Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia - Last Day of School!!!

YAY!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!! I am so excited! I had a fun class this morning. I was so sleepy when I got there but not anymore. There were a lot of boys in class today. I need to give them fake names.. let's see:
Beside me there was  - brown boy - he has been coming for maybe a year now? Once in a while.
then... White T boy - he had his first class last week.. or two weeks ago? He is doing really well. AND.. Firefighter boy - I can't believe he came back. Second class was looking better. Wednesdays seem to be the busy morning.

I don't feel like writing anymore.. let's get to school.. and GET OUT of school!!! YAY!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

That was fun and the sun is sooooo out right now. YAY! I love summer. I am so distracted. There was little focus in class today. I am the kid in the last two days of school. AND, one of the girls that is there a lot.. I will learn her name tomorrow.. was also excited. She is a teacher too. She teaches grade 6. So we did the excited teacher talk all the way to where I had to turn up my street. She just moved down here from 22nd.. and she is going to set up her place and she is doing her PB+15 at the end of August. (diverse learning so she can teach LST) She is coming tomorrow.. and we are both going to be distracted.. SUMMER!

There was a new guy in class. He was diagonally behind me and he was funny. He kept laughing and trying and falling and laughing. He looks like he could be a young fire fighter. I don't know if he will be back. He looks like he was super struggling and in amazement that people could even move the way we do. I hope he comes back though cause he was fun to watch.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday 4pm 1 hour hot yoges and yin - LEO!

Wow! I did it. I accomplished my goals for today! I wanted to do all this stuff.. and I did! I will sleep like a baby tonight.

I was chatting with the tall lady. We forgot to exchange names. She is a dietitian and she is going to Italy in August. It doesn't sound like she likes her job too much so I tried not to make mine sound so cool. I just said I taught high school.

Hot yoges was cool. Leo does things a little different and that was a nice change. He did all the warriors starting facing the side mirror instead of with warrior one.

It was a lot hotter today than it is in the mornings. I was sweating a lot.

I had a shower and stood under the cold water between the two classes. That felt nice but didn't stop me from being hot. I didn't stop sweating until at least half way through yin class. It was annoying! How can I focus on my breathing when all I am thinking about is drip, drip, drip! GROSS!

Leo had cool lights for the Yin class. They shone on the ceiling and on some of the walls. It was like a swirly cloud and green dots of different sizes moving at different speeds like a solar system. When I was laying on my back I would try to watch one and see how many other stars it would hit before I couldn't see it anymore and then I would choose another one and do the same thing. I have to say... it definitely distracted me from thinking about the pain of the postures.

Great day! Good job Paula!

Here were my goals for this week:
SO, I am going to have three yoga goals for this week:
1. Do every 6am class - Check!
2. Do not fidget during pigeon - check! (I did it at least once.. but I wasn't perfect!!!!!)
3. Go to three more yoga classes and they must be full hots or flows (8 classes total) - incomplete: I did 6 one hour hots, one flow, two yin - I might let myself off the hook.. that is still 9 classes!! 

Saturday - 1pm Jazz Contemporary - MOE! (Machine - Regina Spektor)

This is the song we did. 

Moe hugged me in the waiting area. She cut off her hair! It looks great. It would bother me when it got sweaty though. I haven't taken her class in so long.. and I wish I had been because I had a lot of fun today. I remember that it is hard.. but it is fun too. I will get back into it after summer. I want to go to her Monday and Saturday classes again. I will see if my girls will come with me too. They always make dance more fun. But, I have little friends in this class too. So, it is fun either way.

We did the same warm -up but we stopped after the tendu ish section.
1. hop step left draw the right toe forward and right arm forward and lean back, hop right repeat left
step face the front parallel second plie arms in first
turn right knee out and right arm into third
parallel turn with flexed left foot
petit jete right left right

2. step right fan left walk walk fan right ball change go back the same way attitude bent mirror leg, attitude front wall leg, arabesque mirror leg, devant wall leg

3. run run jete, run run jete, run run front jete double attitude.

Then we did the little dance. The Asian boy was in my group and he kept running me over. It took me three times before I realized I was going to have to move cause he wasn't going to stop doing it. He probably didn't notice. I fear moving because I think I will forget the moves if I move to a new spot but I didn't. I was fine. I was better because I didn't have him jumping on me!

K! NEXT.. One hour hot and YIN!

