Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wednesday 12:25 - 1:50 Contemporary Jazz - Moses

OWWW!! My shinbows and shoulders!!
25 minutes late and patronizing lectures - why did I like this class? He reminds me of Barbara - same reasons. I like pain and pushing myself. I would like to take his class more... but it will have to wait until spring break and July because Wednesdays are a school day that I can't miss.

Anywho - I will be back for more torture you thirty year old with the body of an eighteen year old. hahaha!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tuesday 1:30 - 2:30 Hip Hop - Richie

Oh - that new teacher was in both classes today.

Shauna was in front of me. She kills it. I was getting into it. I like how many times we ran the choreo. He did random groups at the end and the new teacher danced in one. I felt dumb not dancing in one but I just lose it. I guess this has to be one of my goals - dance in a random group.

It was another awesome dance day - three in a row now. Thank-you best husband in the world!

Tuesday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Liz

I like Liz. I can't remember the when I took her class before but I am pretty sure I have. Maybe she was a sub for Moe before. Anywho, it was a great warm-up. (There were many similarities to Genieve's warm- up yesterday.) Unlike yesterday, this class was packed and full of all the cool kids.

We didn't do abs or across the floor because we did a long choreo. It was a drunken feel with lot's of momentum driven floor parts and spins.

I look forward to taking her class again one day :-)

Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday 1:30 - 2:30 Hip Hop - Stu

Woo - this was a good one. It wasn't sticking in my head. There were a couple of parts that my brain just blocked. He also made us dance facing partners and in a circle to help our brains and get out of the mirror. He had a lot of good teaching moments. I can't remember them all. He is very pro-marking. He talked about how some awesome dancers can take it all in just by watching choreo. (Shauna) he said try to get 16 counts - then try and add in another 8 next class. He was basicalky saying focus - which is what Jonny always tells me.

It was a good class - with two awesome little girls and there was one of our new teachers from Tweedsmuir there. I will have to look up her name cause she is going to be there tomorrow.

I have an awesome husband for letting me go!!

Monday 12 - 1:30 contemporary jazz - Genieve

I was one of four people in class. It was an all female group. Genieve taught a really long and stretchy warm-up. We did across the floor: turn, kick, jump. And, a short combo.

It was as if she knew I wanted to practice standing in different places - cause we did that at the end and we faced different directions. It was a short combo though so it was ok.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday 3:45 - 4:45 Hip Hop - JP

I finally made it back to a JP class. I was getting it and having a good class until he pulled out the camera to film at the end. I messed up then and now it is recorded for life. (Please delete!) The class tired me out - it has been a while. I look forward to a dance filled week. (And a couple of yoges - but most importantly dance! I always can go to yoga at 6am when school starts)

Two things I have to learn:
1. Filming a dance shouldn't make you lose your memory.
2. Changing places or directions shouldn't make me forget the dance.

I saw Pam when I was leaving and happy new yearsed. (Yes, I just turned years into a verb)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday 9:40 - 10:10 - Skate Vegas Lease Lot (30 mins)

Yesterday we walked around a lot trying to find a good, safe spot for us all to skate. We ended up skating just across the street from our condo at empty parking lot. We could get one of our condos with the balcony facing our skate spot. That would be cool. 

Anywho, I just did line one and some kick flip practice. The fart stones here are plenty - but I didn't get struck today. The boy enjoyed rolling back and forth on the side walk and along the drain area. 

Tomorrow will be a longer sesh. Always nice to have a cool swim right after the sesh. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday 6-7:15am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I had an ok class. It got really hot during the balancing series. I enjoyed Mari's class because I did get to hold the postures and she did enough breathing at the start that I felt warmed up. I can't believe I just said that. Usually, I like it quick - I guess that is a sign of improvement.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:05am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I had a good class and I got another foot massage! Score!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday 9:13 - 9:52 & 2:30 - 3:17 Skate E Spot (1H 23mins)

We had two sessions today. We had sun at both of them. (There wasn't sun at the start of the second session but it peaked past a builind soon enough)

I did line one, pushed fakie and did fakie ollies, and worked on kick flips. My hip flexors are sore. They don't want to lift up my legs.

The boy had Boo during first session and didn't end up doing any skating. So, Boo is only for car and plane now. Second session - it took him a while to realize he wasn't going to get Boo - but after a lot of cranky pants he started skating and had some fun with us.

Saturday 9:09 - 10:07 Skate E Spot (58 mins)

Jonny surprised me with a freshie and new hardware. I had one short skate last week when Jonny forgot his board - hardly long enough to blog about - other than that it has been either too cold or rainy to skate. But, this weekend we had some nice warmer weather.

This was yesterday - let me see if I can remember what I did.

Ollies and 180's mostly and I skated with boy - we pushed to each wall. It is so cool he is pushing!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:05am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I had a good class. Tierny doesn't make you hold everything as long. I got a foot massage!! YAY!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I had an awful class. My yoga brain was trying to convince me to talk. Get everything out in the open. But, my normal brain is back. You can't change people or make them feel bad for who they are. I just gotta keep being me and ignore the criticism.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:14am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had a good class. My hip flexors are super tight from yesterday's Nike warm-up with the kids - too many V ups! I need to stretch them out.

I had fidgety girl diagonally in front of me today. She is so fidgety. She even grabs her shorts out of her camel toe. WOW - that was mean - but come on - just do the fucking class and quit fixing yourself in the mirror. She should remove herself from the front row and hide in a corner. The mirror is too much of a distraction to her.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday 6-7:10am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I had a good class. The heat was neither hot nor cold. I didn't want to get up this morning but I'm glad I did. It is a nice way to start the day. (Then again sleeping in and family time is also nice -)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had a good class today. Here is my new rating scale:
Awful - I had to miss too many postures and I was dying from heat.
OK - I missed a part of a few postures.
Good - I didn't miss anything but didn't hold everything to the end.
AWESOME - I did everything and held everything to the end.

I have to get to work now - marking and report cards - ugh!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I had a better class than Monday but still not a good class. You know when I say that, I am being pretty harsh. I guess I didn't do everything but what I did do I tried my hardest. I didn't just hang out anywhere - I was on full intensity. I missed one balancing stick - you do four of them - so that isn't so bad. And, I missed three out of four triangles. I did everything else with high intensity. That isn't a bad class. I guess, when I say that, I am referring to my goal. My goal was to do everything in the class. I didn't so it was a bad class. I have to start being nicer to myself. I am awesome - not everyone gets up at 5:40am to do hot yoga, goes to work FOREVER, then comes home to be a mommy and a wife. Yay me - you had a good class.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

Obviously, this wasn't a good class. I was tired. My eye was twitching - it is still twitching and it is lunch now. My goal was just to get up and go and get it over with. I feel good that I went. I will feel awesome when I have a good class. It feels like it has been a while.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:08 Bikram Cambie - Jan

It is 1:37am. The boy is not sleeping. No one here is sleeping. I forgot or rather didn't have time to write and I just remembered. This morning's class was not awesome. I was hoping tomorrow morning's was going to be the good one this week - but at this point - looks like I might not make it and I might meed as much sleep as I can get for our adventure this weekend.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:18 Bikram Cambie - Mari

It wasn't an awesome class. It was about the same as Friday. I'm going to go again tomorrow - get it over with. Nah - I'll go Wednesday and Friday. Then, I have a break in between to hang out with the boys.

Sunday 8:56 - 9:33 Skate E Spot (37 mins)

We were hoping to get two skates in … yesterday … but the boy's nap didn't happen until the stroller to swimming. So, we ended up walking around for an hour and then going back to swimming.

Morning skate was cold, sunny, and hard to get into. It took a long time to get warmed up.

There is the bell - gotta go!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday 9:18 - 10:18 & 4:08 - 4:52 Skate E Spot (1H 44mins)

Sunny and cold and beautiful! What a nice family day.
First session: ollies, 180's, but mostly worked on kick flips.
Second session: I did line one ten times. I started doing line two but got thye idea in my head to not push fakie mongo. I pushed fakie normal and did fakie ollie and shuvit, the first two moves of line two. I ended with some more kick flip fun.
The boy created a new one foot push method:

Friday 4:31 - 4:56 Skate E Spot (25 mins)

After school skate. Construction has started on F spot. There is no through access. We will never skate F spot again.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I didn't have an awesome class - but it was better than Wednesday. I predict that next Thursday will be a good class. I just haven't been enough lately.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:07am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

Whoa! I started strong and then melted. It got hot today. I was glad to get to leave early and come to work. I think I only made it once last week because I was so busy. I was going to go the last three days of this week but they are closed tomorrow morning for maintenance. I will be back on Friday though - hopefully, I will have a better class than I did today.

There was an old guy from Westcoast Hot Yoga standing beside me today. He must have taken some time off the yoges though - he was looking a lot fitter the last time I saw him - three years ago.

I have good sore muscles from dance yesterday - good class. The kids are going to get some of the love in their warm-ups today. hehehe!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Antonio

Antonio Jeffersen is here performing in Flashdance. He was subbing Liz's class.

Carrie and Twigg came and danced with me. Yay!!

The warm-up was awesome. Here are some things I want to add into my warm-up:

  • Low lunge to balancing stick and open to face front back to stick and back to lunge 
  • Forward bend then roll up in four straight to retire balance. Look right, left, centre, up, down repeat with eyes open and closed. Repeat balancing on one foot. Repeat moving one leg and testing balance. 
The piece was fun but required a lot of space. I didn't have space to dance. I moved twice. I got hit once. I hit someone once. It was good to dance when we were in small groups. We didn't have a lot of time at the end. One time only.

