Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

Moe was at the front desk. I said I was the old one in the class and she said no one has to know.

I saw Melissa Medalla (one of my first students at Frank Hurt) outside of JP's class. She is going to teach the grade 8's at Frank Hurt next week. That makes me happy.

I had a great class because we did the same routine as last week. JP taught what we did last week really, really fast - I felt bad for people who weren't there last week - and then he added on a new little bit. Even though I didn't practice the choreo - as was my plan to do after all classes - I still had the first part down. I don't know how it sinks in when I am not doing it for a week, but somehow it seeps in.

* There are no sit ups in hip hop. I thought I would be fine but now that odd part of my scar is swollen. I iced it. And I have cut myself off from dance, yoga, and running until the doctors on Monday. Walking only.. come on rain.. go away!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday 4:15 - 5:45 Bikram - Gabe

Jonny got home from work early today so I was able to go to the 4:15 yoges. There was space only in the front row. I haven't stood in the front row since the whole baby thing. I had a good class. I was really focussed. I wonder if I am more focussed because I don't have as much to think about and distract because I am not at work. Or, is it because I am so tired and I am just zoned out. Or, am I actually getting better at focussing?

I did the sit ups again today. I still can't do locust or floor bow but my time is coming. I did one front savasana but then returned to laying on my sides for the front ones. My chest is not ready yet.

I hope that everything worked out well today.

* I noticed in the shower that my c-section scar had a thicker part to a section of it. No more sit ups for me.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

I remembered my hearing aids! I started standing in my usual spot but it got crowded so I moved to the opposite side. There were two girls in front of me. The one on the right was having a bad day. Or at least it looked like it cause she wasn't trying or smiling.

I, on the other hand, was having a good day. I got the choreo and had fun dancing it. I sweat up a storm and that was that. Home to my boys!! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Run 11.1 km, 1 H

I was so happy to wake up this morning and see the sun as opposed to the predicted rain. Yesterday was so gross out then it was nice for a second and then gross and then nice. Today is awesome but windy. The wind was trying to blow me back home but I kept on running. I was seeing if I could make it to Jherico - not quite in one hour. I ran through Kits and there was a kite surfer just trucking back and forth along the bay there.

When I was running over there across the Burrard bridge I saw a red sailboat heading out and Jonny had the song Sail playing on my Wife Mix 2. The mix picked up at the end and kept me running home even though I was feeling tired and I could feel the blisters formed under my big toes. Serves me right for going cheap. I should have just gone to the Running Room and bit the bullet and got a good pair of shoes. Oh well. They didn't bother me until the end of the run so I will use these shoes for my shorter runs and tape my toes on longer ones until I get a new pair at the outlets when we go.

All in all - a beautiful and fun run. Jonny's turn to skate! 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday 4:15-5:45 Bikram - Danny w/ Carrie

I tried the sit up today and I sat up! YAY! I needed that breakthrough. I was having a rough day and now I am happy again.

There was a new student next to me. He was an older man. He did awesome. He tried really hard.

Carrie did awesome too. We were both tired and crazy so it is good that we made each other go.

* Carrie told me after class that she had read that doing sit ups too early can cause your scar to split. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP

I didn't get the name of the song - I just tried to look up the lyrics I could remember - money in the bank  and fuck that... and I guess those are pretty common lyrics.

Anyways, I had a good class tonight. I got the choreo - except for the last move - which I could do when we weren't doing the dance but as soon as it got to the end my arms and feet would freak out and do something just a little off. Then, I got home and told Jonny and I could do the move again.

Jonny also had the boy bathed and the formula started by the time I got home... I was only gone an hour! What a good man I got!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

I finally made it back to a Monday class. I am going to try not to miss this class again. I stood in the centre. I focused and practiced till I got it. I marked the routine during every run even if it wasn't my turn until the very end when I watched the good kids do it.

I am looking forward to class on Wednesday. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Saturday 9:15-10:45 Bikram Kits - Tanya!! w/ Carrie and Azelia

I forgot to write my blog yesterday!

Anywho - I had an awesome class with Carrie and Azelia at the Kits studio - it was free today (yesterday). It was Share the Love day. It was also my favourite teacher Tanya!! She gives such good corrections and makes you try hard while reminding you that it is mind over matter. I always leave her classes feeling positive and happy.

Carrie, Azelia and I got a nice spot all together in the back right corner. There was a speaker there so I could hear good and there was an air conditioner or something in the corner that gave some cool air.. but it also gave the smell of someone smoking at some point. There must be a vent to the outside that someone was smoking close to. That was pretty gross. Maybe I still have super smell from pregnancy.