Saturday C Wall Run

15.12 km
1:24:13 hours
5:34 min/km
1052 cals

I ran through wind, cloud, and happy patches of sun. I stopped two times when I felt my hip flexors were too tight. I ran super fast past an Asian man until I reached the pool. Then I walked. So, I ran from Yaletown, down to the train station and along the C wall to the pool without stopping. I stopped once more time by the beach by my house - by the Aquatic centre and then I ran to my alley. I stopped my Ipod and walked down the alleys... and stretched. I should have run all the way home because then I would have made it to blue!! I am at 999.41km. I need less than a km to get to the blue level! I guess that means I will be going for a quick run tomorrow. (or I could probably just wear it around my house till it turns!! hahaha)

I kept a good pace. I didn't bring water. My right ear got sweaty and the ear plug was a pain only for the first little bit. I dried my ear with my tank and reinserted the plug... and it did the trick. It is still a pain in the neck that I sweat so much! I sweat so much that I can't hear through my own sweat. That sucks! AND.. and I am so drenched that I am cold when I walk home. (that is why old men are staring at me! GROSS!)

I added my recently added to my runpod before I left. The new Roots wouldn't go on my ipod... maybe cause I stole it from the internet. I love that new album so I will buy it before I go to Bali. I did have the new Eminem, Royce da 5'9, Drake, Big Pun, Big Boi, Emotionz, and Ellie Goulding. They were all randomly playing and it was a pleasant mix of chill and hip hop. It would have been even better with the new Roots.

OK.. next on my list is JAZZ!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday 8pm Yin - Christine

Legs up the wall pose

I haven't been to a Yin class in a long time. I can still walk :)

Alejandro was sitting on the couches. He was in Flow last night. He introduced himself. (weird introduction week!) I said we have met before. And he says he thinks that everyone should reintroduce themselves monthly in case people forget. It is a good plan.

It was a smallish class - about 7 of us. Christine has her nice calm voice which is hard for me to hear. I tried not to worry about that and just set the goal that I would pick out what I could from her good talks. What else can I do? I don't want to tell her and ruin her soothing quality.

Let me see if I can remember what we did:
toe squat - ouch! I thought I would never walk again!
child's pose twisted
sphinx - laying on tummy and bring upper body up - arms straight
pigeon - or swan
legs up the wall

I could be missing something... but I think that is it. We did do some planks to downward dog breathing in between...

Great class.. great chill night!

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Angela

Today I was watching Heidi. She is grabbing her toe and bringing it out no problem. She must have been a dancer when she was little. I want to tell her the trick for standing bow about grabbing your ankle instead of your foot. I think she will be able to extend her leg above her head then. I didn't get a chance to tell her today.. Monday!

I had a really good class today. I think I was still all bendy from last night. I did not sleep well though. That nap was so good yesterday but not so good last night. I didn't drift till after 1:30... and I kept checking the clock all night. It felt like I wasn't sleeping at all. I woke up early too. Anywho... I don't feel tired though... so that is good. I do feel hungry so I am going to finish this up and get some grub!!

We did that stretch from my wheel of fun.. I think it is called dragon fly where your knee flops open out of a lunge and then into pigeon. That was... awkward and painful! hahaha!

K.. food!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8pm Flow - Erin (Katherine's Sister!)

I think I will try to fold my legs in and try a lotus headstand!! Maybe I will try it tomorrow at school... on the big mats! 

Wow! That was a fun class and sweaty. Eric was behind me with two friends and it was their first time. I don't think they realized what he was getting them into. There were lots of laughs and looks of .. what? You want me to put my leg where and then my arm.. where?

We ohmed three times at the beginning and one time at the end.

We did head stands and hand stands. YAY!

We did a lot of abs .. I will feel those tomorrow. We did the boat one twice then the third time we did it lowering one leg then the other.

Overall it was a fun class and I was well rested. I felt more flexible because it was night time and I had already done yoga this morning. I look forward to tomorrow morning.. day 5 of 6am this week and class 6 of the week! YAY ME!

Wednesday 5:30 Hip Hop - JP (My girls) - song? hot boy good life?

Twigg and Riendeau came together and parked in my basement. (they are going to take the train from now on. They don't like driving! Weird) Anywho, we walked to dance and chatted. I love these girls.