Tuesday 9:13 - 9:48 Skate E Spot (25 mins)

Sunny but cold and windy!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Contemporary Jazz - Moe

I saw Caitlin and her friend. They took Jazz Funk. I was going to take that class too. I'm glad I didn't rush my family skate and dinner though.

Moe's class was full. She did a very short abs and stretch then straight to choreo. She had a lot of choreo and we didn't get through all of it. She is going to teach the rest next week.

She used a song she heard on The Sopranos.

It was a fun, jazzy piece with a few hard hitting beats.

Monday 1:30 - 2:30 Hip Hop - Navid

Lucie, Shirley, Andrea, and Monica were in class today. I knew that Lucie and Shirley were coming but the other two were a surprise. I got pushed to the front - and rolled with it. Navid was subbing for Ado. I don't know him - so, I will go back another time and try his class. I love Navid's style. He is an awesome teacher. (And dancer)

I had to dance in a group at the end. I never get picked. I got so nervous and I didn't do my best. I did it though. The more I push myself past my safe zone the easier scary things will be. Then, I'll just get new scary things - but hey - that is life!

Monday 10:28 - 11:00 & 4:04 - 4:32 Skate E Spot (1H)

We got two short sessions in today. The boy did some good skating. He was pushing himself off the ledge and then I would push him back to the ledge. Then he did it squatting like daddy when he was joking around.

We pulled out the mittens today. It was cold on the way there but warm in the sun and on the way back after all that moving.

I didn't do anything amazing today. But being out in the sun with my family was pretty amazing. The water was sparkling in the sun. We have to take one of those ferries across to G island one day. That will be fun for the boy.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday 8:59 - 9:49 & 3:26 - 4:05 Skate E Spot (1H 29mins)

We had two sessions today.

Morning session I did line one. My 180's weren't working. I tried some kickflips but wasn't feeling those either. I did some manuals and played with the boy.

Afternoon sesh was a lot gloomier and colder. I still made it to short sleeves. I had a better afternoon. I started with line one. I did good 180s. I did line two a couple of times. I did some kick flips and manuals - and I played with the boy. He did great today.

We had to leave when Jonny bonked his ankle a bit.

Friday 4:20 - 4:53 Skate F Spot (33 mins)

There was a football game tonight. E spot had the gates all set up. F spot was closed so we skated this old gem. I ollied over my rough patch most of the time. I did a few kick flips moving slow and not landing one foot. I'm going to get those soon.

The boy wasn't allowed out. There were puddles and he doesn't have the boundaries that the other spot has. He will get a good skate today though - it looks dry right now!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday 6:11 - 6:55 Skate E Spot (44 mins)

We had an after school night skate. Thanks daylight savings for the early darkness. I left school in the sun and got home in the dark. So sad.

I did line one for about twenty minutes. I did some crappy kick flipping. So, I went fast and did fast, big ollies.

Tuesday 6 - 7:10am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I went and I didn't feel like going. I was sleepy and stiff. I guess I had too many cozy family days. Busy week - parent teacher interviews and field trip week. I might not make it three days again this week.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday 5:55 - 6:25 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

The dryness stayed for after school. Today I focussed on just line one. My 180's are getting nice and fast.

A night skate is always pleasant.

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I didn't have time to write again - when will I catch up with all my work?? Anywho - I think I had a good class. One more to go this week!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I didn't have time to write today. It was a hot Mari class. I tried hard and had a better class than Friday.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday 9:28 - 10:13 and 2:44 - 3:45 Skate E Spot (1h 46mins)

Morning sesh:
Strip and puddle skate. I did some ollies and then focussed on kick flips.

Afternoon sesh:
Sunny good times! What a beautiful afternoon. I worked line one and got my 180's faster. I was having fun listening to my music and dance skating. Probably looked goofy but sunny happy times for me.

The boy got out after a half hour and he had some good skating too. I worked on kick flips again. I'm going to get them - by next summer! Haha.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday 10:30 - 12 Hip Hop - Shauna

Shauna went through a lot of grooves in her warm-up and taught a cool little choreo.

Jenny's studio is so awesome!

Friday 8:30 - 10:00 Tap - Jim Hibbard

Today we spent pro-d at Jenny-lynn's school. Carrie came with me - yay! 

Our first guest was Jim and he taught us tap. This was really fun. We learned a lot. I pearned the difference between flap and slap. Flap is one foot to the other and slap is just one foot. Also, stomp and stamp - I think. Then there was something that made three sounds ... A shlump? I will have to check - Lucie took notes. Anywho - it was fun. 

Friday 6-7:15am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I chose a spot in the back corner today. I was not a machine today.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:10am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I was one of the last ones in class and there was a big space at the front… so I had to go to the front. I don't like being that close to the mirror. I like the middle or back - but I went. It makes me try too hard. I had an awesome class - I didn't give up and there was some major heat. I pulled through and did everything with a high intensity and strength. I felt like a strong machine today.

I might not go tomorrow - I might enjoy my morning with my boys and go and get Carrie and head to our fun dance pro-d. Or, I might go… but I tried so hard today - I deserve a break. Next week I will go three times because I have my spare in the morning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:15am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

It is dark when I drive to yoga in the morning now. I am never out at night - so this is as close as I get. I  remember days when I used to party and just be coming home. I see people that are just coming home. I see people driving fast and crazy. And then I see the other early risers like myself… running or with yoga mats.

I had a good class today. I tried hard. My hips don't hurt. Nothing hurts. I am appreciating it.. and enjoying it… it won't last. I got a foot massage!! I saw Tierny walking around with her towel and stepping on people's feet and I hoped I would get one and I did. YAY! My first one in years. I think the last time I almost got one was with Michelle - but I stopped her because of my warts. Remember those? Damn - that was a rough year… brand new baby and wart foot. Gross.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday 4:44 - 5:45 Skate E Spot (1H 1min)

They have boarded up the doors at F spot. Things are changing. That spot is one of the past.

It was yucky and rainy all day. It cleared up just in time for me to get home and skate. It was warm again today.

I started with line one and then I did line two a couple of times but chose instead to focus on the first two moves - and last two moves of line one - fakie ollie and fakie backside shuv-it. I finished off with kick flipping but no landing yet. I am getting some nice flips - it won't be long now before a landing - at least going slow.

Will we get an after school skate in again this week? Fingers crossed!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday 9:27 - 9:37 & 9:43 - 10:43 Skate E Spot (1H 10mins)

I skated the Cooper's curb for ten minutes on our way to E spot. It felt good to get some marks on my nose. I didn't slide very far. I gotta do that more often.

I worked on my first line and kick flips.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday 4:38 - 5:38 Skate E Spot (1 hour)

What a lovely skate evening with my family. I really focussed on my kick flips today. I am feeling more comfortable with my new pop and kick forward position. The boys had a good skate too.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday 6 - 6:30 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

We night skated. The lights came on and the air was cool. The mountain side looked pretty while the other direction looked gloomy. It was nice to be out family skating.

We saw Sophie running on the way home.

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had an awesome class this morning. The theory that being tired equals a better class is proven. I was so sleepy this morning that I walked up to yoga with my school bag instead of my matt and my yoga bag. I had to run back down and back up and just made it in time.

I can still hear my neck creak when I turn my head. Old.

Back to work! SO BUSY!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday 6 -7:30am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

There weren't as many people in class this morning. ?Too much turkey? The people that were there kept leaving. (One girl left really early obviously unhappy with the lack of heat) Why can't you just enjoy the not as hot day and use it to work harder in other ways? I love me a not so hot day and then I also appreciate a killer hot day. Whatever - I had a great class and I wasn't too hot in the car on the way to school.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday 4 - 5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

You remind me of a girl that I once knew... Usher song.

This was a fun class. It was a lower level and so it was good to get the choreo and work on dancing it. I like how Stu talked about marking it small and then going big.

This would be a good class for my field trip. The kids would love it.

I'm glad I made it to a class. Finally!!

Monday 10:38 - 11:09 Skate E Spot (31 mins)

I warmed up with ollies and 180's. I was really trying to make my 180's faster. I want them to be comfortable like my ollies. I did my first line and it felt good today. The Sister Shunning of 2014 really gave me all the anger I needed to skate awesome today. I was going to start my second line  - but the boy got out and I kinda lost my zoot. The boy and I had been at the park for a long time before we went skating… up and down the stairs and back and forth along the metal Hydro grate. He didn't really go into the play park much. He is a strong tough guy on the outskirts. He did find a cool little doorway for a hose - that could be a good hiding place.. for a little toy or something. He was pretty impressed with that find.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday 8:59 - 9:44 Skate E Spot (45 mins)

I warmed up with ollies and 180's. Then I did each of my lines ten times. Then I did some extra kick flips - but the boy ran over the line with his truck so we had to pack it in. I had remembered to charge my runpod - first time I have skated with music in a while. It is so much better :-)

We were hoping to get an after nap skate in but it started raining - boo!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday 3:46 - 4:45 Skate E Spot

It was supposed to rain all day and then it turned out beautiful. Yay! Jonny put the idea of no longer keeping this blog because I am so busy... But I don't think I'm ready to get rid of it. I know I won't go back and read everything. But, I like looking back seeing all that I have done. I could just do that in my calendar... But it is nice, when I do have time, to reflect on classes. It is good to look up teachers and dances and even to look over my injuries. Ya - I'll be writing this forever. I may not have a lot of time for writing now, but I may have more time... In the future.

