Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio

I had a lot of fun in dance today.

Julio did a warm-up and I don't think I have felt this strong in one of his warm-ups ... ever. I am finally getting my core strength back after the choppy choppy.

Next he did an exercise laying on the floor that helped you to recognize the size of your core. It was quite interesting and I think I would like to try it on my kids one day:

  • Lay on the floor and relax your arms out to the side and your legs. Relax everything. 
  • Imagine an x - I couldn't hear where - but I am assuming he said from one hip up to your waist and across the other hip to the waist. 
  • Without tensing any of your limbs - squeeze your abdominals. 
  • hold for 5 / 10  15 seconds. 
  • focus on finding your parallel - flex your feet (but don't have Barbie feet - like your standing - relax your toes) 
  • press heals into the ground 
  • Squeeze and hold for 5 / 10/ 15 
  • Don't forget to breathe normally, otherwise the exercise is even more painful. 
  • Lift up your hips as high as you can off the ground while squeezing abs and pressing heals into the ground. 
  • Hold for 5 / 10 / 15
  • Emphasize that this is your core and how far it extends. This is how much work you have to feel and do to work it while you are dancing. 
We did ATF: 
  • six step turning and pirouette en dehor, six step turning to face where you came from and pirouette en dehor, step to the mirror and port de bras all the way forward, ball change two piques, pirouette en dehor and en dedans facing where you were going. Confusing to write but fun. 
  • Run run, jete to the wall, (pas de chat) turn to where you came from and repeat, no run jete to the mirror, jete to where you were going, run run (or chasse pas de bourre?) side jete. 
We did a quirky combo with lots of floor. 

It was a great class. I look forward to taking his class again soon. (With Carrie on Focus day?) 

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