Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday 9:12 - 10:13 and 3:22 - 3:53 Skate E Spot (30 mins)

Morning sesh:
I started skating. The boy was having... a challenging day... and I know I made him worse. I ended up hugging him for the first while which I loved but shouldn't be doing. The sun was shining and I was soaking in the boy cuddle - it was so good. However, I he wouldn't go down - so I was stuck hugging for a long time. Finally, he wanted to skate and we ended up having a lot of fun pushing together. He pushed from one wall all the way to the other. I pushed fakie and worked on that feeling more comfortable while at the same time trying to teach him not to push mongo.
(I didn't count this session in my "skate" time because I didn't really skate seriously.)

Afternoon sesh:
The boy sat in his chair and we had a good skate sesh. I did ollies and 180s and just tried to get them going fast and comfortable. I did those until I was sweaty. Then, I started my kick flips and they were not doing too well. Jonny was sitting and I checked the time and we decided to try and make it to family swim for the boy.

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