As for my skate today... I did some ollies and 180's and then I did my first line and then I worked on some kick flips. There is a football game today - so there was a lot of foot traffic. The boy made a new friend - and had a good skate. I hope we get a day like this tomorrow :-)

Friday 6-7 am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

It is Saturday now - so not going to bother writing much. Just going say it was a good class and I did everything up to spine strengthening. Then, I had to go to school. My hips aren't hurting at all this week.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wednesday 6:09 - 6:40 Skate E Spot (31 mins)

My right hip is still sore but I could jump today. I did ollies and some 180's and then I went straight to playing with my kick flips.

Day two of our new routine - eat and go family skate. It is hectic - but it is nice to get out all together. I hope the weather holds up.

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I was so pooped after this class. I drank three bottles of water and sat in a puddle on the bench.

I didn't do the triangle or the standing head to knee on the right - to let my hip flexor rest.

It was super hot, then bearable, then hot, then hot.. then… melt on the bench.

I am glad I went though!!

Tuesday 6:04 - 646 Skate E Spot (42 mins) and September Totals

September SKATE HOURS: (788 Minutes) 13 Hours and 13 Minutes

September DANCE HOURS: 19 Hours

September YOGA HOURS: 15 Hours

This was the first day on our new back to school and getting home late from dance team skate schedule. Jonny had dinner ready and the boy already eating. I walk in and get fed, change my pants, and go. My right hip flexor still does not want to lift my leg. I wanted to do kick flips because I found that new foot placement - but it hurt. I worked on pushing fakie and manuals. Then, I played with the boy. We were popping our boards up - me standing and him on his bottom. 

Jonny looked like he was having a good day - he is getting so much more awesome. (heart) 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

Right hip flexor and heat. Strong start weak finish.

Sunday 8:51 - 9:36 Skate E Spot (45 mins)

Ran out of time yesterday… and today… busy!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday 9:05 - 9:47 Skate E Spot (42 mins)

I didn't get time to write about my last skate sesh - but I bit the bullet and took Jonny's foot placement advice for kick flips. It feels so wrong and awkward to point my toe and kick my nose instead of the way that I learned back in the day. I really didn't think it was going to work - but it did! If this is the key - then it is on!!

So, today, I warmed up with some ollies and 180's. I did my first line a few times - but wasn't going all that well.

I then moved over to the wall to practice my foot placement for kick flips and tried to get the flip consistent. Then, I moved away from the wall and tried to roll and flip - I got a couple flipping. I am excited to get these rolling again - and the right way. Jonny says this is the key to all flip tricks off the nose.

It was nice to not be at school and to be out in the sun with my family this morning. We went back for a second sesh but there was a soccer game on. boo!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

My right hip flexor is so sore!! I didn't do the first balancing head to knee where I have to lift the right leg AND I didn't do any triangles.

I did everything else awesome - and had a great class!!

Thursday 4:34 - 5:34 Skate E Spot (1H)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday 4:40 - 5:10 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

It was a rainy and gloomy day but when I got home from school the sun was starting to shine though and it was dry - so we went for a skate.

I worked on ollies to warm-up and then 180's. I then worked on my first line. I didn't practice kick flips but I want to start doing those every time. Maybe I will move those to the beginning of my sessions so I don't leave them out. My other main goal is getting those 180's fast and big.

It was nice to have a family skate after school. I miss Harbour though - I hope I get to go sometime this week… rainy day pro-d days and holidays .. are dance days I guess.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

Back to school routine in full effect. I was super sweaty after yoga in the car - I was thinking I might need to bring another t-shirt… but I dried by the time I got here. Gross.

I had a pretty good class. I didn't do the triangles. I am not going to aggravate either hip…

It was stupa hot during the balancing series but then it was fine.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday 5:57 - 6:24 Skate E Spot (27 mins)

We are trying to figure out our school day routines. Today it rained… but it got dry around dinner time… so we went for it. 

I had a good little sesh thanks to PSk83 mix. I started with some ollies and then I focussed on 180's. I had some good ones. 

My right hip is ailing me now. If it isn't one it is the other!! 

It was nice to get out with the fam. I don't know how I am going to fit dance in again. I was hoping to make Monday night's my thing - but I don't see that happening now. I want to hang out with my family when I have been away from them all day. The last thing I want to do is leave them again!! I will figure something out. 

Sunday 9 - 9:29 Skate E Spot (29 mins)

I can't remember what I did yesterday - I forgot to write my blog.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday 9:10 - 9:57 and 3:38 - 4:14 Skate E Spot (1H 23mins)

New shoes, new wheels, new bearings, new deck - New new! My feet are fluffy clouds on a super fast board.

Morning sesh: I got used to the new new and did a lot of ollies. Then I went straight to kick flips - I have pop now. My goal is to get these kick flips - my fall goal.

My other goal is to do what I already do fast and poppy - click click.

Afternoon sesh: I did some ollies to start and then I worked on my first line. It was slow and sad - but it was going. I also worked on kick flips.

Both sessions I felt like I wanted to skate longer. I wish we had more time - but skating with a toddler - just lucky to be skating at all!! Soon he will be skating with us. I can just see us all cursing down the street and skating at different spots and parks. Our future forward is exciting.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

The heat wasn't that hot at all today. I saw Mari trying to jack it up but it wasn't getting that much hotter. I was still soaked - but I could breathe. So, I have no excuse for not having an awesome class. It seemed each posture was being held forever and I had no self-discipline.

Tomorrow is Roxanna and my third class of the week - so, it should be a good class for me. I need one - I am getting discouraged. Let's end this week of yoges on a high note!! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday 9:43 - 9:58 Skate E Spot (15 mins)

It was another beautiful hot and sunny morning. I was just getting all warmed up and oiling back and forth when a cowardly man spoke to us over the loud speaker informing us that there is no skateboarding here. So, we left nicely because we don't want to ruin our spot. Small victory for cowardly man. But hey - we have been really lucky with this spot - so no complaints. We will be back tomorrow!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Jazz - Moe - Crazy in Love cover

This was the first time I did this routine.
Moe said that they started it on Saturday.
We did disco cardio and the stretching part of the warm-up - no strengthening.
I was focussed and picked it up well.
The class was really full again.
We had three groups at the end.
My left hip is aching now - going to skip yoga tomorrow and rest - and go Wednesday - doesn't look like I will be back at school this week anyways.
When I got home Jonny had a hot dog and ice cream for me! HOLLA! I scored on the man tip.

Monday 5:15 - 6:15 Jazz Funk - Julio

No warm-up. 
Same routine as last week. 
Lots of arms and not a lot of legs. 
Stu was in front of me. 
I had a lot more fun doing it the second time. The arms got easier. 
Must still work on stopping each movement. 

Monday 9:54 - 10:24 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

- ollies
-fakie ollies
- line 2
- line 1

SUPER HOT - forgot hat - drip drip drip...

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I didn't try that hard today. I was feeling nauseas driving to yoga. I have had phlegm in my throat for a few weeks now - and I think that is the culprit that is making me feel yucky - either that or it is Monday morning and I just needed an excuse to not try my best.

Tomorrow I will not slack off. And now I will drink some lemon tea with honey!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday 9:20 - 9:41 Skate E Spot (21 mins)

It was another sunny September morning. I had a good skate with pSK8one playlist. I worked on my ollies, fakie ollies, and then I went straight into my super slow line two. I was expecting to go for a second skate but we didn't make it out this afternoon. We did go for a nice walk though. The boy had a good skate today and then he got to go home on daddy's shoulders.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio - Chandelier

Wow - that was a lot more fun today!! Last week was rough because of the bad yoga class - but this week - I didn't go to yoga and I was ready to attack this class. I did the warm-up better than I have ever done it. I didn't skip any crazy strengthening exercises…

The choreo - I fixed the parts I was lulling over last week. I tried to add stops in - like he was talking about - but I am not sure if I was totally successful in doing that - but I tried. I got that one part from the roll to the out to the step step hip elbows arms out turn jump - on the rhythm of the song. I felt my extensions… it was pretty awesome.

The class was packed. We had three groups. I was in the third group.

My only complaint is my super efficient cooling system. I wish I could dance and stay dry.

Friday 9:50 - 10:25 Skate E Spot (35 mins)

I forgot to write yesterday that Jon made me two new skate mixes and I tried out the first one during my second session and the second one during my morning session today. The first one is hip hop and the second one is heavy pump you up and make you skate fast music that he used to listen to when he was young. Obviously, I like the first one better but the second one does serve its purpose and also gives me insight to Jonny's youth.

Morning sesh was a hot slow start - even with the pump up music - I did a lot of ollies to start and then I did a lot of fakie ollies. I am really trying to get those higher and faster. I hate being a tortoise skater. I also am trying now to do them over a crack.

I have been messing around a little with nollies - but so akward.

I tried my line a couple of times but 180s were not consistent and I didn't want to focus on them this morning - maybe this afternoon.

I tried to skate this afternoon - but my hip was hurting - I danced too hard!! Tomorrow :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Thursday 9:43 - 10:09 and 3:15 - 3:45 Skate E Spot (47 mins)

Today I worked on my fakie ollies and my first line. I have been fiddling around with nollies the last couple of days too - awkward!