Anywho - awesome, hot class with an awesome teacher and good friends!! We shared the love! Man am I ever gay!! hahaa! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Run 12 km, 1:06 mins

I was going to run my hill route and back around Science World but I got to the C wall and it was so sunny I turned right and decided to go for it. Get one C wall run under my belt for 2013. It is gorgeous today. I had my Nike + set to basic so it doesn't tell me anything I just run as far and and as long as I want. I cut through the totem pole park instead of going around the lighthouse. I usually consider that cheating but whatever! When I got to the underpass at the end of the C wall in the west end I was done. I turned off my run pod and walked home through my old Breadgarden alley.

The blister that I had on my left foot from last week is bigger now. I am not sure if it is from my new shoes or it is just aggravated because it hadn't healed yet. No other feet problems.

When I got home it was time to pump but I had a shower and a bath with the boy. Now... it is time to get out in the sun some more. There is no wasting this day!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday 6:15-7:45 Bikram- Gaby

I am an hour late to pump. I had some full jugs in that class. I wonder how long it is going to take these boobs to disappear? I just looked that up and like usual got a lot of different answers. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Anywho - it was a good class. It was super packed. I did not do all of the spine strengthening because of my jugs but whatever. I still can't do the sit ups. I wonder when that will come back? Can't be long now.

I left class as soon as I could and here I am... pumping!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Run 8.3 km, 46:14 mins.

Yesterday I got the cheapest running shoes I could find. ($85 with tax) Most pairs were $129. I just can't imagine spending that much when I know I can go to the outlets and get them cheaper. The last pairs I got were $40!! Anywho, I got them but they didn't have the Nike + Sensor hole in the insole so I  was going to make my own pouch using this website but I had another idea in the night and ended up using a ziplock back and duct tape. Waterproof and no sewing! 

My new shoes and sensor holder worked great. There was no blood in my shoes and my feet weren't hitting the end of my shoes with every step. I did a shorter run just to make sure my shoes were ok before I went farther away and I took a route where I could take easy exits home if I needed too - but I didn't !! 

It was an awesome run.. and day! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday 2-3:30 Jazz - Moe

Cierra was working the front desk again.

This was a confidence class and I had fun!

Moe liked my Toy Machine socks. She also told me she ran into one of my old students who is not hostesting at Earl's and she was asking how the baby and I were. Elaine? I think... I can see her face in my mind and hear her voice but I am not sure about the name... it was so long ago. Moe couldn't remember either.

Anywho, it was a full class. We did a disco warm-up song then the usual choreographed warm-up which is getting more in my head. My inner thighs are getting more flexible again - I can lay flat on my stomach. I knew it would come back.

We did kicks across the floor and I felt strong doing that one. Then we did jumps. No turns today.

She threw the choreography at us but I was able to pick it up quickly today. I didn't do well the first time we did groups but I kept dancing at the back when it wasn't my group so that when it was my turn I knew what to do. I was applying my every time group rule.

It was an awesome class and I look forward to going back tomorrow for some more of JP's hip hop!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Run 10.6 km, 1H

I ran the same route as I did last week. I really thought about my feet in my shoes. Are my shoes too small? I have been trying to lie to myself that they aren't but they are. I can feel my toes at the end of the shoes with each step. My socks have had blood in them every time I run and the blisters are renewed. I have run in shoes that are too small before - when I was living in Jakarta - and I know what happens when you run long distances in shoes that don't fit - you lose your toe nails. I don't want to lose my toe nails. I must invest in new running shoes. It sucks - cause I got such a good deal on them and I bought two pairs. I guess I can give the new pair to Belle. AND, we are going to go to the outlets soon. As soon as pumping is over. (Which I have been contemplating continuing as well...)

Anywho, got my warts zapped after my run and I have to go back again Wednesday. They aren't done yet. Boo! Oh well.. one day they will be gone. I am just going to have to live through the foot pain. I have definitely learned my lesson with this one.

It was a good run. I cleaned the house before I left. Jonny's mix made me happy. I thought about sleep training and how to get everyone on board for that. It is going to be hard for a couple of weeks but it will make our lives better in the end.

I ran faster this week than last week. I had to do a couple of loops around the Yaletown C wall to finish the hour. That is good. Maybe I will be able to make it around Science World one day. I might switch it up next run - run out to Kits and back. That would be nice.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday 6-7:30am Bikram - Ulrike V

I don't know if I have had this teacher before. I just searched my blog - it doesn't look like it. There were thirty two people in class which was more than I expected for an early morning class. I am glad that I made it. I woke up at 5am to pump and thought - nah - I will just go back to bed... but I went and I am glad now because I have done my exercise for the day and I feel great.

I am usually more stiff in morning classes and I definitely was at the start but I had an awesome class. I rocked the balancing series and even put my head to my knee. My core is getting stronger. I did toe stand too. I didn't balance the whole time but I was able to control my way down and back up and hold to the change.

