Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday 4:09 - 4:37 Skate E Spot (28 minutes)

It is beautiful and sunny today. It was my first day back to school but I had my spare last block - but I had to stop at Walmart and get some costume stuff for the show Thursday… but I still got home earlier than normal. When I got home Jonny got me a snack and then we packed the boy up and went for a skate.

I did a lot of ollies. I was doing some weird sketchy not- ollie that was annoying… like three or four times. But I also had some good ones going fast. Then I did some 180's and those are coming around and getting not as slow. 

The boy was done sitting in his chair so away we went. He didn't get a squirm this time but he is squirming around now. 

Monday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Ulrike

I guess I don't have to write Bikram Cambie anymore - it is the only studio left. Maybe I will anyways…

It was HOT today. I was glad to leave after the spine stretching. I gulped down my water and another bottle and a half then my juice.

I didn't have an awesome class. 6am's are so much more difficult than the later classes. It was nice to go to some later classes and I look forward to doing all later classes in the SUMMER! Nap time classes.

BACK at school - 17 days till EASTER!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday 6:28 - 6:56 Skate E Spot (28 minutes)

 The sun came out and Jonny made us dinner quick and we dined and skated. There were still a lot of puddles at E spot. I stayed in the covered area. I did some ollies and then moved quickly onto my 180s which I have a little bit faster than slug speed. I also did some slow shuvits. The boy let us have a half hour and then we walked back home along the water and got ice cream!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday 10 - 11:30 Bikram Cambie - Danny

This class was packed! There was a nothing of a girl who put her mat right in front of mine. She was so tiny. It must be hard to be so childlike and be an adult. It would be so weird and hard. I would be worrying about what the people who liked me were really into. Kinda sick.

Anyways - it was HOT. I didn't have a bad a class but it wasn't my best. I was bendy. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio

The Mating Game - Birds of Paradise

The SkyTrain stopped delaying Julio but one of the girls in class ran a warm-up while Julio ran to class.

Julio talked about birds of paradise and how many different types there are. He said his main inspirations when he choreographs are birds and cats.
I did ok for my first time back. I would do better if I went more often. I am going to try and go to one dance class a week again - alternating jazz and hip hop. AND.. I have to get to a ballet class soon. 

Thursday 5:12 - 5:41 Skate E Spot (29 minutes)

It was wet all day today. Our new Yahoo weather app said it would be dry around noon but that was not so. Luckily Jonathon got us out of our lazy, rain day ways and made us go for a skate when it did dry up.

I did my line - slowly - a few times in a row and that felt good. Then I let the boy out for a fifteen minute squirm. He did some great skateboard pushing, knee riding, bum riding, walking, and puddle splashing.

Two skates are always better than one but one skate is better than none! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday 9:30 - 11:00 Bikram Cambie - Danny

Wow - what a difference a few hours and some nourishment make. I had set my alarm to get up at 5:40 and go to the 6am class but I woke up and checked my phone at 4 and then 4:44… and I was like I just kept waiting for the alarm to go off and I wasn't sleeping. So, I turned it off and slept. (until 6:30 or something)

I had an awesome class. It wasn't too hot and my body was all warmed up. My hips didn't hurt and I was really bendy. I could straighten my knees in the forward bending. It was a nice change from 6am. It made me wonder if as I get older the 6am classes will get harder… maybe it is good I keep going to them… keep me bendy even in the wee early hours of the morning.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday 12:46 - 1:11 Skate E Spot (25 minutes)

Today was one of those days that we waited for a dry spell and as soon as we got to the spot it started raining just enough to wet the ground and then the sun came out and then it rained and then the sun and so on and so forth.

We skated back and forth under the narrow covered area for a little bit. I mostly worked on my 180s. Jonny got his new board all figured out - or started to and he loves it. (Thankful for that!)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Ulrike

Whoa - I walked in and it was HOT! I did not have a good class today. I was too hot. There goes my awesome streak! How many did I get in a row? 4? Nope it was 5. Oh well - five is pretty awesome. I am good with that. Maybe next time I can get six.

I remembered some of the corrections that Lisa gave me on Saturday:
1 - top of the head in rabbit - I haven't been on the top of my head and no one ever made this correction on me before. I thought I was on the top of my head. I can feel the difference now. I didn't get to try this today though because I didn't make it all the way down in time - too pooped and hot.
2- stretching the legs at the end get the head on the knee and don't try so hard to get the heal off the ground. Economize your energy.