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had a good class today. I didn't want to get up this morning but I am glad I did. My three classes are done for the week :-)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wednesday 10:00 - 10:49 Skate E spot (49 mins)

The boy fell asleep in the stroller on the way to E spot… so we had a good long skate while he slept and then when he got up he skated too. He is getting so good. I can't wait to make my video - I just have to make some space on my computer so I can make the video.

Anywho - I focused mostly on 180's today. I did some manuals to start - Jonny was doing awesome manuals. Actually he had a really good skate - he was on today.. and he had a full hour and four minutes!

It was an awesome family morning. I am so lucky!!

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Ellena

I didn't think I was going to make it to class this morning. The boy was up crying in the night and he was up at 5:15 - but Jonny scooped him and put him back to bed and he eventually got quiet… so I snuck out and went to yoga. Jonny said he didn't really go back to sleep and they were up early.

I had a pretty good class today. My right him and left lower back are still sore from - something I did - I know it is all c section related and scar tissue causing the problems - but I did my best and had an ok class. I didn't miss anything but I didn't hold my standing bows - I wanted to. Tomorrow that will be my goal :-)

Tuesday 3:34 - 4:05 Skate E Spot (31 mins)

I don't know if I should even count this one. I didn't really do much. I wasn't into it today.. (yesterday).

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Jazz - Moe

This class was also packed. It was difficult to see and to learn the combo. Luckily we did this combo last week - so I knew most of it. I didn't really know the last bit - I just couldn't see and when I did see.. I couldn't mark it because I am too big and I need more space.

I wonder how many people were in the class? We had four groups at the end - large groups… Maybe 60 people? 70?

My left hip is aching. No yoga for me tomorrow - rest and skate…

Monday 5:15 - 6:15 Jazz Funk - Julio

I don't know the name of the song. I meant to remember the lyrics so I could search it but all I remember is straight lines and deep valley? I don't even think those are right. We are doing this one next week too he said -

There was a lot of arms and not a lot of legs. I was surprised when my arms ended up in the correct places. I have to work on the stops. The doing everything to do nothing places.

Next week!

OH.. this class was PACKED!

Monday 10:58 - 11:30 and 3:22 - 3:58 Skate E Spot (1H 8mins)

Morning sesh:
I tried some manuals and then I went right into my first line. Jonny and I played around doing fakie frontside 180's. We both looked like dorks!

Second sesh:
I worked on my first line and second line. The second line is so slow!

I took a lot of videos of the boy today - I have something in the works!

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I have to say today I had an ok Mari class. I wasn't thinking about leaving or how hot it was - I just did the stuff and left.

I massaged my left hip a lot last night while watching TV and it helped a lot. I sat out of the first set of triangle and massaged some more and did the second set. I cracked my hip good too.

It was a really full class. I am always surprised by that on Monday mornings.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday 8:59 - 9:35 and 4:41 - 5:18 Skate E Spot (1H 13 mins)

Morning sesh:
- was hot!
- I can't remember what I did this morning….

Evening sesh:
- I did a few back and forths of ollies
- I started practicing line 1.
- I got some videos of the boys skating

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday 9:42 - 10:23 Skate E Spot (41 mins)

This morning it was super sunny and hot. I loved it! I was listening to School Boy Q and he makes me wanna move. I wish his lyrics were appropriate for school.

I did some ollies. I did some fakie ollies. I did some manuals. Then I combined ollies and 180's. I have had the best day skating today so far - since the last cozy break.

We walked over to the stadium around 4:30 for a second skate but there was a soccer game or something going on. So, the boy got a skate along the c wall and he got to play in two parks - so still fun!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio (Chandelier)

Well, as you know from my previous posts - I was not feeling it today.. but I dragged myself there and did the warm-up - ahhh.. my muscles.. and then Julio did an awesome choreo to Chandelier. Sia really belts it out in this song - so the choreo matched that - there were a lot of jumps and turns and layouts - it was hard and awesome. It took up a lot of space and it was a large class - so I felt there wasn't enough room to do some stuff … until we were in groups. There were some kids dancing today that just rocked it. They were amazing to watch. I felt like just watching… but I did it… and it was fun. I hope we do this combo again after it has soaked into my body a bit better. Maybe we will still be on strike next week?

Friday 10 - 10:20am Skate E Spot (20 mins)

I was not feeling it this morning after yoga - but I went and ollied for 20 minutes. When the boy was I released I chose to play with him - or watch him as I sat in the shade!

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I did not have a good class this morning. But I made it there and did it and now it is done. I look forward to having a good class to erase the feeling that this one left. At least I have a sense of accomplishment - and burned a million calories!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Tierny

I tried to get to class yesterday but the boy woke up at 5am. I made it today though. I couldn't remember which teacher Tierny was on the schedule but now I know. She is the one that just had the baby. She reminds me of Keli - except yoga teacher - not dance. I wish that she would have one consistent signal for change. I can't always hear the changes. Other than that - it was a good class.

I was super sore from ballet. However, I probably feel better now than I would have if I hadn't gone. It was good to stretch out all of the stiffness.

My left hip cracked super loud in class - but that felt good. My right calf feels like one big knot and my back is all stiff and tight. I have to make sure to get back to ballet more often.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday 5:15 - 6:45 Ballet - Danielle (with Carrie!)

Well, this was my first ballet class since I broke my ankle in 2010. Carrie came with me and she thinks it has been at least eight years since her last class. Danielle was surprised I was coming in her class. She asked how the baby was.

Carrie and I tried really hard even though we said we were just going for fun. I don't think we did that bad. We were dying during adage and our brains were working hard to remember each exercise - but we had fun. We are going to make it a monthly thing.

I am worried for the muscle aches and pains that will come in the next few days from using all those ballet muscles. What a work out!

Wednesday 3:13 - 3:55 Skate E Spot (42 mins)

We went out for a skate this morning - but I didn't really skate. I played with the boy. So… nothing to write about. Jonny got a good morning skate though. He was doing good.

This afternoon I didn't have an awesome skate. The boy was napping - he woke up early this morning and then played in his room during nap time - so when we went out for a skate he fell asleep just as we suspected. So - we got a good skate - but I didn't do that great - tomorrow I have a feeling I will have a good skate :-)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday 1:30 - 2:30 Hip Hop - Carlo and August Totals

This class was packed. It was a $10 class. Bang Bang song… fun…

The best part was watching the awesome kids go off at the end. So many fun dancers working it in this class. 

Saw Sandy on the way home with her son.. at that Sweet Can Sunday restaurant - can't remember the name right now.

August Skate Hours: (783 mins) 13 Hours and 5 minus

August Dance Hours: 10.5 Hours!! YAY! - GOOD GIRL! 

August Yoga Hours: 10.5 Hours 

August Number of Waves: 33 Waves

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Sabrina Phillip (LA Edge)

- legs up lean back legs and arms opposite abs
- balances T to open to retire and develope and hold rise in front, a la second, and derriere. 

- choreo: flowy, rolly, spinny, jumpy - fun - fast - hard - 

Like her :-) 

I was the oldest person in both classes today - I wish my teacher friends would come dance with me!!! 

Friday 9:28 - 9:56 Skate E Spot (28mins)

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Stephanie

First time I had this teacher. She has awesome energy, projection and gives a lot of corrections. It was hot but not too hot - great class.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday 8:36 - 9:09 and 4:07 - 4:41 Skate E Spot (1H and 7mins)

Morning sesh:
I like skating with music better. I get into it faster. I did ollies and fakie ollies. That is it - I did some butt boarding with Christian. He is getting better at not going out of the area. Jonny got an hour of skating in  this morning.

Afternoon sesh:
This afternoon I did some ollies, 180's, and then fakie ollies. I started to play my game but it wasn't going well so I just did ollies and 180's together going faster.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday 9:23 - 9:53 and 3:35 - 4:08 Skate E Spot (1H 3mins)

Morning sesh:
I had a really slow start today. I rolled around for a bit and then did some manuals. Then, I did some ollies. That was it! It was hot.. and I was pooped from yoges.

Afternoon sesh:
I put new music on my runpod but I didn't take enough time doing it and got some songs only part songs. But, I did listen to my the music that worked and that inspired me at the start. However, the boy didn't sit long so when he was released I took my headphones out so we could all interact.

I did some ollies, 180's, and fakie ollies off the nose. It wasn't a day of progress. Tomorrow!

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

Today I didn't have a good class. It wasn't the head today, but my back was kind of hurting. It is an old hurt that had faded away to the background and wasn't that noticeable and I must have done something to it Monday at dance … cause I can feel it again. So, I decided not to do the postures that were hurting the right side of the lower back. I let it have a little break.

Tomorrow, I will play it by ear. If it hurts I will let it have a break still. If it doesn't - game on!

Tanya was in class this morning and she was standing right beside me. I wish I would have had a better class. She always finishes class early by doing one set of the last few postures. I wonder why she always leaves early? Must be something baby related… or maybe not wanting to talk to anyone about babies in the change room.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday 9:18 - 9:50 and 4:52 - 5:33 Skate E Spot (1H 13mins)

Morning sesh:
Always a slow start in the morning. I did some ollies and 180s and I played my game and won!

Afternoon sesh:
I did some ollies, 180's and fakie ollies. I was trying to get the 180's going faster. I was trying to get the fakie ollies high.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Jazz - Moe

Moe did her old warm-up.

