Monday, March 12, 2018

80 Day Obsession Phase 2 Done

80 Day Obsession Phase Two: 

I did not do as much, or as well as I could have done this phase. I have had a hectic month avoiding construction in my building. They have been replacing all of the water pipes and since it is a strata thing, I have no control or communication with the workers. We find out 1-3 days in advance if our water is going to be off and that they are going to be making a mess in our condo. They have cut a part out of almost every wall and some ceilings in all rooms except for my son's - which is already a mess. We had to remove everything out of our cupboards and closets. I don't like being all disorganized, it makes me feel out of control in a way, so it has been an added stressor on our family. As well, it was February in Vancouver, my least favourite month - at this point you just want the rain to stop and the sun to come out. (Which it did a lot more than last year... but it did snow too... so you know. I am ready for summer!)

SO, that being said, we ran away to Squamish and Bellingham to avoid construction and paint fumes. Why does this matter? First, I usually dance on the weekends, and I didn't get to my dance classes this month. It looks like I made it to ballet once. (It is also dance competition season - so I have been to a lot of those on the weekends - missing dance too. There is another one Thursday night.) I have made it to my yoga classes in the morning. You gotta love 6am's. There is no way to miss your workout if you just get up and go... and wake up half way through.

The second thing that has set me back is beer. When we go away to hotels, it is natural for me to relax and have a (some - hehe) beer with my husband. It is a habit. We usually don't drink in the city, and then when we travel we relax and enjoy... I see a lot of people in the 80 Day Obsession Coach group avoiding alcohol on special occasions and here I am just drinking for nothing. BUT, I am also thinking about this as a whole lifestyle change. I am not going to stop working out and eating healthy after 80 (93) days. I am going to keep going and start again... and hopefully convince some people to join me. But, I do feel bad, I could have done better.

THEN, I start thinking about all the good changes I have made. Why am I beating myself up? Why the guilt? Look at all the positive changes that seem so easy and natural now. I look down at my body when I am at the hotel swimming with my child and I am proud at the changes in my physical shape. I actually can't believe it really. I have always worked hard and consistently... I just never really had a plan like Autumn's. I guess I was driving blind, so to speak. This program is amazing and it is a map to success. She has done all the work, you just have to follow the directions. You just have to meal prep and press play. How easy is that? Why didn't I have a map before?

As for my results this month, I still made improvements. I am down 4lbs, and 3.5 inches. That is a total of 9.5 inches and since A Little Obsessed, I am down 13 lbs.

I am still stealing some of Christian's crusts and Jonny isn't totally perfect with his dinners, but he is trying to feed me, and we are all learning more each day about healthy eating and proper portions.

I have noticed on Wednesday mornings, after Cardio Flow, I have plantar fasciitis. I believe this is from all the skipping on the toes and not making my heels go down each time. I found that rolling out my calves really helps this... but doesn't prevent it. I just have strong calves that need to stretch out after all that bouncing.

As for the products, I am loving the Shakeology. I still only have it on school days - mostly because, my son would want to have it at home if he saw me drinking chocolate. At some point I will have to get him the Daily Sunshine. I wasn't going to order the Energize and Recover again - but I really like it. It is a treat and something I look forward to having. Again, I only have it on school days. It is something to look forward to Sunday night. YAY, I get to go to school and drink my unicorn pee! (??) I should have ordered extra bands when I made this last order - I noticed today that Autumn was double bluing. (I won't until my next order - as it costs $25 to ship to Canada - I have a PO in the US but it won't let me order to the US because I am Canadian... anyways.. whatever - just remember to order all at once so you don't have to pay the extra shipping.)

I am proud that I have never missed a work out. One time this month I did two workouts in one day - and they were the hardest ones of the week. (Last week of phase two Legs and AAA - that is when I decided to reorder Recover!)

I am so happy with this program. I feel so much better with my body. I haven't taken pictures yet for the end of this phase - I feel silly putting my bathing suit on and asking Jonny to take my picture for a weight loss thing - but I will get around to it.)

I am stoked for Phase three - Eye of the TIGER!!!

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