Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Summer School / Liift 4 / Surfing

I have had one of the craziest, busiest summers of my life and I only missed two workouts... now I have missed three, because my back is out - but I am hoping if I rest until the end of this week, I can catch up and only be a week behind the Liift4 Exclusive Test Group.

 I am proud that I did my workouts at White Oak and had my dance teacher friends join me. We had quite a crew working out together at the start. 

At Jacksonville University, during lunch breaks, I continued to squish my workouts in. I lost my crew but I forged forward. It was not easy and school was crazy with assignments, but I kept those 40 minutes for myself. 

My son surfing for the first time!!! 
The other thing that I did for me, was surfing in the morning. I got up at 5:30 / 5:45am each morning, had my Energize and a piece of whole grain bread with peanut butter. Then, I walked in bare feet to the beach. How awesome is that? I was sometimes the first person there but usually not. I took surf lessons with Evan Thompson once a week and found a lot of my bad habits. It was hard and I was often disappointed in myself. Surfing is one of the hardest things I have ever done and I feel like I will always suck at it because I don't have wave knowledge. To get that, I need to live somewhere I can surf everyday. That is my life goal and I will keep trying until I am the best granny surfer out there. It might take me that long to get my home by the beach. (at this point Van by the beach! I am not opposed to being a granny who lives in a van by the beach.) BUT, I will keep trying to achieve my goals and get a home by the ocean so I can surf everyday. (I also want to dance and do yoga... and run... and do my Beach Body workouts.) 

Mornings in the ocean included: sunrises, lightning in dark black distant clouds, sea birds, dolphins, and once a manatee. 

My nutrition at the start of our trip and at school was awesome. I did really good at keeping up during the week at school. Dinners were a bit off, as Jonny was shopping at the Dollar Store for the first bit. Once we got grocery shopping on Sundays, I got some nice rice bowls. I bought a $9 blender at Walmart (that I brought home for school) that I made my Shakeology shakes in. I drank those on the way to school. However, as school got more intense, started having beers that last couple of weeks, just because... I was stressed out and needed to relax, it was hot, and they didn't give me a hangover. I could wake up and still surf. How is that possible? It did make me feel fat and bloated. I am happy to be home and sticking to my no beer in the city rule. 

Now that I am home, I was excited to get back into action with yoga, skating, dancing at Harbour, and my Liift4 workouts... but my back is OUT. I can't sit, stand, lay... waaahhhh!!! But, I am happy that it didn't go out during summer school. So, thank-you universe for waiting until I had three weeks off. Now, let's heal this baby up and get me back to my Vancouver life. Universe, you have until Sunday to get me back to feeling like me. That is it. I am back in action Monday. I think that is a fair enough deal.