Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Run 4 km, 22:30 Mins

I didn't run yesterday, or today and it made me glum. Jonny said he wanted to go for a skate at baby spot and gave me the opportunity to still run today - so I went and I ran fast! It was a good run. It was so pretty out too with the full moon. It was a nice dusk run - nice and cool and pretty cityscapes. I have a feeling we are going to do more of these dusk run/skates.

We walked back through YT and all the dressed up party people. I will never understand why girls dress like "hos." I think you look silly and you look like you feel uncomfortable. Anywho- chacun a son gout. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Pregnancy Bikram

Well, I did my yoges. I am feeling tired. I am going to take a break before I do my little run. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday 5:30 Hip Hop - JP

We did a Rihanna song tonight. I can't remember which one it was because I was listening to my warm-up music on the way home and now that is stuck in my head.

The class was super full. It seemed like JP may have just made up this routine because he was forgetting parts of it when he was dancing. He wasn't as prepared as usual. Nonetheless, it was still a fun class and I got the choreo. I didn't do all the levels - I just stayed pregnant level - middle range.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu

I bought 20 more classes before the price goes up in September. I got a receipt so I can try and get money back from school as dance is considered professional development.

Keli and Twigg didn't show up like I thought they would. I was a bit disappointed but I still had a fun class.

I loved the grooving in the warm-up. I am looking forward to making that section of my warm-up.

Stu said he made up this chore an hour before he got to class and that he was learning it while he was teaching it. I know how that is! I couldn't tell though. He is a good teacher. I like his teaching style. I like his choreographies too. I look forward to next week - if there is class next week. It is a holiday Monday.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saturday Run 3.4 Km, 21:20 Mins.

Wow! That was an awful run. I had such a good one yesterday. Isn't that just how it goes? Today felt like Christian was in an odd position half way through and it felt like my tummy was pulling on the right side so I stopped. I walked from Science World to the dome thing then I ran really slow straight home along the side walk past baby spot. The next run will be better!

Christian 1
Mommy 0!!

Saturday 10:15-11:15 Yoges - Derek

There were only three people in class today. The sun is shining and summer isn't over! (Last week of summer ...It went so FAST! But I only have to work 2.5 more months and I get a YEAR OFF! Jonny's turn!)

Anywho, there were some good exercises in yoges today that I was thinking I could use in my new warm-up. Let's see if I can remember them.

1. I think I will do spine stretching lying on the back - and incorporate the stretching of the outside of the leg - I can really feel that pull when I stretch - so I am sure it will really hurt the kids. I did add that stretch in to one of my random warm ups last June and there was some good groaning coming from the kids. We gotta get those muscles stretched out so that there are no more groans.

2.  Downward dog heel stretching. Start by bending the right leg and then extending it behind and placing the toe nail on the ground. Try to get the left heal on the ground. If it doesn't touch the ground - (mine does now!!! It didn't with the screw in it.. but it does now!) bend the left knee and have foot on demi-pointe lean hips forward and then press back and straighten. Repeat with the other side. This feels good all the way into the but if you really try.

3. Bridges with 5 count roll downs - feels good in the upper back - wing area.

4. Warrior 2's to warrior 1's -

5. Sitting - right leg in front of left leg - not crossed but one in front of the other bent. Right arm forward , chest up and left arm pressing down left knee. Both arms forward on finger tips, left elbow down, right elbow down, head down. Repeat other side.

6. I can't remember the name - but you have right leg bent in front and left leg to the back and straight - works the hips.

OK... that is enough... time to run! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Pregnancy Bikram

I was really focused today. I held everything and had a good session. Was I thinking about anything? hmmm... I was thinking about my warm-up music. I have the strengthening at the end - but I think I want to move the stretching to after that because it would feel nice to stretch after and be better for our bodies. Yup - I am going to move it around and finish the boys' music now.

Friday Run 4 km, 22:14 mins

I know- I was supposed to run the last two days and I didn't. I can't remember my excuses but I was close yesterday... I had my clothes on... and then I changed. I went today though and I felt good. I ran a minute faster than I usually run. I was listening to my new warm-up mix I made for school. Now, I just have to make the moves to the warm-up and the voice over track for when I am too pregnant to do it with the kids.

A couple ran past me just past the stairs towards Olympic village and in my head I was thinking. Oh ya... you wouldn't pass me if I weren't pregnant! I am so competitive in my head!!

I caught myself staring at two moms walking their strollers and one was pregnant again. We were crossing at the cross walk in YT. The pregnant mom caught me staring and smiled. I got all embarrassed in my head and smiled back and looked away. This is real. That is going to be me!!