We did across the floor:
1: walk walk gb front gb front gb side turn knee in kick flexed across and side chaine """"
2: step jump in retire step foutte from front to back … I forget…
3: jete high jete far jete high step attitude step step second jump facing where you came from..

We did a recycled choreo that I have never done before. I don't think we finished but we ran out of time. It was a nice "dancey" piece.

Week two of my Monday night dance madness routine. Next week there aren't classes because of the holiday - but hopefully I will be able to keep this routine up.

Monday 5:15 - 6:15 Street Jazz - Kelly Kono

We did the same routine as last week. I like that - gives me a chance to dance it and not just worry about what step comes next. She added on a couple more eights at the end.

Monday 9:30 - 10:00 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

I had a slow start this morning. After rolling around a bit I did some ollies. I ollied over the lines. I started to play my game with my first line. It wasn't going too well so I started working on my second line. I just didn't feel like jumping and I was going so slow - it wasn't a great skate morning.

Then, I got to do some but boarding with the boy. That was fun. He is so cute.

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I was worried about class this morning because of Mari's class last Monday but she was very conscious about the temperature and didn't totally cook me. I had a good class. I didn't miss any exercises. I have even been doing the triangle on the left side but not as deep as my right triangle.

Two more Mari classes left to survive this week!

Sunday 9:11 - 9:40, 10 - 10:10 Skate E Spot and Coopers (39 mins)

At E spot I did some manuals. I played my game with my first line once and lost in the fourth round. I did some ollies and 180's. I wasn't too focused or into it. I was just warming up when the boy started skating with us. I played with him and did some but boarding.

There was no one at Coopers when we walked by so I did some nose slides. Those are fun. I slid some of them but I know I really have to get my foot up higher on the nose and lean and push a lot more to get them really sliding far and fast.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday 8:33 - 9:11am and 4:42 - 5:15 Skate E Spot (1H 11 mins)

Morning Sesh:
I need to change the music on my runpod. I didn't listen to music all day today - or yesterday for that matter. I will have to do that tomorrow nap time.

I am trying to remember what I did this morning…. manuals. Oh ya - I worked on my 180's again. I figured out that if I say 1,2, and really go on three - like down, up and around… they work! I was lingering in the down position for so long waiting to go slow enough - so 1,2, 3!

Afternoon Sesh:
I played my game with my first line - and I did it! I got it five times in a row. I then thought I should see how many more I could get in a row - but that was it! haha.. I failed on the sixth. I thank my 180 practice for being able to win my game.

I started playing the game with my second line - but then ended up changing my second line to: fakie mongo push, fakie ollie, shuv-it, and fakie frontside 180.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday 9:28 - 9:59 and 2:48 - 3:31 Skate E Spot (1H 14 mins)

Morning sesh:
This morning I didn't have much focus when I was skating. I just did whatever I felt. The boy was out for half the time so watching him and skating = less focus on improvement and more playing. And, there is nothing wrong with that - cause it is skateboarding and it is supposed to be fun.

Afternoon sesh:
The boy didn't nap as we had hoped today. By the time we walked over to the spot he was asleep. So, we parked him in the shady corner and let him sleep. We skated in the other corner.

I focussed on fakie ollies for a the first bit and then I focussed on my 180's. I think I made some progress.

The boy woke up after a half hour. He fell back to sleep for a little bit on the walk home to get swim stuff. It wasn't much of a nap - but it was a pretty good skate :-)

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I thought maybe the universe was telling me to stop my stupid counting misses and cheats in yoga and just do the yoga the best you can each day. Tuesday Mari didn't show up and I was so happy that I didn't have to endure the heat of her class. Wednesday and Thursday were baby interrupted. Today - I was so happy to make it to class. I had a great class. I love Roxana!

I might go Saturday at noon to make up for all the classes I missed this week - or I might not. I give up trying to plan anything! hahaha - just got do what you can when you can.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday 3:30 - 4:13 Skate E Spot (43 mins)

I was so happy to get out of the house and get moving today. I started off with manuals. Just a few back and forths. Then I played my game and got up to the fifth line but messed up the 180. I started playing a couple more times but got bored. Next, I decided to change the order of my line and go back to the one I was working on before LA. I had a lot more success with this one - although it was very slow. I did the fakie mongo push, fakie ollie, shuv-it, push, pivot to regular and then 180 and another shuv-it or two to end it off.

We all got a good skate today. The boy was doing really well too :-)

Now - tomorrow - please - back to yoga… sleep well boy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday 9:26 - 9:55 and 4:25 - 4:57 Skate E Spot (1h 1min)

This morning when I went to yoga the teacher wasn't there… so I got a free pass!

I was having a good skate when I realized we had to be at the doctor at ten. We would have skated longer … but doctor time. I will have to book those a little bit later next time.

Anywho - second skate I was yapping on the phone with Sofia for the first twenty minutes. Jonny got a super long skate and the boy got a pretty good session in too.

Today I worked on my line most but I didn't really play my game. My 180's were feeling better today.

Monday 3:22 - 3:41 Skate E Spot (19 mins)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Jazz - Moe

Yay! I finally got a Moe class. It has been a long time.

Moe did Kelly's class too.

Anywho, we did an ATF cardio section of warm-up. It was one long ATF that we did six times on each side. I didn't have it all in my head the first time we went across but it got in there by the end.

We did the stretching and strengthening that Moe usually does after the ATF cardio part.

Moe taught a shorter than usual choreo. It was nice because my brain was not focussing as well as I wanted it to. I remembered all the movements and was getting into it at the end.

I look forward to next Monday. Although, I am going to remember to bring two sweat towels - cause I was super sweaty and gross. I kept thinking of Jonny hating runners' waft - I had dancers' waft. haha..

Monday 5:15 - 6:15 Street Jazz - Kelly Kono

We did a MJ style routine. It wasn't too long or too difficult to remember. In groups I did it well the first time and the second time I lost my focus and messed it up. I hate that! 

I was so sweaty!! 

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I am going to go to all five 6am's this week and next. This week my goal is do a class where I don't cheat and don't miss any poses. Today gives me a lot of room for improvement!

I counted my cheats and misses today. It was a terrible class. It was SOOOO hot. Mari teaches again tomorrow and then that is it for the week. SO, I should have better classes by the end of the week no matter what. One more hell class left this week. Anywho, I had an awful class - but I didn't remember all of my cheats - there were eleven on them!! And I missed seven poses all together - just too hot. Tomorrow HAS to be better!!

Cheats 11
Standing head to knee
Standing Bow
Balancing Stick
Balancing stick
Triangle pose
Misses 7
Balancing Stick
Triangle Pose
Triangle Pose
Locust both feet up

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday 9:08 - 9:28, 9:36 - 9:57 and 5:46 - 6:17 Skate F, Coopers, and E Spot (1h 12mins)

F Spot:
There was a bum sleeping on the ledge at E Spot this morning - so we skated F spot. I didn't do much. I ollied the grey section and did some manuals.

I practiced my nose slides. This was fun. Sometimes I got to nollie and shut-it out. I had some that slid and more that didn't. I have to lean over more on the nose.

E Spot:
I did some manuals and they are getting a bit more comfortable… but still not long. I started playing my game but got bored of losing - so I just kept practising my line. I started getting my 180's better and faster. That has to be my focus.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday 10:25 - 10:55am and 4:30 - 5 Skate E Spot (1 Hour)

First Sesh:
This morning we had a slow start. It is still grey in the mornings. It is 1:44 now - and the sun is out a bit - not super out - but out. I hope we get one more blast of summer before it is all over.

Anywho, I didn't feel like jumping today. My legs (and everything else) is sore from yesterday. So, I practiced my manuals. They are pretty tricky. I got them a bit longer but I really don't have them yet. Jonny says it is easier to do them after oiling up something. That seems like it would be harder to me.

The boy and I had fun bum skating today. I kept following him and honking at him and then ramming into him and he would just giggle. Good times!

Second Sesh:
It is so nice to be back to the land of two sessions - although drinking beer in the afternoons in LA was also pretty nice!

I started with manuals and I got some that felt like I was actually doing them. Jonny told me I need to move my weight back and move my front foot more forward on my board.

I played my game with my line and got to five but failed on the last shuvit!! I almost won. I started to play again and kept sucking so I stopped and went back to manualing. I did my kick flips for a bit but wasn't feeling those and went back to manualing… it was a manual day.

The boy and I also did some more butt boarding.

Pretty awesome day…

Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio - The Mating Game

I am glad I made it to class today. I was really rushed and drinking juice and shoving toast done my throat before class - it has been a full morning. Today is Julio's last day teaching Friday's in August. (I wonder if he will be teaching on Monday nights?) I won't get a chance to take this class again until I have a Friday pro-d - or if the strike continues - but I am thinking positively that it will be all settled by the start of school. 

Anywho - I have done this piece before. There is a roll in the dance that I couldn't get last time and practiced and even put in a dance that my grade 8's did. However, it is so fast in this dance - that I still couldn't get it in time. I was also so sweaty that my leg keep sliding out - so I put on my leg warmers to absorb the sweat and make me stick to the ground - my legs were so warm! The important thing is even though I didn't get it - I kept on trying and I was way closer than last time. Unfortunately, I am going to be black and blue from hurling myself around and upside down on the hard floor. 

Julio - don't look stressed was one of his comments to the class. I think I always look stressed - must relax! 

