Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6am Hot Yoges - Patricia - FIRST CLASS BACK!

I did it! I went to yoga! I woke up extra early because it takes me a long time to walk. I got up at 5:30am. I walked down to yoga in the pouring rain. I told Patricia my ankle story as soon as I got in. She has also broken both of her ankles so she is sympathetic. She also understands how much I can do. I asked her at the end if she thought I was overdoing it and she said no. (That is what my family is always worried about - me doing too much - but I am not. I am being good. I am listening to my body.) One thing she did tell me to watch out for is not to overuse the good leg. If I can't do it on one side I shouldn't be doing it on the other side.

Danielle - tall, tattoo girl - was in the change room. I told my story again. I've noticed the most common thing I say when I tell the story is, "It could have been worse."

I was the first one in the studio. I set up my mat and lied down trying not to look in the mirror. I am now a back, left corner girl. No more standing in the front row for me for a while. (I can't believe I am going to say this - but I wish I had my hearing aids - hahaha)

Patricia gave me alternate positions to do. Now I can go to anyone's class and be able to do my own version of class. I could not do utkatasana. When I stand with my feet hip width apart I can't bend my knees much because my left foot just won't bend. Weird. So, I just held it where I could squishing my abs as hard as I could and avoiding eye contact with the mirror. For one legged exercises I kept my toes on the floor. For standing bow she gave me a hip flexor stretch in a knee lunge with arm up and back bend. Balasana - sitting on your knees and going forward - I couldn't go forward but I practiced sitting on my knees stretching out the front of my ankle. During the downward dog section I went to my knees for the plank.

I basically did level one yoga and it felt great to be sweating and doing something. I plan to go every morning - wait.. is this a challenge? Hmmm... That would make me happy! Let me check the calendar...I am going to do a 40 day challenge! From today till October 9th. Then - I will be FIT AGAIN! (Anyone want to join me... JEN?)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just some more walking! 1.5 hours

I left at 6:27pm and was back by 8pm.

This time I decided to walk down towards Gastown. My plan was to text G if I made it that far and see if she wanted to walk over to crab park. I walked down Seymour and crossed over Cordova to Water street. I saw Justin walking but he was on the phone and I didn't want to talk about my ankle so I just smiled and waved. I found an empty bench at Water and Cambie so I sat and texted G. She was on Commercial at a work dinner. Oh well. I headed back home. I went back up Cambie turned right on Smithe, left on Homer and back to my house. I enjoyed this walk but it is a lot harder because the side walks aren't as large and nice as the C wall. There are more people in a hurry too. Also, I am so slow at the lights. I have to wait for a fresh light before I make a go of them. It takes me a whole light to get across!

I used the crutch the whole way this time. My hand is sore. I did good though. I am proud of my progress and I am looking forward to being totally back to normal.

Just some walking - a little no crutch!! 1.5 hours

9:15am - 10:45am

SO! I went for a morning walk. I went down Homer to the C wall again and back towards Yaletown and up Helmcken to my house. For part of it - the part where it flooded once on my run - I walked with no crutch. I carried my crutch. The worst part about walking is my hand gets sore holding onto the crutch. So, I relaxed it and noticed I wasn't using it that much. Then I proceeded to lift up the crutch. I wasn't using it at... it was just a crutch! (get it?)

On that circle statue thing it says: The moon circles the earth and responds with the rhythm of the tide. Or something close to that. I walked past Emma's camera eye too. I took some pictures but I am not sure if they turned out.. let's see!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Walking - with one crutch!

11:30.. (maybe 11:15) - 2:30

Today is my second day walking. I am using one crutch with my good leg. I am walking very slowly. Here is the route that I took today. See if you can visualize it in your mind:

I walked down my alley to the right. I decided I was too slow to J walk so I turned left on Davie street by Steam Rollers (Where G said you can buy La Teresita? hot sauce). I walked across the street with the light and turned right on Homer. I went forward to David Lam park and onto the C wall. I sat on the edge of the wall and looked at a beautiful catamaran and took a little break.

