Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges- Taryn

I thought I want going to make it. I wanted to get my laundry folded. But I di and I stood between the Asian lady and Leo! I had an awesome class cause Leo is fun. Jonny met me outside of yoga with sushi!!!!!!!! Yay!! Bedtime! Night :-)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday 6-7:30 Jazz - Moe - 20 8's!! (S&M Rihanna)

Whoa! Brain mush and body tired. Moe gave us 10 minutes to warm up on our own and then we took off putting together 20 8's!! It took us about and hour to learn all of the choreography. That isn't too bad. Some kids knew the dance from Saturday. I wish I would have come Saturday. I like it when I get to do dances twice. Then I can add style!

I kept watching the Jojo Dancer. He must have done it Saturday. He kept his gay character even when he messed up. It was awesome.

More relaxing and marking less stressing and tensing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - SNOW!!!

YAY! We had a normal sized class today thanks to the snow! I had fun skating my feet down to class. It was nice and refreshing. I love snow! I put my mat in my normal place. One of the cute boys put his back behind me again. That is good. He works hard and isn't distracting. Then.. the little Asian dude came and went right beside me again. I got up and moved. I think the cute boy thought I moved because of him. I don't want to make anyone feel bad but I am not having a bad class because of one dude. I learned my lesson - just get up and move.

I noticed that my left ankle doesn't sit straight when I sit on my knees. I have to keep working on it.

The rest of my body felt really bendy today. This was my third 90 minute class this week. 
Shower time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Taryn

It is COLD today!! It was nice to get in the hot studio and lay down on my mat. I saw that the two talking ladies were new and they were going beside me so I moved down a little further. I was not going to be distracted by newbies again! I was beside the nice Asian girl who is there everyday at 6. She was coughing. What a trooper. I hope I don't get sick! Behind me were the two hot boys that try hard and do well. And one of them had their annoying girl friend with them.. she was a little out of my view.. which was good cause my goal was to stay away from unfocused fidgeters. On the other side of me was a girl who said it was her first class but she was awesome. She must do other stuff. That annoying, little, Asian man was out of my view but he was there and he was the same ol'. I wish a teacher would talk about moving together and using the class energy. Taryn doesn't give any corrections or compliments. But, that is my only qualm with her. She has a nice clear voice and there is a good flow to her classes.

Monday 12-1:30 Hot Yoges - Bikram Yoga Delta - Field Trip!!

This was a great class. I tried to smile a my students as they became drained of their energy. I tried to revive them but it wouldn't last very long. It is a very hard class and I am proud of them for doing so well. I brought 17 students and most of them were grade 8's. I wonder if they will ever come back again? Felix gave me a spot beside her. She did amazing. Little Katelyn was next to her. She was so cute.. she kept melting and trying then melting again. Rica was in the back row behind me with Jazmine and Angela. Rica did awesome.. but I am glad she laid down towards the end. Angela and Jasmine could have tried harder.. they had the back row phenomenon going on where they think no one can see them.. where you feel as though you don't have to try as hard. Josh, Elaine and Cierra were in the center... they all seemed to be doing good. Cierra would catch my eye and smile. Arita and Navreet were in the opposite front corner from me so I couldn't see them that well - but they said they had a good class. Charissa, Jazmein, and Kayla were in the front row doing awesome.. I like this crew!! Great job.. awesome class. I look forward to next semester!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday 4:45 - 5:45 Street Jazz 1 - Jen O - Twigg!!!

This was great to have after that fast hard class. She did I chill song.. not sure what it was.. but it was very Motown chill. The piece was easy.. and it had a fun little floor part to figure out. If you got up in time it felt like you won! I like that! I made it.. yaaaaaa!!

I like Jen O... she is giggly and nice.. and SOOOOO PRETTY!! I hope she can teach at YA... We Dance in May!

Saturday 3:30- 4:30 Hip Hop 2/3 - Jerome - TWIGG!!!

