Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday 3-4:30 Home Bikram

I got a copy of the normal Bikram class and I edited it all together not including the savasanas and the final breathing... getting it down from 90 minutes to 70. I wanted to try it at home before I get the all clear to go back to the hot room so I could learn what my limitations might be once I get there.

Jonny was playing his music, Christian was in his jiggly chair, and I put my yoga mat right out in the living room with the boys. I watched Christian and he was sleeping until after standing head to knee. I gave his his soother and tried to do cobra but he wasn't having it. I picked him up and fed him and hung out with him until Jonny took over. Then, I moved to the bedroom and let the boys chill in the living room.

Here is a breakdown of what might be a problem for me in class next week:

Standing head to knee - This one is not included in the pregnancy yoga so I hadn't done it in a long time. I held the foot for the first set and didn't try to kick out. I tried to kick out on the second set but this is also when Christian was starting to fuss so I didn't have the focus required to hold it. I could also feel some flexibility loss. I am not worried about this posture. I had it before I will get it back in time.

Triangle pose - my inner thigh on both sides really pulls during this one. I cheated and put my elbow on my knee instead of between my toes so I could achieve the depth in the bent knee. I won't be able to get away with cheating in class next week...

Standing separate leg head to knee - keeping my head tucked in made my diaphragm area muscle cramp - so I had to come out early to stretch it out. This is not an unusual problem for me and I am sure it will go away with time and a more consistent practice.

Toe stand - I haven't done this since before the ankle - so I tried today with little success. Again - time will cure this as well. I did't have a problem with it before the ankle and now that the ankle is "better" I will get this posture back in time.

Sit-up: I didn't do the sit-ups - waiting for the all clear from the doctor next week. I rolled onto my side and up.

Spine strengthening: Whoa!! BOOBS! They are so in the way!! I can't lay comfortably with my head down so I might do the pregnancy savasanas in class. I could manage all of these exercises except for locust. I will do the pregnancy version in class unless the teacher has another option for me.

Here is an article about Bikram Yoga and breastfeeding.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday 9-10 Pregnancy Bikram

I did the pregnancy Bikram again this morning. I took advantage of Jonny and Christian still sleeping in the bedroom. Again, I was careful with the backbends and I took it easy. I wonder if Carrie has the real version? I know she had a DVD. I wonder if she has the audio. I might like to try the normal version without the heat to see my limitations before I go back to the hot room in twelve more days (hopefully!).

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday 8:30-9:30 Pregnancy Bikram - first time since Pregnant!

I decided to just try my pregnancy Bikram this morning and it went really well. There were some postures that were so much easier now that I don't have a belly. It made me excited for the future of going back to the real class. (Although I am afraid of the heat - no joke those first few classes are going to be really hard!) I took it easy and I especially didn't push it on the backbends. I hardly bent at all - I just looked back and focused on my spine stretching to the ceiling. I could feel all the abdominal muscles stretching just doing that. I wonder how long it will take before I am back to normal? Jonny says - nine months in nine months out. If that is the case... I should be good by the end of August. I am voting for me being above average healing and will be good by June. Why not? A girl has to have goals!

I did my yoges in the living room with Christian in his jiggly chair. I had to stop a few times to deal with fussy man and for the last posture I brought him on the mat with me and we did some baby stretches. He is being fussy again right now!! But... grossly enough.. I am pumping. Eww.. I am such a cow.