After my run, in the shower, I thought about Jonny and I. I want to be to be that cute old couple that have been in love forever that everyone knows as the cute couple in love. We are so in love that we will die at the same time in our sleep in our happy dreams together.

I also thought - I want to make a new blog entry in the baby blog that is in the epistolary form. A letter to Christian introducing him to his new family and friends and giving him some life tips and things to remember. I am going to work on this in my head for a while... but I will get it done before he is born. That would be a cool thing for him to read when he gets older.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Jo - Twigg!!

We did a Justin Bieber song - but it is ok... because it was fast and fun.

Whoa! Did Twigg have some news for me! I won't say it all here because it isn't my news to share but we are going to need two more dance teachers next year. Yikes! Twigg might have to help out more than she was planning on this year. The TOC's are going to have to step up. All I can say is I hope I can still have Stephanie.

Moe took class today too. It is nice to have class with people our own age. Jo looks amazing. There is hope for my post pregnant body!!

The bitchy, anorexic, side boob girl was in class. Put some clothes on and quit acting so cocky! Twigg and I both agreed she isn't the type of student we would want in our classes. Anywho - whatever!

I got the choreo and I had fun. I am so happy I have my friends in class lately. It makes it a lot more fun. Twigg is going to come on Monday too :-)

When I got home Jonny had dinner ready and space pops chilling in the freezer waiting for desert. I have the best husband ever!! 

Tuesday Pregnancy Bikram

Wow - I haven't done my yoges since July 31st! It felt good to stretch everything out. I didn't have a problem focusing or breathing. I just got right into it.

I noticed that my back bending is way less flexible. I can't see the back wall anymore. However, towards the end in camel I was able to bend more. The one at the beginning was pitiful but it felt lovely. It stretches out the part that is aching right now when I am typing. The top of the right diaphragm area. I love to grab the top of a door way and stretch out that part of my tummy. I guess I am glad I am tall and can grab the top of door way.

I thought about tomorrow and visiting Belle and Laya. I was thinking it might be fun to do this yoga with them by the pool. It isn't too long and I could get a work out in while playing with my nieces. Hmmm... Maybe I could even get my mom to join in!!

Tuesday Run 4 km, 23:04 mins.

I listened to the Vancity Giants Mixtape when I ran today. I am going to go through the mixtape and edit it what I can for school. Tomorrow I will listen to more of it when I run. Does GIANTS mean old? hahha. I guess they mean they are bigger than normal people. Anywho - so far I like it. Good job boys.

Again, I had the problem of wanting to go but once I got going I was fine. It is nice and sunny and I ran my simple pregnancy loop. It wasn't hard and nothing hurt I was just feeling lazy before. Or rather, I have been feeling lazy since I have been sick. I just have to get back into my regular routine again and I will be fine. I am lucky. I have to take advantage of being able to do this stuff while I still can because I am going to miss it soon enough. I will be wishing I could go for a run.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday 4-5 RnB Hip Hop - Stu - Jenny!

Jenny was there today! I have never taken class with Jenny before... I don't think. It was fun.

Stu was focusing on having a presence today in class. He also spoke about the importance of being able to make grooving look good, that being the basis of the hip hop genre.

I like how he made the two groups - you had to go to a partner and play Rock, Paper, Scissors and the winner watched and loser danced. Kind of a fun way to choose groups. I am going to borrow that for my classes.

It was super hot and sweaty today but I got all of the routine. I wonder if we will do this one next week?

Jenny might come on Friday - and Keli too... maybe Twigg?? 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday 2:45-3:45 Hip Hop - JP

I am about to leave for dance. I don't want to go. I know once I get there I will have fun and be glad I went. I just feel so big and lazy. Maybe the good times are over. Maybe I have just been too lazy for too long and I need to get back in action.

Anywho - here I go!

I went and when I got out Jonny was waiting for me. I love it when he is sitting there waiting for me. We got red Gatorade to quench our thirst and it is delicious.

I saw Wilson going up the stairs when I was leaving. She is back dancing- that is a good sign.

JP was a few minutes late. We were in studio 2 today. I saw Pam and Moe on the way in and they gave me some baby attention. It is hard not to notice now. The class was small - 1 guy, 4 girls and me. I am glad I went.

I had to buy a new 10 class card today. I should have bought the 20. Let me count... I should have bought the 20. ugh... oh well. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday 10:15-11:15 Yoga - Derek

Sadine and Cierra were working the front desk. Cierra is such a good kid. I am definitely going to make her my babysitter and she is still down with that.

We were in the small studio today and it was full. It felt good to be back in class. I haven't been in three weeks. I am definitely getting bigger but I am still able to do everything in the class.