This was a hard class to start. I got the choreo but with no style whatsoever... ok.. maybe some parts I added some style by channeling my inner BBGirl - but I was just trying to keep up for the most part. I had fun with the challenge. Jen and I will be back... with our inner hip hop people.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday 6-7am Hot - Tianne

Well, no one fainted in class today. I had a good class. It was a cold, chilly walk down to yoga and it was nice to lay down in the warm room. I smiled a lot more today. I had space around me. None of my regular morning people were there though.

I stretched my ankle during uktasana instead of doing it.. because I want that damn thing to bend and I am sick of doing it half ass. Akward and eagle are still my two problem areas.. and my goal is to fix that by January.. that gives me two more months with a total of 6months... which should be enough for a full recovery!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Christine - MIKE! hahaha!

Well, this was an exciting class. Right after camel a girl diagonally to the left behind me was all fainty. Her friend signaled Christine and they helped her move to the couch outside. The paramedics were called and Mike (Mike and Jen) showed up with his crew. Funny! Well, not funny... but different.

Christine didn't finish the class. Most people left. Some people stayed and finished the last three postures on their own... of course I was one of them. And, I stretched out my ankle like I like too. I think it might be getting a little better. It has to be.

The class was packed. They are so fill now that they turn people away. Christine was telling us that you can sign into class online but if you aren't there 20 minutes before class your place will be given to someone else. That is getting a bit out of hand. I haven't had that problem yet but I have been coming a half hour early for the most part. Well.. to the 6pm classes anyways.

I was so tired by the time I got home from school today that I decided to keep moving.. get changed and go straight to yoga. I laid down in the studio beside one of the girls that goes all the time. When class started that damn little, fidgety, Asian dude was beside me. Then a girl moved in between myself and him. I was kinda grumpy and had no focus for the first part of class. Why doesn't Christine mention that we are trying to move all together at the same time. This dude just does things when he wants them and he never stops moving. I seriously considered leaving the class. I hate him that much. I imagined telling him after class that maybe his challenge could be to stand still and move only when you are told to move. But right, I am not that much of a nerd. But.. the teacher should say something about that.. so he knows... cause he is so annoying. It took me about halfway through class to finally ignore him and stop sending him evil vibes. It was too late for the energy around me though. I think infected the nice girl next to me. She was super grumpy, closed eyes, and not smiling at all. I changed my attitude to every time he annoys me ... to smile. I tried to smile at the girl behind me too.. everyone was grumpy. That class was off to a bad start from the start.. and it ended.. or didn't end.. badly too.. People should enjoy and smile.. I think it makes it harder when everyone is all so mean faced.

ANYWAYS.. it is over and I get to go back tomorrow morning.. and it won't be busy!! YAY!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday 6-7:15 Flow - Katherine - Sophie!

I ohmed today without realizing or thinking about it. I ohmed by accident. We did this deep breathing thing - breathe in - hold it - breathe out - hold it... and I was so light headed I guess from it... that I just ohmed. I totally shocked myself and opened my eyes and looked around but everyone else was not paying any attention to my ohming with their eyes closed - they were all into theirs. Weird! I hope I don't ohm again by accident... creepy. I won't give in!

We had a good vinyasa warm up that went well with the music. I don't know what she was playing but the last song was Rhianna - hearing pop music in yoga is always a bit odd.. but I like it. She used to play this one that was the original from... passing me by? Maybe.. I can't remember..  an old hip hop song but the original song.. a real song... and you think it is going to be the song that you know then it is a gay old song. She also plays Feist - I Tried to do Handstands with You... and then we do handstands sometimes.. or donkey kicks up to them... that is always funny.

I want to try and do the plank that goes into the twisted one footed side plank in class. The kids will fall and laugh. It is hard.

She is also trying to teach us to float through to a sitting position from plank and reverse... but I don't want to land on my ankle in a crossed leg position from the air. haha! That isn't smart.. maybe one day.

Sophie was stuck in traffic from North Van. That would be a hellish drive sometimes. She is so close to work from the West End but that bridge is not always conducive to a happy mental state. She didn't get to park at my house.. but she made it! I haven't seen her in two weeks.. so it was good to catch up.

