her awesome success this past weekend - second place in the Victoria Marathon. WOW! She said she would pass people that she knew were better than her and she did not believe that she was good enough to be able to do that. She ran it in 2:47. Her goal was 2:50. That is so awesome! That is amazing!!

Class was awesome. We did handstands again. My partner was Rachel. She is from Calgary and doesn't go back till December. It is nice to meet people that are friendly here and she was super nice! YEAH!

I did an awesome hand stand against the wall and Katherine saw it. I used my fingers to grip and kept my pelvis in alignment and I balanced without the wall!! YEAH! (I was practicing at school ;)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday 5:30 Street Jazz - Joanne - pregnant!!!!

WOW!!! I missed this class. I haven't been to it .. in over a year??? Anywho, I am going to go to this class every Tuesday. I love her choreography. I have to get bigger and sharper.. but it was so much cardio and strength that I was almost out of breath. I was dripping with sweat and red and the class is only an hour. But it is go go go!!

I had a pretty lazy weekend -finished sitting, sleeping and being sick! Ms. Happy Johnson is back!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday, 6:30 Hip Hop - Alex - (Annemarie? Get it like this.. do it like this?)

Sometimes if I change where I stand or put on my sweater for the last dance.. I lose it! Why is that? I need to make myself change things more often.. mix it up and fix it up!

anywho - fun class. Harj said he liked my tattoo.

I danced in my socks! My new shoes are not slippery - not good for turning. It was fun dancing in my socks.

Go big, dance for yourself, get out of the mirror - these were some of Alex's comments.

It's good to be back to my normal routine after being sick!! YEAH! I can deal with 3 days of feeling bad.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday 1pm Hip Hop Fundamentals - funtobemental? - Kim Sato

You're a jerk!
HAHAHA.. Keli was there!! YEAH! I was going to take MOe's class but I got talked into switching to this one.

We learned the yes - up knee out
the jerk - backwards running manish
the shamrock - step pivot step pop
the steve martin - 3 big knee up walks kick back and rotate around bringing knee up

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday 6pm Hot Yoga - Christine - End of October

Mantra - End of October - I will be beautiful. Whenever I have stupid thoughts I repeat this in my head. Am I crazy? No. This is a good way to make me stop thinking about it.

I felt very calm in class today because Christine's voice is calming. She also kept reminding us to relax our shoulders.

My face is still red. It was a good class for me. I did every posture. I felt good. (minus my stupid fat brain - end of October I will be beautiful)