Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

Today my goal was to take it easy. I started strong and melted and took it easy for sure. It was hot today - or was it just me?

- right hip - aching but not sore to lift legs - so not hip flexor but the actual hip.
- left achilles tendon - I know why this is feeling weird! I have been turning the same way in yoga instead of alternating sides and turing on my demi- pointe which over stretched my achilles - to protect my right knee bursa - so I changed the way I change sides on the floor section.
- back of knees - over stretching in the standing bow.
- right knee bursa - this has been dumb since March - when will it be back to normal??

Oh well - I feel like I had a good go there for a while - it is ok that I have some owies again - it will make me appreciate the good feeling times when they come again.

I thought about Seattle this weekend and the three dance classes - maybe I will take it easy and not even pack dance stuff?? I know if I dance I will giver - but I don't want to miss out either. I am just going to go for it. I can rest when I am dead! 

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