Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday 8-9:30am Hot Yoges - Sarah

OK! Today at the end of class I tried to make myself remember all the things that I wanted to write down. I took the day off from school today so I have time to write. It was awesome to sleep in a bit and to take a class that wasn't packed! First.. my injury report: Ankle - it is still not bending in awkward. At the end of class I used my mat strap to pull my ankle back and then I figured out a nice squat position that stretches out that stubborn part. I am going to do that squat thing as much as I can.. trying to bend that ankle back. Left hip flexor: This is not hurting as much. Triangle is also getting easier on the left side. Right hamstring: Amazingly this is feeling much better. I noticed a difference at the YA... We Dance! Convention last Friday. All week when I have done warm-ups with the kids my flexibility is noticeably improved.

Now here is my new goal for yoga classes: Try not to think. Try to go back to my breath. At the end of class I laid there and tried to remember all of my thoughts and there were more than 11. I will go through them now. My goal is to have five thoughts and soon just breathe. Bring the thoughts back to my breath every time they start to wander. I think way too much!

1. The guy next to me was coughing so I thought about a barrier around my body. I imagined the germs deflecting then disintegrating powerlessly. This thought popped back every time he coughed. I like that dude though. The little short balding guy that always wears a tank top. BUT.. he does make me feel like an ogre cause he is so little.

2. breath is healing. Each time I breathe I am healing my body and making it stronger.

3. I thought about chicken curry in the slow cooker. How I might go and get the stuff I need from the store today and make it today. I could freeze the stuff I don't eat for next week. Or.. .but I might just wait to cook on Monday. I am going to have a healthy eating week again next week. Back into the game plan. I was doing so well eating well balanced.. and now I am back to carbs and cheese. NOT good! BUt.. when you are sick.. .you just want what is comforting... and now I am better.. so back on track!

4. Towel hoodies - I should actually start sewing those today.

5. Shoppers Drug Mart - I need to get face wash, floss, and vitamins - I don't want to get a cold!!!

6. I thought about writing this blog way too much.

7. My Bali ring - how MOD surf is closed now. I wonder if they will reopen when the economy is better?

8. My new surf board. Surfing in Mexico with or without it. Having it in my room. The cold water surf weekend coming up with Emma... and wishing the surfing part was done.. cause it is cold.. but knowing that once I am out in the water I will be happy.

9. Ashley - the new teacher from White Rock behind me. No towel on her mat. Bad technique. Weird closed mouth breathing like the end of ghostbusters possessed breathing. Anorexic but boobs - White Rock look?

10. I thought of Emma in yoga ...

K.. bored of writing now.. as you can see.. so much pointless thought.. I need to just release my brain and tell myself to focus on my breathing. No planning my meals or my day.. or thinking about what I am going to remember to write in my blog. BREATHE.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday 6-7:15pm Flow - Katherine - Sophie!

This was a good class. It wasn't as busy as it was last week which is nice. It was still busy though! We did a lot of vinyasa flow cycles. It was like a dance and very relaxing. We did some donkey kicks and DP's. A new hard DP where you turn to the side but kick the opposite leg forward and up. I find it almost impossible right now cause it is new.. I need to work on that one and I think it will be a good one to use in random warm-ups at school. The kids will hate - love it! We did baby freezes and bridge and wheel. It was a nice class.

I was thinking about chicken curry and how to make that in my slow cooker. I was thinking about something else too.. and I wanted to remember to write it down.. what was it? I can't remember.

At the end she told us to think about someone that we are not getting along with and make a space in my heart. I tried for a long time and thought I couldn't think of anyone but then I thought of Gordon. So.. there is some space in my heart for him.

K!!! Time to eat old frozen soup. I will buy groceries and cook something new next week. ( I have bought groceries for school... don't worry.. just haven't done the slow cooker meal in about.. three weeks??? It is time!)


  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut in 1 inch strips or chunks
  • 2 large onions, quartered and sliced thinly
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce or Tamari
  • 1 teaspoon Madras curry powder
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/3 cup chicken broth or water
  • hot cooked rice


Mix all ingredients, except rice, together in the slow cooker/Crock Pot. Cover and cook on low from 6 to 8 hours, or until chicken is tender. Serve over rice.
Crockpot chicken and rice recipe serves 4.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday 8-9pm Hot Yoges - Verena - Sophie!!

I like Verena but I don't like her teaching style. She basically sat down before class and told everyone how hard her job is. How when she was a yoga student she thought it would be easy but how now that she is teaching 17 classes a week she wants to kill people. WHAT? Who does that? Probably something my big mouth would do actually. hahaha.