I can't remember what song we did now.. maybe it will come to me later today. It was a fun class. It was really sweaty.

Afterwards we went for sushi. I ordered then ran home to change cause I was so sweaty and was leaving SWASS on the chair!

K.. off to school!

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

So far so good. I am keeping up with my goals. I have one more day of 6ams and... I have to do three other classes. I have also been a lot less fidgety in pigeon.

OH.. I forgot to write about dance class last night. I will do that after.

Um.. yoga... There were about 12 people there. Michelle, Heidi, the little Asian lady, and the tall skinny girl, and the other tall skinny woman who I saw on Granville yesterday after dance. Hmm...

I am going to school. I don't really have much to say about this class. I was hot, I still feel fat and bloated.. and I am looking forward to next week!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday 6am Hot - Patricia

Japanese Kantana - is a SWORD!! I GET IT!!
Wow!! That was a hard class. I think it was a combo of things: 20 people - big class makes it hotter, big dinner, big Saporos, big PMS belly!

I did it. I thought I was going to die a couple of times but I did it. AND.. people started introducing themselves.. I better write these down. I always want to know names.. but I forget to ask... and today.. people just started telling me their names.

First, before class there was Eric. He is the black dude. I kinda walked into him almost going in.. he stopped abruptly. He said, "Are you waiting for me?"
I said, "Kinda.."
Then he said, "Eric," and punched my fist.

OK.. one name.

Then after class, Mina introduced herself. She is the second new girl I was talking to. Then, the first new girl and her friend.. not mom... is Heidi and her friend is Michelle.

I got some names!

I walked out with the teacher Patricia and we talked about school and what time we have to get up in the morning. She gets up at 5:10 and I get up at 5:45. She was a little jealous. hehehe! She asked me if I pack before I sleep and I say yup.. and I have my clothes by the toilet.

Hard class.. but I love it! 8 more days till Bali!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

I kept having someone's long, black hairs attached to me. Then, even when I knew they were off I still felt like there was one there. In my head I was thinking, that can't be my hair, I can't feel my hair, they are too fine. This is some nice thick hair stuck to my sweaty arm. Gross.

I did not fidget during pigeon. I thought about surfing at first. Wait that is not true I started to think about Patrick then I thought that was creepy so I thought about surfing. I imagined myself paddling out and duck diving the waves. Actually, I imagined myself surfing first, carving the wave. Then I thought, how did I get out here? So, I started at the beginning with the paddling out and duck diving the waves. Then I thought about Andrea and how she was just learning that last year. I think it was her board not her though. At least I can paddle and duck dive good. Patricia told us if we were wanting to fidget to think about our breath. So, I did that too. I can't remember where I went from there.. wait... report cards, failure list... failure list. I have to send that in today. I went to what I had to do today. The point is, I didn't fidget. (and I can remember so much more if I write this blog right after class instead of once I get to school. I am laying on my bed right now. I am in no hurry to get to school this morning. Tomorrow I must be there before 9. Yesterday I was there at 8:10... too early.)

Danielle was back. She got sick in Las Vegas because of the change in temperature. It was 120 there!

I felt fat today. PMS. I will be normal next week... I hope!

K.. breakfast and off to school!! Happy Birthday Heidi!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday C Wall Bike Cruise!

So, I didn't feel like going to dance.. then I had some dinner.. and I thought... I want to ride my clean bike! (BTW.. it could use another cleaning..  and a tune up!)

I rode my C wall run route.. with a small detour at the pool by the lagoon and back to the C wall. It got congested with long boarders so I had to detour myself. I did yell out at one point, "Get a real skateboard!" But, on my behalf, that was about being cut off by them about 5 times. It was cute though. They were all out for Go Skate Day. I wish I saw the real skateboarders. These longboard kids were everywhere though.

There were a lot of people out enjoying the evening. I love this city. I left under an hour ago! I did about 17 km in under an hour on a little BMX. Damn..I love that bike. I should get it oiled up. I know this because every roller blader heard me coming and moved out of my way... definitely need a tune up!

Monday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

I am going to try to remember what I was thinking of writing in yoga instead of what I am thinking about now.. at school.

When I did pigeon this morning ... and every morning.. I fidget. I do not mean to fidget but I just HAVE to wipe that sweat or just HAVE to drink some water... or I just HAVE to make my sweat drip onto the frog's tongue (picture on my towel). I fidget because I suck at this posture and it is uncomfortable.