I forgot to write these corrections in my Saturday blog - but I am thankful I remembered them and will work on them next time it isn't so frickin' hot!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday 9:08 - 9:36 and 2:40 - 3:08 Skate E Spot (49 minutes)

This morning it was cloudy and COLD! We had the same problem as yesterday warming up. It took a long time. I felt better skating yesterday.

Our second session was warm. YAY! I skated for a bit and then let the boy out and he got to skate and walk around. He had thrown his snacks on the ground around his stroller which invited a seagull to come play. The boy had no problem chasing him away. It was funny.

Another good day with my fam! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday 8:37 - 9:08 and 1:39 - 1:58 Skate E Spot (50 minutes Total)

This morning the boy woke up an hour earlier so we were up and out a lot earlier. It was sunny but cold! I didn't think my legs were going to work at all but eventually they warmed up and things started popping and feeling fun instead of sketchy.

I worked on ollies, 180's, shuvits, and manuals today. Jonny also started to teach me no complies but I gotta let that one sink in. I can't really get my mind around how to make that work yet.

During the second session it was a little warmer and I didn't need all that time to warm up. I didn't skate as long because I let the boy out so he could have a squirm. We got some good footage of him skating that I will put all together in my spring break blog entry.

Awesome day today! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday 12 - 1:30 BYV West End - Lisa

This is the second time that I took the advanced class. It is quite a challenge but a nice change from the usual. The times go by quickly because I don't know the order of the postures.

It is rainy and cold today which made me want to go to yoges even though I still feel lazy. It is weird how when I have little to no time I am able to cram more stuff into life then when I have tons of free time I tend to do less and have less desire to do things. Weird.

Robyn - Dax's old girlfriend from 15 - 20 years ago was next to me in class today. We had a little chat after class. She has been living in Nelson and has an eight year old.

This may be the last time I go to the west end studio. It and the Kits studio are closing on the 31st. Everyone will be coming to Cambie. I hope that works out. I hope they don't lose too many yogis.

I was just trying to find some pics of some of the new postures we did.. but I couldn't find the first one I was looking for and I have lost interest now. The boy is playing without me!

Saturday 9:23 - 9:50 Skate - E Spot (27 minutes)

Cold but we made it before it rained. Working on ollies, 180's, and shuv'its. 

Friday 10:05 - 10:22 Skate - E Spot (43 minutes)

Beautiful sunny morning. I skated 17 minutes and then let the boy have a squirm. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Sunshine

I am finally back in the swing of things after having such a lovely, lazy start to spring break. I am recharged and ready to do lots of stuff again.

Tanya was in class this morning until spine strengthening. She thanked me again for the baby clothes and really loved Tina's Felix the Cat sweater. I will have to let her know that it is still being loved.

I had an awesome class and didn't miss anything. (Not even the triangle.) Who'd have guessed I would have a good class after almost a week off? That makes four good classes in a row now.

I was thinking I would do later classes during spring break but I find it too hard to leave the boys - 6am is the only way to trick myself into going - when I am still half asleep.

Anywho… time to chill with the boys!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday 5:30 - 6:00 Skate - E Spot

I had a good skate sesh with my boys. Jonny got me a snack and I brought it with me to the spot and sat in the sun with it. So nice. The boy had some snacks too.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had my third good class in a row but I fought hard for it today. I woke up with all kinds of sore muscles. I choreographed head rolls into the grade 8 dance and man am I regretting that this morning. They probably aren't feeling it as much as I am because they are younger and don't try as hard as I do demonstrating at the front…. I hope they aren't as sore as I am. I am proud of myself for evening getting to class today.

A couple of things set  me off at the start: The gate was closed to the parking lot so I had to drive around to the other entrance and park somewhere new. I forgot my water bottle in the car and had to go back to my new place quickly. The class started 5 minutes late and that was my fault. I stood in my place quickly but didn't get to do my usual pre-yoga stretches. I did it though.

My right hip is killing me. (Stephanie's ab work out on Tuesday had a lot of holding the legs up.) My left hip is not killing but not normal. The right lower back is still sore. AND… my neck. However… I did everything. I even did the triangles but I did not hold the final position the whole time. I went back to luge and then standing straight legged with arms up.

I think the bag that I put my clean underoos in smells like dry dog food. Now I smell like dry dog food.

I told myself I could buy a Gatorade after class and even chose my colour. (Blue then changed my mind to red). Then I tried to convince myself to get a healthy coconut water. I was going to get one of them no matter what after class. BUT, I didn't. I gulped so much water out of the filtered tap and then had my juice in the car. It was a nice thought to get me through the class though.