I looked it up - Kelly Kono is teaching street jazz on Monday for Julio. We are the same age and used to compete in the same category when we were young. Her and her sister always won first!! I will take that class :-) 

Friday 10:12 - 10:31am Skate E Spot (19 mins)

I had a short one today. The boy was not into sitting in his seat and eating his grapes so he was let out early. He was challenging the do not pass line… so I stopped to be the enforcer. He got a little better at listening today.

I did my line and played my game but only got as far as three in a row. I will play on tomorrow!

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

It is on! Back to yoga and dance. I made my little schedule and this time I am going to do everything I planned. I am excited to get back into dance teaching shape.

One of the regular ladies cut her hair into a afro mohawk. I think she looks hot and fierce. She said it is very liberating. Definitely! Ironically, there were a couple of boys with buns in their hair. The gender norms are changing. Not such a bad thing.

I had an ok class. I think that I am going to start recording things I miss and things I cheat on so that I stop the bad habits.. but I will start this Monday… hehe! I didn't do awesome enough day - first day back rights!

So far, I have nothing that hurts. Well, I think tomorrow everything will hurt but you know what I mean. I could feel muscles that I haven't used in a while. I will be feeling super strong and ready to teach in a few weeks - which is good.. cause that is when I start - hopefully!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday 9:06 - 9:49 Skate E Spot (43 mins)

This morning we went for our first E spot skate in a while. It was nice to be back on the smooth concrete. The morning was grey and cool.

The boy stayed in his chair for about thirty minutes eating grapes and other snacks. I didn't think he would sit that long since when we were away he was skating with us taking turns watching him the whole time.

I made up a game in Venice Beach - I have to do my line three times in a row without making a mistake before I could quit. If I made a mistake I had to go back to one. This morning I changed the game - I had to get my line right five times. The farthest I made it was four. The game is still on. Maybe I will get it tomorrow.

I didn't get to my kick flips today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday 10:30 - 11ish Surf Zuma (3 waves)

This morning was one of those cloudy or misty .. or smoggy?? mornings. It makes it less easy to walk into the cold water.. the water really isn't that cold in the wet suit.. just initially.. for a second.

There was one other girl in the water with me this morning. I laughed because there was a huge crasher.. and we laughed that there is no way we are catching any of these. The large crashers were coming every few sets. The rest was messy mush. It wasn't much fun for my last day at Zuma this year.

Maybe I will get a couple of more surfs in at Santa Cruz.

Wednesday 7:32 - 8:05am Skate Natas Lot (33 mins)

I did the same as yesterday - skipped the ollies and went straight into my line: ollie, 180, fakie ollie, and a shut-it. My 180's weren't that awesome - I gotta get those back. Focus!

The old guy that rides his bike down and walks circles around the edge of the parking lot was there the whole time I was there. I wonder how many circles he does?

One more skate session this year.. at this spot.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday 10 - 11ish Surf Zuma (5 waves)

Yesterday we drove to Zuma and I didn't go in the water because there were some big waves.. so I pussied out. Today, the waves weren't as big but I still didn't have a great day. Tomorrow.. I will try again! At least I got in. One or two more Zuma surfs… till next year.

There are a couple of spots that we pass on the way to Zuma Topanga and … not sure of the name of the other place.. Malibu lagoon?? One day I have to try these two spots. They are busy and the waves look consistent. They are both on points.

Tuesday 7:40 - 8:10 Skate Natas Lot (30 mins)

This morning I took some advice from Jon and didn't do tons of ollies at the start. I got right into my line. This gave me more time to work on it. I did: ollie, 180, fakie oliie, and a shuv-it! It was slow and loser looking - but the more I do it the easier it will be and the faster it will get.

I finished with some kick flips - not landing them yet - too scared.. and they weren't working as well today as they were the last few times.

Time was up- off to the beach to frolic with my boy in water while Jon had his go - it didn't go well for Jonny. He had about five good tries before he hurt his leg a bit. Hopefully, he will feel better enough to land his trick before we leave.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday 1 - 2:30 Hip Hop at Edge - Leslie

You can see the Hollywood sign from the studio window - that is pretty awesome. I didn't notice that last time - I was in the same studio (E) - but it was dark. 
My drive to the Edge studio took me about 40 minutes. The parking lot is different than the one from last year. They are doing some construction - but I figured it out. I got parked and got upstairs. I sat behind some dance moms and looked in the window to watch the Jazz 2 class which one of the mom's told me was actually a contemporary class because he was a sub. It looked fun. There were a lot of young kids. I hoped I wasn't going to be the only old person in class.

It was our turn. I got in the studio and some guy said that the teacher was in the bathroom but on her way. I had had thought I wouldn't like this class from the girl's bio and YouTubes - but it fit the time that I wanted to dance - not that I will dance at this time again - TRAFFIC! Anywho - she walked in and she was me a year and a half ago teaching dance - prego! WOW - it brought back memories. She had someone come in and film her dancing so she could explain to her daughter why she came out deformed. Anywho - Leslie had a lot of energy… (she was drinking pink liquid from a extremely huge water bottle with a tube.. and she sweat as much as me!)

Needless to say, I liked her. She tried to make connections with people and learn names. She gave god corrections and tried to interact with a lot of students. It reminded me of Eric… but pregnant.

Anywho - it was a good class. Her most important correction was to free style before the music starts. How many times have I said this to my own students. The other cool thing she is involved with is Addvocates in Dance.  This is dedicated to tackling the hypersexualization of children and youth in our dance culture. That is pretty awesome. She is also involved with: Edify Movement.

So, class went well. It was supposed to be from 1 - 2 but she went till 2:35. Then, I had to drive home. There was some road contraction and I got turned around on Highland and went the wrong way for ten minutes.. which meant I had to go ten minutes back.. through Hollywood at 3pm.. traffic… hardly moving. So, Jonny expected me home at 3 and I wasn't even close. I knew he would be worried. I made it home just before four. I walked in the door and he was so relieved. He thought I was dead. He didn't know how he was going to get to a phone without the stroller. If his phone hadn't broke this wouldn't have been a problem.. but.. it is broken..

Anywho - we celebrated my life after class :-)

Monday 7:53 - 8:29am Skate Natas Spot (36 mins)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday 5 - 6:30 Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey - Carrie

I did it. I went to class at the Bikram across from the Jolly Rodger - finally! I went to the $5 community class but I had to rent a matt and a towel - so it cost $11. Still not a bad deal.

Our teacher, Carrie, was very energetic, had good flow, and gave a lot of helpful corrections and advice to a lot of people. One thing she said that I will remember was to shorten your abs on one side and lengthen on the other when doing the head to knee type stuff - she said it a couple of times and it made sense at the time - I will probably think about it again.

The studio was nice. It was hot and sweaty. I think it may be a wetter hot than our studio. I was soaked before we even finished breathing. The class was packed and I had to stand at the front. I didn't like to be that close to myself because my brain kept thinking bad thoughts - but whatever -I am 40! I should be stoked.

Anywho - I went and I had a good class. I look forward to having a visit next year and I look forward to returning to my own studio and getting back into my regular practice.

Saturday 9:30 - 10:30ish Surf Zuma (10 waves)

This morning we took a break from the skate and had a nice breaky walk. It was grey and misty and the first time we have worn hoodies here in Southern Cali. Last weekend we skipped the surf because I remembered the busy activity on the weekends from the year before and today we decided to go for it anyways.

We had to circle around the PCH three times to find a spot to park. (We could pay for parking.. but that is crazy!) There were a lot of cyclists and swimmers out today. There could have been some sort of race or practice race going on.

I didn't feel amped to get in the water as it was still grey and coldish. (What a pussy!!) BUT, I went in and caught some of the small waves. I tried to focus on going diagonal which made me fall down a lot but it has to be done.

I think we will skip tomorrow's surf and just go on our last few weekdays that we have here. We don't want to leave… we love it here!! Oh well, summers will have to do until early retirement!! haha! Keep that eye on the prize.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday 10 - 11:15ish Surf Zuma (15 waves)

It wasn't scary today. I had fun in the water. I didn't catch any awesome rides but I got up fifteen times.

Friday 7:18 - 7:49am Skate Natas Lot (31 mins)

Today, I took some time and repositioned my feet on my 180's. Everything else was the same.

(nap time is over!!)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday 10 - 10:45ish Surf Zuma (12 waves)

I had a better surf day today - yay! I didn't see my sea lion. I forgot to mention I saw him yesterday too - two days in a row. Jonny kept telling me to go back in the water but I was pooped and hungry - so 12 waves - that was pretty good. I hope I have as much fun tomorrow.

Thursday 7:07 - 7:38 Skate Natas Lot (31 mins) & July Totals

It is a good thing we like the California mornings the best because Christian woke us up at 5:45 this morning.

I did my usual ollies and then worked on my ollie, 180, and fakie ollie line. Same as yesterday, I took the last five minutes to work on kick flips.

Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Maybe I am improving but improving so slowly that I don't notice. Maybe I need to push myself harder. But, it is difficult when you are working in such sort increments of time. If I was a kid again, I would do stuff all day - not just for a half hour. I guess I am lucky to get that much time in with a toddler.

Jonny did awesome today - and while Jonny was skating the boy and I crossed the vast sands to the waters edge where he was stripped down to his diaper to play in the water. He loved it. Tomorrow I will dress him in his swimmers… and bring some dry clothes so he can really have fun.