SO, I am going to have three yoga goals for this week:
1. Do every 6am class
2. Do not fidget during pigeon
3. Go to three more yoga classes and they must be full hots or flows (8 classes total)

WOW - Those are some goals! I like em!! AND.. I can totally kick their ass!! Just think... soon.. you will be in Bali and you can go to yoga there.. but you won't go as much as you go here. I have all these classes memorized.. I could do yoga on the beach for free! Maybe I will bring my mat.. since it is old.. and leave it there... and get a new one when I get back... hmmmmm...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 6km Run - Burrard - Cambie Bridge run

5.98 km
31:53 mins
5:19 min/km
415 km

I forgot my glide between my leggies!!! I remembered when I was under the Burrard bridge. By the time I got to the Cambie stairs to cross over I decided I better save my upper thighs (gross I know) and go that way instead of my plan to go around Science World. I don't want to walk around in pain or not be able to run in shorts tomorrow. So, I ran up the stairs and short cutted my way home. 6km is a nice little after work on the last day of school for kids run when I have already done 6am yoga anyways!!

I saw Nilton with on his bike with his new boyfriend. He didn't see me though. Thank god! EWW!! What was I thinking. He actually looked pretty cute with his head all fresh shaved though. Too bad he is mean and stupid and needs mental help and doesn't know it.


K.. beers with Sophie!!

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

YAY!! I did it!! I did 5 6ams in a row!! That is so awesome!! There was a really awesome hip hop show last night and I really wanted to go... but I didn't. I ate ice cream and fell asleep at 8pm. Stacee was calling and texting.. J was playing.. it would have been soooo much fun!! BUT.. I woulda not finished my goal, I would have been tired for school, I would have spent too much money, and I wouldn't have been the alert, happy, last day of school teacher that I am now. I think... I am growing up!!! SCARY!!!

I had a really good class today. Danny had awesome flow from one exercise to the next. It was almost like a dance. I was distracted and thinking about other things like the Pete Rock show I missed... and that let me just do as I was told without thinking too much.. . about.. how much it hurts.. or how much I want to not do it. hahahaha!! Weird. That doesn't make much sense in writing.

Anywho, not many of the regulars there today. I wonder if they went to the Pete Rock show.. hahaha.. no.. probably not! hahaha! That one newbie Asian girl is doing awesome.. and her and her friend/mom are there every morning. I met another new girl yesterday ... and she was there again today too. I like our little yoga community!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

I did not want to wake up this morning. I had a hard time falling asleep because I had that awesome nap after school. I feel like I am going to need another after school nap right now! haha.. I will have to fight it.

I told myself - just go and you don't have to try hard. I got there and flopped down on my mat in the nice warm room and I almost fell back to sleep. Then Danny came in. I did my best even though I didn't want to.. but Danny makes you want to because he always says, "Good work Paula. Very nice!" Damn him and his niceties! hahaha! So.. I ended up having a really good class even though I was pooped.

My sore throat is not as sore today. Yay!! I will be better tomorrow.. for sure!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

I was so tired today. My muscles were tired. I think I will do NOTHING after school today. Well, not nothing.. grocery shop, get photos developped and get chapters gift cards for my teacher supervisors. SO.. I will go for a walk around my neighbourhood.. and get that done! NICE!

Um.. I like my toes in yoga. They match my frog towel. The class was quite full. We had 15 yogis in there. I haven't seen Danielle since she went to Vegas... hmmm.. ?? My little Asian neighbour was there.. she was ahead of me on the hill on my walk to yoga. The couple was there.. she and I talked about how much more we sweat not since we started hot yoga. I guess our bodies are more efficient at cooling us down. So, I am a sweaty person who is now sweatier... great!! hahaha! Who else was there.. oh ya.. that new little Asian girl.. she has been coming every morning and she brought a friend who is coming every day too. (it could be a friend or her mom) I have to learn people's names!!!

ANYWHO... time to teach!!

Later that same day... 

I know why I was tired... I woke up with a sore throat...  I didn't write it down cause I was hoping it would go away. When I got home from school I crashed on the couch. Out cold for an hour. Then, I got up to do my errands and I have itchy nose and lots of sneezes... in the grocery store.. not good! It will be gone when I wake up in the morning!! I have two more days to make my five in a row 6am goal!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 11km - Sophie

10.86 km
59:26 mins
5:28 min/km
756 cals

I have 21 km until I reach the blue level! I will be there soon!! I will be running blue in Bali for sure.

