Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Run 5.28 Km 29:02 Mins

What a perfect day today is! It is my birthday and Jonny and I's first our anniversary. We slept at the Sylvia listening to the ocean in the night. I woke up to see the ocean from my bed and drink some hot chocolate and eat a bagel that Jonny went and got for me. I got up and got dressed into my running shorts and tank - that I haven't worn since last year - and I could use a bigger size now. Jonny gave me his dirty t   and I threw that over top and went with it.

We went downstairs together - Jonny went to his favourite cafe and I went to the C wall. I ran along the water in the sun until 2nd Beach. Then I went up the hill and back along the top path up and down hills until the pool and back to the Sylvia. I forgot about Glide and was a almost chafing.

I also thought I used to keep my iPod in the back pocket of my shorts but it didn't fit. I just threw it in my my nike top and hoped it wouldn't get too sweaty.

I was listening to Frank Ocean and thinking about Jonny. I was wearing my new Jonny hat that Sam and his family gave me for my birthday. Now Jonny will always be with me when I am running. hahaha!

When I got back to the hotel I texted Jonny. Then I had to go to the bathroom... and out came my snow crab from my birthday dinner. The smell was so awful that I gagged. I was able to finish up and flush before I puked in the sink. I tried to make it out of the bathroom to get away from my own shit but I had to return to release the rest of my hot chocolate and bagel. Happy birthday to me! But.. hey.. I didn't cry! 

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