Sophie came to class. She says that she is going to stay at my studio after her pass runs out. She also told me she got another coupon for the gun range. hahaha.. she is crazy! I said if she couldn't find anyone to go with I would lend her my dad. She didn't really like Verena either.

Verena had a tough go though. It is hard to teach yoga when you can't even move in the studio. There were way too many people in class last night. We were packed in like sardines where even staggering couldn't help you. I feel like this is a really raw deal for the students that have been here for a long time and are paying the big bucks for the pass every month. We can't change, we can't pee, we can't shower, we can't get a good class in. I love it that so many people are trying yoga and I hope that some of the committed ones stay but it is totally not cool.

Emma has recently started yoga. She asked me if I get annoyed with the people who lift their legs real high even though they are out of alignemnent and they get the smug looks on their face... do I hate that. I do. But I know their legs are out of alignment and they are doing it wrong. I try to situate myself around people that try hard and give off positive vibes. You start to get to know your yogis and know who is annoying or gives you competitive vibes and who smiles and helps you to do better. Who breathes on you.. who fidgets... who doesn't do the exercises properly and does them in ways that look like they might hurt themselves but don't care because they think that is the right way... who leave to get water... who talk with their neighbours before and after class... who sigh loudly... who make bedroom noises... ya.. there are a lot of annoying people in yoga and I am sure that some people find me annoying... but try to ignore and focus on self improvement.. don't care what others think and try not to think of others. I think that is a good yoga goal.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Kari Lynne? / Yeah... We Dance!

I didn't have time to write about class last Friday. But... I went!

Today was also YEAH.. WE DANCE! Convention at my school. Belle, Holly, Mom, and Carrie came. I was hurting the next day from JP's class. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday 6-7:15 Flow - Katherine - Sophie!!!

Sophie came to flow class today. We just got back from sushi. I forgot to talk about ohming with her. We had to ohm. I half ohmed. It was an awesome class. We were so sweaty! The class was packed and it was hot but it wasn't too hot. We did side stands - like baby freezes. I want to try and get my legs out to the side.

The change rooms are too busy. They need more bathrooms. They need more space. If they want to keep that many people for class. I think it will thin out after this $30 unlimited gift certificate is over.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30pm Hot Yoges - Tarynn

I had an awesome class. I was in the front row on the door side. The class was full but not as  full and as hot as last Thursday. I didn't have to lay down or miss any poses. I even did toe stand which I haven't done since the ankle. I really want my ankle to bend more.

There was a girl beside me in a red top and black shorts. Every time she laid with her head towards me she would breathe on me. I thought you were supposed to be breathing through your nose.. but she would breathe all over me. It was gross. She also blew her nose and threw her dirty Kleenex in between us. Gross!

I went into today's class trying not to be grumpy or stressed. I was a bit snappy today. And it worked. I feel way better now that I am done and I had a good class. I am going to kick this busy week's ass.. and the next busy week!! Cha cha!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine

I had an awesome class this morning. The sun is shining. There were only 18 people in the class. I stood in a pyramid behind two of the normal older guys that are good and try really hard. We had a nice pyramid going on. Everyone trying their hardest and no one slacking ... so there were no breaks. BUt.. it was easy today because it wasn't as hot as during the week in the evening. ALthough, I miss the bendiness of the evening. I felt really stiff. I want my ankle to bend now. I got down to my lowest ever today and I am just going to keep on trying in that first awkward squat. I won't get stuck here.. I will go lower. I was thinking maybe I should take the ballet barre. That my help the bendiness... plies... tendus.. all that would be good for my ankle. Just the barre though. I will do that Tuesday maybe...

I chatted with Andrea on Skype before I went to yoges. She is exhausted. She is always doing too much. We were talking about the Australia year and then doing some time in Sumatra traveling and surfing. I am stoked!!! I can't wait! I should go visit Gerard and see how much I need to save to make it happen. I have to get on that.

I was also thinking about our new teacher dance. It is going to be awesome. We are going to start out doing oldschool hip hop and then they will pull down my pants and under will be a ballet outfit.. and I was thinking we should use the sailormoon transformation song to change .. then go into swan lake!!

I am going to look up some YouTubes and send them an email after breakfast.


Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday 6-7am Hot Yoges - Tianne

She was here!! hahaha! She apologized for last week and left snacks by the door. I didn't realize that I wanted one till I was already out the door!

I stood beside Danielle today. She is so cute. It was a hard class. I felt really stiff and I kept thinking about gatorade! I have some at school. I have been saving it for a special day and I think this sushi Friday is the day.