Today is sunny!! It was cloudy when I got home from school. Sophie got home at five and we met at 5:45 in English Bay. We ran to the pool and up to Rawlings then across and up the side walk until we found an unnamed hill down which took us to third beach. We ran back along the C wall, high fived at her turn off and I continued home. I stopped at Booty Camp exit and walked home down my alley.

I think we were both running fast. hahaha.. I think we were pushing each other. I thought I was trying to keep up with her and she thought she was trying to keep up with me. It was an awesome run and a beautiful day and a great little chat.


Tuesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

Well - I did it. I had a long day yesterday and I didn't get to bed till about 10. I crashed right away. I woke up at 2:30am and then again with the alarm at 5:45. I almost rolled back over when I remembered I had new hair. YAY! I gotta try this out at yoga :) I got up and away I went.

It fit back into a high, half pulled through pony just like usual. It feels so much healthier. Now, let's get this yoga class over with so I can try washing it. YUP.. here I am at school now.. wash and go.. and SO NICE! Good work Tammi!

As for yoga - we did side planks, the hips up one.. not wheel.. but that was an option - thread the needle and pigeon.

I guess what I was thinking about most was how Patricia makes us hold things so much longer than Angela. I like the was she talks in breath. For example: We are going to hold this for six breaths.

I thought.. I should bring my mom to yoga. I be Patricia could fix her!

I thought.. my lower back is tight and I want to stay in this standing bow on the left side and go into warrior three.. but I did.. but then I didn't make it to airplane! I crashed!!

There is the bell!! Three more days with kids after today... also .. three more 6ams to complete my goal for the week :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday 6am Hot Yoges - Angela

YAY! I got up this morning and went to yoga. I was still a little stiff from my run Saturday but it felt so nice. The sun was coming out when I walked down the hill. I love fresh, sunny mornings!

I have to admit though - it did cross my mind.. to go back to sleep... but I went and I am glad for it! My goal for the week is ... even though I can do what I want when I want... I want to go every morning this week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Morning Sunny C wall!

15.19 km 
1:24:34 hour
5:34 min/km 
1055 cals

I woke up this morning and the sun she was a shining!! However.. it was 5:45am so I had a peanut butter sandwich and some Gatorade and went back to sleep. I woke up at 8:35am and it was so NICE! FINALLY! I was ready to run.

I got dressed in … shorts and a singlet… and made an on-the-go playlist.

I decided that today was the perfect day to run the C wall. I ran down my alley and out through a parking lot and down to Gastown by the Sea bus station. I ran along there to the C wall. That first part of my run was a lot of stop and go because of … well.. roads and cars. I don’t really like running through this part of town. It feels weird. I feel more normal when I get on the wall and there are other people like me.

I felt good running. When I started out my plan was not to do the 10 and 1’s. I wasn’t going to stop to walk but then my mind kept wanting to stop. Then, I saw this old runner man ahead of me and he did the walk – and I passed him!! Hahaha! We later became little buddies. He passed me saying I was his pacer. He reckons I was going about 5’20 and I was like.. I don’t know.. he says.. you have the thing.. ya.. but I can’t see it! Anywho- he passed me but I kept right behind him for the longest time. Then .. I fell back. I don’t know why – distracted by a song or something. The old man had spunk. I think he sped up!

I stopped for a walk under the Lions Gate – so from my house to Lions Gate – that is pretty far. My ears were so sweaty that my headphones couldn’t get sound through the sweat and they kept slipping out… oh well.. they shouldn’t be that close to my ears anyways. Probably better for me if they slip out a little. The left ear is always the worst for sweat and losing the ear bud. Annoying.. but a little wipe of the bud and my ear and it works fine again. I wish I wasn’t such a sweaty girl! I could do so much more!

I saw the Siwash rock up ahead and I passed a girl and told myself I could walk again when I got there but I didn’t walk. I was cruising. That little walk break made me fast. I was in my zone and I caught back up with my old man! I got to the rock and he ran into a friend and stopped to talk. I laughed and said – Thanks for stopping him! Hahaha! He laughed. I ran to third beach and stopped to drink water. The old man passed me and said – thanks for waiting for me!! Hahahaha!! Funny. That was the last I saw of him because I love third beach and I thought it would be nice to sit on a log and stretch for a while. I love the sun and the sand… and it is the perfect morning. YAY! I drank some more water from the fountain ( I didn’t want to wear my water bottle ) and away I went.