I got up and walked to the left back towards Yaletown. I walked along the edge of the wall and took all the little extra walks closest to the water. I walked past "Same like electric eye." I stopped and had a break on a bench in the shade across from the Marina - before Yaletown. I called mom and talked to Dad about the island but he got angry when he found out mom didn't want to go. ??? She just wanted him to go???

I got up again and walked towards Yaletown thinking about lunch. I got to the edge of Cooper park and decided to cross towards homeish. I got to the side walk and crossed the street and headed back towards the Hurricane Grill. I turned right and crossed the street near the BC Liks and through the park. I got to Mainland street where I decided to get Subway and go back to Cooper Park. I turned right and got Subway then headed back down Nelson and right on... Cambie? and left on Pacific - then right at the cross walk and through one of those cement parkish areas and back to Cooper Park.

I sat and ate my foot long turkey on whole wheat and drank root beer. I was damn thirsty. I went home ... you can figure that out. I am pooped.. but I am going to go for another walk... at around... 6!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Broken Ankle Work Out - 1/2 hour

Today it is lightly raining outside... not that I am doing this outside.. I was just looking at it out the window.
Today I did:
sit ups
back extention/ pushups
head rolls.. hahaha 
arms - that boot camp thing
side crunches/ leg lifts

My left hip flexor is sore and my right achilles still. I can't wait to go to physio!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Broken Ankle Work Out

This morning I listened to shuffle. There wasn't one bad song! I ended with Ice Cube ... I could make that ass drop... Today was a Good Day... and today is going to be a great day.

  • I did one whole song of sit ups
  • stretched out my hip flexors (that left one is still so sore... it was the one injured in switch splits last Christmas and the one that holds my leg up all the time) 
  • tricep dips
  • push ups / back extentions
  • stretch
I didn't do that much today but I think I am going to have a busy day.... and that is my excuse! hahaha! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home - Broken Ankle Work Out

I did about 20 minutes today. I put my yoga mat out last night so I could do my exercises and use it to crawl on to the bathroom. My right achilles tendon is a bit sore from hopping. My right but cheek is also sore from so much standing on one leg yesterday. (grocery shopping - cutting vegetables)

Off to my doctor to be a squeaky wheel.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, August 9 - Casa Del Sam's Broken Ankle Workout!

Belle, Laya, and I spread out our little blankets in the basement and cranked the tunes and did some exercises. Laya had the cutest push-ups. They kind of remind me of Ruheed's. Then Belle was showing her how to do them right. Belle quit first and switched back to reading Eclipse... or was it New Moon she was finishing Monday? She was into the saga either way. She did pull the pull up bar out and she can acutally do chin ups! I can't do one!!! I blame it on my ankle!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Casa Del Sam's Broken Ankle Workout!

This morning I got up and I did what I could do. I put on my runpod and spread out my blue blanket and I got sweaty. I listened to Ellie Goulding and I don't know how long I worked out for but I think it was almost the whole album. YAY! I did sit-ups, tricep dips, push-ups, back extentions, stretched my hanstrings, more sit ups, leg lifts for abductors and the other ones, tricep dips, more push-ups, and stretching. THEN.. I had a great treat waiting for me!!! Belle made me a delicious orange and pineapple smoothy!! So DELISH! Maybe we can make a YouTube of her making another one... and add it to Emma and I's new cooking blog. (It is not made yet.. but under discussion and in the works!)

Belle and Laya and I are now going to go swimming! Belle is going to do 20 laps and I am going to do 36 cause I am 36! hahaha!

Bali Runs with a GRANDE FINALE!

I am blue in the NIKE PLUS site! YAY!! Here are my runs from Bali.. I just took the screen shots from Nike Plus. I have written about them in my Bali journal.

This last one is the one where I broke my ankle. I didn't turn off my runpod.. I was a little distracted.