July Skate Hours: 6:56 Hours 

July Dance Hours: 1 Hour :-( 

July Yoga Hours: 6 Hours

July Number of Waves: 39 waves :-) 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday 10 - 10:30ish Surf Zuma (2 waves)

I was a pussy today. I didn't have a very good session. Tomorrow I will try harder. (and hopefully the waves will be smaller)

Wednesday 7:37 - 8:04am Skate Natas Lot (27 mins)

It was another sleepy start to another good skate. I just love looking over at the ocean when I am skating. There are the same people walking and doing there morning things too.

This morning I did ollies. I progressed onto ollie, 180, fakie ollie, pivot. The last five minutes I spent doing some kick flips moving really slowly.

Then, Jonny did some amazing board slides while the boy and ran around and climbed in the sand.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday 10 - 10:30ish Surf Zuma (5 waves)

Like yesterday there were some big sets out there today. I went out and tried to avoid the huge walls of closing out water. 

I caught one wave right away and thought that maybe the big waves weren't there today - but they were. There were a couple of kids surfing close to me and they seemed to have the same avoidance technique as me. 

While I was waiting for a big set to crash through a sea lion popped his head up and looked at me. He was right next to me and it took my brain a minute to register that there was a sea lion next to me. And then, he was gone off down the way - popping up every now and then to see what was going on. That was kind of cool. 

Five waves total today - then I got out to check on the boys and it seemed time to go. Again, I look forward to when the boys are surfing with me. Or even, being able to spend more time on the beach - Jonny said he is going to get a suit and board and try again next year. Maybe we will get a little baby board too! haha - that will be cute :-) 

Tuesday 7:30 - 8am Skate Natas Lot (30 mins)

I had a good skate this morning. I did the usual and then I tried some kick flips. I was pretty tired at first but still pushed myself to have a good little session.

The boy was pulling the stroller and then running beside it to get to the pirate playground. He is getting so big! I imagined us all skating along the beach one day…

Monday 10 - 10:45ish Surf Zuma (4 waves)

Monday 7:07 - 7:37am Skate Natas Lot (30 mins)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday 7:21 - 8:01am Skate Natas Lot (40 mins)

Jonny, the boy, and I all had new freshies today. I love my new board. I felt really comfortable on it. I had a good skate. I did the same ol' and got super sweaty.

The boy had a skate and then we played in the pirate park on the way to breakfast. We didn't have a good sleep last night. The boy woke up in the night and we had to comfort him and put him back down and then sneak back in and he also woke up at 5:30. Needless to say… a little sleepy today! Fortunately, the new freshie gave me the energy to have a good session. 

Back to surfing tomorrow! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Saturday 7:20 - 7:40am Skate Natas Lot (20 mins)

I was having an awesome skate today when Jonny told me my board was making a funny sound. I broke a washer like thing on my trucks and have two pressure cracks in my deck. Just more proof that I have been skating hard.

Oh - one more thing - Jonny told me something yesterday that made a big difference today- he said that an awesome ollie is one with three strong pushes and then pop. He said when he was taking pictures of me he got a lot of me bending and waiting until I got to my comfortable speed. Today I tried to push and no waiting in the bend just pop - and it worked way better. I have to remember to break this habit.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday 9:30 - 10:15ish Surf Zuma (7 waves)

I looked out at the water and thought it looked small and windy and thought I might not have a good session. However, I had an awesome little surf. The waves were small but there were more than there were yesterday. I caught seven waves. The forth wave was my favourite - I went sideways and was trying to pump to keep going but did a one foot! haha!!

Friday 7:39 - 8:09am Skate Natas Lot - (30 mins)

When I first started to skate this morning I wanted to stop and my legs didn't want to jump. Then, I changed my music to the Smashing Pumpkins and I got into it. I did a lot of ollies. I just felt like oiling. Then I did ollie, 180, pivot and repeat.

I am getting more comfortable on the crappy parking lot cement. I was super sweaty on my walk home.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday 10 - 10:30am Surf Zuma (2 waves)

Quick surf today. The boy didn't nap on the way to the beach..

I got in and the waves were small and not scary. I caught two little ones but it took a lot of waiting. I got out to check on the boys.. and they were ready to go.. and there was nothing really going on in the ocean.

 A lot of the same people there at the same time. I wonder if we will see them again tomorrow?

The boy fell asleep on the drive home… and transferred and had a good nap in his bed. I think that is a first!

Thursday 7:23 - 7:43 Skate Natis Lot (20 mins)

Twenty minutes is not a long time to skate and it was pretty early in the morning - but man was I hot and sweaty! It is hot here.

Anywho - I did some ollies and 180's. That is about it. Then I pushed the boy on the swing while Jonny skated. I have a good picture of that… I just have to transfer it over.

Tomorrow we will skate again - and I will get more comfortable with our new space. Another awesome morning :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30am Surf Zuma!! (7 waves)

I miss Annina!! I remember her and I surfing here last year with dolphins. I think I would have made her proud though. I went out and caught a baby wave right away and then something spooked me and I caught a couple of white wash rides. Then I caught one more wave and went in to check on the boys. They were skating in the empty parking lot. Did I say empty? Yes! This surf spot has only a few people in it. It is so nice.

I went back in for a little bit - I caught seven waves in total. When I was on a roll there I thought maybe I will go for ten waves but then… they stopped coming in so nice.

The waves were nice small waves for me. There were a couple of other people out there with me and a kids surf camp just down at the next lifeguard tower. I didn't see any dolphins - but I know I will - I will be back tomorrow - the plan is to surf Zuma every weekday.

Wednesday 7:20 - 7:47am Skate Santa Monica Sand Gaps - Natas Spot (27mins)

We had an awesome morning. We finally got some sleep last night - yes! Hopefully, this new routine will stick and we won't have anymore problems until the drive home - or fingers crossed for no more problems??!!

I skate the parking lot. It wasn't very nice concrete but around and back and forth I went - right on the beach. So nice! I did some ollies and 180's and a couple of fakie ollies - but that is it. No where near where I was at at home - but I had another long break… and we got a few weeks to play around.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday 5:35 - 6:35 Hip Hop - Carlo Atienza

I haven't danced in so long and it was good to get back. Now that I have been back … I want to keep on going. When I come back from LA I promise to take one jazz and one hip hop class per week. I will take them one after the other so that there is less likelihood that I miss a class - get there dance and come home - done!

We did a dance to a Settle Down - a remix of it. It was shape hitting then fem and down to the floor - then freestyle then da da da da hit ending.

Friday 9:50 - 10:24 Skate E Spot (34 mins)

We had a slow start this morning. Christian got up too early and had to go back to bed. Now he is great!

It is hot!
- rolled around
- mongo to fakie
- new line: fakie, pivot, ollie, 180, fakie ollie


Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

Today was a good class! Thank-you Roxana for the perfect tempo and temperature. I felt strong and challenged. Now, I get a month or so break from yoga - although I am going to try to do it once at the Marina del Ray studio. I feel good leaving on a strong note.

The class was packed again today - there had to be almost fifty people. There was hardly any matt space when I got there so I was at my least favourite spot - right at the front too close to the mirror and too far away from a fan and the cooling breeze created by the door if the teacher is kind enough to open it. No one wants to see themselves that close in the mirror that early … or ever! I tried to stare at my knees to make sure they were locked and not at my least favourite body parts.. (like my armpits!)

I thought about English 9 again. My thoughts went from class room management with cell phones to what can kids do when they are done their work to silent reading and how much time and when will I implement it. Also, what are acceptable silent reading choices?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday 8:37 - 9:12 Skate E Spot (35 mins)

We both felt tired this morning and didn't feel like skating but once we got there we got into it. I started by rolling around a bit. Next, I pushed mongo and rode fakie. I then decided to add this to the beginning of my current line. So, I pushed mongo to fakie - did a pivot to ride regular - ollie - 180 - fakie ollie. Now I just have to get it fast. It was nice to focus on something a little different.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday 9:14 - 9:46 Skate E Spot (32 mins)

I had a better skate today. I was pretty pooped from just doing yoga - but I got into it.

- rolled around
- mongo push to fakie - added a pivot out - one day to be a 180.
- ollie, 180, fakie ollie

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

Today was a better class than Monday by far but I wouldn't say I had a good class. The place was packed! There had to have been almost fifty people in class this morning. It looked more like a 6:15pm class as opposed to a 6am class. That always makes it hotter.

I got 1/4 for my standing bows. I almost got 2 but I couldn't hold the last ten seconds. I tried!!

I missed one balancing stick.

I missed one left triangle.

I missed one camel.

I drifted off into thinking about English 9 and how I was going to deal with behaviour issues like lates. I thought about positive reinforcement and rewarding good behaviour with some sort of game. I think I am going to make some J Fresh money and attach money to 100% and outstanding work as well as award the class money when everyone is in attendance and not late. Money can be spent to buy free time for the class or a class game - or the students can pool their money together and work together to achieve a bigger goal like a class treat or pizza or party class. I am still working out details in my head - but I think it could be fun and motivational. I know we did something like this in  French immersion. I will talk to Carrie about it today - she will have some ideas. The thing is… it is one of those things that will have a lot of kinks to start and would get ironed out over the years. It would be nice to have the chance to teach this class again and get the kinks ironed out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday 8:32 - 9:10 Skate E Spot (38 mins)

Wow - we haven't skated in a long time because of Jonny's back. Today it felt so good to be back into our routine. I mean, it was difficult to get started and I really sucked - we can't take breaks like this again - but the boy was good and it was so nice to be getting out and moving in the morning.