I was also thinking about goals. I am floating right now without a goal. I can't remember what I was thinking about ... though. I guess I am not ready yet but I think one is coming to me. My goal should be do be more social and stop going to so many yoga classes!! hahaha!

Off to school. I have my spare now! YAY!! SUSHI FRIDAY!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday 6-7:30pm Hot Yoges - Christine - Sophie!!!

Finally, I had a good class. I was worried all day that this class was going to suck and be too hot. It was hot but it wasn't as hot as it was on Tuesday and Monday. There were also about 14 less people than Tuesday. The best part about today was that Sophie came. She did awesome. She did everything and she did it well. She is a strong person. I like that.

I had a hard time focussing today. I did my best but I had Wiggley McWiggleson in front of me. She fidgeted before, during and, after postures. She even checked her cell phone?!! BUT.. I should just try to ignore her.

I had a really great class. I feel good now. YAY! OK... dinner!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 street jazz 2- Kelly Kono

First dance class back at Harbour. Melissa Medalla was there. There was one turn on the left and two hops on the left that I didn't do full out. It was fun and good for my brain. Dance is so much harder than yoga. I'm glad I didn't forget how to pick up choreography. I look forward to being able to dance full out but I'm happy to be back!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30pm Hot Yoges - Taryn - SO FULL AND HOT

This was another class that was way too full and way too hot. It was not enjoyable. It was gruelling. It made me wonder why I do this in my spare time. It wasn't fun. It was too hot and too full.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday 10-11:30 Hot Yoges - Kari-Lynn

Thanksgiving day - full class - SO HOT!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Class 40?

20 of us waited outside of yoga at 6am this morning. We had no teacher. Danielle and I chatted. She works as an account manager for a chlorine company. She also said she talked to Tianne this week and she said that she doesn't work this week. So, there is some mix up with the schedule. Rose sat in her car. I talked to her before I left. There is a $30 deal for the whole month! They are really trying to get new students.

Anywho - I went the teacher didn't show up - it still counts!!! hahaha!! I guess my prize for my 40 day challenge is some rest!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday 8-9:15 Flow - Katherine - Class 39

I always say the dumbest things around Katherine cause I think she is so awesome. She was talking about some flying monkey with a funny name and I asked if it was a cartoon but it is some spiritual sanskrit monkey or something. haha.. of course I think flying monkey .. I see cartoons in my head.. or Sam!

She just got back from Toronto. She said T dot O dot. That was funny. She won first for women. Canada came first, Japan second, and England third.

I had an awesome sweaty class today. I felt strong and bendy. We did toe squat three times at the end and that is a great stretch for my arch of my foot. It really feels good awful. We did in Angela's class yesterday too.

When laying at the end my mind drifted to tap shoes and knee pads. I need to get those organized and cleaned. I also thought about my beer in the fridge!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday 8-9:15pm Flow - Angela - Day 38... woooooohooooo!!

Three things I keep forgetting to write about:
The old guy with the smile - I would see this guy walking to work on my way back from yoga and as  my ankle got better I would be farther ahead of him. I marked my recovery by the distance I could get before seeing him. I started smiling at him cause I would see him everyday. I ran into him yesterday at the corner of Nelson and Helmcken when I was on the way to 6pm yoga. He was on the way home and I was on the way to yoga. He asked me how the morning class was and I said I didn't have time to make it that morning. Nice old guy.

Pop Drop and Lock it. In the Yin class with Leo he went around to everyone when we were laying in Savasana and cupped our wings from underneath and popped them dropped them and locked our shoulders down. And I thought.. he just pop dropped and locked it. He told me no jokes this class so I kept it to myself. It is a sleepy class.

Bumpy yoga mat. The mat outside the yoga room door has huge round bumps on it. I am assuming to massage your feet. But, I find it uncomfortable and it is probably really dirty and gross. I didn't notice I didn't like it until I realized I have been stepping around it.

Angela taught really awesome again today. We dedicated this class to Erin who is doing a meditation retreat. No talking or ANYTHING for 10 days. That would be hard! This is supposed to be Katherine's class but she was running in the New York Marathon.... or something? BUt.. as I was walking home I saw her walking her dog.. not close enough to talk though. I wonder what happened and how well she did? She is such an awesome person. She is Erin's sister.. so I guess they are both pretty awesome.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30pm Hot Yoges - Taryn - Class 37!!!

I love evening classes. I am pooped now. I am SO bendy at night. Like.. way more bendy!!! Things felt easy. However, the classes are way busier and it was way hotter! There are people yelling outside? What is going on. Calm down.. it is Tuesday!