I still can't do the sit ups, locust, or floor bow and I use my elbows to lower myself down.

This teacher always reminded us to tighten our stomach muscles and this is the kind of reminder I need and the exercise I need for them right now. I don't need to do the sit ups - just tighten the muscles and soon my body will be sitting up and lowering itself back down with ease.

Great class and I am glad I went nice and early. I had little sleep - maybe five intermittent hours. I left the boy asleep in the bed so it was easy for Jonny if he woke up and there was a bottle ready for him. The boy did wake up at 6am but was asleep when I was home at 7:40 - so I could shower. Jonny didn't seem impressed with being woken up on a work day - so 6ams will not work on a work days anymore. That is cool -we tried! We will figure it all out one day.. and then.. things will change! haha!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop - JP


We were down in studio four and I stood in the front right corner but second row. There was a section of cool toque people front left. I wonder if any of them thought - hey, we are all wearing toques maybe I will take mine off?

This was a shorter, emotional choreography. I got all of the moves and was having an awesome class. Then, he split us into groups. Everything was still all good. Then, he did all girls from group one and he filmed... and I mind farted. UGH! Why do I do that? Why do I get nervous around these cool kids? Next time this happens, I am just going to join the next group and try again. I am going to be every time group. (Like Twigg, Keli and I at GSP)

I am going to go back to this class on Sunday and practice this choreo this week for fun - until I get it good! GAME ON! 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday 4:15-5:45 Bikram - Gabe

I don't remember having this teacher before. He didn't use the head set so anything small he said, I didn't hear. He moved really quickly between exercises. It felt like you just got your arms down or you just laid down and he was starting the next one. I didn't necessarily mind this. I would rather get done more quickly than drag it out. He didn't wait for some people to get into the postures properly but yet he stressed moving into postures slowly. Whatever.

Jonny got home from work early so I got to go to the early class. Now I can practice getting boy to bed in his cradle again. He slept in it by himself (as if I could fit) all night! Cross your fingers for night two!

Add on:
I did toe stand on the broken ankle side without falling. YAY!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday 10-11am Run 10.27km, 1H

It was dry so I took advantage and I ran. Jonny made me a playlist that is exactly one hour long so that was my goal. I loved having a new playlist and kept trying to listen for hidden messages in the songs.

I ran out the alley and along Pacific on the sidewalk. I ran up Bute two blocks and back down the next one and then up the killer Broughton hill and then across beside the gazebo park and across Pacific to the C wall. I ran back towards the Burrard bridge and walked up those stairs and ran across the bridge. I ran back through G island and around and walked up the stairs to cross back home at the Cambie bridge. It was a perfect hour and a good run full of challenges. I just took it easy and enjoyed the scenery.

I thought about having a shirt that said, "My baby slept eight hours last night!" That's why I was running with a smile. I watched a pregnant girl walking and thought - if you only knew what this smile is about - you will understand soon enough and you won't think I am so crazy then.

Jonny's mix slowed down when I got to the elementary school. It was recess and all the kids were out playing. I imagined kneeling in front of Christian and zipping up his jacket and tweaking his little nose. I had a feeling. I am such a lucky mom. I love both my boys.

I didn't get any blisters this time. I guess my skin is back to being tough.

I think I am going to try and run an hour each time I go out instead of sticking to a training schedule. I will do the longer runs with Carrie.. but throughout the week. I will just run for an hour each time and add in hills or speed. I think you just have to get the km's in. Anywho... that training doesn't start till March. No worries!

Thursday 10-11:30pm Bikram - Christine P

Random thoughts from this evenings class: 
  • First late night class
  • Auntie Helen and Uncle Butch
  • Less people
  • 4 or 5 new students - would be a good time for Pit to come - even though he said he isn't into it. 
  • Foot massage 
  • Still not doing sit ups - maybe next week? 
  • Still not doing locust - doing the pregnancy version
  • Still not putting arms down during front savasana
  • Too much chocolate milk before class
  • The parking guy is gone by the time you get out of class (not that we have to pay anyways) 
  • Christine P encouraged the class to sing Happy Birthday to a student. 
  • Maybe I could do a 30 challenge if I did all night classes... or all early morning classes... maybe that is just too much crazy - but boy would I have my normal body back after that. Although, I am doing good and noticing differences each class. 
  • Not going to talk about the excuses for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - they are legit - I can't do everything I want to do when I want to do them anymore. At least I made it tonight. 
  • The girl in front of me had super long, thick hair in a braid. Hippy-mermaid style - but I liked it. I guess there is still that little girl in me that wants mermaid hair. 
  • A before and after picture for my blog - nah - I am glad I didn't ever find out how much I weighed. That number would still be bugging me. 
  • I thanked the teacher as I left and she did a big happy wave. I like her.