Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday 6 - 7am One Hour Hot Yoga - Christine

Dan lent was at the front desk and lent me his coffee thermos for water. (I forgot my water bottle - new routine.)
There were three students in the class including me.
Christine is a teacher from BYV.
The heat was not too hot - but that didn't bother me.
I like the proximity to my home.
I like seeing Jonny in the morning and showering in my own shower.
I like the morning walk in my city instead of getting in the car.
I like being able to get a whole class in - because I usually leave early and miss the last few exercises.
I like the price.

I feel guilty and disloyal leaving BYV.
I prefer doing everything twice and worry that I might not make any improvements with this shorter format.

Everything up until spine strengthening was done once
Spine strengthening twice
then it was some things once and some things twice - I don't remember.

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