I have decided that I do not want to do Moe's class. I think I will stick to hour classes at Harbour. I think... I might change my mind.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday 6:30-7:30 Locking - Ron? - Keli!

I haven't seen Keli in forever - and it was AWESOME. She makes being at Harbour so much more fun. 

We did a warm-up where we learned a lot of the different moves like: Scooby Doo, the points, the clap, the lock, the stop and go, and the rock steady??? That is all I can remember right now. Oh wait.. and the funky chicken! haha! 

The last 10-15 minutes of class he put together a short combo of maybe 16 counts and we worked through that. We did it in two groups facing each other and then one more time as a large group. He really wanted us to focus on the rhythm of the moves - not to make them all even. There is a funky rhythm he was trying to enforce but for the most part I think everyone was trying to just get all the moves in. 

Keli is going to come back and dance with me on Monday! YAY! I walked Keli back to the SkyTrain and asked her questions about Ivy. It was good to get to talk to one of my teacher friends that just had a baby... and get some info. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Run 4 km, 23:04 - Annina!

Annina and I are still pooped from all of our travels this weekend. What an awesome two weeks we have had. I am still fighting this stupid cold too- and poor Jon has it now as well. I feel sorry for him working in the heat and chemicals today. He really should get a job that makes him happier - and healthier! Anywho - Annina and I did not feel like running but we did it! We ran to English Bay and back - short and slow. We wanted to check the wind on the water and it looks nice and calm today. We are going to go get some sushi now.. and then... try stand up paddle boarding. Annina's last day :-(

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Friday Run 4.7 km, 27:58 mins - Carrie and Annina

We ran by Rainbow park - Alta Lake in Whistler. The trail is cement. This was my first run since I have been sick and it sucked. I had tied my car key to my right shoe. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but my right shin was feeling like a shin splint the whole run. It got to the point that I could hear that right foot pounding on the cement louder than the other foot. A small crack in the cement almost rolled my right ankle. The whole lower leg just felt like it was working too hard and it was getting weaker the farther we went. We were set to run a 6km. The last 2km I told myself I could do it - it is just 2km left. Just keep moving. (As Annina sprinted up and down side hills like she was snowboarding along the trail.) I finally told them to keep running and I stopped. I walked the rest of the way and I while walking I thought that the shin wasn't going to relax but eventually it did. I did stop to untie the key - just in case the extra weight on the one foot was the difference. I mean - that is the only difference I could think of between why one would hurt and one wouldn't. But - I always tie my house key to my shoe at home.. but it is lighter than the car key. I don't know. IT just wasn't my day for a run... and being sick and pregnant.. just made it harder. The next run I do.. will be better. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Run 5.3 km, 31:28 mins. - Carrie and Annina :-)

What a great sunny, awesome morning! I had to drive the car over to Honda so Annina and I picked up Carrie and got a tour of her new home. It is so cute. I am so happy she is back in the city. Finally. She should never have left. It is always so much harder to get back.

Anywho, we ran from G island over the Burrard street bridge and then Annina and said good-bye to Carrie at the Cambie bridge on ramp where she continued another 2.5 km uphill back to Main and 14th. Awesome job ladies!! What a great way to start the morning :-)

NOW.. for some beach chilling!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday 12-1pm Pregnancy Bikram

I am having a good day. I ran good and yoged good. Now, it is time for Jonny to come back and we can eat good :-) 

Wednesday 6 Km, 34:41 Mins

YAY!! I did awesome today. I felt awesome too. The sun is shining but there are a lot of tree covered areas along this run. I ran over the Burrard Street bridge and back over the Cambie. There are a lot of boats in the marina getting ready to enjoy the fireworks tonight.

When I was first running over the Burrard bridge I was thinking a lot about Wilson. I wonder if coming into my classes and talking about her eating disorder would help her. Isn't that what some people do? They help others to help themselves? I wouldn't ever bring it up to her because we aren't close anymore and it might come out the wrong way. She is in my thoughts though and I hope she can kick this and get happy! Why make life more difficult?

I am excited because Annina is coming today. I was looking at my city when I was running and thinking that she is going to like it here. Maybe she can find a Canadian boy and live and teach over here? hahaha... no... her family would hate that. Maybe we can do a home exchange one day. Jonny and I can take Christian over to Zurich for a while. That would be cool!

At the Cambie stairs I saw my old yoga teacher Erin. She waved and smiled big as she started her run the way I just came from. That made me happy. The Cambie stairs had a worked guy on a crane on them so I had to unplug my ears and go slowly under his crane as per his direction. That was kinda scary. I imagined it coming down quickly and squishing me!!

YAY... good RUN!