I was passing and going fast. I didn’t stop again – not true.. I stopped for water at English Bay.. but just quick all over my face water. I was drenched with sweat anyways…. And I just cruised in the zone all the way to my alley.

And now.. I am reconsidering going to dance at 1… hahaha.. that was a long run already! Ya.. I think I have done enough for today!! That was a long one and when I just got up to fix the Internet… I was walking like an old person!! Hahaha! Shuffling one might say.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

It is Friday today.. .so I am not going to write about yesterday... later today.. when I am out of this SCHOOL... I will write about the awesome run and yoga class I did today.. when it is fresh in my head :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Run

7.73 km
42:29 mins
5:30 min/km
539 cals

I wasn't sure where I was going to run today. Patrick checked out a map and was going to help me choose a route.. but I guess when he opened a map he couldn't really understand where I should run. So, I thought maybe I would run to Stanley park and through some trails. BUT.. when I got outside I walked down to Yaletown and just did the loop around Science World, past Granville Island, back over the Burrard street bridge and home. Nice... I just ran a normal pace. No ten and one.. no walking.. just steady. I smiled at other runners and non-runners and lots of people smiled back. I think they were happy that it isn't raining!

I have 47 km until I reach the blue level!! My goal is to be running blue before I get to Bali! YAY!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

I was late getting out again today. Oh well!

The bell rang... damn... so busy.. dress rehearsal...

Umm... what did I want to say about yoga today... there was something... forget it...

no time.. later

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday 6am Hot Yoges - Danny

Danny told me when I was signing in that he won't make me late today. hahaha.. I totally forgot about that. I said thank-you and that I had totally forgotten about it.

I gotta go sign in.. but good class. I did everything. It seemed to go by really quick. At the end he did from downward dog - touch your knee to elbow centre elbow... about 4 times ... then other leg.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday 6:30 Hip Hop - JP Tarlit - OMG! (Twigg!)

WOW!! I love dance!!! I had such a fun class with Twigg. I have always wanted to take Jp's class. His class is at 4:30 right before Alex's and it is always full and his style is soooo cool!! I LOVE! He is a really good teacher for a young nib. I am really glad Alex was away! Twigg and I are going to try and race to his class after our shows are over.

Anywho - we did a dance to OMG. I find this song really annoying.. and it gets stuck in my head easy. BUT.. at least we knew the song really well so it was easy to put the dance to it.

I am going to do it tomorrow.. just for fun.. hahaha!! I am so happy!! I love dance!!! YAY!!

Wednesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

Tall, tattoo girl - what is her name??? Got a hair cut. She has some cute bangs now.. so her hair doesn't fall in her face anymore. It looks really good. BUT- I am glad I can pull mine up off my face cause my bangs were always sticking out everywhere in the morning.

I felt strong today. I did the standing bow on the right and the second one into warrior 3 and airplane - really well... on the left my right side of my back was like.. that is enough.. release me!! so.. I did.

Ya.. today was a good day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday 4.78 km However far and fast I wanna run run!

4.78 km
25:30 mins
5:19 min/km
333 cals

I didn't get a chance to write ... right after my run because I ran to my first grown up strata meeting. I liked it. I think I helped save the hot tub.

Anywho - I had a quick run - I did my usual route out my alley to the C wall and almost to English Bay. I am trying to think about what happened in this run.. hmmm.. oh!! People or a person and their stuff were sleeping in a hammock in some art that is near the beach. That was pretty funny. What else... I missed the rain. Hmmm.. that is it. It felt nice to go out and run but I think I will spice up my quick routes. I am bored of that one. I want to get into some trails!! K.. good night!!

Tuesday 6am Hot Yoges - Patricia

Hey! It is way after school now.. so I will make this short. (oops.. I just wrote shit.. I deleted it of course.. but funny.. kinda like when I write abou tit)

Patricia told us to have fun with standing bow and Danielle tried a new move - standing bow to savasana. I gave her the get back up eye and begrudgingly she did. Supposedly she had a bit too much birthday cake the night before. hehehe! Tomorrow will be better.

K.. I am outta here!