(I woke up to go to yoga this morning and turned off my alarm - I didn't want to have another class like yesterday. I will go tomorrow)

This morning it took me a while to get my ollies back. I rolled around for a while and then just started doing some ollies. Then I added the 180's and fakie shuvits. It was hot and we were sweaty. The boy was pretty good. I look forward to an afternoon shady skate :-)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

I didn't want to get up but I did. Tanya was next to me in class. She left early so didn't get to say hi. I wouldn't have been able to talk proper after class anyways - that was hot and awful. I started super strong and then got dizzy during the balancing series and gave up from then to spine strengthening. I finished… not strong. I drank all my water early and was so thirsty at the end of class.

I will go back tomorrow to delete this class from my mind and leave something better in its place.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I didn't have a good sleep last night. I don't know why. I felt like I was awake and not really asleep but I must have been sleeping. I know Jonny didn't have a good sleep. His back has been out all week. He is a good man though helping out the cleaning lady to move her stuff. I can't believe it. And now he can't move. No good.

Anywho, I had a good yoga class except for my left hip flexor. My left leg doesn't want to lift. I am blaming the baby gate that I am walking over all of the time… and the c section for weakening that area. It hasn't been good since then. I think I need a rest.

My standing bow I got 3/4. I almost got 4/4 but I couldn't hold one of them and I fell out right before it was time to change and I didn't have time to get back in. Close to a four but I can't give myself I four. I gotta learn to hold on to the very end.

My triangle on the left I held a high lunge and tipped over a little. I didn't do anything that hurt my hip but I didn't take a break. I did what I could do.

It was a pretty good class minus the hip flexor. It was the worst when we went from laying down to sitting up and turning around. It just didn't want to lift my leg. It needs a break. (but it won't get a real one with that stupid gate!)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Sunshine

I had a good class today. Triangle I held the left side a little bit longer but not as low as the right side. Standing bow I got 2.5/4. I got .5 for falling out and getting back in right away and holding to the end. I lost a point for the second bow that I fell out of and didn't get back into and the last two I held. Not as good as last class but I am trying.

There was a girl in front of me today who was so annoying! She was my main challenge today… her and the sex sounds guy beside making his trying too hard sounds during spine strengthening. They were both disgusting me. Then, there was the lady who tries really hard and is super focusses beside me and I saw here being able to ignore these two distractions so I kept trying. I lost it when the boob girl was checking her phone on the escalator in front of me and not moving… so annoying. It is like I don't exist. I need more patience.

Overall, good class. Small numbers today - maybe people taking an early holiday - Canada Day tomorrow - the 6am is cancelled. Langley on Wednesday - next class Thursday!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday 10:24 - 11:06 and 5:45 - 6:15 Skate E Spot (56 mins) & June Totals

The weather has been very disappointing for summer. We woke up to rain but then it got dry and we had a nice skate. The weather app said it was going to be sunny at 4pm so we panned to go swimming and skate again - but it was raining so hard it was bouncing off the road. And now, it is all wet again and we missed our swimming time. We tried to go… we stood outside the front door and looked out at the rain and thought.. not worth it!

Oh well, at least we got one good skate in. Here is what I did:
- skate around a bit
- mongo push to jump fakie
- ollies and 180's and some fakie ollies
- I tried standing still and doing kick flips. Jonny and I discussed different feet placements - but the way he suggested is not how I used to do it - so it felt wrong and wouldn't work for me. We came home and checked online and have some new ideas to try next time we get out.

I should have stopped by Coopers. I probably won't get a morning skate tomorrow. Jonny is good deeding and helping the old lady who cleans our building to move. How could he say no to her? She is so sweet. She must really have been desperate for help to ask him - and it must have been hard for her to ask as well. I just hope it goes quickly and easily for him.

Hey! We got out for a second skate after all - yay! Thank-you sunshine.
There were puddles all over so we basically had our rain skate covered area to skate. I tried to do some ollies and 180s but wasn't feeling the squishy area. I found a nice dry patch and tried the kick flips and new foot placement that Jonny showed me on the YouTube. It worked. I didn't land any but I am going to add them into my practice to have something to work towards.

June Skate Hours: 13 Hours and 31 minutes (799 minutes) 

June Bikram Hours: 16.5 Hours

June Dance Hours: 0!!! That is just embarrassing! Get to class!! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

Going to renew my membership - and give Carrie the free classes :-) 

What a great class I had this morning. There is definitely something that just clicks when you go to classes on consecutive days. That was a good three in a row. Saturday and Sunday the first classes are not till 8am so I will take a break and go again on Monday.

As for my goals:
1. Do not take a break during triangle. Do the lunge part on the left side at least and hold it. Try to bend over and try to hold the full posture longer each time. 
I succeeded in holding the full posture for a few seconds each time and the lunge the whole time. 
2. Hold the standing bow the full time. Do not give up or fall out. No more cheating! 
I held 3 out of 4 till the end. Next time all of them!! I blame the moisturizer I applied to my feet last night - my hands and feet were so slippery. I had to use my hand towel during standing head to knee.

My neck is still creaking like a Halloween door. I hope my head doesn't fall off!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thursday 8:50 - 9:16, 4:07 - 4:28, and 4:44 - 4:55 Skate E Spot (58mins)

Morning session:
- Push mongo to fakie
- ollies and 180's
-shuvits not working

Afternoon session:
-ollies and 180's

My 180's weren't coming around and rolling away as nice as yesterday. It was kind of a bummer. Maybe tomorrow!

I was ok with the break and then skating again. The boy got a nice session in with his new board.

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Sunshine

I am going to focus on two goals: 
1. Do not take a break during triangle. Do the lunge part on the left side at least and hold it. Try to bend over and try to hold the full posture longer each time. 
2. Hold the standing bow the full time. Do not give up or fall out. No more cheating! 

Today was a good class. It wasn't too hot or too cold. I did my best with my two new goals. 

Sunshine is so cute and gentle. I usually like a a firm, loud and funny teacher but even though Sunshine is the opposite I like her. She has a kind smile and I work hard in her class. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wednesday 10:37 - 11 and 2:40 -3:18 Skate E Spot (1H1M)

It was so nice and sunny today. Summer!!

Our first session was super hot. We had a later start today and the boy wasn't entertained for long. We got a quick one in though. I started with ollies and 180's right away and then we were done. I didn't listen to any music in the morning session.

Our second session there was some shade but it was still a warm sweaty one. I started right away with ollies and 180's and was able to add in fakie ollies. Tomorrow I am going to add in more speed and add in a shuvit.

The boy got a new board today and we each took turns watching him while the other skated trying to get more time in. I got to keep riding today while Jonny took the first boy watch. He said it was hard to re-motivate himself. I am going to take that shift tomorrow. We will see how it goes.

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I did not want to go this early! I didn't want to go at all this morning. But, I knew if I didn't get up and go I wouldn't go later and I would feel guilty for not going. So, even though I had turned off my alarm I was awake and tossing and turning - so I went.

I am glad I went. It was a pretty good class. I did one full set of triangle right and left. I rested the second set. I did everything else and it wasn't that hard of a class.

I have a new weird thing: I can hear the back of my neck creek when I turn my head - even when I am sleeping… am I falling apart? Is this what 40 is? Maybe I just need to drink more water? It is pretty weird and I hope it goes away.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saturday 9:12 - 9:43 Skate E Spot (31 mins)

I forgot to write about this sesh… let's see what I remember?
- sunshine
- the boy was good
- I started with mongo push to fakie practice
-ollies and 180's

I think that was it - but it was a good morning!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday 9:05 - 9:35 and 3:10 - 3:43 Skate E spot (1H 3M)

This morning I did not have a very good session. I was pooped for some reason and I didn't feel like jumping. I didn't do my warm-up circle. I went straight into ollies and 180's over the crack. I guess I needed the warm-up. I didn't do that very long and when I was doing it I took long breaks at each end. Then I just went really fast all around. Then I tried to go fast and manual - but that wasn't working either. After that I tried something new - Jonny taught me how to push mongo and jump to ride fakie. So, I did that back and forth for a bit really slow and sketchy like. That will be a good skill to have. 

We walked passed Coopers and no one was there but I didn't feel like skating anymore. So we went for a little walk. I should never pass up a chance to skate - but I don't know - I was just tired. 

We all had a nap during Christian's nap time. 

Second session was mucho better! I was just tired. I started with ollies and 180's and went back and forth and back and forth without stopping and taking breaks. I was super sweaty. 

Then, we went for a swim. It was a great afternoon :-) 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday 10:01 - 10:35, 10:46 - 10:56, and 4:34 - 4:58 Skate E Spot and Coopers (1H 8Mins)

 We had two sessions again today - which is lucky because it was on the verge of raining all day - there was some sprinkling.

Our morning session started at E spot and then I got ten minutes skating with the boy at Coopers. Today I felt that I was getting back to where I was before all of our little breaks.

I was listening to Smashing Pumpkins and they must be my skate music - they work for me! I got a choreography idea for next year too - I can't wait to make that come to life.

Our second session was just at E spot. It started to rain so we had to go. I was done too - pooped. I had a great session. I pretty much got to my ollies and 180's right away and they were riding away and I was able to do some fakie ollies. It felt nice. I am excited for tomorrow now. As we were packing up to leave there was a creepy Big Brother voice over the loud speaker telling us to leave. Whatever - we will be back! Hahaha!