Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

My challenge for the week: 5 6am classes / try to focus and don't think / hold everything until the end.

I got a 0/4 for my standing bow. I didn't hold any of them to the very end.

Mari gave me corrections in the balancing stick: suck in stomach, control ribs, no back bend, hip down. I didn't realize I was back bending a little bit during it. But I can see that now because is dance you want to try and keep your back up - so I must have kept that feeling a little bit. I like getting new corrections - but why can't you give them to me years ago? Now I have to break my bad habits. But late than never I suppose.

I tried to not think. My mind kept going to an e-mail that I got from Gloria about meeting Thursday morning at 8am. (Which means I would have to leave yoga early or not go Thursday.... all to make up for a day that I was sick?? I hope she can find another time but maybe I should just accommodate her. Another part of me thinks if I accommodate everyone I will never find the balance I seek in my life. \

I tried to focus on breathing in an out and would go back to this as soon as I noticed my mind had drifted off again. Then I thought, at least I am not drifting off to my brother, which would make me think for a second about him, then I would go back to my breathing. (I did think about getting Acrow to tattoo over Sam's tattoo.)

That girl that I thought I recognized from Harbour is from Harbour. She does ballet on Sundays. I have to get back to ballet class. Once a week would be great - now where to fit it in?

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