Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Monday 4 - 5:30 Contemporary - Matt Cady

The Edge Centre for Performing Arts - this is my third time - third year in a row dancing here but this is the first time at the new studios. WOW!! They are beautiful - so amazing!! What a great place to hang out and dance at.

Matt's warm-up was on the floor and a lot of stretching and twisting. It was an interesting floor warm-up. I don't do a lot of floor warm-ups at school. Maybe I will make one for those days you just don't want to start standing.

His choreo was interesting too. The music had no words but a lot of cool sounds to hit. There was this one girl in the class wearing a blue bra top that killed it.

I had to put on the right knee pad - my bursa is unhappy. It didn't help but I made a couple little adjustments to not hit it and the knee pad was just extra protection. I wasn't the only one who grabbed knee pads when we went to the ground.

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