Tuesday 5:30-6:30 Street Jazz - Chris Dupre

I didn't get what song we were dancing to. It was a cover I think of a Keisha song??? Karen.. someone that he knew and was going to see in concert soon? Anyways, it was a girlie, girlie, dance.. and the boys in class did it way better than I could have. There were some sassy, gay dancers in class tonight and they worked it.

It was a really fun routine. I definitely need more time with this type of choreography to get it with good attitude and character.. I felt like I was just trying to get to the right place at the right time... I need about 20 more tries to make it good. I also feel like I got it when we are all doing it together.. but when we do it in smaller groups I freeze up! I hate that! Why can't I just pretend no one is there?

Joanne took class tonight and of course my eyes always drift to her because she is so awesome. Man.. I wish I could be more like her. I wish I wasn't such a bunhead. BUT.. I have to remind myself.. I can't move as fast with this foot.. I am protecting it... I am out of practice... and with more practice picking up choreo will be easier again.. .so.. the moral is.. Harbour twice a week at least!


Chris Dupre notes:
He likes to stab when someone makes him angry... (air stabbing)
ummm... can't remember.. I will write more in if I think of it. He is going to FB the dance too..so I will try and get a copy. K.. time to work!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday 6-7:30 Jazz - Chris Dupre! (Still Here - Kina)

Well, this was a special treat. I didn't know that Chris Dupre was teaching tonight. No Moe! I have had this teacher before at GSP and at Harbour. He is an awesome teacher. Let's see if I can get some of the stuff out of my head before I lose it all.

First we did a warm up that started with sit ups. We did some down dogs and hip stretches. There were roll downs in different counts and up to releve and balance in one count. There were plies (which I can't do - so I looked funny at this point). We did tendus - he spoke of the lack of articulation in the limbs - using your full extension. He talked about the back and being connected with it. Arms in second.. just a little lower to feel connected... not too high up or too far back to throw off your center. We did six walks and pirouettes ATF - then four walks fast and four pirouettes. We didn't have any more time for ATF.

He was going to make a routine up on the spot but we had run out of time. He taught us one to the song Still Here by Kina. It starts laying on the floor. It was lyricaly and there was one super fast part. I spazzed at the end... in my mind... when we went in two small groups. I can't make myself go fast enough and protect the ankle.. and remember not to jump like everyone else. Holding back... oh well. I still had an awesome class.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday 6-7:30pm Hot Yoges - Tarynn

I love the full one and a half hour Bikram class. It is a challenge. I had an awesome class. I had to deal with two new people fidgeting around me - to my right and right behind me. I felt like I was easily getting frustrated today. I have to remember to smile and focus on myself and forget about the annoyances around me. I have to remember that ... when I leave dance team too. I get so annoyed when the ignorant kids take their time.. not thinking that they may make me miss my class.. and my life. I must smile and be more thankful.. I won't miss class.. just relax. Smile.. you really like these kids. Be nice to them. They are trying hard. I gave myself this lecture in class today.

I also thought about my grade 8s. I have one student going away on vacation and I called her the wrong name. But think about this class: Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmein, Manpreet, Kamalpreet, Maneesha, Jessica, Jessica. There are a lot of names the same in this class and all of the students are new to me. Anywho - I hate messing up a name  - especially this late in the game. The one's I get messed up the most are Manpreet and Kamalpreet ... for some reason.. I think cause they are both cute and little too.. they look the same.. Anywho - I won't do it again. I got it now.

My right hammy was feeling better .. last week? The week before? It has been sore again this week but it is still flexible. I must be careful. The left hip flexor is doing good. The ankle still isn't bending but I stayed at the end of class today and did some extra stretches. I used my mat tie to pull on my foot in different directions. Then I did I lunge with my right knee down for support and I leaned into the left ankle forcing it to bend more.. breathing deeply.. not too much.. just enough to feel the pull. I liked this stretch. There is support from my other knee down and my hands on each side. It feels safe.

I thought about Emma and doing a yoga class with her this weekend. I thought about us smiling at each other and giving each other extra power to do awesome. Good vibes!

K.. bed time!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday 6-7:30 Jazz -MOE! - Womanizer (cover.. of course!)