Parent Teacher interviews today - oh joy! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Onkar

Three people left the class early after me. The happy girl who's name I can't remember said, "Look what you started Paula." Ugh - look what I started. That teacher is going to hate me. Oh well. I pay to go there and I am doing my thing. I am apologetic for leaving early but I gotta do it to get to school on time.

I had another awesome class. (Does it still count even though I left fifteen minutes early?) All the hard stuff is in the part we do before I leave. I am counting it. I didn't do the left triangle because that hip was hurting but I didn't sit down. I stood in the lunge and then I stood with both legs straight and I tried to hold my arms up the whole time.

The powerhouse lady that was in front of me yesterday was behind me today. She wasn't having a good class today. She is either injured or something. She took some breaks. Yesterday she was so amazing. I wonder what is up? Maybe she had some wine last night? Maybe she is getting sick? Maybe she is hurt? Who knows - maybe it is just one of those days.

I had a good class though - one more to go tomorrow to make my three in a row. AND.. maybe I will get in another skate after school - to make it five skate days in a row! HOLLA! 

Tuesday 5:45 - 6:15 Skate E Spot

My left hip hurt when I ollied so Jonny said do some manuals. So, I did. That was fun. I am going to add those into the things I practice. I skated for about fifteen minutes … maybe a little less… and then let the boy skate and walk around. He kept wanting to go out of our zone which was annoying because I had to grab him and bring him back and he would get upset. But then he found the area by the windows where he made the skate board go in the narrow space of different cement and he went back and forth there until it was time to go. He meticulously would lift and place his board facing the right direction and try to push it straight until he got to the gutter thing and then he would pick it up and place it again and push it back. Very cute. BUT… don't try to help him. He wants to do it on his own. 

Monday 5:30 - 6:00 Skate E Spot

We went for an after school skate today. (Monday) It was only fifteen minutes and then the boy got to skate for a bit. It was a pretty awesome, sunny, spring is here and life is good kinda after work day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Patrick

I had a GOOD CLASS!! Finally!! I did everything and I didn't need to gulp down my water AND I had a Dr. Pepper yesterday. I was also tired this morning. I really never know when I am going to have a good class but damn was I stoked I had a good one today. I needed that.

I still wish I could hear what Patrick was saying. He seems like he saying funny stuff and good stuff. He doesn't stick the script and I like that… but I would love it if I could hear what he was saying cause the people around me were enjoying it.

The lady in front of me - one of the regulars - made me try hard in the standing bow today. Usually I give up but she was holding so hard I could see her foot shaking!! I can't give up and let her try that hard without me. AND, there is another even older lady beside me who must be some sort of runner or athlete cause she is a muscle machine. Not too much… just toned and no fat on her. Amazing. She reminds me of Lori's mom. To juxtapose these two hard working beauties I had an old guy behind me (us) that wasn't holding anything and gave up all the time. The trick was to block him out and focus on the powerhouses around me. Maybe that is what made me have a good class… I gotta try and stand by these two again!!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday 2 - 2:45pm Skate - E Spot and Coopers - Carrie!

I skated for a little on Saturday morning and a couple of other times this month but not enough to write anything down… too few and far between with no progress and perhaps even some of the opposite.

Sunday morning we got out before it rained. We started at E spot and then went to Coopers and Carrie ran by and we got to have a little visit before she "carried" on. YAY!

Jonny loosened my trucks so I had to get used to a little more wobble but I am feeling a lot more comfortable with it now.

I am still working on just olling the lines and 180's. I also stood and did some kick and heal flips without trying to land them just for fun.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I chatted with a British girl this morning before class. She is living in Kits and helping her pregnant friend and doing something else I didn't hear.

I got super dizzy during the standing bow but I did it. I tried to remember to breathe.

I did both sets of my right side of triangle but not my left. My hips have switched which one hurts now. I am glad the right one is better - the right back is still getting better but I can still feel it pulling.


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:15 Bikram Cambie - Patrick

I had a good class today. I got pretty dizzy during the standing series but focussed on my breath and tried to calm it down and hold on. I didn't do the first set of triangle. I did do the second set but I didn't hold the down part the whole time.

Patrick moves from one move to the next very quickly sometimes without even brining the arms down. Go, go, go! But then you are done. I wish I could have stayed the whole class. Next week! 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Ellena

It wasn't hot in class today. I did everything except one set of triangle. I did the full triangle on the right hip but not the left hip. (Which I re-hurt tripping over the hot chocolate carpet yesterday.)

This was the first time I have had this teacher. Her voice is quiet even with the mic on. I slipped away into my own world quite a lot and I feel like I didn't try as hard as I do with other teachers who are louder and more inspiring.