I have never had Taryn before. She is little like Boosie Allie. She was young and cute. Her voice was clear. She lost a lot of clients. People kept leaving because they gave up! Suckers! Can't you hang on? Can't you tell your brain to shut up? Accept the heat and move on.

K.. I am starving.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Kari- Lynn - Class 36!

I am in the last week of my challenge. The best thing about a challenge is finishing it. It makes normal life way more exciting becasue you basically deprived yourself of it for however many days. I can't wait for this challenge to be over but I have really enjoyed it and will probably do another one one day. My next yoga challenge I will move up to 60 days though. I have thought of keeping it going to get the 60 days now that I have already done 40 but... I think it is more of a challenge to start again at the beginning. My next challenge will be a dance challenge though. As soon as this ankle is better. The only problem with a dance challenge is money - they charge per class whereas at yoga you go as much as you want for a monthly fee. My dance challenge might have to be only two weeks! hahaha! That would be about $210.

This is the first time I have had Kari Lynn as a teacher. Her voice was too quiet. She has a perfect long, lean body with some cool tattoo that winds up her no tummy. She was younger.. maybe 22... and she taught well minus the fact that she was too quiet for my ears. She did go a bit fast too. I prefer to hold my postures a bit longer. Not just get in and get out. I wonder if she is from the White Rock studio?

The class was full. There were 20 yogis plus Kari Lynn. There were three newbies in the front row. They pushed me out of my spot and they were distracting. But.. whatever. I learned to ignore them and get my sound cues of when to move from the sisters beside me...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday 4-5 Hot Yoges and 5:15-6:30 Yin - Leo - Day 34 & 35

I did two classes today. That yuckiest part .. or funniest, yuckiest - I had a blister from my walk today and my new shoes ... YAY!! (thanks mom!) and in hot yoga it FILLED with juice. (Leo's key word for class was juicy abs too.. weird) So, I tried to protect it and not pop it but I forgot about it during the yin class when we were stretching and it exploded!! ewwww!!

Hot class was good. There were a lot of people in class. Oh! Before class I saw the little Asian lady whose name I don't know. She had done the 90 min class. She said that Patricia and her were talking about me yesterday. I miss Patricia. She also told me that Danny got his own studio in Kerrisdale and that is why he hasn't been around either. She has all the gossip! She has moved to the other studio - Y yoga but still comes to 90 min classes at WHY yoga. Confused?

Yin class - was almost as sweaty as hot. I was nice and bendy. We did legs in second and over each leg then center. For the center Leo put me up on blocks like a kung fu fighter! COOL!

K.. time to get ready for school tomorrow. 5 more days and this challenge is over!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday 8-9:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - Day 33!!

I had a spot in the front row. When the lights came on and we faced the front the skinny, little, brown woman was right diagonal beside me wearing the same outfit as me! OH GOD! hahahaa!! I kept telling myself to smile and forget it the best I could. I am a lot better today than I was when she last stood in front of me so I gave her a run for her money. I know this isn't yoga competition it is yoga practice. I get it... but I don't get it.

I had a good class. I am getting better everyday. My ankle is not swollen - last night it was! That scared me. I didn't do anything ... hardly yesterday either. I iced and kept it up when I got home. I woke up and it was normal... well.. normal for it.. phew!

There was chat after yoga. Two weeks from now on the schedule this 8am class switches to an hour clas. The regulars weren't happy about that. That means if you want to do the full 90 you wouldn't be done till 11:30 ... and then your day is half done! Hopefully, they will rethink this decision. Christine is going to put in a good word for us. I like 8am 90 min. Friday I am so tired from the week .. come home.. sleep.. then get up do yoga... then.. start your weekend. It is a nice routine. I am flexible though.. if they change it.. I am sure I will not die!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday 6am 1H Hot Yoges - Tianne - Day 32

Explore your limits. Explore your edges? It was something like that. She kept saying that we didn't have to be still but to move with the breath and go to your edges then come back to center then try again to explore your limits and how far you can go.

I wore my fat shorts today - damn.. not so good in the front mirror. I should just chuck them... I will never look good in them!

When I was walking to yoga I noticed a dark girl in a cropped short sleeve olive coloured shirt and black leggings. She wasn't anyone I noticed from class and I thought it was weird that she didn't have a hoodie or a jacket. She walked right into yoga. By the time I got to yoga she was being escorted out of the building by a tall, strong, Tianne. Her smell lingered. Sad. She didn't have any malice or anything no expression - like no one lived in the body and she was just sleep walking through life.