YAY!! I can dance! I am going back every Monday. That was so much more fun than yoga. We did a disco cardio section of warm up. The new warm-up is cool. I like the stretching and bending. It is funky. We didn't do across the floor. (YAY.. that was the part I was worried about.. ) WE did choreo for an hour. It was awesome.. and a lot for our brains and there were lots of fast, intricate parts.. but it was fun. I will be back NEXT MONDAY!

Oh ya... and.. when I walked into Harbour - it had all changed. The reception and waiting area is totally different. I am not sure if I like it yet.. well, I like it.. I just need to get used to it. The sign in area has moved so there is less hallway congestion. They must have done this on the Thanksgiving Monday when the studio was closed. They have never been closed for the whole day before. BUT.. I am just guessing.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday 6-7am Hot - Tianne

I have named this combo of classes - a night hot then a morning hot - the Yoga Bomb! I don't know why... but I guess I am thinking of a water bomb explosion  - and nothing left in my body. This class was awful! hahaha! Last night I had leg cramps -

Leg cramps last night.. 4 of them... woke me up and wouldn't uncramp.. then another.. four in a row.. I was sweating and crying.. I called my dad cause he gets them.. and standing up worked.. once I got there.. I couldn't relax my foot.. and the bad ankle was killing in the position it was stuck... AWFUL!!!

Maybe I shouldn't have gone but I wanted to stretch it out. I ended up sitting on the floor a lot and massaging my calf and downward dogging and stretching it out. I was tired and felt sick.. I think I am just dehydrated and tired. AND... my dad on the phone last night says, "You do too much." That didn't help - it kept ringing through my head making me have a reason not to try harder. It gave me an excuse to give up for the class. Then, I would fight him with a no, I am normal - other people aren't! And.. I would try again. It was a constant battle in my head. But.. I am rolling with I am normal.. just thirsty and tired!!

Sushi FRIDAY!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday 6-7:30 Hot Yoges - Taryn - Crystal!!!

Crystal came to hot yoges today. It was a full, hot class. She made it through the standing series without laying down. She wants to go back Saturday. I am taking my weekends off lately.. I told her to text me. You never know!

I realized today that the hardest thing for me is to stop thinking. Well, I mean, I knew that... I just really think I will never have a focused mind. Maybe I could if I didn't have a life and a job..  maybe if I just sat around and did nothing all day. I might be able to not think. My mind is too busy. I think I should pick an easier goal. I don't know if this one will be rewarding enough for me since it is impossible! hahaha!

I love the evening full hot classes. I am sick of boring ohming flow. I love being bendy already from dancing all day. I had a great class. I am still bummed with my ankle not bending... but nothing I can do. I tried to do fouettes today - can't do them without bending at the ankle. I can do them to the left though. Still sucks! Anywho... there is my goal right there! I just hope that it will improve and that I am not stuck like this forever.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday 6-7:15pm Flow - Katherine - Sophie!!

Well, I haven't gone to the class yet. I don't know if I will have time to write right after class today so I thought I would try to set some goals for tonight's class and then follow up in the morning.

Goal #1: I will do every posture to the best of my ability. CHECK!
Goal #2: I will give a compliment. Check!
Goal #3: I will place my mat on the opposite side of the room. Check! - but I didn't like it!

I had a good class with my friend Sophie! She had an awesome Halloween costume. I will have to get the pic from facebook. Cool eh?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday 6-7:15pm Flow - Angela

The class tonight was packed. There was no room. Again I look forward to this coupon thing being over. Angela prefaced her class saying that she has a head cold but it didn't effect her teaching. If she hadn't have said anything at the beginning I would not have known that she was sick. Her class seemed to lack preparation today. She had us down and up and changing her mind about what she was going to next a couple of times. Whatever... it worked out. Not all classes can work out perfectly and sometimes the unplanned ones are the best ones in the end.

We did pigeon. bridge, wheel or assisted wheel, double pigeon - cradle. Not enough room to do headstands or anything like that. People were basically kissing during the sun salutations.

Sophie is sick.. and couldn't come tonight but she is coming Wednesday!